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Willis Carto: Champion of the American Right

Despite certain fallacious assumptions, particularly regarding the veracity of the official "Holocaust" narrative of WWII and the purported diabolical nature of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, George Michael's detailed biography of Willis Carto's life, political activities, and publishing endeavors is commendably balanced and written in an extremely scholarly fashion, with literally hundreds of end notes coupled with an extensive bibliography. The details and facts provided throughout the book are painstakingly documented, providing a thorough and all encompassing overview of one of America's greatest patriots along with a general history of the American far right.

Michael, a political science professor who has studied and written extensively about the political right, was granted exclusive access to Willis Carto in preparation for his must-read book Willis Carto and the American Far Right, conducting numerous personal interviews which allowed him to obtain a deeper insight into Carto's views and activities since he became active in the right wing struggle shortly after WWII. Describing Carto as "undoubtedly the central figure in the post-World War II American far right," Michael outlines Carto's efforts to promote the various causes associated with the right wing in America.

Carto has been instrumental in publishing and promoting a wide variety of marginalized, demonized ideas and political perspectives over the course of his long publishing career. The Spotlight, perhaps Carto's most influential and well-known publication that was later reorganized as American Free Press, championed traditional right wing and conservative causes including nationalism, populism, patriotism, and racialism. Carto's publications have also been and remain uncompromising opponents of multiculturalism, unnecessary wars and foreign interventions, and the push for internationalism, free trade, and open borders, among other important issues. The views and opinions found in Carto's former and current publications epitomize American political and economic traditions formulated and implemented by the Founding Fathers.

Perhaps his most controversial endeavor (yet arguably the most important), Carto also sought to institutionalize historical revisionism, which is simply an attempt to bring history into accord with the facts as we know them, especially as it relates to WWII and the alleged Jewish "Holocaust". This vital and courageous undertaking lives on with The Barnes Review, the sister publication of American Free Press. Additionally, Carto attempted to institutionalize a populist, America-first political lobby and political party, founding the Liberty Lobby and the Populist Party respectively.

As the founder of the Liberty Lobby, which Michael characterizes as "one of the most enduring institutions in the history of the movement" that "provided a base where virtually all segments of the far right came together," Carto sought to institutionalize and unify the various, and often diverging, actors and organizations comprising the right wing in an effort to gain credibility amongst the American populace as well as advance the interests of the right wing more effectively.

Given the nature of the Liberty Lobby's political persuasion, along with its hard-hitting, resolute, and popular publication, The Spotlight, it of course attracted powerful and ruthless enemies who were determined to undermine and destroy it, which was eventually accomplished.

Michael details the origins and platform of The Spotlight newspaper, which was "an important bridge between various segments of the far right," a role now fulfilled quite effectively and successfully by American Free Press. Indeed, American Free Press and The Spotlight before it are arguably "the organ of the American far right" as Michael notes, which appeal to many segments of the right wing in addition to other populists, environmentalists, and critical thinkers, including opponents of globalism, massive immigration, and the Israel lobby as well as traditional America-first conservatives and racialist thinkers. Early in his career, Carto eloquently argued that "each cultural unit has a moral imperative to be true to itself and pursue its own destiny," a theme that is righteously emphasized in his both his current and past publications.

Willis Carto is a man who has done more to advance the agenda and causes of the right wing in post-WWII America than any other single individual. Over the years, he has published a variety of newsletters, newspapers, and journals, covering some of the most important and controversial issues facing not only America, but the entire world. Carto has never backed down from or avoided the uncomfortable realities that so many in the media and political establishment cowardly acquiesce to or traitorously facilitate.

Confronting the organized Jewish community, the Israel lobby, race hustlers, cultural Marxism, the war on White America, and false narratives of history - particularly as they related to WWII - Carto has been, and remains, in the vanguard of authentic American nationalism, populism, and truth-telling. He has been persecuted, stabbed in the back, and slandered - yet he has persevered and today he stands as the most iconic and influential figure in the American right wing.

Michael's book is simply a must read for anyone truly interested in the history of the American far right and the courageous, heroic efforts of one of its key players in the post-WWII era - Willis Carto.

