Sunday, July 12, 2015

Foxman: "anti-Semites" jealous of astounding Jewish success & control

The Jewish Daily Forward has published a rather revealing Q&A with Abe Foxman, the outgoing national director of the Anti-Defamation League, conducted by Jewish journalist and author Tuvia Tenenbom. The Q&A begins:

Tuvia Tenenbom: Let me ask you, is the state of anti-Semitism better or worse after the last 28 years since you became national director of the ADL? Or the last 50 years?

Abraham Foxman: The answer is “yes” to both. On one hand it’s better and on one hand it’s worse.


I’d say that in the United States it’s significantly better; it’s gotten better in the last 50 years. In this country, when I started, for example, the level of anti-Semitism as measured by attitudes was about one-third; one third of the American public in the ’50s was infected by anti-Semitism. Today, America is not immune, but the level of anti-Semitism is about 10 to 12%. It’s still pretty serious, because it means that 35, 40 million Americans are seriously infected with the disease of anti-Semitism, but legislation, litigation, education, all of these things, cumulatively, have had an impact. But I think probably the most important thing is that in this country, our laws permit you to be a bigot, an anti-Semite. In Europe you have laws against anti-Semitism, not here. Why? Because in this country, even though the law says you can be a bigot, the pressure of society is such that there are consequences, public consequences, to being an anti-Semite. Here, if you are in business and you engage in anti-Semitism, you’re not going to succeed very much. You remember Mel Gibson? He was a great hero of Hollywood: the best producer, the best director and the best actor. And he revealed himself as an anti-Semite. He went all the way down. Not because of legislation, not because of litigation, but because the American people reject this.

But this rejection started with legislation, correct?


If the ADL did not exist, do you think the level of anti-Semitism in this country would be the same as it is now?

This is for somebody else to say.

But what do you think?

There’s no question in my mind that it would’ve been worse. If I did not believe that I could change people’s minds and hearts I wouldn’t go to work. I wouldn’t raise my voice. So, it’s a question of faith. I believe that if we in the ADL, the American Jewish Committee and other institutions didn’t act, it would be worse. How much worse? I don’t know. I see in Europe how much worse it can be, even with legislation. In Europe it’s worse today than it’s been since World War II. It’s not like in World War II, because the governments of France, Germany, Holland, Great Britain speak out publicly, but in terms of measurements, of attitudes, it’s the worst it’s been since World War II.

In Europe we’re talking about the rise of anti-Semitism in the last 20 years. Is there a rise of anti-Semitism in America as well in the last 10, 20 years?

No. If anything, it has declined. While in Europe, anti-Semitism has gone up, here it has come down.

What’s the origin of anti-Semitism?


Jealousy? When I look at Jews, I see a nation that has been persecuted for all its history —

Tuvia, bigots see what they want to see!

And what do they see?

They see Jewish success.



Show me.

If you look at the issue of anti-Semitism, they believe that the Jews control: They control banks, they control finance, they control government.

I know what they say. But explain to me the “jealousy” part.

They see that Jews are rich, that Jews are smart…

Are Jews really smarter than other sects or groups?

I don’t know. Some people say, look at all the Nobel Prizes. I think that Jews are more driven; education is part of our culture, and it’s also part of our baggage. If you are a people who cannot work the soil and cannot be in carpentry, you study. You develop skills which are a lot different. [...]
There are several points worth making about Foxman's responses to Tenenbom's questions.

First off, we see that Jews view "anti-Semitism" as a "disease" that can "infect" a society. Of course, Jews would have you believe that they themselves have nothing to do with "anti-Semitism".

"Anti-Semitism" and genuine anti-Jewish sentiment, according to Jews like Foxman (whose views reflect the wider organized Jewish community), is fundamentally irrational and unfounded. "Anti-Semites" are misguided, deranged, and pathological bigots who blindly "hate the Jews" merely because they are Jews. Jews are, and have always been, a "persecuted people" who are scapegoated and discriminated against for no good reason.

Nothing could be further from the truth: "anti-Semitism" and genuine anti-Jewish sentiment is always a direct result of Jewish chicanery, treachery, subversion, and criminality.

Secondly, in their on-going efforts to "treat" and combat the "disease of anti-Semitism" which has historically "infected" and plagued Western society, organized Jewish institutions such as the Anti-Defamation League have lobbied for legislation designed to criminalize and neutralize manifestations of "anti-Semitism". "Tolerance" and "multiculturalism" - two key pillars of post-WWII America (and the wider Western world) - are promoted by Jews in an effort to combat and neutralize "anti-Semitism" and "racism," thus facilitating Jewish exploitation and dominance of their host nations.

Aside from legislation, Jews have also used litigation, educational programs, public relations campaigns, and marketing to combat "anti-Semitism". For example, the "Holocaust" industry is a very effective public relations and marketing campaign designed to advance Jewish financial, political, and cultural interests while "combating anti-Semitism" in the process. As Dr. Kevin MacDonald has persuasively argued, the "Holocaust" has become "the central moral icon" of Western civilization due to Jewish lobbying and ethnocentrism.

