Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"White supremacists" next target in "Global War on Terror"

In the wake of the alleged Charleston shooting, which has all the indicators of yet another Sandy Hook-style media PsyOp, the leaders of the virulently anti-White Southern Poverty Law Center are now arguing that "White supremacists" must be targeted in the next phase of the Jewish concocted and engineered "Global War on Terror."

In an Op-Ed recently published in The New York Times entitled "White Supremacists Without Borders," Morris Dees and J. Richard Cohen, the founder and current president of the SPLC respectively, advance the notion that "racists" and "White supremacists" are using the Internet to organize globally, which is leading to "lone wolf terrorists" committing violence and murder (such as the purported Charleston shooting said to have been carried out by Dylann Storm Roof). Dees and Cohen argue that the "threat" posed by "White supremacists" writing and organizing via the Internet, similar to how ISIS and other alleged Islamic terrorist groups organize, must be confronted.

We knew this was coming.

A VARIETY of clues to the motives of Dylann Storm Roof, the suspect in last week’s mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., have emerged. First, we saw the patches he wore on his jacket in a Facebook photo: the flags of regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia that brutally enforced white minority rule.

Then, a further cache of photos of Mr. Roof — seen in several bearing a Confederate flag — was discovered on a website, Last Rhodesian, registered in his name, together with a manifesto, a hodgepodge of white supremacist ideas. The author (most likely Mr. Roof) calls on whites to take “drastic action” to regain dominance in America and Europe.

These themes, popular among white supremacists in the United States, are also signs of the growing globalization of white nationalism. When we think of the Islamist terrorism of groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, we recognize their international dimension. When it comes to far-right domestic terrorism, we don’t.

Americans tend to view attacks like the mass murder in Charleston as isolated hate crimes, the work of a deranged racist or group of zealots lashing out in anger, unconnected to a broader movement. This view we can no longer afford to indulge.

When, according to survivors, Mr. Roof told the victims at the prayer meeting that black people were “taking over the country,” he was expressing sentiments that unite white nationalists from the United States and Canada to Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Unlike those of the civil rights era, whose main goal was to maintain Jim Crow in the American South, today’s white supremacists don’t see borders; they see a white tribe under attack by people of color across the globe. [...]
It has been pointed out by numerous commentators that the photos of Storm Roof posing with the Confederate flag and with patches of the flags of South Africa and Rhodesia under White rule on his jacket appear to be photoshopped. Storm Roof's alleged manifesto makes a number of accurate arguments regarding racial matters, including the biological differences between Blacks and Whites, the outrageous and underreported phenomenon of Black-on-White violent crime, and the lack of racial consciousness amongst the vast majority of Whites in America (and around the world), but it has not been proven that the manifesto was actually written by Storm Roof, nor does it prove he actually committed this purported mass shooting.

The entire situation in Charleston is extremely bizarre, and it has not been conclusively demonstrated a shooting even took place in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church resulting in the deaths of 9 individuals. The Obama DOJ is already handing out millions of dollars to the alleged victim family members, many of whom have given incredibly scripted and phony interviews to the mainstream mass media. Do you honestly believe these purported "victim family members" are genuine?

The Op-Ed published by the leaders of the SPLC argue that "White supremacists" (read: racially conscious White people who care about the future of their family, children, communities, and nations) see the White race "under attack by people of color across the globe," a fact which is demonstrated on a daily basis. 

White people are the only people in the entire world who are not allowed to have their own sovereign nation states, political parties and lobbies, schools, neighborhoods, media outlets, and any other exclusively all White organizations. "Diversity" and "multiculturalism" (codewords for White genocide) are state sanctioned and enforced. Millions of non-White immigrations - legal and illegal - are flooding into White nations every year. Whites are violently attacked in their homes and on their streets. They are verbally and psychologically abused and slandered in their schools and history books. The mass media and elite political class are openly hostile to the interests of Whites. 

There is a war being waged on Whites all around the world. And it emanates from the organized Jewish community, who have always been and will always remain hostile to traditional Western civilization. These are facts that are easily verifiable for anyone who takes the time to do it.

