Thursday, May 28, 2015

Willis Carto: Champion of the American Right

Despite certain fallacious assumptions, particularly regarding the veracity of the official "Holocaust" narrative of WWII and the purported diabolical nature of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, George Michael's detailed biography of Willis Carto's life, political activities, and publishing endeavors is commendably balanced and written in an extremely scholarly fashion, with literally hundreds of end notes coupled with an extensive bibliography. The details and facts provided throughout the book are painstakingly documented, providing a thorough and all encompassing overview of one of America's greatest patriots along with a general history of the American far right.

Michael, a political science professor who has studied and written extensively about the political right, was granted exclusive access to Willis Carto in preparation for his must-read book Willis Carto and the American Far Right, conducting numerous personal interviews which allowed him to obtain a deeper insight into Carto's views and activities since he became active in the right wing struggle shortly after WWII. Describing Carto as "undoubtedly the central figure in the post-World War II American far right," Michael outlines Carto's efforts to promote the various causes associated with the right wing in America.

Carto has been instrumental in publishing and promoting a wide variety of marginalized, demonized ideas and political perspectives over the course of his long publishing career. The Spotlight, perhaps Carto's most influential and well-known publication that was later reorganized as American Free Press, championed traditional right wing and conservative causes including nationalism, populism, patriotism, and racialism. Carto's publications have also been and remain uncompromising opponents of multiculturalism, unnecessary wars and foreign interventions, and the push for internationalism, free trade, and open borders, among other important issues. The views and opinions found in Carto's former and current publications epitomize American political and economic traditions formulated and implemented by the Founding Fathers.

Perhaps his most controversial endeavor (yet arguably the most important), Carto also sought to institutionalize historical revisionism, which is simply an attempt to bring history into accord with the facts as we know them, especially as it relates to WWII and the alleged Jewish "Holocaust". This vital and courageous undertaking lives on with The Barnes Review, the sister publication of American Free Press. Additionally, Carto attempted to institutionalize a populist, America-first political lobby and political party, founding the Liberty Lobby and the Populist Party respectively.

As the founder of the Liberty Lobby, which Michael characterizes as "one of the most enduring institutions in the history of the movement" that "provided a base where virtually all segments of the far right came together," Carto sought to institutionalize and unify the various, and often diverging, actors and organizations comprising the right wing in an effort to gain credibility amongst the American populace as well as advance the interests of the right wing more effectively.

Given the nature of the Liberty Lobby's political persuasion, along with its hard-hitting, resolute, and popular publication, The Spotlight, it of course attracted powerful and ruthless enemies who were determined to undermine and destroy it, which was eventually accomplished.

Michael details the origins and platform of The Spotlight newspaper, which was "an important bridge between various segments of the far right," a role now fulfilled quite effectively and successfully by American Free Press. Indeed, American Free Press and The Spotlight before it are arguably "the organ of the American far right" as Michael notes, which appeal to many segments of the right wing in addition to other populists, environmentalists, and critical thinkers, including opponents of globalism, massive immigration, and the Israel lobby as well as traditional America-first conservatives and racialist thinkers. Early in his career, Carto eloquently argued that "each cultural unit has a moral imperative to be true to itself and pursue its own destiny," a theme that is righteously emphasized in his both his current and past publications.

Willis Carto is a man who has done more to advance the agenda and causes of the right wing in post-WWII America than any other single individual. Over the years, he has published a variety of newsletters, newspapers, and journals, covering some of the most important and controversial issues facing not only America, but the entire world. Carto has never backed down from or avoided the uncomfortable realities that so many in the media and political establishment cowardly acquiesce to or traitorously facilitate.

Confronting the organized Jewish community, the Israel lobby, race hustlers, cultural Marxism, the war on White America, and false narratives of history - particularly as they related to WWII - Carto has been, and remains, in the vanguard of authentic American nationalism, populism, and truth-telling. He has been persecuted, stabbed in the back, and slandered - yet he has persevered and today he stands as the most iconic and influential figure in the American right wing.

Michael's book is simply a must read for anyone truly interested in the history of the American far right and the courageous, heroic efforts of one of its key players in the post-WWII era - Willis Carto.

To obtain a thorough understanding of Carto's worldview and opinions on a variety of controversial and complex geopolitical and historical matters, pick up a copy of An Appeal to Reason: A Compendium of the Writings of Willis A. Carto. Discover what Carto really thinks about these important subjects, straight from the horse's mouth.

