Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A critical look at Pamela Geller's well-funded, subversive agenda

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published an article about the controversial and well-funded Jewish neocon propagandist Pamela Geller, who is at the center of the alleged "shooting" over the weekend by "radical Islamic extremists" with purported ties to ISIS in Garland, Texas.

Geller, a hysterical and quite vitriolic critic of Islam and the alleged "threat" it poses to Western "Judeo-Christian" civilization, was one of the main organizers and promoters of a cartoon contest that revolved around caricaturing the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The Islam-bashing event was reportedly attacked by radical Muslim gunmen this past Sunday. Unsurprisingly, Geller is also a staunch supporter of the Jewish state of Israel.

The Forward reports:

Pamela Geller has long been written off by mainstream critics as an Islamophobic crackpot.

But Geller, whose anti-Islam event in Garland, Texas, was attacked by gunmen May 3, has had wide-ranging impact, galvanizing opposition to a proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in Manhattan and forcing city transport agencies to run inflammatory ads denouncing Muslims with a broad brush.

These actions by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which Geller co-founded five years ago and which organized the Garland event, are winning increasing sums from financial backers.

The AFDI received almost $960,000 in donations in 2013, according to the group’s most recently available tax return. That’s up from $160,000 the year before and $19,000 the previous year, when the group was launched.

The steep increase in donations allowed AFDI to spend almost $400,000 in 2013 countering what it describes in tax filings as acts of “treason” committed by federal and state governments, the mainstream media and others “in their capitulation to the global jihad and Islamic supremacism…and the rapidly moving attempts to impose socialism and Marxism upon the American people.”

That same year, for the first time, the group was able to pay Geller a salary of almost $200,000.

Geller, who is Jewish, did not respond to questions from the Forward asking the identity of the AFDI’s major funders.

The Forward did locate $100,000 of funding to AFDI given anonymously via a Jewish charity. The donation, received in 2013 and 2014 from a private donor or donors, was sent through the Jewish Communal Fund, a donor-advised charity that allows the original funding source to direct where it wants its donation to go while masking its identity.

Geller, who is a wealthy, divorced mother of four from Long Island, has come a long way since she launched a blog, Atlas Shrugs, in 2005, in response to the 9/11 terror attacks. The website’s name is a tribute to libertarian ideologue Ayn Rand, whose novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” warned of the dangers of a regulatory government.

Geller has been at the forefront of campaigns against an Arabic-language school in Brooklyn and against the proposed Park51 Islamic Center that was to be located two blocks from Ground Zero in Manhattan.

But it is her writing and speaking, on her blog, in books, media appearances, and at events, that have been most effective — and incendiary.

For more than 10 years Atlas Shrugs has been a clearinghouse for the vilification of Islam. In it Geller depicts Western society as ever on the brink of collapse. Judeo-Christian civilization is under constant attack from radical Islam. The imposition of Sharia law in Europe and America is never far away.

She and AFDI co-founder Robert Spencer were barred from entering the United Kingdom in 2013 and branded by the British Home Office as leaders of “anti-Muslim hate groups.”

Before the Garland shootings, the AFDI was probably best known for running controversial ads on public transportation systems in cities such as New York, Boston, and Philadelphia with messages like “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran” or “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

Many city authorities rejected the ads. But with the help of an anti-Islamic lawyer, David Yerushalmi, the AFDI prevailed on free speech grounds and forced city transportation agencies to run its ads. [...]

Geller is an outspoken free-speech advocate. Ten years ago, she republished on her blog controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, which were originally published in a Danish newspaper sparking violent protests and death threats. She staged this month’s event in Garland partly in response to the deadly terrorist attack by Muslim extremists on the offices of the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which had also published images of Mohammed.

The AFDI event, held on the evening of May 3 at the Curtis Culwell Center, was an exhibit of entries to an AFDI-organized Mohammad cartoons contest. The group spent $10,000 on security for the sold-out crowd of more than 200 people.