In the West, especially America, Jews have been quite successful in combatting "anti-Semitism" via non-legal means. As Foxman notes, there are very real consequences for publicly taking an "anti-Semitic" stance in America. "Anti-Semites" regularly find themselves ostracized from society, boycotted and shunned, and even publicly persecuted and assailed by the mass media and political establishment. "Anti-Semites" are often financially ruined, blackballed, and fired from their jobs, simply for expressing a point of view found offensive by the organized Jewish community. None of these reactions to "anti-Semitism" are enforced by the state; rather, they are organic social manifestations directly related to effective Jewish activism, public relations, and propaganda.

Finally, while Foxman and other Jews always claim "anti-Semitism" is fundamentally irrational and pathological, in this interview he essentially admits "anti-Semitic" sentiment is a direct result of "jealousness" of Jews as well as their "success" and control of banking, finance, and government.

From my own personal perspective, I am not "jealous" of Jewish success, intelligence, or their various accomplishments. "Jealousy" of the Jews does not drive my "anti-Semitism". Rather, I am "anti-Semitic" because of the subversive and destructive nature of Jewish power and influence in the West, coupled with their outrageous hypocrisy and criminality. I am an "anti-Semite" because I understand and recognize the true nature of the Jews, as well as the reality of Jewish power and influence over virtually every aspect of political, economic, and social life of the West.

And I believe most "anti-Semites" would agree with me.


  1. Yep. I always wanted to be a mobster. I love the way they get all the broads, all the money, all the power. (As Al Pacino says in "Scarface", the Jewish-mob propaganda flick.)

    American Organized Crime has ALWAYS been a Jewish ordeal. The Holly wood Jews invented the Al Capone myth so the Jews would have someone to blame, but anyone smarter than a violin case knows who the REAL mobsters are. When J. Edgar Hoover said, "the Mafia doesn't exist", he simply couldn't remember the Hebrew term for "Mafia".

    Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Dutch Shultz, Micky Cohen, Murder Inc., Lucky Luciano, many more I can't remember, ALL Jews.

    Don't even get me started on all the Jewish mass murderers / serial killers........

    Not to mention modern-day mobsters who work for the Jew-run government or media......... too numerous to mention in less than 1,000 words.

    Yep, Abe, we're jealous, alright. We just LONG to be the scum-of-the-Earth, with no redeeming quality whatsoever, like YOU, SCUMBAG.

  2. This bigot sounds like his pal George bush jr. when he said terrorists hate us for our freedom. No one believed Bush Jr. then and no one believes Foxman now for his ridiculous jealousy explanation. I personally have never been particularly envious of barbaric hate filled psychopaths!

  3. The glutenous kike Foxman doesn't have a drop of Semitic blood in him.

    1. Nailed it, Z-Boy! Foxman and all those Jews controlling the media, banking systems and the USG are all KHAZARS; their ancestors originated in what was once Khazaria, dissolved by St. Vladimir the Great of Kiev around 1033 AD, and were dispersed throughout Eastern and Central Europe. Khazars have no drop of Semitic blood; they didn't descend from Abraham and the original Hebrews; they descend from the Turkic-Mongol tribes that had inhabited what's now known as Ukraine and Southern Russia.

    2. This is a controversial and complex topic, and I view it largely as a distraction. Jews are Jews; they act the same wherever they go, no matter if you think they are Khazars, Semites, or anything else. They are anti-White, perverse, Satanic Christ-killing devils, to be frank.

      Dr. David Duke has a scholarly article on the Khazar thesis. I agree with his take:

  4. No, we're not envious of Jewish success. Sure there'd be more success to spread around, if Jews weren't so nepotistic and bred to always select their own and brush aside all the goyim.

    Your documents show Jewry uses anti semitism to keep their own people in line...oh the boogie man will gettcha.

    We dislike certain Jews, such as Foxman, because the ADL supports every destructive thing to America.

  5. As the old saying goes: Antisemitism is a disease; you catch it from the Jews.

  6. I'm sure they are working on a vaccine for that.

  7. Jealous? Of jews?? LOL
    No. I call it a sense of justice. When jews control almost everything, it isn't a sign that they're smarter. It is a sign that gate-keeping is going on. It's a sign that the federal reserve paid off for them. It's a sign that all those who get holocaust reparations used their money to build general stores and profit from people---to get people in debt. See, jealousy has nothing to do with it. A parasite isn't smart per se. It's just a parasite. A leech to humanity. Almost everything evil or perverted has a jew behind it. Oh, and when they call me "anti-Semitic" I ask them to take a DNA test so that we can be sure that they are semitic to begin with.

  8. Jealous? Only an asshole kike could possibly imagine the noble European blooded American Citizen, tempered by Christ's example, to be anything other than horrified by Jew demon-ry. Jealous? Envy?

    No, fat Abe the Khazar shyster, no jealousy whatsoever. Looking for the appropriate term? How about Revulsion.