*You can purchase a copy of Willis Carto and the American Far Right and An Appeal to Reason: A Compendium of the Writings of Willis A. Carto right now from American Free Press for only $30, plus shipping and handling. Click here for details. Also, consider subscribing to American Free Press - America's last real newspaper - and The Barnes Review if you do not already. 

Heroic German woman Ursula Haverbeck debunks fake "Holocaust" narrative

This is simply an amazing interview. Please take the time to watch the entire video. And keep in mind that "denying the Holocaust" is a criminal offense in Germany (and many other European nations).

Monday, May 25, 2015

The truth about Memorial Day

INCOG MAN, as always, provides us with very powerful imagery and commentary regarding the superficial farce known as Memorial Day in America:
The truth about America's fraudulent, destructive wars for Jewish supremacy and world domination.
On Memorial Day, 2015: Stop and think things out. 
You can easily see what they have been doing to America and the White race: Mass immigration of Third Worlders into our lands (and not just America, either) to destroy our race’s political demographics; shipping our jobs and manufacturing overseas; forcing us to accept homosexuality, transgenderism and other sick forms of family-destroying immorality; freely trashing White people as the baddies or idiots in the media all the time; constantly attacking members of our race with “PC” and “racism” accusations; brainwashing our youth and women to join the pink team or breed ourselves away with other races. Hell, just turn on the TV and you can see all these WHITE GENOCIDE efforts in real time. It’s now obvious what they have been up to. 
The backstabbers are banking on YOU not having the guts to speak out. 
On top of all this, the fancy suit-wearing Israel-Firsters in the US government and Globalist-owned media, are constantly playing NWO chess games supporting Zionist Israel’s Mideast Agenda — that you White guys in the military always have to deal with in the end. Who’s really running this country? [...]
I don't know if there is much more I could add - INCOG MAN pretty much nails it. 

Memorial Day is a gigantic fraud - an emotional, superficial ritual designed to subvert our critical thinking and logical processes in order to entice the masses to once again blindly support and view with reverence the American military and government, along with all of the destructive, nation-wrecking policies they promote and execute.

The simple fact of the matter is that throughout the entire 20th century, and now continuing into the 21st, all of the wars America has fought have been at the behest of international Jewry. 

The wars America has fought since 1900 (and arguably even before) have all been based on egregious lies, distortions, and ridiculous fear-mongering propaganda. If we were serious about supporting and honoring our military, we would be honest about the nature of the destructive, illegitimate wars America has fought and continues to fight. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A look at the Jewish billionaires controlling American politics

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published an incredibly revealing article discussing the immense influence and control over the American political process wealthy Jewish plutocrats, propagandists, and culture distorters have, particularly as it relates to the 2016 presidential race, a topic highlighted and commented upon in this space on Thursday.

The Forward spotlights the top Jewish billionaires who financed and supported various political candidates and causes during the 2014 election cycle, and who they are likely to financially back for the 2016 presidential election.

A quick look at the list of top political donors for 2014 reveals a striking fact: At least a third of the most generous 50 mega-givers were Jewish. In fact, contributions from Jewish billionaires and multi-millionaires dominated the top 10 spots on the list.

Striking, yet unsurprising.

Political activists have known for years that members of the Jewish community are over-represented in the field of political contributions.

And now, with the 2016 election cycle beginning to warm up, these Jewish donors are on the minds of all prospective candidates.

The 2014 list represents donors who were active between presidential election cycles. Some gave directly to parties, or candidates, but most of the money went to Super PACs, the main cash vehicle that will oil the wheels of the 2016 presidential campaign. [...]
In the article, The Forward published a series of baseball card-style informational graphics highlighting 7 of the top Jewish billionaires dominating the American political process, which includes their overall net worth, 2012 election campaign contributions, and their primary political interests, along with other basic information.

Take a long, hard look at the people controlling your government America, and the issues they are most concerned with.

What political causes and interests most concern these plutocratic Jewish billionaires? The well-being of the American worker and American industry? Ending the disastrous, fraudulent wars of aggression in the Middle East, and properly supporting the U.S. military? Stopping the invasion and take-over of America by millions of Third World aliens? Seriously addressing government corruption, Wall Street criminality, and the catastrophic effects of economic globalization and "free trade", which has largely destroyed the U.S. economy? 

None of these critically important issues even register on the political radar of the Jewish plutocrats highlighted above. These culture distorters and parasites are primarily concerned with maintaining and increasing (if that is even possible) American support for the Jewish state of Israel, promoting "gay rights", and, in the case of Michael Bloomberg at least, destroying the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. 