Geller, Spencer and Geert Wilders, a Dutch anti-Islam campaigner who addressed the crowd, were unaware of the brief gun battle that raged outside during an assault by two attackers armed with assault rifles, until a private security guard told attendees they were on lockdown. The two gunmen, Elton Simpson of Phoenix and Nadir Soofi, were shot dead by police before they could enter the building. A security guard was shot in the ankle.
As indicated by The Forward's report, Geller is an extremely well-funded, influential, and quite subversive propagandist. She is one of the leading promoters of anti-Islamic sentiment, which is designed to reinforce and perpetuate the false "Global War on Terror" narrative and hype the alleged "threat" Islam poses to the Western world.

It must be noted that while Islam itself does not pose a threat to the Western world, millions of non-White Muslims flooding into Western Europe and America as "refugees" and "political asylum seekers" most certainly do. (See here for just one horrifying example.)

Westerners are propagandized by individuals such as Geller, and the Jewish media generally, to literally hate Islam and Muslims, to blindly send their sons and daughters thousands of miles from their homes to fight a faceless, largely manufactured enemy commonly referred to as "radical Islam". Mysterious groups, who often have ties to Western and Israeli intelligence agencies and other front organizations, such as al-Qaeda and more recently ISIS, are endlessly hyped and demonized in the media, perpetuating the never-ending, truly Orwellian "Global War on Terror," in which Israel's geopolitical adversaries in the Middle East - Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi's Libya, and now Bashar al-Assad's Syria - are systematically dismantled and destroyed using the military, economic, and human capital of the West, paving the way for Zionist hegemony in the region.

While Americans specifically and Westerners generally are expected to despise Islam and the Muslim world, they are at the same time expected to welcome these very same people their governments and militaries are brutally murdering and occupying in the Middle East as refugees and "persecuted minorities" in the West. If this isn't the definition of insanity, I do not know what is.

Additionally, and needless to say, Geller's writings, speeches, and overall worldview, which reach millions of Americans and others in the Western world, also reinforce and perpetuate the official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11.

Of course, serious investigators, journalists, professional scholars, and architects have debunked virtually every single aspect of the official conspiracy theory explaining 9/11, which is repeatedly promoted by the mainstream mass media, political establishment, and subversive propagandists like Pamela Geller. It has now been conclusively established that "radical Muslim terrorists" connected to Osama bin Laden did not carry out the 9/11 attacks.

Indeed, there is absolutely no proof Muslims did 9/11. All evidence and logic points to 9/11 being carried out by the Jewish state of Israel working in conjunction with Jewish criminals operating at the highest levels of the United States federal government and mainstream mass media. In short, Jews did 9/11, not Muslims.

Pamela Geller and her network of high profile anti-Islamic activists, spokesmen and politicians effectively function as official propagandists for the Jewish concocted "Global War on Terror," a paradigm of American foreign policy that has been officially sanctioned and codified as a result of 9/11 by successive presidential administrations. This obvious conclusion should be drawn by any rational, objective investigator critically looking at Pamela Geller's well-funded and entirely subversive political agenda, one which is designed to support and advance the interests of Jewish neocons operating in the United States.


  1. Her cash supporters are most likely all Jews, maybe even Israeli Jews, who know that they have to keep Americans seething with hatred for Muslims so we'll keep fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

    1. It is very possible that fungible money sent to Israel by the largess of the American Tax Payers is returned to the US by the radical government of Israel and channeled into the various "Jewish charities" for the express purpose of pressuring the US to do Israel's dirty-work. This government to government money laundering is just as illegal as a drug cartel's money laundering but more insidious and dangerous to our Constitution.

    2. They don't have to bother with 'laundering' the money thru 'Stolenland,' since the amount they steal from the FED and those 'TBTF' banks would be more than enough to cover any expenses.

    3. I a sure quite a few of them are RW Evangelical Christians.

  2. When the shit hits the fan (and it will) and revolutionaries rise up, it's crackpots like this that should be on top of their 'shopping' list. And if the Marxist transformation she pretends to defend does occur, it will be because she and her parasitic Commie Jew associates have sown the seeds and laid the fertile ground. This Jewish Zionist attention-seeker and sl*t should spend the bulk of that Jew blood money on further plastic surgery. Satan knows she desperately needs it.

