Saturday, June 20, 2015

Morris on the alleged Charleston shooting

The YouTube commenter 108Morris108, who I have been criticized and lambasted for citing in the past, recently released a video commentary regarding the alleged Charleston shooting and the agendas the elites are promoting as a result:

I largely agree with Morris' commentary, and also question the officially sanctioned narrative explaining the purported Charleston shooting. The entire situation seems ludicrous to me, and many of the details of the alleged shooting are laughably absurd.

As I wrote in a comment on Aryan Skynet the other day:
Being the “conspiracy theorist” that I am, I wonder whether or not this was a genuine event, at least depicted by the Jews’ media. Given all the deceptions and outrageous fabrications the Jews’ media have perpetrated against the world, I just have a hard time buying this one… In my opinion, this entire event looks like a “Black Sandy Hook,” if you know what I mean.
It should not surprise us that almost immediately, the Jewish controlled mainstream mass media and organized Jewish community called this purported shooting a "hate crime," describing the alleged shooter as a "racist" and a "White supremacist." Jewish pundits and rabbis have published Op-Eds denouncing America as a "racist society" and a country with "incurable racism." It should be obvious how this alleged event will be used by the Jews and their puppets to advance their anti-White, anti-American agenda (more gun-grabbing, more "tolerance" and "diversity", less "hate" and "racism", etc.).


  1. Yeah looks like another hoax to me ... a big tip-off is that both Bush and Clinton were apparently in town for campaign events so all national media outlets were already conveniently in place to cover the "massacre" ...

  2. One incident, possibly another false flag orchestrated by MOSSAD/ZOG, one tiny, statistically insignificant shooting (compared to the numerous murders of Whites by violent Blacks every day) and all of White America and law-abiding, respectable firearms owners are responsible, right?? Like hell we are!!

    To those rabid, anti-White devils and absolutely shameless, anti-gun opportunists, I say: HOW DARE YOU! I, my family, my relatives, my friends as well as the rest of White America is NOT responsible for the actions of one individual who just so happens to be White (and possibly a Jew from what I've read). PERIOD. Dylann Roof and ONLY Dylann Roof, God damn it, is RESPONSIBLE!

    Phil in New Jersey

  3. This is another false flag, no question and Morris is a Jew so can only be lying or spewing half-truths which are lies as well. Listen closely to what he is saying or spinning.

    1. What specifically is Morris lying about or spinning in the video above?

    2. 1) He's poo pooing No when they are on the money re Charleston. Then he gives credibility to news agencies LOL. 2) He then claims we're all equal - with only cultural differences - standard PC Cultural Marxist Jew fare. 3) Blacks having equal rights when they should be segragated as in old South Africa or shipped back to Africa - I speak here for Britain. 4) He refers to monoculture when it's really white genocide. 5) Use of the word Zionist when it's just Jews. 6) Oh vey request for donations. LOL

    3. Good reply, thanks for the clarification.

    4. morris moved to cambodia and he always wants others to help him out all the time by sending him money. well that is all well and good i guess. to each his own. also he has said before that he is not a jew. but it is kind of funny in a way because when he was in that hospital bed and in a coma , he grew a full beard on his face and he sure looked like a rabbi to me........

    5. oh, one more thing on morris. one time last year he had kaminski on for a few times. i got the feeling he and kaminski were not exactly on the same wave length. me thinks old john was a tad too jew wise for his ethnically diverse taste. some people have intimated that the only reason he went to cambodia is because it is cheap to live there and the women are easy. oh vey.

    6. I LOL when I caught on to Morris' 'double-talk' when he admitted that he was a jew then denied it in the same sentence!! lol
      This guy shows up on my radar as an agent. He's full of s**t and I do not, and will not ever, trust him or take him seriously. And he's trying to profit off it. How much money does it take to record yourself giving your opinions?? How much does it cost to upload these vids to jewtube?? Come on!!! The guy, like many other jews profit from the very thing that they create. It's mind-blowing how they do it. But it's what parasites do. The Realist Report does a great job but I wish they would look a little closer at people like Morris.

  4. Its obviously a gun grab and white demonization event. His website is designed for maximum effect to make confederate pro whites look bad. The govt for a long time has had the ability to manipulate individuals into performing bad deeds- this is most likely a stage event, but not a hoax- it did happen, but some form of mind control made him do it, a la Sirhan Sirhan.

