Saturday, June 13, 2015

6 Million


  1. The only thing missing is a steal guitar playing a morseful background notes

  2. So much political criminality, especially Israel's is compared to Hitler and "NAZIism, continuing to propagate lies from persons who should know better, and DO know better. The real truth is that Stalin's Bolshevik Jews were the true evil perps, not falsely accused Nazis. Anyone still accusing Nazis as a comparison for current political evil must be fraud "truthers" who are in reality Jewish propagandists. And there are quite a few. Stalin's horrors and genocide are rarely mentioned, actually ignored as Hitler and the Swastika are up front and center all the time.

  3. More and more people are waking up to the largest and most persistent lie in history, John. That's the good news; the bad news is that the Jew-controlled media in the West has been propagandizing the so-called "Holocaust" since the '70's, brainwashing tens of millions of people throughout the West; and, it continues to do so today. This lie is taught in all the schools and scripted in Hollywood in the form of movies and documentaries.
    An event that actually happened and made history doesn't need laws forcing people to accept its narrative; simply, because said event was true. Only one that's false would need such laws; as is the "Holocaust" in which 6 million Jews were exterminated.
    The Holohoax has already been debunked by the International Red Cross, who kept records on the numbers of inmates incarcerated at the various concentration camps in E. Europe; the conditions of the camps; and the numbers of inmates who died and their cause(s) of death. Those who died in the camps died mostly of natural causes, such as hunger and disease (Typhus was the main killer, and it spread like wildfire throughout these camps). Zyklon-B was used only for delousing the clothing worn by the prisoners, and this delousing was done in a small room separate from the barracks.

    1. Extremely well said Eileen, thank you!

    2. The gates were open when the camps were liberated. The inmates could have left at any time. Things were FAR worse outside the camp gates, courtesy of US and our "allies" so the inmates stayed where they were, waiting to be rescued.

      The fact is, the REAL Holocaust was what WE (and England, France etc.) did to the German people, a far, far worse crime than even the fake Holocaust lie told by Organized Jewry.

      Great song, John, thanks for sharing it.

  4. To get the facts about the holohoax, read the excellent book, "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century," by Arthur Butz.

    300 pages of facts backed up by an extensive bibliography.

  5. Abolish USURY.
    No More Wars for the "jews".

  6. Note: No Wordpress blogs are posted via email anymore. Jews are controlling your site.

    Subject: - World Class Investigative Truth Wordpress

    Jade Helm News? Anyone.
    Wordpress blogs are only being able to be read on site and are not posted to emails anymore. Really cuts down on their exposure.

    MY RESPONSE: IMPORTANT AND A LONG OVERDUE WARNING: Wordpress is a SCAM, and I mean a HUGE ONE. Here is what Wordpress really is, along with what it pretends to be:

    Wordpress is a "web authoring tool" which, even when installed and run from your own server forms a bridge to the Wordpress server so they can access, change/deny anything on your system in exchange for the use of their free web authoring software which "makes it all easy and neat" and in reality therefore makes Wordpress no better than a Facebook account even if it is run apparently completely from your own server.

    I always knew Wordpress was a trap that would eventually be used to trash the web. The sudden silence from ALL wordpress sites that at one time linked to this web site is telling, Wordpress is now using their central server to block links and content, to block mails and more, (just as this reader has warned) and it was all written into their terms of service to begin with. I knew what Wordpress was from day one and avoided it like the plague, I knew it was an up and coming scourge.

    Why on earth would anyone pay to have their own server set up, use it to run Wordpress, and then be subject to their terms and conditions?

    And worse, every time I have logged into the old web server it has practically tried to force me to convert the old web site over to Wordpress, this started happening after the FCC took over the web and I am going to warn people now once and for all: WORDPRESS IS DEATH FOR THE TRUTH MOVEMENT. IF YOU GOT CAUGHT IN THE WORDPRESS TRAP IT IS TIME TO UNINSTALL IT AND USE WEEBLY OR SOME OTHER WEB AUTHORING TOOL TO DO THE JOB, IT WOULD BE BETTER TO KISS ALL PAST CONTENT A FINE ADIOS THAN TO DIE BECAUSE EVERYTHING NEW YOU POST IS NOW RENDERED IRRELEVANT IF IT DOES NOT GO ALONG WITH THE OFFICIAL STORY LINE.
    If you want your links to work and your content to be found and read, wordpress is NOT AN OPTION ANYMORE.

  7. Brilliant, we need more of this spread the truth.

  8. This was found posted at a popular alt-news site:
    Israel's Foreign Ministry Report Says Attacks on Palestinian Children and Civilians Were "Legitimate"
    [Hitler said the exact same thing about invading Poland!]

    This comment should read "Poland leaders said the exact same thing about massacring ethnic Germans."
    This Jewish person knows the real history about Hitler/Germany/Poland, yet again falsely accuses Hitler to perpetuate the Jewish lies, equating Hitler with Israel's genocide of Palestinians. Poland was slaughtering trapped German civilians, including children. Hitler had to intervene militarily to stop the Poles and regain German territory that had been stripped from the country after WW1.


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