Thursday, July 9, 2015

Whites expected to applaud their own demographic displacement

"Hurray, hurray! Finally!" the anti-White, anti-American, Jewish-instigated Marxists and their supporters shouted following the official announcement: "Latinos" (or, as the always insightful and powerful author of Modern Heretic puts it, "la-teen-ohs") have officially displaced White Americans in California.

The LA Times reports:

The demographers agreed: At some point in 2014, Latinos would pass whites as the largest ethnic group in California.

Determining when exactly that milestone would occur was more of a tricky question. Counting people isn't like counting movie ticket receipts.

The official confirmation had to wait until new population figures were released by the Census Bureau this summer. The new tally, released in late June, shows that as of July 1, 2014, about 14.99 million Latinos live in California, edging out the 14.92 million whites in the state. [...]

"This is sort of the official statistical recognition of something that has been underway for almost an entire generation," said Roberto Suro, director of the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute at USC.

California is now the first large state and the third overall — after Hawaii and New Mexico — without a white plurality, according to state officials.

The country's Latino population is now 55.4 million. California and Los Angeles County have the largest Latino populations of any state or county in the nation, according to the new figures.

The demographic shift has been a long time coming. In 1970, the 2.4 million Latinos in California accounted for 12% of the population, while the 15.5 million whites in the state made up more than three-quarters of residents, according to state figures. By 1990, the Latino population jumped to 7.7 million, or about 25% of the state's population.

The Latino population is relatively young, with a median age of about 29, while the aging white population has a median age of 45. State demographers project Latinos will account for about 49% of Californians by 2060.

"It is going to accelerate," Suro said. "This is really the beginning of a new phase that will play out over another generation." [...]
And what are White Americans* supposed to think about this latest development in their on-going, and quite blatant, demonization and displacement in the very land their ancestors worked so hard to build for them?

Well, of course, they are excepted to rejoice and celebrate their racial displacement and destruction. Whites are simply assumed to meekly accept their own racial displacement in one of the most beautiful and productive states in the entire United States - a state that their ancestors and racial kinsmen founded, built, and developed through their hard-work, ingenuity, perseverance, sacrifice, and good fortune.

California went from being more than 75% White in the 1970s to a White racial minority status in 2015. Think about that folks. No one voted on this development. The people did not approve it.

The hostile elite who illegitimately and criminally govern this state and nation did. They are responsible for this outrageous situation.

Does racial displacement and destruction (i.e., genocide) take place in any other country, aside from the United States and Western Europe? Can there be any doubt at this point that the entire Western political and media establishment - which is, to be frank, totally controlled by Jews - is fundamentally driven by a desire to utterly annihilate the White race and the nations and cultures we've founded and built over the centuries?

* Truth be told, the only real, authentic kind of Americans there are, considering the racial group that settled, built, founded, and developed this once great nation, including the state of California, are those of White European descent. The racial and ethnic nature of American identity - what it really means to be an American - has been subversively transformed and distorted over the years by radical anti-White Jewish Marxists, such as Emma Lazarus, Israel Zangwill, and many others. America went from an exclusively White European nation to a "proposition nation," where any scoundrel could magically become "an American citizen" simply by paying some fees and declaring "an oath" to this once proud nation. Now days, those superficial measures are not even worthy of respect - illegal aliens have been flooding our nation for years! What a disgrace!


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    1. How many kids does John Friend have?

      Need I say more?

    2. Hi jerry, I hope to have more children in the future, God willing.

      How many kids do you have?

    3. Let me apologize for jerry's below the belt insult, John.

      Any White man who is racially healthy and the least bit active in the pro-White community knows full well that his views on race realism are, more often than not, going to interfere with his ability to attract White females. This is a direct consequence of how successful and diabolically devious the jews are, because they have deliberately targeted the females of our race with their heaviest 'white guilt' and 'white self-loathing' brainwashing propaganda because these evil creatures have understood that it is always easier to attack the weakest link in the chain.

      White females are far more susceptible to letting themselves be influenced by this anti-white jewish poison than are most white males.

