Monday, April 20, 2015

Responding to a Jewish critic

I recently received the following email from a Jewish man living in the United Kingdom. I've decided to post this particular critic's email along with my reply for educational purposes. 

I hope that this will be an on-going dialogue, but given the fact most Jews are simply incapable of rationally dealing with criticisms of their individual and collective behavior, their subversive and destructive agendas, and their sacred, entirely fraudulent myths (especially the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII), I highly doubt that will happen.

But, you never know. This man seems genuine and honest at the very least - perhaps he will hear me out and respond rationally and intelligently. -JRF
I stumbled across your blog and twitter account and I just wanted to say how upset it made me. I never send emails and I have had to set this up just to say this so please please give me 3 minutes of your time and read this. 
I am a Jew, I was born in London although both my parents were born in Warsaw, Poland. Both my parents spent time in Treblinka Concentration Camp and while they both survived their time there, the rest of their families did not. It was an experience which my mother up until her death suffered severe trauma from. I find it simply beyond belief that you view the Holocaust as a made up lie as a result of Jewish dominance in the media. My mother was the daughter of a butcher and my father used to construct tables. They were never involved in finance. They never had anything to do with the media and nor were they trying to brainwash people into pitying them for their own gains and I think to say that is an insult to their memories and their families memories.

I am simply shocked that an intelligent man such as yourself can deny an event like this ever happening and more than that I don't understand why you tweet anti-semitic remarks and complaints about Jews. I am a train driver and I assure you I do not have any influence in the media or in the world of politics or finance. I therefore fail to see why my people are in your responsibility part of some conspiracy to do evil acts. And it breaks my heart to think that rather than attack individuals who you see as corrupt and responsible for what you view as wrong in the world you instead focus your hatred on a race of people, I am a Jew but I am in no way responsible for some of the various crimes you have associated with my people. 
One last thing I would like to say is that I do not even like Israel. There is a difference between being Jewish and being Israeli as much as there is a difference between being Catholic and being Italian. I am in no way answerable to the actions of Israel and while I like the idea that there is a Jewish state but honestly I disagree with just about everything it does, I am not Israeli and have no attraction to the country nor do I ever intend on going there and I 100% support Palestinian Independence. Once again I suggest your complaints are perhaps at individual people as opposed to the whole Jewish faith. 
I just find it upsetting to see someone such as yourself posting such hateful remarks about my race when genuinely I don't see why. There really just isn't this world wide conspiracy of Jews and your arguments for the Holocaust being faked are just so offensive and crazy.

I don't like to think of people as bad people but it hurts me when a race to which I belong receives such endless hatred from a person such as yourself, I simply do not understand. 
If you have reached this point I would like to thank you for reading and I'm sure you hate me because I'm Jewish but please ask yourself why you hate a man before you know them or have ever met them and what exactly I'm supposed to have done wrong.

Please feel free to reply and I would welcome any questions.
My reply:

Hello, thank you for taking the time to set up an email account to express how upset you are with my political views and the basic facts I am stating, highlighting, and commenting upon on my personal website and Twitter feed.

I've come to understand that most Jews, and ignorant, weak people generally, operate on their base emotions, rather than through an intellectual process utilizing logic and critical reasoning.

That being said, you raise several issues which are worth commenting upon.

First, you've obviously noticed that I focus much of my writings on the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII we are all supposed to blindly accept.

In your email, you claim that both of your parents spent time in the Treblinka concentration camp during WWII. Furthermore, you claim that although your parents survived their stay at the camp, "the rest of their families did not."

Of course, I cannot verify your claims. I don't necessarily deny them either, but I do find it interesting that, once again, we have an example of Jews surviving a "Nazi death camp" (i.e., Treblinka), yet at the same time we are supposed to believe that "the Nazis" implemented a state sanctioned plan to systematically murder European Jewry resulting in the death of 6 million Jews.

If "the Nazis" did in fact have such a policy, how in the world did your parents survive Treblinka?! Isn't the fact that they did in fact survive "the Holocaust" proof that at least part of the official "Holocaust" narrative is false?