Dees and Cohen go on to lament the fact that pro-White activists, intellectuals, writers, and leaders are developing effective public relations strategies (such as "the mantra"), organizing political parties, spreading information via blogs, radio programs, and websites, networking with other nationalist and racially-oriented groups in Europe and elsewhere, and otherwise connecting with individuals via the Internet who care about the future of the White race. How dare White people challenge and resist their own destruction!

The Op-Ed concludes:
The movement is bound to produce more violence, not necessarily from organized groups but from lone wolves like Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist who killed more than 70 people in his country in 2011 because he wanted “to save Europe from Islam.” Mr. Breivik had ties to American white nationalists as a registered user of Stormfront, a web forum founded by a former Ku Klux Klan leader that has more than 300,000 members (about two-thirds are American).

Europe has also seen the rise of a powerful, far-right political movement that rejects multiculturalism. The anti-Semitic Jobbik Party in Hungary and the neo-fascist Golden Dawn in Greece are prime examples. In Germany, there has been a series of murders by neo-Nazis. Britain, too, is experiencing an upswing of nationalist, anti-immigrant politics.

This month, S.P.L.C. staffers will join activists from the United States and Europe at a conference in Budapest about this transnational white supremacism that is emerging as the world grows more connected by technology. The message of white genocide is spreading. White nationalists look beyond borders for confirmation that their race is under attack, and they share their ideas in the echo chamber of racist websites.

The days of thinking of domestic terrorism as the work of a few Klansmen or belligerent skinheads are over. We know Islamic terrorists are thinking globally, and we confront that threat. We’ve been too slow to realize that white supremacists are doing the same.
The SPLC and other anti-White hate groups expect us to simply accept our displacement and destruction. They are actively attempting to silence us and target us, arguing that we must be viewed as the next "scary boogeyman" in the never ending "Global War on Terror." This is unacceptable, and a sure sign that the enemies of the White race recognize our time is coming - finally. 


  1. As a Psy-Op trivia question, did Homeland Security use a "focus group" to determine the most effective look of their phoney killers? Why do both Roof and Adam Lanza appear so alike in ethnicity, body type, druggie stare look in their photos, and especially their odd haircuts - I have not seen hair like that on a real live 20 year old male since the 1960s Beatles days.

    1. That's probably because the footage is 20 to 40 years old. Half these crisis actors are probably dead, and the other half won't DARE say a thing for fear of winding up the same.

      The Jews have been planning this for hundreds of years. they knew exactly what the footage would be used for when they shot it in 1982.

    2. Was the shooter if there were one, under Mind Control or Satanic Mental Telephathy - Soros nearby with his organization to ferment trouble between Blacks and Whites. Mind Control world Center, Chatham House, London, run by Jews and also there is the US Army. Suspicious

  2. I understand their plight, but am dissapointed nonetheless. In regards to this psyop, I am reminded of the story where the man approaches Jesus in hopes of living in truth. Jesus tells him he must give up his worldly possesions, and he refuses. The analogy fits perfectly with those unwilling to trash 'their' media. Even though it is in their best interests to do so.

  3. Meanwhile, Jared Taylor - who has run cover for the jews since the inception of his American Renaissance publication and then, later, website - will be lumped into the same category of 'White supremacist' by the very jews who's hind parts he has been smooching for all these years.

    Alex Linder has said repeatedly and often: "There is no way out of this existential threat to White racial survival except through the jews."

  4. Jews must Hate Jesus to be "Jewish".

    to be a "Jewish" a "Jew" must have a copy of the Talmud....

    No one on Earth HAS to be a "Jew"....

    if it weren't for the "Jew" worshippers...there would be a lot less "Jewishness"




    Dylann Storm Roof OR is it John Christian Glaas? Child actor on Beverly Hills 90210? Take a look. Indeed it is him. Proof? Well, he has either a stage name for acting or a stage name for 'shooting'.