  3. Possible sources of funding include:

    1) Olin Foundation (weapons and munitions sales; no war on terrorism there will be no money)
    2) Bradley Foundation (Bradley Foundation is big Jewish dollar$; small world with Jews: Mike Joyce was formally at the Olin Foundation and then moved to the Bradley Foundation)
    3) Scaife Foundation (handed out ca$h for the Project for the New American Century)

    These foundations are connected to David Horowitz's Freedom Foundation. Pamela Geller is at Jihad Watch and Jihad Watch comes under David Horowitz's operation I believe. Good economic forensics would be justified in identifying the lawyers behind these foundations who control this wealth.

    Jewish behavioral psychology at work.

  4. "Pamela Geller has long been written off by mainstream critics as an Islamophobic crackpot."
    What a firework of pc buzzwords, fitting prelude to this oh man drivel.

  5. People who stand in the face of intimidation by EVIL aren't "subversive." The people who try to conceal the evil (i.e. Obama) are subversive.

    1. "EVIL"? I agree that two gunmen trying to shoot up a place is evil, but what is more evil are the forces that control these "terrorists", and you can bet that the strings somehow go back to the USA and Israel, the two nations that NEED "terrorism" to continue bilking the public for billions of dollars to fund the protection racket also known as the war on terror. Geller is not courageous because she knows her racist arrogant ass is covered regardless of what venom she spews! And because her real ties to the proponents of the anti-humanity war on terror, she IS a subversive!

    2. I agree, Don McCoy. I support Pam Geller and Ayn Rand's views. I believe Islamic militants are a real threat to be put down. Muslims are saying openly they intend to impose Sharia worldwide, by force, and behead those who refuse to worship Allah in the manner they prescribe.

    3. Geller is a wholly deceitful jew operating as a fifth columnist, an enemy of the White Race, and you are a programmed by jewsmedia automaton who can't see the forest for the trees.

  6. I wonder how Pamela Geller would feel about....oh, let's say.....a cartoon drawing contest depicting the alleged "Holocaust" - in defense of our "first amendment rights" of course. Would she see it as a justifiable exercise of free speech or hateful incitement?

    1. "Ha-ha-ha, the Funniest Cartoons About the World's Biggest Con, the Holocaust™" Says Pam Gellar!

  7. If you ever needed proof that humans can breed with snakes, Geller is it.

  8. "Judeo-Christian" is an OXYMORON like FIRE-ICE it is impossible.
    CHRISTians cannot support or aid Israel or the Jewish Nation that DENIES the Lamb of God.
    OLD testament / NEW testament
    WAR god / PEACE god
    OLD covenant / NEW covenant
    The ESSENCE of Judaism is VENGEANCE
    ANTI: a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words (anticline); used freely in combination with elements of any origin (antibody; antifreeze; antiknock;;;; ANTICHRIST).
    "judeo-christian" or "christian-zionism" is anOXYMORON. Judeo refuses to even ACKNOWLEDGE CHRIST. Judeo refuses to acknowledge Jesus except to INSULT him and HIS teachings in the NEW Testament. They claim Jesus was the bastard child of a Roman soldier and Mary was a Harlot ....... and "christian" preachers CONDONE this?!?
    The LAMB of GOD was the FINAL sacrifice. Rebuilding the Jewish Temple and resuming bloody animal sacrifices repudiates the Crucifixion, the SACRIFICE of Jesus,the NEW Covenant. God chose JESUS CHRIST as His vehicle for world redemption.
    "This is my blood of the covenant...." (Matthew 26:28)
    "This is my blood of the covenant...." (Mark 14:24)
    "This cup is the new covenant in my blood...." (Luke 22:20)
    "This cup is the new covenant in my blood...." (1 Corinthians 11:25)
    The NEW Covenant replaced the OLD broken covenant.
    "No Jew accepts Jesus as the Messiah. When someone makes that faith commitment, they become Christian. It is not possible for someone to be both Christian and Jewish."