I'm curious: have you ever sat down and investigated what "Holocaust" revisionists have discovered about the supposed "Nazi death camps," especially Treblinka, which has such a deep connection to you and your family? Surely you know that there are two sides to every story.

Eric Hunt, a brilliant and courageous "Holocaust" revisionist and film-maker who I have interviewed on my radio program, recently produced an interesting documentary about Treblinka which you can view for free online.

Have you seen it? What did you think about it? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, you have been lied to about the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" your parents and ancestors purportedly experienced (even though your parents didn't even perish in it!)?

The simple fact of the matter is that the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative is false in virtually every aspect. There were no "homicidal gas chambers." Six million Jews were not murdered in a systematic fashion by the Germans and their allies during WWII. These are the basic facts and points "Holocaust" revisionists have been documenting and explaining for years now, and they have thoroughly, scientifically, and conclusively proven that the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" is just not true, especially as it is depicted by our mainstream mass media, Hollywood, and educational establishment.

My good friend and noted "Holocaust" revisionist Fritz Berg recently opined:
No one was "gassed" at Auschwitz or any other German camp. Although many autopsies were made on the dead by the Allies, none showed any evidence of gassing or poisoning. The evidence for "gassings" consists entirely of "eyewitness" statements. ALL of the "eyewitnesses" were LIARS and are easily shown to be liars; there are NO exceptions. The Germans who confessed about "gassings" did so o-n-l-y because of torture - far more brutal than anything done by the US recently.

The huge numbers of "holocaust survivors" - well into the hundreds of thousands still today - are undeniable proof that the extermination claims are a hoax. "They" survived because the Nazis never tried to exterminate them in the first place. The Nazis kept them alive as best they could under nearly impossible circumstances. The r-e-a-l mass murderers were the western Allies.
The entire "Holocaust" narrative is an anti-German, anti-White propaganda story that has been institutionalized in the Western world, which has been used to advance international Jewry's political and economic agenda, as well as cover up the very real war crimes and atrocities committed by the Western Allies and Soviet Union. It's as simple as that.

Critically discussing and analyzing the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the vast majority of people, particularly Jews. The propaganda associated with the "Holocaust" is so traumatic, emotional, and horrifying, most people simply cannot deal with the subject rationally and intelligently.

To be frank, you appear to be one of those individuals. And I don't blame you for that. Being a Jew yourself, I imagine it would be very difficult to critically examine the official "Holocaust" narrative. But I encourage you to do so. You will discover that it is entirely fraudulent. It is a weapon used to demonize Western civilization, White racial identity, and Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, while at the same time promoting extreme Jewish ethnocentrism, tribalism, and a false sense of persecution and victimhood.

Secondly, I do believe that there are Jews in the world, both historically and contemporarily, who really do not play an important or central role in the overall Jewish agenda. You are likely one of these Jews.

In fact, since I first began investigating various aspects of the "New World Order" and "conspiracy theories," I've come to realize that there are many important and courageous dissidents, scholars, journalists, and philosophers of Jewish descent who have exposed important aspects of hidden history, international Zionism, Jewish identity politics, and related subjects.

For example, Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born internationally renowned philosopher, writer, and saxophonist who has renounced his Jewish faith and identity, has written extensively about Jewish identity and tribalism, international Zionism, the Jewish state of Israel, political correctness, and the Jewish influence over the political left.

Brother Nathanael Kapner, a Jewish-born convert to Orthodox Christianity, is one of the most popular and insightful political commentators operating in the alternative media today. He is certainly not afraid of exposing the agenda of the organized Jewish community and its subversion and perversion of traditional Western civilization, in addition to its attack on the Christian faith.

Other important Jewish critics and dissidents I've come across include Benjamin Freedman, Israel Shahak, Jack Bernstein, and Henry Makow, to name only a few prominent examples.

That being said, the vast majority of Jews - the overwhelming majority - support the overall Jewish agenda in the Western world (i.e., culture distortion, massive non-White immigration, "diversity" and "multiculturalism" [read: White genocide], homosexual rights, sexual degeneracy and perversion, wars for Israel in the Middle East, bailouts for crooked Wall Street bankers, etc.) while hypocritically supporting the Jewish ethno-state in the Middle East known as Israel. You yourself even stated that you "like the idea that there is a Jewish state" even though you disagree with many (or most) of its policies.