These are just some of the individuals the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates for 2016 will be bowing down to and begging for money from. As I wrote on Thursday:
Jewish billionaires like Saban and Sheldon Adelson essentially control the Democratic and Republican parties respectively. They donate millions of dollars to groveling, subservient candidates for the U.S. presidency each election season. Additionally, the various pro-Israel Jewish lobbies operating in Washington, D.C. and across the nation have immense influence over the political process. Candidates for federal office bow down and worship AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies, pledging their unwavering support for the Jewish state of Israel and other corrupt, anti-American policies favored by international Jewry (amnesty for illegal aliens, multiculturalism and "diversity" [read: White genocide], gay marriage, wars for Israel in the Middle East, bailouts for Wall Street crooks, globalism and "free trade" agreements, etc.).

America, and the wider Western world, is governed largely by openly traitorous politicians, bureaucrats, and other officials who are entirely subservient to an international criminal mafia with operations in Tel Aviv, New York, London, and other major cities. Our candidates for the highest offices in the federal government, particularly the U.S. presidency, are more concerned about the interests of a foreign nation, the Jewish state of Israel, and a foreign, hostile group of people than they are about their own country and its citizens.
No doubt unintentionally, The Forward article revealed just how big of a scam democracy actually is in practice. Jewish billionaires essentially have a lock on the democratic political process, especially at the highest levels, institutionalized in America. Yet, Americans view democracy in sacrosanct terms. The concept and nature of democracy cannot be questioned or critically examined, no matter how obviously destructive and subversive it is.

The people who control the mass media and massive amounts of capital - organized Jewry and their traitorous, corrupt non-Jewish lackeys - control democracy. It is they who decide who rules, what political and cultural issues are important, and what public policies decisions (both domestically and in a foreign policy context) are pursued, most certainly not "the people". 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Clinton presidency would be "great for Israel" according to Jewish billionaire Haim Saban

In yet another display of the total Jewish domination of American politics, particularly at the highest levels, the Jewish billionaire and media mogul Haim Saban openly stated in an interview with The Jerusalem Post that Hillary Clinton would be an ideal president for Israel.

United States led by Hillary Clinton would be “great” for Israel, Haim Saban said in an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post. In the interview, which will be published as part of the newspaper’s annual ranking of the Top 50 most influential Jews in the world, Saban declined to provide specifics on Clinton’s diplomatic policy for the region but said, “We have yet to see all of Hillary’s detailed positions, and I will not give anything away. However, one thing I know: Hillary will be great for Israel.”

The billionaire philanthropist and media mogul, whose financial backing is seen as a crucial to Clinton’s candidacy, said, “Hillary has been a steadfast defender of Israel’s interests. She will be a fantastic president for the US, an incredible world leader and one under whom the relationship with the US and Israel will be significantly reinforced.” [...]
Jewish billionaires like Saban and Sheldon Adelson essentially control the Democratic and Republican parties respectively. They donate millions of dollars to groveling, subservient candidates for the U.S. presidency each election season. Additionally, the various pro-Israel Jewish lobbies operating in Washington, D.C. and across the nation have immense influence over the political process. Candidates for federal office bow down and worship AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies, pledging their unwavering support for the Jewish state of Israel and other corrupt, anti-American policies favored by international Jewry (amnesty for illegal aliens, multiculturalism and "diversity" [read: White genocide], gay marriage, wars for Israel in the Middle East, bailouts for Wall Street crooks, globalism and "free trade" agreements, etc.).

America, and the wider Western world, is governed largely by openly traitorous politicians, bureaucrats, and other officials who are entirely subservient to an international criminal mafia with operations in Tel Aviv, New York, London, and other major cities. Our candidates for the highest offices in the federal government, particularly the U.S. presidency, are more concerned about the interests of a foreign nation, the Jewish state of Israel, and a foreign, hostile group of people than they are about their own country and its citizens.

Monday, May 18, 2015

On Bloodlines w/ Pastor Eli James

Yesterday morning, I was once again a guest on Bloodlines with Pastor Eli James, a radio program broadcast on Euro Folk Radio. Pastor James and I concluded our discussion of Christian Identity, and addressed some of the comments left by Mike and Chuck Muncie regarding our first program. You can download the entire program here.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Canadian football star fined for "Holocaust denial"

A professional football player in Canada is being fined after the Jewish advocacy group B’nai B’rith complained to the Canadian Football League about the "anti-Semitic" nature of the player's social media posts. The Times of Israel reports:

The Canadian Football League fined a star football player Thursday after he was accused of posting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content on his Twitter account.

