Saturday, June 6, 2015

"Caitlyn Jenner" to be guest of honor for Tel Aviv Gay Pride week?

Municipal officials in Tel Aviv, declared the "world's best gay city" in 2012, have asked "Caitlyn Jenner" to be the guest of honor for Gay Pride week in that debauched city. The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

The City of Tel Aviv invited Caitlyn Jenner to be a guest of honor at its Gay Pride Week celebration.

Jenner, 65, the former reality show star and Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete, has not responded to the invitation announced Thursday. She has garnered the media spotlight with her recent transition to become a woman.

Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride week, which begins on Sunday, draws thousands of participants each year. This year, the celebration will emphasize the transgender community.

“The fact that you provided us an opportunity to smile and revealed the personal and complex process you went through, the difficulties that stood in your way, made you a source of inspiration for us in Tel Aviv,” Yaniv Weizman, a member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipal Council, wrote Jenner in the invitation, according to Yediot Acharonot. [...]
Judging by the Jewish-owned and controlled mass media, the "Caitlyn Jenner" story may be the most important thing that has ever happened in human history. A former male Olympic gold medalist mutilates his sexual organs, ingests female hormones, and boldly declares himself a "female", and the Jewish media turns it into the most significant event in recent memory. Stories about "Caitlyn Jenner", and the ridiculous, superficial "praise" she it has received, are everywhere you look.

As Brother Nathanael recently pointed out, "Caitlyn Jenner" has been entirely enabled and promoted by Jews as a means of further degrading and perverting traditional American culture (as if it wasn't already degraded and perverted enough).

The big story is the July edition of Vanity Fair, which features a "22-page cover story" including "stunning Annie Leibovitz photos of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, along with revealing new details," according to the culture distorting magazine's website. Unsurprisingly, Annie Leibovitz is a Jewish lesbian who is currently in a relationship with yet another disgusting virulently anti-White activist and "intellectual" named Susan Sontag who once proudly declared, "The white race is the cancer of human history."

The author of the Vanity Fair article, Buzz Bissinger, is also Jewish. And of course, Vanity Fair is owned and published by Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr. Yes, Newhouse is a Jew, too.

The entire "Caitlyn Jenner" situation is Jewish through and through. Indeed, the assault on and destruction of traditional Western civilization emanates from the organized Jewish community. It's so obvious and it's certainly no secret. When will Americans recognize it?


  1. You are letting Jews control the discussion. Jade Helm 15 begins on June 15. WWIII is ramping up in the Ukraine and the dollar is going in the toilet.. Quit wasting time on crap and alert people to what is coming.

    1. Other bloggers and alternative media personalities do a fine job with these subjects. I focus on Jews because they are the ones destroying our culture and actively attempting to genocide the White race. I don't have time for or even interest in the fear mongering issues you mentioned, like Jade Helm, WWIII, and the dollar collapse.

      Speaking of Jade Helm, check this article out:

    2. This Jenner B.S is an effort to distract public attention from the destructive TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which will surely end the "Middle Class" of the world IMHO.

    3. And you do a great job! Please keep on keeping on

    4. I wonder if this coward will apologize after June 15 comes and goes as all the 'threats' of the past 10 years have come and gone.

      I don't recall Daryl Bradford Smith ever apologizing for all the predictions he made that cost people time, money and mental anguish.

      What is the thrill of these Fear Mongers???

    5. John don't you think you're being a bit dismissive, even if your challenger's tone is obnoxious? Do you really think Jade Helm is just 'fear mongering,' or that talking about a collapse is?

  2. In a sense, the Bruce Jenner affair will, in the long run, do MORE damage to the world than WW 3. This is not a media-driven triviality. Millions of young boys between ages of 1 -10 will be corrupted by this. We face an EXPLOSION of faggots and trannies in coming years.

    That said, WW3 is set to begin at any time.

    Mike King

    1. Agreed..............

      and the Chrsitian Zionists remain SILENT. My entire family loves Israel and supports the Jew. They would say 'jesus loves the homosexual and freaks too'.

      Hell is too good of a place for these fools.


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