To obtain a thorough understanding of Carto's worldview and opinions on a variety of controversial and complex geopolitical and historical matters, pick up a copy of An Appeal to Reason: A Compendium of the Writings of Willis A. Carto. Discover what Carto really thinks about these important subjects, straight from the horse's mouth.

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  1. What little I've actually heard and read about Carto over the years hasn't impresses me.
    Michael Collins Piper, who has had a 30+ year association with Carto, had him as a guest on his hourly internet radio broadcast at the Republic Broadcasting Network a few years ago and I wasn't impressed by anything Carto said during that program. In fact, the only significant statement of his that I remember was his opinion that perpetual war would be beneficial to the overall national well-being. Afterwards, Piper was asked about this by a number of his listeners, and he chose to backpedal in various ways and claim that this was not exactly what Carto meant, blah blah blah, etc, even though Carto had made his views very clear during the program.

    In recent months, I've often wondered how Piper, after his heart surgery and subsequent move to Idaho, feels about his former boss and longtime associate now, since there is no indication that there has been any support by Carto for Piper, financial or otherwise, despite their 30+ years of apparent close association.
    Last word from Piper's friend Mark Glenn was that the house Piper was staying in was seriously damaged by a fire and that Piper was living in a motel.
    No word of Carto, who, over the years and by all appearances, always seemed to have enough money to throw around on his various publications, lawsuits , and projects.

    I've always had serious misgivings about this guy. To me, he just seems to come across as a bullshitter of the highest order.

    1. Well, with all due respect, it sounds like you know nothing about the man and what he stands for. The books discussed in the article would be a great place to start to change that. You can purchase both of them for $30 from American Free Press - it's a heck of a deal.

      I have not heard Carto's interview with Piper on RBN. That must have been some years ago. Do you have a link to that program? I'd love to listen!

      I can guarantee you that Carto has never said or implied that "perpetual war would be beneficial to the overall national well-being." Carto and all of his publications are totally against the fraudulent, counterproductive wars America has fought in throughout the 20th century and now into the 21st century.

      Carto is most certainly not a "bullshitter of the highest order," as you claim. I highly recommend reading the books cited above. Carto is a legend.

    2. It so happens I have three years of Michael Collins Piper's RBN broadcasts on disc, 2006-2008, which I downloaded at a time when they were free. The program where he has Carto as a guest dates from Wednesday, 22March 2006.
      I was lucky to find it, because the majority of the files are not identified as to their subject matter or program guests (if any), but this one was.

      So I just listened to it again.

      About half-way through, after Carto was done talking about the issue of perpetual war to stimulate the economy, I realized he had been merely quoting someone else and was in fact critical of that line of thought.

      So I wrote a retraction of my previous post, above, and was just about to hit your "Publish" button, below, when I instead decided to listen to the rest of the program, since I had been so absolutely sure over the years about what Carto had said. As I said in my previous post, it was the only substantial thing I came away with from listening to the program at the time.

      Lo and behold, toward the very end, at the 55-minute mark, a caller to the show asked Carto exactly what his own views regarding the matter were, after which Carto proceeded to agree that war was probably the only way to stimulate the economy and reduce the federal debt (???), because Americans would not accept "public spending", which they equated socialism.

      So I will stand by my previous comments.
      Good thing I listened to the end.

      I don't see any of Piper's archives on RBN anymore, but I'd be happy to send you the file. It is in mp3 format at a bit rate of 16kbps, total size of 6.86MB. I remember I reduced the bit rates when I burned the files to disc, to save space, but they are still clearly audible.
      I don't see an email contact anywhere here or at AFP, so let me know how to get this file to you.

    3. My email is:

    4. Actually, forget the direct email contact. I just uploaded it here:

      So anyone can download it and listen to it.

    5. Thanks for sharing, I will listen to it later on today.

  2. the far right is the opposite of the far wrong....RIGHT ?

    actually it's US {Israel the "white" people} - Vs- THEY

    { the Children of the Devil calling themselves "Jews" & the Proselytes
    to Talmudic Judaism}

    LANGUAGE is the Issue Zephaniah 3:9...and who is Judah ? [GERMANY]

    because either Hosea 1:11 is yet to happen like Matthew 13:39-43
    or God & Jesus are "Liars"...Right ?

    is there a "Jewish" state called "Israel" full of Gog & Magog Proselytes...?

