Monday, May 11, 2015

On Bloodlines w/ Pastor Eli James

Yesterday morning, I was a guest on Bloodlines with Pastor Eli James, a radio program broadcast on Euro Folk Radio. Pastor James and I focused our discussion on our awakenings to the Christian Identity message, along with the well-established historical, archeological, and scriptural basis of Christian Identity. We also discussed Pastor James's excellent essay Explaining Christian Identity to White Nationalists and Neo-Pagans. Next Sunday we will conclude this discussion. You can download the entire program here.


  1. Subject: The Beast (Part II) | Veterans Today

  2. Does CI believe the earth is only 6k years old as opposed to the 4.5Bil stated by scientists?

    1. If you're referring to the creation story in Genesis, from what I understand the CI perspective claims that the creation of Adamic man was roughly 6,000 years ago. The earth itself, and other racial groups, are much older than that though. This may be a question we can address next Sunday.

  3. Is this the ultimate truth they were hiding?
    (just switch the word alien for satan)

    Is this the reason they are now panicking?

    Is this the reason the NWO & Stubblebine took out VT?

    Supercomputer, Full Global Mind Kontrol, Complete Global Control Grid:

    Information first provided by Carol Valentine 05 June 2013 here:

    Hi John - Welcome to Our True Israel Heritage.

    It took me some time learn the Truth too.

    God Bless You!

    Carol A. Valentine
    12 May 2015

    1. Hi Carol, nice to hear from you! Hope all is well :)

  4. Unfortunately this discussion descended into a defence of superstitious belief systems.

    Why does anyone need to adopt one superstition (religion) to defend themselves against another, eg. some brand of Xtianity vs Judaism? Many of us grow out of the need to believe in and worship 'imaginary friends' early on in our lives, and away from expecting some extraterrrestial saviour figure to come and deliver us from the evils of the world. If that's not giving your power away and avoiding your responsiblities here on the planet, I don't know what is. The 'my god is better than your god' battles that we see in the world today are so childish and are all based on the fear of what happens to you when you die, ie. any monotheistic cult, the 'rapture' and Xtian Zionism. I live in Europe and do not want to bow my knee to some religion that originated in the Middle East, which has nothing to do with either myself or my homeland.

    You don't need religion to be a spiritual and caring human being - this very basic idea seems to pass by a lot of folks. Common sense and decency is more useful, and I'm not a Richard Dawkins hugger either...

    As for the digs at John Lash, the myth of salvationism and giving away of one's power is exactly what he warns against.

    John Lash said in a podcast that it is his dearest wish to see the fake Holohoax narrative be exposed and the Germanic and European peoples be compensated for all the money stolen off them by hoax 'survivors' by all the rich Jews in the world and the Rothschilds. Does this man sound like an enemy? No, unless of course you still cleave to Judeo-Christian dogmas and are putting off actions to defeat the obvious liars and criminals here and now in favour of waiting for a saviour to 'deliver' you.

    1. Hi Martin,

      This discussion was not at all a "defense of superstitious belief systems," as you falsely characterize it. The whole point of the show was to demonstrate and underscore the fact that the Bible, and true Christianity preached by Jesus and the other prophets/disciples, is not superstitious at all, but is rather based on solid historical, archeological, and scriptural proofs, which advocated a White racial brotherhood and White racial exclusivity.

      The fact is that the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, is largely a history book that can be verified by classical Greek and Roman historians and geographers as well as archeological studies. It is a history of one specific group of people, and that one specific group of people is most certainly not the people we know as Jews today. Indeed, all throughout the Bible the people we know as Jews today are described as an evil, destructive force that must be either excluded from our society or destroyed physically. I believe Jews should be excluded from White societies.

      This is not about adopting one "superstition" or religion over another - it is not about superstition or even religion at all. It is about the truth. I cannot speak for all individuals subscribing to the Christian Identity message, but I can speak for myself, and I am most certainly not waiting for "some extraterrestial saviour figure to come and deliver us from the evils of the world." I don't understand how in the world you could have gathered that is what Eli and I were advocating in this program. No one was advocating giving away one's power to some supernatural force. The exact opposite was being advocated, namely to stand up for the truth, for your race, and for your God. I believe that good things will come once we start doing this first as individuals, then collectively.

      We are warriors, not cowardly, confused Christian Zionists.

      No one is asking you to "bow your knee" to any religion - those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will see and hear what it is we are talking about. I specifically said that I am not expecting anyone to blindly agree with the Christian Identity message - everyone needs to do their own homework and come to their own conclusions. If you don't accept the CI message, fine. But don't mischaracterize and misrepresent what it is we are saying.

      And this gets to my main point throughout the entirety of the conversation. I repeatedly emphasized that I believe it is vital for all of us genuinely seeking the truth to be open to and willing to investigate all sorts of perspectives and ideas, especially as they relate to spiritual matters. Unfortunately, I see a lot of people, you included, who appear to be incapable of even entertaining the Christian Identity message in any way, shape, or form, no matter how clearly and concisely we can explain it.

