Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rising "anti-Semitism" allegedly driving Jews away from Jewish life, according to top rabbi

According to Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis, European "anti-Semitism" coupled with increasing numbers of "terrorist attacks" purportedly targeting Jews are driving more and more Jews away from leading an active Jewish life, The Algemeiner recently reported.

The recent string of attacks against Jews in Europe has driven many Jews away from an active Jewish life, said the president of one of Europe’s leading Orthodox Jewish networks on Tuesday.

“We’re dealing with a large number of Jews who because of the risk involved, and terrorist attacks, have stopped coming to Jewish events,” Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt told the Algemeiner. “It’s more important [for these Jews] to stay alive than to stay Jewish.”

The 51-year-old Swiss-born Conference of European Rabbis (CER) president, who is also Chief Rabbi of Moscow, said apathy was a greater risk to the Jews in Europe because as an issue it is more elusive than both antisemitism and assimilation.

“While assimilation and antisemitism can be addressed directly, apathy is a much harder issue to address … There is a certain percentage of Jews saying I’d be better hiding,” he said. “Our message to our community is that this is not the answer.”

On Monday, the CER awarded French Prime Minister Manuel Valls with its Lord Jakobovits Prize for European Jewry, for his “exemplary determination in the fight against antisemitism.”

Valls said he “can’t imagine a France without Jews,” Goldschmidt related.

“He’s going to make sure that Jews and community centers and synagogues or (sic) going to be protected” as long as the need exists, said the chief rabbi, adding that Valls pledged just a few days ago a “new program of 100 million euros ($112 million) to combat antisemitism on the Internet and on the streets.”

This was the third year the CER awarded the Jakobovits prize. Last year it went to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the year before that to Polish Prime Minister and European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek.

Meanwhile, the recent Islamist attacks against French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed, and subsequent attacks in France including at a Kosher supermarket, showed Europeans that the problem was not uniquely Jewish, said Goldschmidt.

“It is not a problem with the Jews, it is a European problem,” he said. [...]
There are two points worth making regarding the rabbi's statements.

First of all, the alleged "terrorist attacks" targeting Jews in Europe, including the purported Charlie Hebdo attack and the alleged attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris as well as the alleged shooting at a synagogue in Copenhagen, all appear to be entirely media-created events. Indeed, most of the alleged "terrorist attacks" and "terrorist plots" presented on the television, hyped by the government, and endlessly discussed by "terrorism experts" and government officials on the major news networks and in the major newspapers are simply media creations. The masses are expected to blindly and uncritically accept what is presented on the television and what is stated by the government without any genuine and verifiable proof or evidence.

Of course, various Western and Israeli intelligence and law enforcement agencies are often involved in setting up Islamic patsies, who are essentially used as props in these staged, media-manufactured "terrorist attacks" in the West designed to perpetuated the Jewish concocted "Global War on Terrorism," demonize Muslims, and hype the alleged threat of "anti-Semitism" and "persecution" of Jews around the world. The television is literally a weapon of mass deception, especially the "news" that is broadcast to global audiences.

Secondly, once again we have a prime example of just how important Jewish ethnocentrism and identity are to the organized Jewish community. Leading rabbis and other figures within the organized international Jewish community are constantly stressing the need for maintaining and even strengthening Jewish ethnocentrism, unity, and values.

In many cases, the alleged threat of "anti-Semitism" is hysterically hyped as a means of increasing Jewish ethnocentrism and fostering a stronger Jewish identity within the global Jewish population. As Rabbi Goldschmidt bewailed in the article above, alleged "anti-Semitism" and "terrorist attacks" purportedly targeting Jews are allegedly leading increasing numbers of Jews in Europe to stop leading active Jewish lives. “Our message to our community is that this is not the answer,” Rabbi Goldschmidt emphasized.

We have no way of verifying Rabbi Goldschmidt's contention that Jews in Europe are afraid of leading open and active Jewish lives. However, the purported threat of "anti-Semitism" and "Jewish persecution" will no doubt be used to increase Jewish ethnocentrism while perpetuating the false "victimhood" status of Jews around the world, which has generated enormous, yet entirely unfounded, sympathy from the non-Jewish world.


  1. More like panic and cold sweat. There must be an increasing number who know who did 9/11 and the rest of it. Rats - ship.

    1. This is true, this is true.

  2. It is a misnomer to say `anti-Semitic'. About 85% of the people living today who self identify as Jewish are not Semitic, they are Khazar Jews and are not related to Shem or the Israelites of the Bible.

    1. I use the word "anti-Semitism" or "anti-Semitic" to describe individuals who make basic, easily verifiable factual statements about Jews, Jewish power and influence, the Jewish agenda, and the Jewish state of Israel. Essentially, "anti-Semitism" is simply telling the truth about the Jews.

  3. Boohoohoo, they're always whining about something!

  4. And yet ISIS or ISIL or whatever name they dream up for their baby this week can just never, ever find the time to attack Israel. Funny that.

  5. There's something about the Jewish psyche that ALWAYS needs to be the victim. It doesn't matter what day, what month, what year, what issue, what accusation, they will ALWAYS accuse someone, anyone, of "poisecuting" Jews.

    I was friends with a Jew who, one day, at a party, just simply "blew up" and started launching accusations at ALL his friends, all around him, that they were all "out to get him" just because they were so insanely jealous of his Jewish natural superiority.

    It was, without a doubt, the most bizarre episode I have ever witnessed in my 55 years on Earth.