Montreal Alouettes defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell was fined an undisclosed amount for posting messages which the CFL said violated its social media policy.

“There is absolutely no place in our league for commentary used to divide or disparage others along the lines of sex, race, religion or sexual orientation,” CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge said.

The CFL probe was launched after the Canadian branch of Jewish advocacy group B’nai B’rith lodged a complaint against Mitchell, saying he has been using social media to promote Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories connecting Israel and the Islamic State.

“As an all-star and role model for Canadian youth, Mr. Mitchell should not be sending out divisive and hateful tweets under the banner of the Montreal Alouettes organization,” Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai B’rith Canada said in a statement Thursday.

Orridge appeared to agree.

“While we acknowledge that players have a right to hold and express their own opinions, in no circumstance do we condone activity or comments that are derogatory or inappropriate, putting the League’s reputation in question,” he said, “and we feel Mr. Mitchell’s recent posts on social media have violated these principles.”

Mitchell had tweeted a link to a YouTube video titled “The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust,” a 75-minute documentary which references the Holocaust as the “alleged murder” of six million Jews. [...]
The offending Tweet, which has since been deleted. The Jews are such cry babies, aren't they?
The traditional Western concept of free speech has been utterly transformed with the imposition of a Jewish-administered tyranny in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Australia, a tyranny which came into full fruition following the fratricidal Jewish instigated war of survival commonly known as World War II.

Free speech is permitted as long as said speech benefits Jews, advances Jewish interests, and promotes, perpetuates, and reinforces Jewish narratives of history and current events. Speech that challenges Jews or poses a threat to Jewish interests will not be tolerated, as Mr. Mitchell recently discovered.

It should be becoming more and more clear with each passing day that with Jews, we lose - every single time.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Foxman: Jews demand, deserve policies designed to combat "anti-Semitism"

Between May 12-14, the 5th Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism took place in Jerusalem. The conference, sponsored by the Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, had two major themes: "The Oldest Hatred in the Newest Vessels: Confronting Antisemitism and Hate Speech on the Internet and in Social Media" and "The Rise in Antisemitism in Europe's Cities Today: Means of Response," according to the webpage about the event.

Of course, the event was well-attended by the Anti-Defamation League, led by its National Director Abe Foxman. “Anti-Semitism is on the rise globally and particularly in Europe, where Jewish communities feel insecure after the latest series of attacks by extremists motivated by fundamentalist Islam,” Mr. Foxman said in an ADL press release highlighting the event. “This conference presents an opportunity to gather data and to hear from some of the world’s foremost experts on anti-Semitism and to discuss what governments, civil society and Jewish communities can do to confront the problem. Awareness of the problem goes a long way to help countries respond more effectively to anti-Semitism and bigotry."

Foxman published a rather revealing OpEd in The Times of Israel as well, where he openly demanded that international Jewry be protected from "anti-Semitism," which in reality translates to ensuring Jews are never criticized or challenged on their false interpretation of reality in addition to preventing any open, honest discussion of Jewish power, influence, criminality, and subversiveness. Foxman writes:

This week, leaders, experts and practitioners are gathering in Jerusalem to figure out a solution to a problem that has challenged the Jewish people for millennia: how to protect ourselves from the never ending threat of anti-Semitism.

In many ways, my life has been defined by this question. My early years were spent as a hidden child, not knowing if my parents – or I – would survive the Nazis. My entire adult professional life has been focused on the fight against anti-Semitism as the national director of the Anti-Defamation League – the world’s leading organization dedicated to combating this oldest of hatreds.

I am proud to be leading an ADL delegation of Jewish leaders and professional experts in the fields of anti-Semitism, Islamic extremism, and cyberhate.

Today, despite my history as a survivor of the Holocaust, I am surprised at the deterioration of the safety, security and well-being for Jews around globe. [...]

But as the hatred of Jews persists and even intensifies, we must acknowledge that the picture is not all negative.

Unlike the 1930s and 40s, there is no government committed to the destruction of the Jews. Instead, given all the challenges, there are world leaders who are steadfast in their vocal opposition to anti-Semitism. We see this with Prime Minister Manuel Valls of France, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, and many others.

And we have the United States, which has provided an unparalleled home for the largest population of Jews in the Diaspora, and, as a matter of government policy supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans, has been an advocate and champion for the Jewish people.

And most significantly today, unlike the eras where Jews facing persecution had no place to go and no state to champion them, we have the State of Israel which has transformed Jewish life both in and outside of the state.