      Please tell me when during this podcast digs were made at John Lash? I specifically said that I thought John Lash's conversation with Kyle Hunt was absolutely fascinating. I am not at all dismissing what he is saying. A lot of what he had to say made perfect sense to me, and I think he made a lot of excellent points re: White genocide and the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative.

      What I did say is that I find it incredible that individuals in the pro-White, anti-Jew community can enthusiastically and proudly entertain John Lash's ideas about the Bible, ancient history, the origins of the planet, and the nature of the world we live in while at the same time denouncing Christian Identity and refusing to even investigate what it is we are saying about the Bible, ancient history, the origins of the planet, and the nature of the world we live in.

      Again, no one is advocating "putting off actions to defeat the obvious liars and criminals here and now in favour of waiting for a saviour," as you claim. I'll ask again - how in the world could you possibly make a statement like that after listening to this podcast? Or did you even listen?

    2. For those who have not heard the John Lash interview with Kyle Hunt, it is available here:

      It is definitely worth listening to. Kyle did a great job hosting, and John Lash was very clear and articulate.

    3. Unfortunately, having studied CI and looked into it with an open mind I found it wanting and too reliant on archeological, historical distortions. Like we being only 6k years old... That is beyond ridiculous when there are archeological and skeletal remains that closely match Indo-European man older than that... Also, how can CI defend and glorify what the Jews did in the Torah? Ok, they were 'Nephilim', why then did they take the virgin 'Nephilim' as their sex slaves? Because they were NOT. They were simple White peaceful tribes that the Jews hated and envied their civilization and wanting it for themselves they made that stupid excuse to pillage, kill man women and children and rape their virgins. See why a good moral person can never accept such an entity that would approve and encourage such behavior as 'truth'? And btw, Jesus never condemned such deeds. He loved the Torah. He never condemned slavery, or this vicious supremacism his 'house of Israel' held against the non-'isralites' and especially against the White Romans. Another thing that kills CI in my view is its total acceptance of the Torah's lack of emphasis on physical Labor, on work, on doing thing on your own. If there is one thing that distinguishes the Aryan man from the Jew is his love for labor and self-reliance, non of which the Torah ever even bothers to mention, and in fact decries such concepts as something unworthy for the 'chosen tribe'. Which people today see physical labor as unworthy? I think we all know who.

      And you well that if you accept this entity called Yahweh as your 'truth' then you must bow down to it to worship it as he commands you to do in the bible and submit your will power to that of his. Anyway, many of us are not inclined to readily accept everything this book says as the ultimate truth, and it is precisely because we do have ears to hear and eyes to see that that is so.

    4. Hello John, thanks for your comments.

      I listened, sure, but I still don't need to entertain any dogmas that come from some belief system that I feel has nothing to do with Europeans, if we're talking about going back into the past. The Abrahamic religions were largely forced onto 'pagan' Europeans by the point of a sword eg. take a look at the actions of Charlemagne.

      I certainly do not want to 'force' my views on anyone so please don't think my general diatribe was anything more than getting a few things off my chest about views which were shaped earlier in my life after being compelled to endure involuntary religious brainwashing at various private schools, which was certainly not of my choice, and against which I had a strong, almost visceral reaction. Punishment for not 'joining in' with these ceremonies was never far away.

      I have had nothing to do with organised religion since then, and doubt that I ever will. I don't read the Bible (I'd rather read revisionist history and non-fiction books myself), I know little if anything about Christian Identity and don't feel I need to either (I'm from the UK - ask anyone here if they've ever heard of C.I. and you'll just get a blank look, we've never had the televangelist or similar movements over here to any visible degree, people tend to keep quiet about their religious beliefs if they have any - we're only really reminded of religion here when it comes to seeing various ethnic minoroties in public, or at state occasions. The Xtian Church is a bit of a joke, with jokes about toothy vicars and naughty priests being popular), but I like your podcasts and respect your work on the whole so decided to lend this one an ear. After a while I started to get uneasy with the content, especially the criticism of John Lash whose work I have followed for nearly a decade, so left a comment - no big deal really, just my opinion (and who cares about that? - I'm nobody special).

      I find that if I ever want to contact the Creative Force I take myself out of the urban environment and spend time in the nature where one can observe the true Laws of the Universe in balance - this is all the spiritual teaching I feel I need.

      I wish you well.

    5. @ Mike, based on your comment, you do not understand even the basics of Christian Identity.

    6. @ Martin

      The thing is that the Christian belief system - the Old Testament and the New Testament - are indeed Aryan (or White), and the people who are described in the books eventually migrated into European. The European people are the direct descendants of the Israelites described in the Bible. Whether or not you want to accept that truth is up to you. In my view, this is a very well established fact, as we discussed during the show.

      That being said, I don't want to force my personal spiritual and religious views on others either, just as you don't want to force your personal spiritual and religious views on others. And that is commendable.

      Thanks for your comments man, I hope to hear from you again in the future.