Let me ask you a very straight-forward question: do you support the idea of independent, sovereign White nations, free from the insidious and subversive influence of Jews? Do you support the notion that White people deserve their own homelands, their own governments, their own media and educational systems? I support the idea of an independent Jewish state, just as I support the idea of independent states for all racial and ethnic groups. What about you?

Finally, just because I criticize Jews and highlight inconvenient facts that make Jews uncomfortable does not mean that I "hate" all Jews. Most Jews, yourself included, view any sort of criticism of Jewry or any sort of independent analysis of various historical events as somehow "hateful" or "bigoted" - even "anti-Semitic." I find this weak, childish mindset to be totally contrary to my own personal intellectual outlook and worldview, and Western political and intellectual traditions historically.

Criticizing Jews or anyone else - Blacks, Mexicans, illegal aliens, homosexuals, women, etc. - does not equate to "hatred" of the individual or collective group being criticized. This typical Jewish position is so weak, pathetic, and dishonorable I am finding it more and more difficult to tolerate.

Grow up buddy. Stop whining and crying about my alleged "hatred" of Jews and objectively deal with the facts and perspectives I am presenting if you want to continue this dialogue.

John Friend

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  1. Terrific response, John.

    This person also strikes me as a whinger, uneducated in matters of revisionist (meaning TRUE) history, and someone who frankly likes to have a bet each way.

    If this person 'likes' the idea of a Jewish state, whether they actually support that state or not, then Is it acceptable for white people, or even more narrowly, the TRUE Israelite people (neither Edomites, nor certainly, today's Jews) to establish a 'state' of their own?

    How would that go down in the Jewish community? What would Zionist-owned governments think about that? Do you think the Liberals would approve such a scheme?

    Unhappily, what's good for the goose isn't good enough for the gander, so to speak.

    To even suggest that a Holocaust existed, without delving into the ACTUAL FACTS, is a typical rookie - or perhaps more accurately - Jewish mistake. When you consider that there were 600,000 Jews in Germany at the time (confirmed by Konrad Heiden, the same Jewish journalist who pinned the pejorative term "Nazi' on the NSDAP), and that official Red Cross estimates suggest that less than 300,000 people died (in Labor Camps - a very crucial distinction) and that most were not even Jewish, it tells me that not only is the 6 million figure a hoax, but the lack of any gas residues, doors which weren't able to be closed shut, millions and millions of corpses which needed to be either burned or buried, and that there was no PROOF whatsoever of a FINAL SOLUTION, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was all made up. Much less the FACTS as they deal with Zyklon B (a lice-killer), photos showing well-fed, even FAT, Jews, in Labor Camps which had their supply lines bombed by despicable, mass-murdering Allies - all ignorantly fighting a Rothschild-led banking war.

    This person hasn't a slightest clue whatsoever. Does he even know about the Dresden bombings, the starvation and incarceration of White Christians in Bolshevik Russia, the deaths of millions of Germans following WW2, courtesy of Churchill and Roosevelt?

    To me, the Jews are not a race but a COUNTER-RACE. They are far from the 'chosen people,' having impersonated the true Israelites of the Bible and essentially stolen their birthrights. Their so-called RELIGION is not a religion but an evil cult which is so far away from Mosaism it makes one chuckle. The Talmud is a Satanic collection of books which spews hatred of Christians and other races left, right and center. They are Christ-killers, and overall parasitic creatures who need a host to feed upon. Left to their own devices, they would simply cannibalize each other and wither away.

    They are doing to America now what they had done to Germany, filling children's minds with worthless pop-culture, promoting pornography as a way of breaking up traditional core families, pushing abortion and homosexuality, miscegenation and diversity, feminism in order to destroy the concept of family/marriage, they have infiltrated the education system, the media, politics. None of this is by accident but by pure design. If any person were to push the same Jewish values on Israel, they'd be mocked or worse - probably stoned to death where they stand.