Even in the results of ADL’s global poll we found reason to be optimistic – nearly three quarters of those polled are not seriously infected with anti-Semitic beliefs and there are many countries and communities where animus toward Jews is low and Holocaust awareness is strong.

The age-old question of how to stop them from hating us has not gone away. Evil is afoot again in the form of Islamic extremism, classic anti-Semitism, the increasing ease with which criticism of Israel can morph into hatred of Jews and, the greatest challenge of all, the passivity of too many in the face of evil.

Even if I were to head ADL for another 50 years, I worry that without constant attention, careful planning and skillful implementation of measures across broad elements of society, these and other trends can metastasize.

As we come together in Jerusalem — to assess the bad and the good and devise solutions — we must harness what we can do in making clear to the world that the Jewish people demands and deserves commitments, policies and partnerships to contain and offset this enduring hatred.

The world will be better off for it.
According to Foxman, "anti-Semitism" is a threat to the Jewish people that is "never ending," meaning it has always and will always exist. However, Foxman claims "anti-Semitism" has nothing at all to do with Jews, their power and influence in the non-Jewish world, or their behavior and subversive, criminal nature. Foxman and other Jewish leaders and intellectuals always portray "anti-Semitism" as some irrational, unfounded, pathological manifestation of psychosis that is entirely disconnected from the actions, behavior, and policies promoted by Jews.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The Jews have been universally despised throughout history, resulting in their expulsion from various European countries and territories over 100 times, specifically because of their subversive, criminal nature and actions.

Despite the fact that international Jewry controls virtually every aspect of Western political, economic, and cultural life, which includes their outright ownership of the Federal Reserve System, large segments of Wall Street and other international financial institutions, the mainstream mass media and Hollywood as well as their dominating influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties and their occupation of important positions of power and influence throughout all levels of the federal government (and many state and local governments as well), Foxman is still openly declaring that "the Jewish people demand and deserve commitments, policies and partnerships to contain and offset this enduring hatred," i.e., "anti-Semitism".

We've already seen organized Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel lobby to have "anti-Semitism" recognized as an international crime. Foxman does not explicitly call for that in this OpEd, but that is clearly where his line of thinking is heading.

The Jews simply cannot tolerate any sort of criticism or honest, frank discussion of their power and influence anywhere in the world. They are the ultimate tyrants, and are expecting us to meekly acquiesce to their demands. I for one know their bullying tactics will not work on me and the readers of this website.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rising "anti-Semitism" allegedly driving Jews away from Jewish life, according to top rabbi

According to Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis, European "anti-Semitism" coupled with increasing numbers of "terrorist attacks" purportedly targeting Jews are driving more and more Jews away from leading an active Jewish life, The Algemeiner recently reported.

The recent string of attacks against Jews in Europe has driven many Jews away from an active Jewish life, said the president of one of Europe’s leading Orthodox Jewish networks on Tuesday.

“We’re dealing with a large number of Jews who because of the risk involved, and terrorist attacks, have stopped coming to Jewish events,” Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt told the Algemeiner. “It’s more important [for these Jews] to stay alive than to stay Jewish.”

The 51-year-old Swiss-born Conference of European Rabbis (CER) president, who is also Chief Rabbi of Moscow, said apathy was a greater risk to the Jews in Europe because as an issue it is more elusive than both antisemitism and assimilation.

“While assimilation and antisemitism can be addressed directly, apathy is a much harder issue to address … There is a certain percentage of Jews saying I’d be better hiding,” he said. “Our message to our community is that this is not the answer.”

On Monday, the CER awarded French Prime Minister Manuel Valls with its Lord Jakobovits Prize for European Jewry, for his “exemplary determination in the fight against antisemitism.”

Valls said he “can’t imagine a France without Jews,” Goldschmidt related.

“He’s going to make sure that Jews and community centers and synagogues or (sic) going to be protected” as long as the need exists, said the chief rabbi, adding that Valls pledged just a few days ago a “new program of 100 million euros ($112 million) to combat antisemitism on the Internet and on the streets.”

This was the third year the CER awarded the Jakobovits prize. Last year it went to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the year before that to Polish Prime Minister and European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek.

Meanwhile, the recent Islamist attacks against French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed, and subsequent attacks in France including at a Kosher supermarket, showed Europeans that the problem was not uniquely Jewish, said Goldschmidt.

“It is not a problem with the Jews, it is a European problem,” he said. [...]
There are two points worth making regarding the rabbi's statements.