    Pathological paranoia? Even that doesn't seem to cover it. I think it has more to do with megalomaniac egos who would rather lash out at everyone than admit to themselves what a parasitic, inferior, unscrupulous bunch of complete losers they are.

    I think I'll write a parody / musical called "Jews' Harpist in the Gutter". Without "poisecution", the Jew would have to look in the mirror and see what a vile creature it has become.

    1. This story your alluding to requires more specific details. In other words...Please say exactly the type of things this 'person' was saying...

    2. By the way...

      So funny...

      )ews not having an 'open and active' )ewish life style...

      Well they are always active in information control, financial control, political control, entertainment control, vice promotion, traditional moral destruction and the like...

      The OPEN has never been their thing...


      When it comes to claiming VICTIM and the gassing and terror attacking of the six quadramillionsteinbergerwitz and the future/current/ongoing...take your pick...

      Of the bazillionmilliontetragillionholocaustorabinowitznineeleven! Multiplied by three thousand and six million!

    3. Their brainwashing is even deeper than the Goyim's. It might make me feel a bit sorry for their plight, except for the fact that our lives are being ruined by that false sympathy.

  6. The Jewish Daily Forward just published an article dealing with the European Conference of Rabbis' recent meeting in Toulouse, France, which has more on this subject:


    Senior rabbis from across Europe and Israel gathered in Toulouse, France, for a conference devoted to finding ways to overcome challenges facing European Jewry.

    The event, the biennial convention of the European Conference of Rabbis, on Tuesday brought together 250 participants including the chief rabbi of France, Haim Korsia, and his British counterpart, Ephraim Mirvis.

    Pinchas Goldschmidt, the chief rabbi of Moscow and the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, told JTA Toulouse was chosen as the venue for the event to demonstrate European Jewry’s “determination to stand firm against the new wave of terrorism designed to intimidate Europe and its Jews.”

    In 2012, Mohammed Merah, a Muslim fanatic, murdered three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse.

    “Toulouse is the point in which we saw the emergence of a new wave of terrorism, different from the terrorist attacks by Palestinians that we have seen in the past,” Goldschmidt said. The 2014 slaying of four at Brussels’ Jewish museum, the murder of four Jews near Paris in January and the gunning down of a Jewish guard in Copenhagen in February, Goldschmidt said, “are the latest casualties of the wave that we saw emerging in Toulouse.”

    During the conference in Toulouse, some of the event’s senior rabbis participated in a private ceremony in Paris, where they presented French Prime Minister Manuel Valls with the Lord Jakobovits Prize for European Jewry for his actions against anti-Semitism.

    At the event, Valls reiterated past statements that “without Jews, France will no longer be France,” and promised that policemen and troops stationed outside synagogues and Jewish institutions would remain there as long as these locals remain threatened.

    Goldschmidt commended Valls’ commitment, but added that, “it shows we are living in dire times. Soldiers outside synagogues is not something we can live with long-term.”

    Goldschmidt also called on European governments to follow the example of Austria, which, in a bid to block radicalization, banned funding of faith communities by foreign sources.

    “Such measures would not be truly effective unless they are adopted uniformly across Europe,” he said.

  7. They just go underground as "Conversos".

  8. Just a thought... I've been at this game for 37 years now, and I'm thinking that the constant pointing to "jewish" this and that is actually counterproductive to the cause for European civilization. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CLIMB OUT OF THE BOX in terns of control sources. I agree, as you say, that"organized jewry" is IN CONTROL/OUT OF CONTROL of just about everything now in our western culture. But they are NOT undefeatable.That is part of the programming.We need to emphasize OUR cultural attributes!!!. So, I'd like to read more power articles about OUR race, our vision, etc.
    I love your work/effort/courage. Keep it up my love. Artimis

  9. Excellent write-up, John.

    One might think that Jews leaving Jewry is a good thing. But it doesn't erase their brainwashing from birth that they are supreme to all beings on Earth. I find it doubtful that many ever shirk this lie.

    Also, the one thing that could make a difference by this exodus is that they SAY SOMETHING against Judaism and international, organized Jewry. But they won't.

    They will stay silent and allow it to continue, because even if they are active participants, they know that they can benefit from the lie of supremacy, even if they know it is untrue.

  10. They are running to isrl because thats what the isrlies want.. to flood the land and push out the arabs..same thing happened in the arab world. jews european jews would blow up synagogs and blame the arabs for it...so that they can get them to go to isrl..still working i see..the sad thing is jews dont associat themselves as europeans. they never say they are french or polish they call themselves jews as if it was a race..

  11. Actually what alot of people, (reporters, journalist) in west don't bring up which is very important to know and be addressed is that Muslim "terrorist" are being used as a tool for said anti semitism when in actuality this has little to do with it. growing unrest is from the same thing that happened in Spain, pre world war 2 Germany and Pre and during Bolshevik Russia. citizens were fed up with jewish elite gangs in thier countries loaning, Ponzi style stealing and selling propagandizing demoralizing things like porn, se trade and pushing extreme liberal ideas on public like sodomy, same sex marriage ect. Also people were fed up that they only support thier own and not goyim even if their own were less qualified than other races applying for jobs ect. Yet telling others at same time those others were racist if they (goyim) did this themselves, double standards. Muslim Terrorism is a sly coy/plot in jewish plan to in fact muddy the waters and blame growing unrest of anti semitism to people can't see the real picture to debate this issue


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