  5. It should jump out to most regular readers that the 'Jews' portion of Roof's supposed manifesto is about as condemning of 'anti-semitism' as it gets. There's nothing wrong with the jews, that he can see, other than that they have a sense of themselves - an identity. They're white, he asserts, but it's their 'identity' that's their problem. Yet he offers no insights into what makes judaism so repulsive to europeans.

    The jews want more than anything to make it seem like dislike of them stems from their semitic supremacism. That part of the manifesto could have been edited, but the entire narrative is too finely tailored for the jews' agenda to be authentic. Blacks are seen as forgiving and peaceful; whites' growing sense of defiance of their violence against us is construed as baselessly vindictive and demented, even 'mentally ill.'

  6. Yes, a hoax. No one died. Drkresearch at agrees.

  7. Roof appears to be a drugged, mind-controlled patsy groomed by an FBI provocateur to do the shooting. The FBI has been caught doing this patsy picking a lot. The Marxist trained Obama's administration is composed primarily of Black Marxists/Communists. Communists tend to attack and kill Christians in churches (often done in Africa). Also racist warfare for revolution is also Marxist, which seems to have been the obvious intent in Charleston. But for now, the Black Christian community has refused to be duped into that. It is possible that Obama flew off to California so happily because he was assured that rioting would naturally erupt in Charleston under Al Sharpton's gang of Soros' agitators That the alleged church shooting was another gov't/FBI scripted event is more than possible -- a black ops. It is quite possible that Roof was not the only one shooting, if at all. He reloaded more than once, and nobody ran, or tried to stop him, but people were still being shot! Besides there was one important victim--Clementa Pinckney-- which means this event could have been done just to assassinate him, as was done to Judge Roll in Arizona. The NOT shot victim and the alleged manifesto are being used to control the narrative. The FBI has been in control of the narrative which means all witnesses and all evidence. If anyone remembers, or knows about the Columbine massacre, it is a history lesson worth knowing how it was/ has been an FBI cover-up for years. No information coming from official, or MSM sources can ever be believed for "facts." Threats are used to keep truth speakers silenced.

    1. Name coincidence? Dylan Bennet Klebold, who on April 20th, 1999, shot and killed 12 students and 1 teacher with his best friend, Eric Harris, also injuring 23 others at Columbine High School, in Littleton, Colorado. [Could this also be a taunting hint that there was another shooter(s) at the church?]

    2. Add to previous posting, Additional sameness of names and probable implication of CIA in both events.
      This blog is all about Dylan Bennet Klebold, who on April 20th, 1999, shot and killed 12 students and 1 teacher with his best friend, Eric Harris, also injuring 23 others at Columbine High School, in Littleton, Colorado.
      [multiple photos which look much like Dylann Storm Roof

      Sunday, 21 June 2015
      Dylann's father, 52-year-old Franklin Bennett Roof, is the owner of a construction business.

    3. Is Dylann Roof's father CIA?
      Having looked up the name "Bennett" coupled with "CIA," I have found many articles including both. Very likely the name "Bennett" is a code name for CIA "owned."
      John D. Bennett, a CIA veteran has been appointed head of the agency's National Clandestine Service
      Jon Benet Ramsey murder scandal in Boulder, Co. Jon Benet Ramsey's father John Bennett Ramsey'
      CIA officer Gina Bennett was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show
      Scott Bennett is a U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.
      the death of william bennett: cia, contract killers, kosovo & questions
      update: the murder of william bennett, ex-cia contractor [apr16]

    Stone discusses this.
    TV these days is wall to wall Jews, Negros and homos.
    All paid for with Jew drug advertising that kills or destroys the body of those who are stupid enough to look for the "silver bullet" for a fast fix.

  9. With all the camera phones out there, where are the videos or pics of the dead bodies after the fact? Someone in the church would have snapped a pic or video after the carnage was complete, but none of that happened as far as I know. The Jew owned and controlled media would not hold back photos if there were any? They would go out of their way to show the sheeple those photos of what the evil white man did. Something is very fishy about this "shooting" People take photos and videos of everything these days, including church services.