    Jesus said :
    the TARES go into the "FIERY FURNACES"....!!!

    no one on EARTH HAS to stay in the


    oh yeah, check out :

    Terror Out of Zion by J. Bowyer Bell - { 11/25/40 Patria the blowed up boat}

    and THE JEWS IN THEIR David Ben Gurion
    for some documentation in the FAR WRONG dept.



  3. Michael Collins Piper sent me a letter, same as he sent many others who have purchased his books and expressed admiration for him, asking for financial help, stating that he was unceremoniously fired by AFP who refused to help him at all with his medical expenses (which included being hospitalized for open heart surgery). In face he wrote that he is being persecuted and blackballed by Mrs. Carto, who hates him and has stated in his ear, that she wants him dead. He goes on to write that Mr. Carto is suffering from Alzheimers Disease.

    Because of being denied help by the Cartos or his former employer, although now confined to a wheelchair, was forced to vacate his home in DC and sell many of his beloved books. It was Mark Glenn in Idaho who then took him in.

    I received this letter about three weeks ago, and have heard nothing since. If he had not been so accusatory toward those of us who question the official government story regarding Sandy Hook, and entangled with Mark Glenn, who I have reason to distrust, I would have sent him a donation.

    1. The only person responsible for Michael Collins Piper's health and financial problems is Michael Collins Piper himself. I used to have great respect for the man, and have read almost all of his books. But his bizarre behavior regarding Sandy Hook is simply inexcusable.

  4. I think Willis deserves recognition for his outstanding work over the decades. No question.

    However, he seems to have lost the plot. Your dismissal was entirely undeserved. Michael Piper is an American institution and it is a disgrace that he was forced out. I'm finished with AFP and Mrs/Mr. Carto.

    1. I am writing for AFP on a regular basis now. The entire situation was largely a misunderstanding, which has now been cleared up.

      Like I said previous, the only person responsible for Mike Piper's personal, financial, and health problems is Mike Piper himself. I'll leave it at that.

    2. Piper should have been kept on by AFP. Not let go or fired. Disgraceful. I won't continue my subscription.

    3. Despite the fact he became a major liability - not an asset - to the organization?

    4. "Major liability" in what way?

    5. Well, in my view he had become a major liability to the organization due to his bizarre and irrational attacks on people critically investigating and questioning the official Sandy Hook and Boston bombing narratives. I had nothing to do with Piper and his relationship with AFP/TBR. I think his actions over the course of at least a year (shortly after the Sandy Hook incident and continuing until he was dismissed from AFP) reflected extremely poorly on the organization. Same with Keith Johnson.

  5. InADifferentBoatMay 30, 2015 at 7:55 AM

    Okay so... "there is no indication that there has been any support by Carto for Piper, financial or otherwise, despite their 30+ years of apparent close association."

    How old are you, who writes this about Carto? Does knowing someone for 30+ years automagically entitle Piper or any friend for that matter, special financial help?

    I know at least 4 and maybe 6 people that were and are still my friends for over 30 years, who are doing a WHOLE lot better than I am, financially. Two of them are millionaires or darn close to it. Myself? I have a PILE of medical issues and I'm at the door to a possible loss of foot. I guess my 30+ year friendships entitles me to beg them for HELP, as I will need MONEY to afford certain things? Maybe they should just come running with a big fat check in hand to help me?
    I haven't ASKED, and no plans to. They're my friends... I'd probably accept the help if they offered, but I would NEVER beg or ask for it. Friendships do NOT entitle you to expect financial help from others, even if they're Billionaires. You DEAL with the cards you're dealt, period.
    Maybe YOU are the type that would beg and expect help... but that's YOU. Most people tend to have more self pride.

    Wishing you long life and prosperity. The one who coined that term was ultra rich, and it still didn't save him. But then he placed his trust in the WRONG medical system IMO. Had Nimoy gone Naturopathic, I'd bet anything, he'd still be here. I could be wrong, but I honestly believe different.