First of all, the alleged "terrorist attacks" targeting Jews in Europe, including the purported Charlie Hebdo attack and the alleged attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris as well as the alleged shooting at a synagogue in Copenhagen, all appear to be entirely media-created events. Indeed, most of the alleged "terrorist attacks" and "terrorist plots" presented on the television, hyped by the government, and endlessly discussed by "terrorism experts" and government officials on the major news networks and in the major newspapers are simply media creations. The masses are expected to blindly and uncritically accept what is presented on the television and what is stated by the government without any genuine and verifiable proof or evidence.

Of course, various Western and Israeli intelligence and law enforcement agencies are often involved in setting up Islamic patsies, who are essentially used as props in these staged, media-manufactured "terrorist attacks" in the West designed to perpetuated the Jewish concocted "Global War on Terrorism," demonize Muslims, and hype the alleged threat of "anti-Semitism" and "persecution" of Jews around the world. The television is literally a weapon of mass deception, especially the "news" that is broadcast to global audiences.

Secondly, once again we have a prime example of just how important Jewish ethnocentrism and identity are to the organized Jewish community. Leading rabbis and other figures within the organized international Jewish community are constantly stressing the need for maintaining and even strengthening Jewish ethnocentrism, unity, and values.

In many cases, the alleged threat of "anti-Semitism" is hysterically hyped as a means of increasing Jewish ethnocentrism and fostering a stronger Jewish identity within the global Jewish population. As Rabbi Goldschmidt bewailed in the article above, alleged "anti-Semitism" and "terrorist attacks" purportedly targeting Jews are allegedly leading increasing numbers of Jews in Europe to stop leading active Jewish lives. “Our message to our community is that this is not the answer,” Rabbi Goldschmidt emphasized.

We have no way of verifying Rabbi Goldschmidt's contention that Jews in Europe are afraid of leading open and active Jewish lives. However, the purported threat of "anti-Semitism" and "Jewish persecution" will no doubt be used to increase Jewish ethnocentrism while perpetuating the false "victimhood" status of Jews around the world, which has generated enormous, yet entirely unfounded, sympathy from the non-Jewish world.

Monday, May 11, 2015

On Bloodlines w/ Pastor Eli James

Yesterday morning, I was a guest on Bloodlines with Pastor Eli James, a radio program broadcast on Euro Folk Radio. Pastor James and I focused our discussion on our awakenings to the Christian Identity message, along with the well-established historical, archeological, and scriptural basis of Christian Identity. We also discussed Pastor James's excellent essay Explaining Christian Identity to White Nationalists and Neo-Pagans. Next Sunday we will conclude this discussion. You can download the entire program here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A critical look at Pamela Geller's well-funded, subversive agenda

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published an article about the controversial and well-funded Jewish neocon propagandist Pamela Geller, who is at the center of the alleged "shooting" over the weekend by "radical Islamic extremists" with purported ties to ISIS in Garland, Texas.

Geller, a hysterical and quite vitriolic critic of Islam and the alleged "threat" it poses to Western "Judeo-Christian" civilization, was one of the main organizers and promoters of a cartoon contest that revolved around caricaturing the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The Islam-bashing event was reportedly attacked by radical Muslim gunmen this past Sunday. Unsurprisingly, Geller is also a staunch supporter of the Jewish state of Israel.

The Forward reports:

Pamela Geller has long been written off by mainstream critics as an Islamophobic crackpot.

But Geller, whose anti-Islam event in Garland, Texas, was attacked by gunmen May 3, has had wide-ranging impact, galvanizing opposition to a proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in Manhattan and forcing city transport agencies to run inflammatory ads denouncing Muslims with a broad brush.

These actions by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which Geller co-founded five years ago and which organized the Garland event, are winning increasing sums from financial backers.

The AFDI received almost $960,000 in donations in 2013, according to the group’s most recently available tax return. That’s up from $160,000 the year before and $19,000 the previous year, when the group was launched.

The steep increase in donations allowed AFDI to spend almost $400,000 in 2013 countering what it describes in tax filings as acts of “treason” committed by federal and state governments, the mainstream media and others “in their capitulation to the global jihad and Islamic supremacism…and the rapidly moving attempts to impose socialism and Marxism upon the American people.”

That same year, for the first time, the group was able to pay Geller a salary of almost $200,000.

Geller, who is Jewish, did not respond to questions from the Forward asking the identity of the AFDI’s major funders.