    Unless this person gets an education, and FAST, there is not much more to communicate. Ignorance is no excuse. Being Jewish is not excuse.

    The only saving grace is that this particular person doesn't seem like a troll.

    Keep up the good work, John. But I can honestly say at this late stage you are simply preaching to the choir. In all reality, the only people that can be stirred from his and her individual funks, are non-Jews. There are too few exceptions to be optimistic.

    "The evils of the Jews do not stem from individuals, but from the fundamental nature of this people.”

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    1. I just wanted to say that your reply is well-written and what I would've said. Good job. You are one of the few who get it. A very interesting point that you made is what if a different race infiltrated Israel. What if Africans bought out the Israeli gov, and started using the gov in African affairs? Then, what if Africans took complete control of the media and education? What if all things finance became a playground for Africans--all while Israelis were kept out by way of gatekeeping? If the shoe was on the other foot........
      But the jews expect us whites to just shut up and take it? Not anymore and never again


      Konstantinos Plevris, THE FIRST " Holocaust denier" in history to be tried in a court of law and found ‘Not Guilty’ SAYS:

      "First of all we have to use common sense. If the Jews are telling the truth, if they are right in what they say, they don’t need to legally penalize so-called “Holocaust Deniers.” If you’re right about something and someone denies it, you can prove that he is wrong. But the Jews use the penal law. This is unbelievable to me. I can say that the American Revolution never happened. Does that mean that I should be condemned for saying it? That I should go to jail because I expressed my opinion?

      If the Jews are right, they are obliged to accept a public dialogue. This they refuse. It’s not only forbidden to deny that the “Holocaust” occurred as such — even to doubt it is a crime! In Germany and Austria you are not even allowed to express doubts about the “Holocaust.” Unfortunately, there is no more any Deutschland. Instead there is “Judenland.” If you go to Germany, you will see “Holocaust” monuments and memorials everywhere."

    3. @ Maxwell Smart

      Very well said my friend, thanks!

    4. All that ever needed to be said about the massive hoax and fraud of the holycost, an outright fabrication and not just an exaggeration, was already admitted in the Zundel trial of 1985 by the prosecution’s own “expert” witness Raul Hilberg, on the court records for everyone to see:

      When their own "expert" couldn't even produce a single autopsy or a single document proving there was a deliberate plan for massacring Jews, that should have ended the debate right then and there.

      All this other absurdist drama that has been going on for the past 30 years, thousands of people being imprisoned left-&-right for thought crimes in 19 countries, Zundel for 7 years, Mahler for 12 years for repeat thought crimes, Rudolf almost 4 years, Stolz for 3 and a quarter just for doing her job as a laywer, even the ridiculous case of Eric Hunt being sentenced to 2 years in prison on multiple offenses including "kidnapping" (lol) just for pulling on Eli Wiesel's sleeve, would not have even been necessary in any fair and just society.

      “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

      So next time send him that Hilberg link and tell him "Hey, here's your own 'expert' admitting on the stand the same thing that if declared publicly by anybody else in 19 countries could put them in prison for up to 5 years."

      ~ Negentropic

  2. Very well put, John. I hope the gentleman is sincere and does step up.

    The very large question for average Jews is, if Jewish powers are indeed pulling the strings, then what is the appropriate response from the community of non-involved Jews. Silence, acquiescence, and blindly attacking the rights of people to investigate history are NOT acceptable. To do so is to be complicit at some level. The stakes are very high.

    Dear Jewish friend, please explain the following 2 points:
    1 - how "the Holocaust" can honestly be considered a historical event
    2- how can it be considered to be not a religion

    when people are being jailed, beaten, and financially ruined for the heresy of asking questions.

    We can discuss reparations for the Palestinians and persecuted revisionists next time.