  6. Excellent coverage here, John. I'd seen one of the three videos but the remaining two were as bad or worse than the first. These people make the Sandy Hook cast look Oscar-worthy. Also, notice how the SPLC article only mentions England among the anglo/german/celt countries in Europe? That's because only England and Holland among them has colonial empires. Ireland, Scandinavia and Germany didn't and hence can't be seen to have to kneel to the invaders who they colonized. The other countries have to let in all these foreigners that were never indigenous to begin with as if that would somehow undue past wars.

    Why are the jews allowed a 'tribal homeland' but white europeans are not?

  7. "Dylann Storm Roof's" supposed black friend has an Australian accent which he tries very hard to hide in this interview with the BBC. At several points, listen to the way he pronounces the words "right," "like," and "he" ("roit," "loik," and "ee"):

    Some comments from blacks on the above video:

    natefeez2 3 days ago (edited)
    This feels like propaganda. Why is he talking to the BBC with an English accent? South Carolina Blacks don't sound like that!!

    natefeez2 3 days ago
    +Shannon Isaac Sometimes he sounds southern...then at other parts he sounds British. When he first opened his mouth he says, "aye". He put a "mate" after it and we're watching the Pirates of the Caribbean.

    natefeez2 3 days ago
    +0Moreno0 I have a trained ear and have musically produced countless southern rappers. I get paid to hear shit. I'm telling ya'll...I'm hearing a Brit in ol' boy.

    rmsolympic1 3 days ago
    I'm not an accent expert, and I'm not from South Carolina, but I seem to hear a mix of British and Southern accents, with the Southern accent being more dominant. But the other accent is sort of lurking underneath and leaking out occasionally.

    natefeez2 3 days ago
    +0Moreno0 Try to fake your accent to make yourselves sound like a southern kid and I think ya'll would sound just like this. The off and on..back and forth..trying to keep it straight. Just my opinion.

    0Moreno0 3 days ago (edited)
    Perhaps an Australian or Canadian accent but not British.

    natefeez2 3 days ago
    +0Moreno0 It's all the same to Americans pretty much. Even Africans have that English twang in their voice and they've never been to Europe. But southern American Black ppl.....that's a different twang. Brits cut off certain letters in their words when they talk...that's what this guy is doing (and not in a southern way). Many Southerners have a drawl (which I find very cool). No drawl in this guy either.

    natefeez2 3 days ago (edited)
    +0Moreno0 That experience makes me an expert on southern drawls. This young man obviously doesn't have a southern drawl at all.

    Between 0:18 and 0:24 (when he say "actually") it sounds like an English accent.

    Between 0:30 and 0:34 (when he says "right mind") ...English accent.

    Between 1:15 and 1:22 (when he says" university of Charleston")....real heavy English accent there.

    It's mixed in with American English real good throughout.. The question in my opinion would be, "how many takes did he need for him to get it right"?

  8. "Dylann Storm Roof's" website has an image on its homepage from an obscure Australian movie about neo-Nazis:

    From the above article:

    "The website, the, which was not working by Saturday afternoon, featured a photo of a bloodied dead white man on the floor. The picture appears to be an image from “Romper Stomper,” an Australian movie about neo-Nazis."

    How many 21-year old Americans living in South Carolina would even know about this obscure Australian movie? I've certainly never heard of it.

    "Dylann Storm Roof's" website is hosted by, a private domain hosting service located in Nobby Beach, Queensland, Australia - a domain hosting service that few Americans would even know about. Also, there's no indication that "Dylann Storm Roof" was even computer-literate enough to set up a privacy-protected website - by all accounts, he was an uneducated slacker:

    The ADL bait-and-entrapment site, and its namesake, "Incogman," who has been conspicuously silent about the Charleston shooting, also uses

    Several characters on rejoiced at this Australian man's jailing in 2011:

    Former Aussie Foreign Minister on the Jewish control of Australia:

    "Dylann Storm Roof's" alleged sister Amber - note her very Jewish nose. "Dylann Storm Roof" also has a Jewish nose - look at his bulbous nostrils when viewed from the front. His biological mother is supposedly Amy (Amelia) Roof, age 57, of whom no images or information are available:

    Why is there an Australian thread running through the Charleston shooting hoax? And, who took all those photos of "Dylann Storm Roof" posing with guns and Confederate flags? It seems that people are too brain-dead to ask such obvious questions.