The Forward did locate $100,000 of funding to AFDI given anonymously via a Jewish charity. The donation, received in 2013 and 2014 from a private donor or donors, was sent through the Jewish Communal Fund, a donor-advised charity that allows the original funding source to direct where it wants its donation to go while masking its identity.

Geller, who is a wealthy, divorced mother of four from Long Island, has come a long way since she launched a blog, Atlas Shrugs, in 2005, in response to the 9/11 terror attacks. The website’s name is a tribute to libertarian ideologue Ayn Rand, whose novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” warned of the dangers of a regulatory government.

Geller has been at the forefront of campaigns against an Arabic-language school in Brooklyn and against the proposed Park51 Islamic Center that was to be located two blocks from Ground Zero in Manhattan.

But it is her writing and speaking, on her blog, in books, media appearances, and at events, that have been most effective — and incendiary.

For more than 10 years Atlas Shrugs has been a clearinghouse for the vilification of Islam. In it Geller depicts Western society as ever on the brink of collapse. Judeo-Christian civilization is under constant attack from radical Islam. The imposition of Sharia law in Europe and America is never far away.

She and AFDI co-founder Robert Spencer were barred from entering the United Kingdom in 2013 and branded by the British Home Office as leaders of “anti-Muslim hate groups.”

Before the Garland shootings, the AFDI was probably best known for running controversial ads on public transportation systems in cities such as New York, Boston, and Philadelphia with messages like “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran” or “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

Many city authorities rejected the ads. But with the help of an anti-Islamic lawyer, David Yerushalmi, the AFDI prevailed on free speech grounds and forced city transportation agencies to run its ads. [...]

Geller is an outspoken free-speech advocate. Ten years ago, she republished on her blog controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, which were originally published in a Danish newspaper sparking violent protests and death threats. She staged this month’s event in Garland partly in response to the deadly terrorist attack by Muslim extremists on the offices of the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which had also published images of Mohammed.

The AFDI event, held on the evening of May 3 at the Curtis Culwell Center, was an exhibit of entries to an AFDI-organized Mohammad cartoons contest. The group spent $10,000 on security for the sold-out crowd of more than 200 people.

Geller, Spencer and Geert Wilders, a Dutch anti-Islam campaigner who addressed the crowd, were unaware of the brief gun battle that raged outside during an assault by two attackers armed with assault rifles, until a private security guard told attendees they were on lockdown. The two gunmen, Elton Simpson of Phoenix and Nadir Soofi, were shot dead by police before they could enter the building. A security guard was shot in the ankle.
As indicated by The Forward's report, Geller is an extremely well-funded, influential, and quite subversive propagandist. She is one of the leading promoters of anti-Islamic sentiment, which is designed to reinforce and perpetuate the false "Global War on Terror" narrative and hype the alleged "threat" Islam poses to the Western world.

It must be noted that while Islam itself does not pose a threat to the Western world, millions of non-White Muslims flooding into Western Europe and America as "refugees" and "political asylum seekers" most certainly do. (See here for just one horrifying example.)

Westerners are propagandized by individuals such as Geller, and the Jewish media generally, to literally hate Islam and Muslims, to blindly send their sons and daughters thousands of miles from their homes to fight a faceless, largely manufactured enemy commonly referred to as "radical Islam". Mysterious groups, who often have ties to Western and Israeli intelligence agencies and other front organizations, such as al-Qaeda and more recently ISIS, are endlessly hyped and demonized in the media, perpetuating the never-ending, truly Orwellian "Global War on Terror," in which Israel's geopolitical adversaries in the Middle East - Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi's Libya, and now Bashar al-Assad's Syria - are systematically dismantled and destroyed using the military, economic, and human capital of the West, paving the way for Zionist hegemony in the region.

While Americans specifically and Westerners generally are expected to despise Islam and the Muslim world, they are at the same time expected to welcome these very same people their governments and militaries are brutally murdering and occupying in the Middle East as refugees and "persecuted minorities" in the West. If this isn't the definition of insanity, I do not know what is.

Additionally, and needless to say, Geller's writings, speeches, and overall worldview, which reach millions of Americans and others in the Western world, also reinforce and perpetuate the official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11.

Of course, serious investigators, journalists, professional scholars, and architects have debunked virtually every single aspect of the official conspiracy theory explaining 9/11, which is repeatedly promoted by the mainstream mass media, political establishment, and subversive propagandists like Pamela Geller. It has now been conclusively established that "radical Muslim terrorists" connected to Osama bin Laden did not carry out the 9/11 attacks.