    1. Yes, it's very fishy. Now hold those guns close and tell them how much you loves them.

  10. Bingo. All a psyop.


  11. It has never been clear to me just who Morris is and what validates his opinions vs. anyone else's. Research? Historical knowledge? Actual life experience? Can you explain why his videos get posted?

    1. It is Jew controlled opposition.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. "Let us play darts.

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    “Oh. Okay. That explains it then”


  13. Here are a few more "skeptics" of the Charleston event weighing in:

    "Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors 'We Feel Nothing But Love' Exposed"

    "Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor CAUGHT Reciting Lines"


    "Carolina Church Shooting: Were Dylann Roof Photos Digitally Altered?"

    "$29 million in hush money for Charleston shooting victims"

    - bb9

  14. Yep, gotta be a clever gun-grab, just like how they took everyone's guns after Sandy Hook and...oh, wait. That never, uh, actually happened, did it? I get my conspiracies all mixed up sometimes.

  15. This last shooting pretty much proves that most people on the Internet are controlled opposition.
    Even Stadtmiller showed his true colors the day after. He spent the two hours of his show explaining how antidepressants are turning kids into killers. The antidepressant angle, gives an unbelievable story a certain believability for 98% of the population. At least RBN has Rob revolt, we'll see how long he lasts. It's good to see that you are holding out. This is like the no plane theory, the forbidden hunting ground of truth. False flags, MK ultra, you don't need to do that, all you need is a screenplay and crisis actors. The American people will forget all about this in six months and the shooter will go on to college and graduate. Who was the kid that shot Gabriel Giffords?
    He's probably tending bar somewhere in Phoenix, nobody will know the difference, it is that easy. That video of Morris was a good post. Keep up the good work

  16. I live in Charleston. 6 blocks from the church. I personally know people who knew the victims. I have met the mayor and the chief of police. They were not lying. I am a taxi driver. These people are dead. That is without question. This is NOT Sandy Hoax or Boston. These people are dead. I am not saying that it is not a conspiracy, not at all. In fct, being on the ground here that night, there are several issues that point to conspiracy that no one has mentioned yet. For the moment, I am sitting on my information and watching. I do not believe the 'official story'. I do believe these people are dead. More soon. Driver X.

    1. If the people are truley dead, I'm sure you can provide some proof........

    2. Sure, maybe it's a black op of some kind. But then where did the family members come from who are clearly not spontaneously reacting to their mother's death?

  17. why would a white guy go to a bible study at a black church? i would think it is almost unheard of. also. for someone to do such a thing, would require lots of practice and the ability to go to that place where most normal humans cannot go. i think he was a trained assassin of some sort. programmed to kill . to pull a gun out , 45 caliber at that and aim it at people and pull the trigger requires a person who knows how to do such things . most people are not able to do this. usually these guys like this, kill themselves. after they do this. why 9 people? how many rounds did his clip hold? why would his father give him a present like that? if this guy is on pharmaceutical drugs? makes no sense. who is his father? what does he do?

  18. Last Annonymous taxi driver, maybe they are dead or maybe the kid was there but OTHER Shooters took them out like "Holmes" in Aurora CO? Maybe you are a gov't spook planting disinfo? Just a thought. I haven't even seen an ambulance video or photos at the scene. And, the members of the church were HAVING SERVICE 4 days later? Amongst all the blood and gore? Wow, I figure it would take a week or two to comb the crime scene and to clean things up enough to have a church service.

    1. I agree with your assessment. However, the Shell gas station at the corner of Meeting & Calhoun is the unofficial 'Taxi Meeting Place'. The police also use it late nights. Nothing but cops and taxis. Sal. The tall black guy who works the night shift. Great guy. The Courtyard Marriott across the street, they know me by name. The AME church has the front entrance, the parking lot and ground level. I know this area. I am not a troll. I am telling you, these people are dead. And I smell conspiracy. There is one glaring fact no one has looked at yet. Driver X

    2. I am not a troll. Find the phone number for the Shell station at Meeting & Calhoun. Ask for Sal. If Sal does not work there, then you may call me a troll.

      These people are dead. Multiple shooters or not, there are several things here on the ground that made no sense that night.

  19. Isn't it amazing how EVERYTHING that they want and need to start a "race war" to keep morons busy with falls right into their laps, so that they can continue tightening the last screws on their tyranny?

    What makes more sense?