  9. If Roof is Glaas, then the photos have to be very old from archival material. If Glaas image gallery is accessed online, it shows him from child actor to adult actor and the adult does NOT look like a young male any more. As much as I know there are crisis actors playing by scripts in these fraud events, I doubt that Glaas is now playing Roof. Be careful of libel when accusing. Disinfo does abound.

  10. I have to opine that this is a real incident. I dont know why so many people fail to show emotions afterwards- maybe its shock.

    See the tape of Roof's bail hearing, about 35 minutes long.

  11. Well knock me down with a feather. The SPLC meets in....wait for it, Budapest. When Haifa and Brooklyn are just too crowded, go Judapest.

  12. blacks have been terroristic and genocidal towards whites with Black Panthers and Nation of Islam literally publically threatening and demanding white genocide and murder of white babies in nursuries. WHY THE HELL IS IT ONLY WRONG WHEN WHITES DO IT? WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE! THEY WANT TO EXTERMINATE US!


    1. I agree. We are in a stupor. We watch sports and drink beer and complain. We must have the same fervor and action that George Washington and his entire following displayed in 1776,

  13. New York Times Demands Whites Be Assigned as Terrorists

  14. “Operation Storm Roof” is what it should be called.

    Stormfront is the only website to question the 1963 Birmingham, Alabama church bombing. It changed everything at the time according to Don Black. Killing children is Leninist/Communist/Zionist technique of creating scorn and revulsion for your enemies. Much as shooting old negroes in a church.

    White America gave up in 1963.

    (This observation was made by a Stormfront member by the name of The Old Man; I agree and add my own thoughts.)

    Prior to 1963, White America was vehemently opposed to desegregation and integration with large protests and demonstrations. On September 15, 1963, a bomb went on in the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama, killing four young negro girls. It was blamed on “White Supremacists” (a term not used then) eventually leading to some local Klan members. White Americans were shocked by the bombing and to disassociate themselves from the perpetrators, effectively ceased further protests. (However, we do know there is a particular tribe who are expert in carrying out terrorist acts and blaming another group.)

    Two months later, President Kennedy was killed, replaced by jew-tool, LBJ who eventually signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (essentially a declaration of war on White America) and The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 or the jewish Hart-(America is too White)Celler Act. LBJ escalated the war in Viet Nam and turned Kennedys neutral Middle East policy to one totally pro-Israel. Disasters that still haunt us today.

    Americas White Guilt trip started in the mid 60’s and has grown incessantly, paralleled by ZOG and Jewish media promoted anti-White negro hate and violence.

  15. Exactly right. The MO of the real terrorists is to connect their current staged events to their past staged events. Forming a ongoing 'story' for 'history' books for 'your' children.

  16. Then what about "Black Supremacists" like Barry? Hey, wait a minute. Wasn't his mother WHITE?

  17. The Jew Government is paying $29 million to family members? ROFLMAO!

  18. Other than for training purposes, I'm still trying to figure out why ANY white person would fight in the US Military? What exactly are they defending? I would sit down and have a beer with the enemies of Washington, D.C.

  19. More info on “Operation Storm Roof”

    Charles Giuliani on the phony South Carolina church shooting

    The Zionists create our reality, of course it is likely false.

    The payoff.

    Department led by new Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced it will “fast track” $29 million to victim families of the June 17 shooting at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina, Reuters reports.

    The exorbitant payout amounts to over $3.2 million per family!

  20. The Communist regime under puppet Obama declares open warfare with those who oppose his on-going political crimes. South Carolina and the Confederate Battle Flag are targeted as MSM propaganda fodder to lie about White extrenmists. Rep. Trey Gowdy, S.C. has been pursuing the Obama cartel Benghazi crimes in Congressional investigation. Will he be accused of being a White terrorist because he opposes Obama's actions? Communists eliminate dissenters by using false accusations against them. Communists seize power by force, create their own laws, rule by dictates. Texas Governor is aware of this and has also resisted the Federal intent with Jade helm 15 Another Confederate Flag state which has been under attack.