  6. Here's the type of article printed by the American Free Press, by a shill named Keith Johnson, who supports the official media/government narrative about Sandy Hook (i.e. that it was a real event and not staged). It's basically a hit piece on James Fetzer, who has apparently made some mistakes and owned up to them, but at least he's trying to get to the bottom of the obvious Sandy Hook hoax. Read the comments, too - some of them are pretty good:

    Can you spell "controlled opposition?" No newspaper committed to the truth would print a hit piece like that, so I say that AFP and Barnes Review are controlled opposition. In my opinion, their only purpose is to take the names and addresses of those foolish enough to subscribe, which only moves them higher up the secret "dissident list" of Americans to eventually be rounded up. The main mouthpieces of the "truther" and "white nationalist" movements, in my opinion, are 95% to 100% government agents/shills, and this Keith Johnson is definitely one such person. I trust NONE of them, including you, Mr. Friend, since you are promoting the American Free Press, and are apparently employed by them as a writer. Interesting, too, that AFP and Barnes Review are both headquartered in Washington DC - the belly of the beast. Why there, and not someplace like Idaho or Montana?

    1. Johnson is a disgrace and no longer writes for AFP. I agree, he is a total scum bag and may even be "controlled opposition" as you claim. I have no proof of that, but based on the man's actions he is seriously compromised and a very flawed individual.

      AFP and The Barnes Review consistently cover the most important issues facing America and the world, especially as they relate to Whites. Anyone who subscribes to the paper and reads it regularly clearly recognizes that fact.

      As far as AFP and TBR being located in DC, which they actually are not anymore (they're in Maryland now), you'd have to understand the history of the Liberty Lobby. Pick up Michael's book for all the details.

    2. Thanks for your reply. It's good to know that Keith Johnson no longer writes for AFP, but the question is, why did AFP even publish his garbage to begin with? Is there no editorial control at AFP? Are writers for AFP allowed to publish whatever they want under the AFP banner, no matter how disgraceful it may be? I find that hard to believe. The editors and/or managers at AFP obviously approved of Johnson's hit piece on Fetzer, and the article is still featured prominently on the AFP site - it still has not been removed. This tells me that AFP, and by extension, Barnes Review, are controlled opposition organizations.

    3. It tells me they give some leeway to their writers, and publish opinions and perspectives they may not necessarily endorse as an organization.

  7. Look up a real legend. Eustace mullins

    1. Eustace Mullins was -- I am proud to say -- a personal acquaintance. He provided me with insights into the "Federal" Reserve banks and money as debt, which I might otherwise never have understood. He understood both how and why the Jews function as a group. I am proud to own several of his books, personally autographed for me. I am still saddened by his passing.

  8. I would expect Mark Webber of the Institute for Historical Review may not share your enthusiasm for Mr. Carto. It appears that Carto was instrumental in putting an end to publication of the Journal for Historical Review, a periodical which persuaded this reader that the "holocaust" of Jews in W.W. II is the biggest lie ever concocted.

    1. You have it all wrong my friend. George Michael discusses this disgraceful episode in revisionist history at length in his book - I highly recommend picking up a copy and reading it.

      After Carto was forced out of the IHR, he went on to found and still publishes The Barnes Review, the only legitimate revisionist magazine in publication today. What has the IHR done since Carto was forced out? They don't even really discuss the fake "Holocaust" narrative anymore!

    2. Indeed, Weber is a fraud and has done nothing since taking over except backtrack on the Holocrock.

      Piper did a series of programs (or should it be pogroms) on Weber and the fall of IHR. Look them up.

  9. I lost my internet for a couple of weeks and relied on other sources for news. I heard about this web site, Canary Mission, on a FM newscast. These Zionists have the nerve, gall, and deceit to label any college student standing up for the Palestinians as "anti-freedom." Hell, that's even a contradiction.


  10. MCP was found dead in a hotel room in Idaho a few days ago. He is gone forever now. I wish he could have been debriefed on all the inside stuff he must have known since he was there when it all happened. I always wanted to know if the writings known as the history of white nationalism was true or not and i suspect most if not all is true. whoever wrote it was on the inside. nobody is perfect but let us just say that one must conclude that with leadership like we have had over the years, is it any wonder white nationalism ideas have never got to first base.

    but nevertheless, i will say. i am very sorry that this happened to piper . he was way to young to die on us.

    1. Author's video lecture of Willis Carto and the American Far Right,

    2. The history of White Nationalism known as The Deguello Report is not entirely true. Harold A. Covington has admitted writing ammended portions of it and although he's been a White Nationalist for many years he has a record of prevarication within this movement.


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