      Thus, we see a shocking, and probably even a majority of pro-White men, being rejected by the women of our race - who the jews have programmed to feel repulsed by a strong, racially proud and healthy White man.

      Nitwits like jerry seem to believe that racially healthy White men are refusing to produce children because they are too stingy or too irresponsible, or because they are hypocrites.- when in reality, White men are only able to reproduce when a White female allows them the privilege.

      Or, maybe jerry believes that racially healthy White men should turn into 'P-whipped wimps' and keep their racial views secret in hopes of improving their chances of getting laid?

  2. No, authentic americans are the native americans which the white man wiped out and stole their land. It's called karma and now it's coming back to bite you.

    1. The very concept of a "Native America" is a White European-derived concept. There were numerous Indian tribes that populated various parts of America when White Europeans arrived in the late 1600s. There is actually a lot of evidence to suggest that White Europeans arrived, explored, and settled in America long before then, but that's another story.

      The various Indian tribes living in America often fought with each other, savagely attacked White European settlers, and had no real civilization prior to our arrival. White European peoples settled, developed, and built this nation, and did in fact come into conflict with Indians. I am not arguing that everything Whites in America did towards the Indians was fair or justified, but I think it's ridiculous that we should be apologizing for or ashamed of the triumph of our ancestors and the development of the entire American continent by Whites.

      Whites didn't "steal" Indian land - Indians didn't even think of "owning land" as Whites did. There are numerous autonomous and sovereign Indian nations controlling their own territory and governments all across America today. They have specific areas entirely under their control. Do Whites? No, we absolutely do not.

      These anti-White arguments are so tiresome and boring anymore. It's weak, pathetic, and cowardly.

    2. Do you believe Christianity is only intended to be followed by White people and not other races?

    3. Yes indeed. That is clearly what the Bible states repeatedly through both the Old and New Testament. Not specifically "the White race," but the children of Israel. But the children of Israel are the White European peoples and their descendants around the world today.

  3. White people are the only people in all of recorded history to elect politicians to ethnically cleanse their own country of themselves.

    1. They are too worried about sports, these idiots will see it only as they are led to the chopping block.

    2. Now now... let's be accurate. We're not talking about "white people", we're talking about Americans. Americans alone are this stupid.

    3. The same kind of thing is happening in Europe. We've had many generations of dysgenic policies now, designed to water down the intelligent and strong, leaving us a nation of pathetic idiots.

    4. Hmmm, The LA Times Fake Jooze explaining Fake Latins to us. The Jews aren't real "Jews" and real Latins are Italians. The Latinos they refer to are Mestizos and Indians.

      "Anonymous July 10, 2015 at 7:27 AM"

      Chief, there is a reason the NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS have Joo Commissioners! They know the game.. hammer home the US military and push the "Cancer Shakedown" (according to the Jew medical system, we don't have a cure for anything) to extract millions from the F-ing brain-dead Goyim!

      The problem with Amerika is there is an extremely high content of white trash. I have much more respect of the non-whites I know outside of this country (mostly Asian). People of our thinking definitely have more in common with them than our own here. Sad! I have had conversations with Asian women who have more respect for the white race than the filthy white Amerikan woman does.

  4. Let them start sending the checks to us minorities....

  5. The only semi-bright spot is that most of the places where Hispanics are becoming the majority like LA, SF and NYC metro areas have a lot of jews so hopefully at some point they will regret what they have done

  6. Yes, great post indeed!!!

  7. Lots of fussing behind the computers but I don't see any of us demonstrating in the streets for OUR rights! I'm ready when you all are.

    I've lived in LA since the early 70s. I've seen it all. Let's roll.

  8. White America has been forced to pay for it's own demise. But they don't seem to mind so adios amigo.

  9. I find it ironic that I was born in a Third World country but am more pro-white than most of the white people I know ...