  21. Nailed it! Just read either Estonian author Juri Lina's book "Under the Sign of the Scorpion"; or, if you can find it, the late Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book "The Gulag"; and, you'll find that the current Bolshevik regime under puppet Obama is plotting the extermination of Whites, just as the Bolshevik regimes of Lenin and Stalin had succeeded in the mass slaughters of at least 60 million Russians - from 1919-1953. These two regimes were notorious for crushing dissent in the bloodiest manner possible; and the Bolshevik Obama regime plans the same for whites within the USSA.

  22. It seems to me that the problem can be reduced to the absence of any clear and logical definition of "white supremacism." In Zionist/Ashkenazi media, it appears that anyone who thinks white people have a right to exist is a "white supremacist." Simply stated, that is ridiculous Jewish hyperbole. David Duke is absolutely correct in pointing out that Jews are the only people on earth who believe themselves superior to everyone else. It was because of their self-identification as "God's chosen people" that Martin Heidegger regarded Jews as hopelessly insane and inherently suicidal. It is to be devoutly hoped that, once Jewish hubris proves their final undoing, the rest of the world can get on with the business of living in peace and mutual respect.

  23. Australian date format of dd/mm/yyyy used on the CCTV security camera which showed "Dylann Storm Roof" entering the black church in Charleston:

    Why would a CCTV camera, presumably purchased in America for the American market, use the Australian date format of dd/mm/yyyy instead of the customary American date format of mm/dd/yyyy? It's just another Australian tie-in to this hoax.

  24. Watch the bail hearing for Roof. On YT its long, over 45 minutes, the first 30 minutes there is no real action, so skip ahead, and watch and tell me then if any of you still this is not real.

    1. You're a damned liar. I did a search on YouTube for "Dylann Roof bail hearing" and its only 13 minutes and 32 seconds:

      Also, NEVER before have victim impact statements been allowed BEFORE the trial begins. That violates the basic legal right of "presumed innocent until proven guilty." What public defender lawyer would allow his client to be portrayed that way before the trial? Also notice that they never showed the faces of the supposedly distraught black family members, because their tearless faces would have spoiled the hoax. I also like the Masonic symbolism of the Jachin and Boaz pillars in the black male cop and the white female cop (yes, it's a female) standing behind him. Everything about it is FAKE as hell, just like Sandy Hook.

  25. I'm beginning to think that this whole "crisis actors" stuff is the real government hoax. I think the govt manages real events in such a way as to make people believe that its not real, it didnt happen. They want us to be completely confused and divided.

  26. The Jews are trying to destroy the white race wherever it is found around the globe, and now we're "international terrorists" because we try to reach out to our persecuted brothers.

    1. Indeed, well said Clement, nice to hear from you man.

  27. Morris Dees is a vile, dangerous snake. He is a bi-sexual deviant, an anti-White supremacist to the core, a liar, a deceiver, a twister of the facts. He is very dangerous because of his influence. I don't believe he's a Jew but certainly functions as one.

    One shooting, which appears to be the work of another mind-controlled zombie, and all of a sudden, all White people are somehow responsible, especially "\white supremacists" (read: pro-White activists) and now this thug, this filthy opportunist has the extreme gall to label US "terrorists"?!

    The real goal of these modern-day Bolsheviks is to criminalize dissent and shut down opposition to the real supremacists and their sinister, unwanted Jew World Order.

    You know, it's a real tragedy that no well-financed, pro-White American rights organization was ever formed. An organization to monitor, harass, pressure, and sue (like they've done to us for decades) those like this devil and his euphemistically-named Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL and other Jewish and anti-White pressure groups that work 24/7 against us, harassing, attacking, railroading into prison Whites who have the courage to speak out against those who make our lives miserable and our defiling, deconstructing and destroying our civilization.

    A real tragedy.



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