    1. In short, she is one of many anti-Christs: John a disciple of Jesus said it:
      Beware of false teachers who told you: "The anti-Christ(anti=against) is coming". But the anti-Christ is already here!! Who is the anti-Christ? Anyone that denies "Jesus is the Christ" (Anointed One) is the Anti-Christ, denying both the Father and the Son. I write this to you concerning those, who lead you astray! 1John 2:18-22;26;4:2;

  9. Send the muslims to Israel. Israel is the land of DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE, and INCLUSIVENESS. Thank the ADL,SPLC, ACLU,for INJECTING these foreign viruses into OUR society with their "tolerance, diversity, inclusion" aimed and designed to fracture and infect OUR White, Christian,Western, People. Even as they BRAG that they are creating a"PURE JEWISH" Israel.
    SUNNIsemites, JEWISHsemites, SHIITTEsemites ............. The SEMITES should all be together.
    “We came here to say we’re devoted and committed to continue the battle till the last (Black) illegal resident from Africa will (go) back to his home in Africa,” said Marzel.
    When asked about allegations of “racism” being leveled by leftist sources against the struggle with illegal immigration, he remarked “if saving the state of Israel from millions of Africans coming in and destroying the state of Israel is racism, that is the problem of (those) saying it. ..”
    "What goes unmentioned, naturally, is the Jewish role in promoting the root causes of this problem through their support of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and hate speech laws that only go after Whites."

  10. Is Jade Helm 15 a real planned attack on America or is it just psyops?
    Duff on Veterans Today outlines and shows photos of Texas Death Camps. Is this real or not?

    1. Duff is an admitted "intelligence" operative. (That means "spy".) I'll let you guess who he works for but one clue, it ain't Gentiles.

  11. Four points offered as clarification:

    1. Pamela Geller is not a crackpot or a fanatic; she is a well-paid, amoral tool, doing what she is told.

    2. ISIS was created by the United States, Israel, and Britain. Come on -- this huge army appears out of nowhere, equipped with new US military equipment, and distributes videos of obviously fake “beheadings” through an Israeli/US website (SITE Institute, run by Israeli-American dual citizen Rita Katz; SITE Institute is also responsible for “discovering” and posting almost all announcements and video communiqu├ęs attributed to ISIS).

    3. ISIS and Pamela Geller play for the same team.

    4. I do not know what really happened at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland -- whether it was a hoax attack or a false flag attack -- but I suspect it was a hoax. Consider the following:

    Two gunmen in body armor and armed with AK-47 rifles approach the building where the “contest” is being held and initially encounter only a single security guard -- despite all the extra protection allegedly provided by the organizers of the "contest" and the Garland Police Department. The gunmen allegedly wound the security guard in the leg (not too seriously, apparently; the guard was released from the hospital the next day).

    The gunmen then move on to the next obstacle -- a single police officer sitting in a patrol car. There is a shootout, and that single officer shooting a handgun kills both gunmen who are shooting AK-47 rifles and wearing body armor. Let that sink in: A single police officer shooting a handgun kills both gunmen shooting AK-47s and wearing body armor. Amazing, isn’t it? But then, according to a spokesman for the Garland Police Department interviewed on the news, the Garland P.D. has a “really amazing firearms instructor!”

    Add to that how, when the audience at the “contest” was informed that there had been a shootout in the parking lot and the building was on “lockdown”, many in the audience said they had not heard any shots.

    Once again, the vast majority of Americans have been had.

    Johnny Kay

    1. I've got an AK47 and it is one bad-ass assault rifle. Add in the body armor and I don't see how they didn't shoot the hell out of the place, including Barney Fife.
      Unless they were drugged up and unable to shoot.

      Who notified them of the contest? And who provided the money to travel?

  12. If anybody talked about Israel and the Jews like this kike runs her mouth, the media would call it hate speech and anti-semitism. Jews are the biggest hypocrites. Freedom of speech for me(JEWS), but not for thee (GOYIM) Many Jews are calling her a victim and Jew Michael Savage,AKA Weiner is calling her a hero and comparing her to Martha Washington.

    1. You're taking Pamela Geller and her actions at face value. Her assignment is to give us a false enemy; create and sustain a pretext for military action and expense; create and sustain a pretext for additional police-state initiatives; and create and sustain support for Israeli exceptionalism.

      Those four goals, in turn, have one ultimate purpose: To sustain and enhance the wealth and power of the international corporate elite.

      Johnny Kay

    2. I suggest you're taking Pamela Geller and her actions at face value. Her assignment is to give us a false enemy, create and sustain a pretext for military action and expense, create and sustain a pretext for additional police-state initiatives, and create and sustain support for Israeli exceptionalism.

      Those four goals, in turn, have one ultimate purpose: To sustain and enhance the wealth and power of the international corporate elite. Pamela Geller is an operative doing a job; I really doubt there's any ideology involved.