  9. When you control the money you control success.
    You have not yet offered proof of Jesus ancestry and that he was not a Jew who was as stated in your Bible circumcised in a Jew synagogue by a Mohel.
    Christianity was created by the Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD to control the discussion of religion.
    As far as the Christian stance on Jews we have from the supposed words of Jesus himself: "Do good to those who despitefully use you."
    In all Christian Churches you do not hear a unified anger at what the Jews are doing to the world as the Christians are too worried about their imaginary "Hell" if they think wrongly and fail to pay their pew rent.
    You yourself are a censor and truncate any discussion to turn your followers into your failed philosophy. The proof is in the puddin' as they say.

    1. Jesus Christ was not a Jew, the Bible is not a Jewish book, and the people we know today as "Jews" are not the descendants of the Israelites of the Bible. Christianity was not created by Constantine, it existed long before that.

      I have links on the bottom right hand side of this website to excellent sources for my Christian beliefs, which are well documented by historical and archeological facts and evidence, not to mention a proper understanding of the Bible. I have interviewed numerous guests about this subject, and have appeared on Christian Identity-themed radio programs in the past.

      I do agree with you that organized Christianity, especially today but also historically to a lesser extent, has been entirely subverted and co-opted by Jews. Organized Christianity is indeed a Jewish-created "religion" while genuine Christianity, as practiced in word and in deed, is the total opposite. Genuine Christianity, when applied to real life and in a political/social context, mirrors National Socialism.

  10. didn't i read somewhere that mel gibson was run out of hollywood by a jewish dominated cabal of entertainment insiders who blacklisted him?

  11. 'If you are a people who cannot work the soil and cannot be in carpentry, you study.'
    This is why Israel can't produce or manufacture anything of worth to export, and has to be supported by outside funding and exploitation, otherwise it would collapse..

  12. Indeed! Israel is the parasite nation. How about (Jade Helm Israel). How would they like a dose of their own medicine Bolshevik style...gulags, terror, executions. I say we deport their fraud Obongo to Jerusalem. America remember 9/11...End the Fed!

  13. The Jews have never ever in the history of the world created a civilized successful society of their own. Why?? If the Jews are so wonderful why must they always live off of us??

  14. IMHO, they could have all the money of the world. We resent that they destroy our culture, which is worth more than gold, and everything that is beautiful.

  15. If you want to learn what happens when Jews have the upper hand? Ask the Palestinians.

  16. Without the goyim race traitors the Jew would be just a minor annoyance. Racial weakness is where the Jew gets his power and wealth.

  17. " I am "anti-Semitic" because of the subversive and destructive nature of Jewish power and influence in the West,"
    The abortion industry is led by extremist Jews
    MARCH 22, 2008 AT 10:10 AM
    Abortion: The Kosher Slaughter
    By Jayne Gardener
    Selling Unborn Babies: the Reality of Fetal Tissue Research
    Posted on September 7, 2012 by Tech
    The availability of abortion has spawned another business. Mainly, the selling of organs and body parts of aborted babies to research labs.
    Technically, it is against the law for any clinic to sell fetal remains for money. The NIH Revitalization Act of 1993 saw to this. The act makes it unlawful “to knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration if the transfer affects interstate commerce.”
    However, many abortion clinics are able to get around this law. In the paper “Arguments Against Fetal Tissue Trafficking” the author explains how clinics circumvent the law.
    Under the radar: The lucrative sale of fetal body parts:
    The largest unregulated industry in our nation, the abortion industry, and its collaborators in the medical research fields have found a way around the law to profit from illegal trafficing of human fetal tissues. This goulish practice has been exposed on national TV, and the U.S. House of Representatives held hearings on the matter. But if you know how the game is played, you can safely participate in the thriving fetal body parts business without violating the guidlines of the National Institute of Health or being penalized by the feds.
    Price List for Aborted Baby Body Parts
    Posted on September 22, 2010 by Jo Scott
    [[These are just some parts it is possible to obtain--add up the total for just ONE healthy little whole baby parted out. See cutting/prep specs for other parts ordered. Formatting was compressed--lost right margin]]

    The US Congress and national/federal agencies are controlled by Jews and the Jewish lobby AIPAC. The allowing of baby parts "donations" is made possible, deceivingly legalized, by Jews.
    Under the radar: The lucrative sale of fetal body parts:
    The largest unregulated industry in our nation, the abortion industry, and its collaborators in the medical research fields have found a way around the law to profit from illegal trafficing of human fetal tissues. This goulish practice has been exposed on national TV, and the U.S. House of Representatives held hearings on the matter. But if you know how the game is played, you can safely participate in the thriving fetal body parts business without violating the guidlines of the National Institute of Health or being penalized by the feds.
    "Each year $19 million in grants and awards is dished out for fetal tissue research by the U.S. taxpayer-funded National Institute of Health, whose guidelines prohibit profit from direct sales, but allow all other forms of compensation which cover the hidden profit.
    7. Why doesn't our government shut down this grisly business of harvesting and selling body parts of our unborn citizens? Because it's not illegal, as the laws are written. The money trail leads us back to legislators who accept campaign funds from the abortion industry and others profiting under the radar. But the trail of money pales compared to the trail of innocent blood spilled in the clinics since Roe vs. Wade.
    It would fill the Potomac. "


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