Indeed, there is absolutely no proof Muslims did 9/11. All evidence and logic points to 9/11 being carried out by the Jewish state of Israel working in conjunction with Jewish criminals operating at the highest levels of the United States federal government and mainstream mass media. In short, Jews did 9/11, not Muslims.

Pamela Geller and her network of high profile anti-Islamic activists, spokesmen and politicians effectively function as official propagandists for the Jewish concocted "Global War on Terror," a paradigm of American foreign policy that has been officially sanctioned and codified as a result of 9/11 by successive presidential administrations. This obvious conclusion should be drawn by any rational, objective investigator critically looking at Pamela Geller's well-funded and entirely subversive political agenda, one which is designed to support and advance the interests of Jewish neocons operating in the United States.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Support John Friend's Free Speech! campaign a success!

Yesterday, the Support John Friend's Free Speech! Indiegogo campaign officially ended. We reached, and even exceeded, our goal of raising $2,000! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to everyone who supported the Indiegogo campaign, as well as everyone who has sent correspondence and donations via snail mail to my PO Box*. Your support is greatly appreciated!

As regular readers are well aware of, engaging in this type of work can be challenging. Openly writing and speaking critically about Jews, controversial events like 9/11 and WWII revisionism, racial issues, and related matters is very risky, even in America where we ostensibly have freedom of speech. But it must be done. We are engaged in an epic struggle for the hearts and minds of billions of people around the world. Thanks to the Internet, we have the ability to compete against the controlled mass media and "entertainment" complex.

I truly believe we are making significant progress. The mass media and political establishment are discrediting themselves on a daily basis, and more and more people are seeking alternative and independent information online. What I am attempting to do is cut through all the disinformation and nonsense. I hope to bring attention to and focus in on the most important issues facing America and the wider Western world. And I once again thank everyone who has supported me in these efforts.

Finally, I'd also like to encourage everyone to consider subscribing to American Free Press - America's last real newspaper - and its sister publication, The Barnes Review, both of which are national treasures considering the state of mainstream journalism and historiography today.

American Free Press is the last printed national newspaper that openly champions the interests of traditional America. It is independent, populist, and pro-White. The Barnes Review is practically the only revisionist publication operating in the entire world today. If you are unfamiliar with these publications, be sure to check out their websites and become a subscriber! Both are well worth your support.

*Those who send correspondence and donations via snail mail, please include an email so I can follow up with you electronically.

#BlackLivesMatters explained

This one cartoon sums the ridiculous #BlackLivesMatter campaign up nicely:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Obama vows to fight "anti-Semitism" and "Holocaust denial" as Jewish heritage month commences

To kick start Jewish Heritage Month, which takes place the entire month of May each year, President Obama proclaimed that Jews living in America still face bigotry and persecution, despite the fact that they openly own and control the mass media, Hollywood, federal government, Wall Street, and Federal Reserve System. He also once again affirmed his government's commitment to combating "anti-Semitism" and "Holocaust denial" while professing his unwavering support for Israel and the Jewish people, The Times of Israel reports.

How many times do we have to hear the same pathetic talking points about the "poor, persecuted Jews" by our elite political and media class? This is just getting old now...

Jews continue to face bigotry in the United States, President Barack Obama said in his Jewish Heritage Month proclamation.

“This year, Jewish American Heritage Month begins as the world commemorates the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau by American soldiers,” Obama wrote in his proclamation issued Thursday for the month, which is designated as May by US law.

“We are once again reminded that the vibrant culture of the Jewish people has not always been embraced,” he wrote. “As tragic events show us all too often, Jewish communities continue to confront hostility and bigotry, including in America.”

In the proclamation, Obama said he remains “committed to standing against the ugly tide of anti-Semitism in all its forms, including in the denial or trivialization of the Holocaust” and reaffirmed “America’s unwavering commitment to the security of the State of Israel and the close bonds between our two nations and our peoples.”
Could it be any more obvious how thoroughly subservient to international Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel America is?

There are currently 2 days left to support my Indiegogo campaign entitled Support John Friend's Free Speech! We have officially reached the goal! Donations are still being accepted, and I encourage those of you who appreciate and support the work I am doing here to make a contribution towards the campaign.

Donations or correspondence may also be sent to:

John Friend
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Thanks to everyone who has supported my efforts, either via the Indiegogo campaign or via direct mail. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany

This documentary tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know. Learn the terrible truth about the rape, torture, slavery, and mass murder inflicted upon the German people by the Allied victors of World Word II. This is the biggest cover-up in world history. Buy the book here.