Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Debating The Donald

I joined Scott Roberts last night to discuss a variety of subjects relating to Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. This is a much watch folks!


  1. Scott wouldn't let John get a word in edgewise. Please do-over as "Scott interviews John" format. Thanks.

    1. Wow you think so? I haven't gone back to listen, but Scott definitely let me talk throughout the conversation.

  2. All candidates standing for president are traitors that are vetted by Jews for Israel.
    Trump has daughters married to Jews and is invested in Israel and likes BIBI NUTTYYAHOO.
    THE IRAN NUKE deal is designed to fail so the Jews can start WWIII.
    The world economy is beginning its final death throws and war will be needed to divert people's attentions from that.
    Politics is a moot point. The whole Mideast is going to explode and Russia and China will destroy America.
    Famine will spread across the globe.

  3. Honestly, I could only listen to about an hour of this.

    I like Scott, but he's way too pessimistic about our situation. If the Jews were as powerful as he thought, we'd already be gone.

    No one takes Trump seriously. We all know what he is. We all know that he has two kids married off to Jews. He campaigned for Netanyahu in Israel.

    But you're not going to get anywhere, today, unless you're fully aligned with Team Israel.

    The main reason why many American's aren't ready to hear about the Jews is that it seems so simple. They've been duped. No one likes to be duped, and no one likes to admit it. So they shoot the messenger instead.

    You're not going to have a candidate in 2015 that has the right answer for the Jewish question, simply because Americans largely don't even want to think about it. Not yet.

    Just because Trump is an undeniable Jewish shill doesn't mean he's not useful for our side. That's what Scott doesn't understand.

    Whites are demoralized. Virtually every White I meet is in general agreement with me, but they feel isolated and alone. Trump's rhetoric (and the rise of terms like 'cuckservative') are eradicating that demoralization day by day. Scott's correct that Trump's campaign is the Jews throwing us a bone. But they're desperate, and they're making mistakes. The Jews are making mistakes that our side is actively capitalizing on.

    The left's success has been due to the Overton window moving ever leftward since the French Revolution. The window has now reversed course hard, and Trump is an attempt to fill a void. He won't win, Hillary will, but Trump's campaign is going to accomplish several critical objectives for us. One, he's demonstrating to Americans that the media is fundamentally anti-White. Two, he's probably going to destroy the Republican Party as we know it, leaving a vacuum for a proper pro-White party to enter into.

    Timing is everything. Americans need to go through a few phases and need a bit of time before they're ready for our side to make big moves. Trump's an attempt to cut us off and capture the energy of those who are sick of the establishment, but it won't actually work that way. Trump has just red-pilled millions of Americans, and many of them are slowly beginning to understand what and who is behind most of our problems.

    I don't believe in democracy. But I don't agree with Scott and friends that violence is currently a viable solution, either. The trick is to win hearts and minds; to slowly shift opinion. That's already happening, quickly, and Trump and his Jewish friends are useful idiots for expediting the process.

  4. I haven't yet listened to this show, but I have something to say about Scott Roberts.

    I've listened to many other podcasts or youtube rants by Roberts and I've noticed that no matter what the main topic is or no matter who he is interviewing or being interviewed by, Scott Roberts is always hardwired to promote the most negative position on every issue that touches on White racial survival. The guy is a walking and squawking negativity machine. Projects not a drop of optimism in anything he talks about. Scott Roberts has to be the king of defeatism within the supposedly pro-White movement.

    He constantly preaches that the jews are all powerful, and there is absolutely nothing that Whites can do to secure their survival or to get these jews fangs out of our necks. These jews are Supermen, Roberts constantly assures his listeners. We may as well give up, fall to our knees, and beg the jews for mercy, ad nauseum.

    This kind of garbage is totally unproductive and it is designed, I suppose, to sap the remaining will to fight and survive that exists inside the growing community of Whites who are racially awake. And, one other observation - inserting moles inside the pro-White community and then using them to spread this kind of negativity and sense of hopelessness is a well known tactic that the jews have been using for the last 4 or 5 decades here in America.

    Another tactic that the jews are well known for is to insert moles into the camp of their targeted victims and then having those moles spread and create division and conflict and sow seeds of suspicion within the movement.

    Whether intentional or a coincidence or not, Scott Roberts fits the first bill and Carolyn Yeager fits the second bill.

    Conclusion: You do not rally and inspire your home team to do battle by telling them that they are going to be crushed and exterminated.

    I will listen to this podcast, but I will guarantee to everyone that Roberts will be pushing the same line he always pushes - which is that Trump can serve no useful purpose to White Nationalists in this epic battle for our survival.

  5. John, I used to subscribe to American Free Press. It has hardworking Americans within the organization but Mark Lane is Jewish and steers the organization nowhere. Eustace Mullins stated that it was controlled opposition. And, Eustace was the man!


    Just saying...

    Anonymous at 7/28/15 at 10:35 PM

    Eric Trump did not marry a Jew. Donald Trump II is not married to a Jew. Tiffany Trump is not yet married. Obviously Baron is not either. Only Ivanka married a Jew:


    1. I've heard a lot of allegations about Mark Lane and his connections to AFP. I don't know what connections Lane has to AFP historically or currently, and I have never talked to or met the man. AFP puts out top notch information and reports from a pro-White perspective with every single publication. Mark Lane is not preventing AFP from being America's last real newspaper. I wouldn't worry too much about him.


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