    7. I guess I was wrong. CI doesn't glorify the OT along with the chosen one's wanderings and crimes. I guess the OT is all about self-reliance, valuing physical labor above all, and is not about pillaging, killing and enslaving the surrounding non-'Israelite' Nephilim, Edomites or whatnot, awating for the day when their descendants 'lick the dust off your feet' as Yahweh promised. Maybe I was wrong all along. Very well, good luck in any case. Seeing as how Christiniaty has lost its influance in society, it's going to take a miracle to restore its former validity in today's world. Cheers!

    8. Jesus said 'My sheep here my voice', so some will argue about the scriptures and never understand them, you have to 'shake the dust from your feet' from these people and move on with your message to appreciative ones.

    9. @Martin
      True Christianity is not based blind faith or some "superstition" as you suggest. It teaches that the White race is literally the image of Yahweh in the flesh; thus you see Him everywhere around you.

      Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion only so much as the White race originated in the Levant--and over time migrated north over time through Greece, Rome then Europe. It was prophecied in Isaiah that the White race, the lost sheep of the House of Israel, would forget who they were, lose their identity as Yahweh's creation.

      And this is exactly what happened. Thus the Greeks and Romans practiced paganism--but if you care to read about their pagan beliefs, just like the Druids, you'll see many parallels to the ancient beliefs of the Hebrews of the OT. The European paganism that you so greatly admire and defend is merely a bastardization of our ancient beliefs that we brought with us during our northern migration.

      Without the moral foundations of the Bible to justify and defend the White race, White Nationalism and White Identity politics is bankrupt and will go nowhere, remain scattered and disorganized. And that is what the Jews want. You are doing the work of the Jews by rejecting the moral and historical basis of our racial identity.

      Your willful ignorance and rejection of the true history of your White ancestors is not a valid reason to dismiss Christian Identity. All you have to do is look at the Welsh language to know that it's a form of ancient Hebrew--that right there is a refutation of your stubborn ignorance. Open your eyes.

      Unlike what the corrupt Churches may tell you, all of Israel shall be saved (Amos 3). If you were "born from above," (as opposed to the false translation "born again"), born of the White race of Yahweh, you will be saved, as the Bible makes clear. Yes, all our pagan White ancestors are saved under Yahweh's covenant. So you see, regardless of how lost or misled you are, or how stubborn or ignorant you are to the truth, you will still be saved. That said, if you continue to deny Christ, your kinsman redeemer, you will ultimately have to answer for that one day.

      I strongly suggest you listen to the following podcast on the absurdity of White Nationalism and neo-paganism without the moral justification that the Bible provides:

  5. To better understand these matters, one must watch the following short vids
    explained Dr. James P. Wickstrom:
    On 'Carol A. Valentine', where has she been hiding all these years?
    All of a sudden - Pop's up out'a nowhere.

  6. A damn fine article by Mark Downey

    Who's the jew Anonymous?

  7. CI is a fantasy. It is biblically unsupportable.

    1 Timothy 4:10
    10 For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe.

    Jesus Christ is the savior of ALL MEN.

    1 John 2:2
    And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

    Jesus Christ died in behalf of "the whole world." All men.

    Galatians 3:28
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

    In Christ there are NO racial, class, or gender distinctions. ANYONE, black, white, Mexican, Jew, male, female, etc. that believes in Jesus Christ becomes a child of God.

    Colossians 3:11
    Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.

    Again, in Christ there are NO racial, religious, or class distinctions. ANYONE who believes in Jesus Christ is accepted as a child of God.

    1. @Chuck
      These are common passages from the Bible that people use to attempt to refute the exclusivity of the Christian faith, as Christ himself explains it succinctly in Matthew 15:24 "I have not been sent except to the lost sheep of the House of Israel."

      The passages you quote are all either taken out of context or reflect a universalist mistranslation. For example, in Colossians 3:11 the Greeks were White, and "Jew" should be translated "Judean" or inhabitant of Judea where there were still many Whites living at the time. The reference to circumcision has nothing to do with Jews--many Whites were circumcised because they still followed the old Levitical laws which Christ had abolished. "Bond nor free" simply refers to Whites who were still held as slaves, such as in the Assyrian captivity in the past.

      Your quote from John is a common English mistranslation from the original Koine Greek, where the word is "kosmos", which is more accurately translated as "society". And in this context John is referring quite simply to all of society created by Yahweh's people, not "all men" in the "whole world".

      Remember, Christ is our "kinsmen redeemer" quite literally. He is Israel down through the flesh and so is the White race, the lost tribes of the house of Israel (see Romans I and 2).

      Please submit more verses from the Bible that you think "universalize" Christianity, and I will show you how, in fact, they do not because of context or mistranslation.

  8. I am sorry for being ignorant on this topic, but if the "jews" of the OT are White, around what time(in history) did the "Jews" steal the "Jewish" religion away from the White people?

    1. Judaism is not the religion of the ancient Hebrews. Judaism as a "religion" was created out of thin air in the inter-Testamental period based on the oral traditions of the Pharisees, as admitted by the former chief Rabbi of the U.S., Stephen Wise. The Pharisees co-opted the first five books of the Bible, called it "The Torah", but ignored the rest.

      According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, “Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860″ (1971 edition, Vol. 10:23). This makes sense as it coincided with the rise of political Zionism.


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