  10. If the White Man is so great then why can he not find a way to cure this situation?
    Ans: Because he has been hobbled with a Jew meme religion called Christianity.
    And you are taken down the primrose path by those who censor this fact such as the owner of this blog.
    Let's see if he has the guts of a man to post this.
    World Changer

    1. Christianity is not a "Jew meme religion," as you characterized it above. The people we know today as Jews are not of the tribes of Israel described in the Old Testament. Jesus was not a Jew. The Bible is not a Jewish book. The Bible is a history of God's relationship and covenants and laws specifically for one group of people - and that group of people is the White race. All of the main characters in it (the prophets, the tribes of Israel, Jesus, etc.) are White, NOT Jewish.

      But organized Christianity, and certainly the mainstream Christian Zionist phenomenon we see today, has most definitely been infiltrated and subverted by Jews. If the White man only properly understood the Bible and the true message of Christianity, he would quickly solve all of the problems currently confronting his race.

    2. It is a lost cause, John. In my personal experience, the vast and overwhelming number of Whites I've known who are infected with the disease of modern 'Christianity' ( a better word for it is Christ-insanity ) - are too simple minded to grasp the reality that their religion has been subverted and taken over by virulently anti-White Cultural Marxists and is now being used as a weapon to snooker White bible thumpers into helping the jews destroy the White race.

      I had a very unpleasant and semi-heated discussion with a "Christianity obsessed" female who's part of my extended family about a month ago about the subversive nature of the jew, and I pointed out to her the speech by Joe Biden - when he gave a summarized list of the destructive, depraved, and degenerate 'achievements' of organized jewry and then praised the jews in his audience for foisting that filth, depravity, degeneracy, and White genocide agenda upon America.

      This simple minded Christian imbecile refused to acknowledge the obvious truth that I was attempting to explain to her. She flat REFUSED to admit that the jews are the mortal enemy of traditional Christianity, despite the overwhelming evidence that they are leading the charge to destroy it.

      I mean, come on. How is anyone supposed to respect Christians when they worship the very race of hate filled monsters who killed their hero Jesus? Christians are the absolutely dumbest and most gullible White nitwits on Earth. Frankly, I have reached the point in my life where I cannot stand to be around these people - they make my skin crawl, because they exude the stench of White Genocide and death.

  11. Most of the Americans are imbecile!

  12. Every white nation is under attack. The time has come to fight. It's goin to get ugly. The pukes that caused this mess will be punished first then the phony immigrants.

  13. good can't wait to see what the #wearemexico crowd does when californication files for bankruptcy. Que the popcorn it's coming fast. The lunatic Brown is hiding the numbers just like all sleaze bag politicians do when they are at the top.

  14. Wealth rules and greed has no stopping point. The tyrant's government objective is enslavement of the people. Blacks and Latinos are being used to force oppression of Whites very willingly because they want the power of control that they perceive that only Whites have. But these masses don't know that they are pawns of the Jews and will be suppressed, too. Only the chosen leaders will get the payoff, but only as slave puppets. Gaining wealth and supposed power is the ultimate temptation. In years passed, the Blacks in California who mostly had service jobs were beginning to organize into unions to bargain. Then began a massive inflow of illegals coming from Mexico with whom employers replaced Black workers. Lower pay, no complaints, and no union deals. Oddly, Black Congress members have never complained about , or fought for real jobs for Blacks, just more welfare benefits. The auto industry was a boon for Blacks, but their own political leaders did not fight to keep that industry in America; thus a destroyed Detroit. Now California has been purposely sabotaged by weather warfare, water frauds, health warfare, etc. If any revolution happens in California, it will likely be done by the catered to and criminalized masses, not Whites who have been conditioned in civil obedience.

  15. When you, the Great American people, speak out, the invasion will end. Millions are part of the citizens' army at numbersusa; many are members of FAIR and other anti-white genocide groups; return fundraising letters with letters protesting the third world assault; do your own gardening (I do!); give money to politicians who are on our side; and always go to the polls. Massive third world immigration is a form of genocide against whites. You can't sit on the sidelines while this tragedy unfolds.

  16. Tommy Sotomayor: Niggaz Are Outraged Because Hulk Hogan Called Niggaz,

    Hilarious commentary on the (Jew-run) media circus.

    Here's another great one on the Bill Cosby smear campaign:

    ~ Negentropic


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