    Anti-Depressants turning kids into mass shooters? LOTS of messy clean-up afterwards and grieving families and stuff who might sue

    Kids abducted and MK-Ultra'd / Mind-Controlled / hypnotized into becoming mass shooters? LOTS of messy clean-up afterward and grieving families and stuff who might sue and become dedicated amateur Sherlock Holmses.

    Elite Jews with unlimited funds and total control of the media planning, filming and running another PsyOp, JUST LIKE you saw with 9-11, just like you saw with Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon, just like we saw with 7/7, just like we saw with the Norway shootings, just like we saw with the "Bin Laden" killing, just like we saw with the ISIS beheadings, just like we saw with Charlie Hebdo, etc. ad-infinitum. And the best part? NO CLEAN UP, no grieving families to worry about, no lawsuits to worry about. All they have to do is make sure Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Diane Sawyer, and the rest of the actors and fakers involved in the PsyOp post-production do their jobs. If not, they don't get paid their 40 million dollar salaries, get humiliated through some scandal IN the same owned media by others, or if they really get ideas and get out-of-line, simply disappeared and never seen again or given a simple "heart attack" or "suicided."

    It should be obvious to any rational person that the 3rd option is BY FAR the most practical scenario for the perps.

    A person has to be literally INSANE to take anything, a single word or image transmitted by liars of this magnitude at face value before quadruple-checking it from every angle.

    Now for a few laughs and a bit of recreation. Who was it that said Michael Jordan was the best Basketball player of all time?

    Larry Bird schools Michael Jordan

    Even better than the video is what the poster wrote in the comments section:

    MerkinMuffly 6 months ago (edited)
    What is it with all you whiny jockers complaining that MJ was too young here? There's footage of MJ here up to 1991, but anyways it seems you're saying I can't show footage early MJ because what? He sucked for 6 years? Why do all you jockers make excuses for MJ in his early years? Bird led his team to the best record in the NBA his first year and made the all nba first team, he then won a ring his second, so you're just proving my point that MJ is overrated since you guys try to keep him in diapers for the first years of his career. Well thanks for proving my point, Bird was the man his first year in the NBA, but MJ had to suck a bottle and wait for Pippen to come to rescue his shot-jacking ass and lead him to glory against a watered down 1990s NBA Expansion league where they beat up on an injured and old Celtics and Lakers team. Maybe I should say none of the games from 1989-92 count when MJ played Bird on a broken back, but I don't make excuses because I don't have to, Bird was the man when he first stepped foot on the court until he limped off on a broken back in 1992, yeah, Bird won games against MJ in the 90s, even crippled. So stop all this, MJ was too young bullshit, it's a making ya boy, MJ look bad.


    Right on!

    ~ Negentropic

  20. Sure it's real. He killed a bunch of old black church ladies because "they were raping our women". Okay dreamers, dream on...HOAX!!!!

  21. NorthernTruthSeeker.blogspot also agrees that this is a hoax. The mass media is so Satanic.


    marky mark glenn, king of tut, conflates shooting with muslim hatred?? go figure. what do muzzies have to do with this situation? with glenn its all about muslims. but , but , but, the muslims will save us from ourselves and the jews of course (along with those wonderful russians standing in the gap , no doubt ) yeh sure. .............

  23. all about gun confiscation

  24. George Soros funded professional race agitator appears on green screen background for CNN, remotely calls Don Lemon an "Uncle Tom." The two CNN reporters are in a studio - watch carefully:

  25. The US Government as they call themselves Fast Tracked 29 million dollars for assistance to the actors,I mean families of the SC shooting! Outside of the sucker charities and monies donated by corporations!
    U.S. Paying off Crisis Actors with $29 Million For Charleston Shooting Hoax (Redsilverj)
    Hey...and while we are at it? FOX News Megyn Kelly played Nicole Brown Simpson and is in your face everyday laughing at you !
    Awww back together again stirring the pot at the fake Baltimore protests!
    It's all fake folks.Did OJ do it? If the glove doesn't fit you mus acquit!
    These SC families get more money than tornado victims!
    PS the Church is open again ready for business! that you know? What are you going to do about it?
    6 companies own the media.
    And they hate you.

  26. Along with giving good eye relief, the fit and finish of the scope are also wonderful. Low profile morris on alleged charleston shooting control adds great value to it.


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