      Johnny Kay

  13. Geller is so dedicated to "free speech" the above mentioned "Atlas Shrugs" blog, several years ago, included me on a "hit" list with other academics who signed a BDS (Boycott-Divestiture-Sanctions) petition over Israeli war crimes in Palestine. While I was a "grunt" untouchable by this psycho, readers were encouraged to get professors who signed removed from their positions.

    For those enamored of Alice Rosenbaum aka Ayn Rand, it's worth remembering that although an anti-Stalinist she was a wholehearted Zionist. Her book "We The Living" was a thinly-disguised paean to the master race vs. the goyim "untermensch" or "under-men". No wonder Geller is so fond of this co-religionist.

  14. the TRUTH is the most powerful weapon on Earth....

    which is why the so-called "Jews" must hate Jesus...John 8:44

    Gog & Magog "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism are NOT - "semitic"

    Dig This Chutzpah....seriously,

    “I am outraged and disgusted by the "anti-Semitic hate speech"
    in this flier,” Edwards harrumphed Jewishly.

    “It has no business in our discourse, let alone American politics.”

    Van Hollen’s campaign chairwoman, Yvette Lewis, called the flier....
    truly.... “disgusting.”

    “I know our braindeadgoy voters won’t stand for it,” Lewis said sardonically,

    . “This kind of hate has no place in the alleged debate about the future of our
    "Jew" worshipping state and our..... "Jew" worshipping so-called country.”

    when specifically did the children of Israel in Genesis 49 & Deut. 32
    turn into Gog & Magog "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism...?

    "They" could leave the stool sculpture deity cult compound..
    by simply knowing the truth about the so-called "Jewish" narrative

    Abraham did not have a Talmud & Hate Jesus....



  15. Great analysis John! I hate to toot my own horn but this is something I wrote awhile back
    that may still have some relevance, the Germans were onto the Jews some nearly hundred years ago! - Rw

    The True Powers Behind Multiculturalism, Globalization And World War

  16. Yeah, I love how we're only allowed to "hate" the people the Jews tell us to hate.

  17. An interesting article appearing in The Jewish Daily Forward this morning details Geller's financial backing - of course, it's a rich Jewish tech mogul who is strongly pro-Israel.

    Meet Robert Shillman, the Tech Mogul Who Funds Pamela Geller's Anti-Islam Push

    Robert Shillman heads a publicly traded American technology company called Cognex Corp with a market value of $4 billion. He also says he is a big supporter of last Sunday’s Prophet Mohammad cartoon contest in Texas that was attacked by two gunmen who opened fire before being shot dead by police.

    In a telephone interview with Reuters from his home near San Diego, California, Shillman said America’s free speech is under threat. He added that violent attacks on such events are making people fearful and prone to self censorship. Many Muslims regard depictions of the prophet - such as the caricatures displayed at the event - as offensive and against the religion’s teachings.

    “It was a terrorist attack on the American way of life,” says Shillman, who says he isn’t anti-Muslim.

    Shillman said he remains a director of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, whose Jihad Watch website helped organize the cartoon event in a Dallas suburb with activist Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative. [...]

    As founder of Natick, Massachusetts-based Cognex, which makes machine vision products that help automate manufacturing, Shillman says he is more outspoken than a typical U.S. corporate leader. “Most CEOs are hired guns and their future depends on what their boards think of them. I don’t give a f—-.”

    The Freedom Center, whose P.O. Box address is in Sherman Oaks, California, runs several blogs and websites, including the online FrontPage Magazine and Jihad Watch. Shillman has funded four fellowships for journalists who have have worked on the FrontPage, which is the center’s online journal for news and political commentary. He declined to comment when asked if he helped pay for the cartoon contest. [...]

    Shillman has in the past withdrawn support from organizations whose behavior he disagrees with. In 2002, he pulled funding from WBUR, a National Public Radio station in Boston, for what he perceived as anti-Israel sentiment.

    His Shillman Foundation has funded a number of conservative and pro-Israeli groups, including the Zionist Organization of America. The ZOA has targeted both academics it perceives have been teaching anti-Israel doctrine and Palestine student groups accused of intimidating Jewish students on U.S. campuses, including a campaign at Shillman’s alma mater, Northeastern University in Boston.


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