    1. There really aren't many 'average jews.' There might be 10% of them who fit this description. The vast majority are directly profiting in various ways from the racket that is judaism. Even when they eschew ostentation they're all reaping the benefits that their nation extracts out of the goy, especially the gentiles. Concretely, this means that they can rely on material comfort and even privilege, even when they appear to live fairly quiet middle class/upper middle class lives. They don't have to work as hard, and their group makes sure they have access to elite higher education paid for with monies they've colluded to basically steal. I live around these people. Don't be fooled by them. There's always way more going on than they let on or that's obvious.

    2. I just want to add my friend is Polish and his mother was in Auschwitz 1941 to 1945 as a prisoner of war. She stated she saw no gas chambers at Auschwitz the entire time she was there.

  3. A little old for a train driver,dont you think?

  4. The only thing I can say about your response to that Jew is CHECKMATE

  5. A very good, balanced response John and I agree with all of your points.

    I am British and over the years I have heard and read many comments about how bad the British have been, about the Empire, the Monarchy etc etc BUT through my own research I have found the negative comments about SOME Brits throughout our history to be true, I speak out against them and I DO NOT consider negative statements about Brits to be a personal attack on all Brits - so why should Jews be any different ? It doesn't make me ashamed to be a Brit as not all Brits are involved, we have all been deceived and lied too, so I feel it a responsibility to expose those Brits past and present that are a part of this evil agenda, like for example Winston Churchill who many believe to be the greatest British leader of all time, the man was in fact a traitor, coward, liar, deceiver and mass murderer - I have no problem exposing that fact, so I would like to say to all decent Jews out there, think for yourself, research for yourself and speak out about those Jews that are involved and distance yourself from that behaviour just as I had to be rejected and distance myself from the Christian churches etc I once attended but cannot any longer for being ridiculed, rejected etc because I THINK FOR MYSELF - during this process I found out that what the Church taught me was NOT TRUE, what my family has told me was NOT TRUE, what the educational system taught me was NOT TRUE etc etc, so I would say to any Jew you do not have a monopoly of the pain of finding out you have been lied too and if we speak about 'jews' or 'brits' or 'yanks' or anyone else it is not saying we hate all Jews or Brits etc etc

    1. The self examination and ability to separate yourself from the group when it comes to decisions and responsibility are what make you a gentile. Jews are not able to do either in my experience.

  6. curiously, all so-called "Jews" are merely "Proselytes" to the
    HATE JESUS so-called Religion of Talmudic Judaism...

    The Money Changers & Pharisees are PROFESSIONAL LIARS
    & MASS MURDERERS....John 8:44
    and are the enemies of all Mankind {true Israelites/White people nations}
    read "Europeans"....{what are they peeing on?}

    so women want to WALL HUMP in the Satanic "JEWISH" so-called State ?

    why is that,
    ... is it a stool sculpture deity cult compound with

    no one KNOWING the TRUTH must stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    "THEY" {the proselytes} could come out....and have a friend in Jesus



  7. Appropriately your response to a "good" Jew - whose parents both survived The Holocaust - was posted on April 20, the birth date of Adolph Hitler.

  8. Aha! The murder of another six million jewish lies! (it must be said, with plenty of gentile complicity and duplicity as well).

    Richard Wilcox

  9. What is needed, once and for all, is to separate "the Jew" from the vile, demonic ideology known as Judaism. Choseness, superiority by birthright, endless privileges resullting, dirty tricks and lies and a complete disregard for what Gentiles call "morality" or "scruples" doesn't have a damn thing to do with "who yer mama was."

    Most self-described "Jews" practice the demonic belief system known as Judaism, but they're always free to leave. Until they do, calling Jews traitors and crooks is no more "racist" than calling "the mafia" (if it exists) crooks and liars. The only difference is that "Jews" have managed to convince weak-minded fools that an ethnic "Jew" (whatever that means) is the same as an ideological "Jew". Like saying that all Mafia are Italian and all Italian are Mafia, complete rubbish. But if the Mafia exists, it is right and proper that we should fight them with everything we have, even if we hurt the feelings of some Italians.

    Hating crooks, liars, racists, murderers, thieves and thugs is not only commendable, but necessary for the survival of all that is good and decent in the world. The fact that so many if not most Jews are up to their eyeballs in every depredation, crime racket and obscenity known to man is no exception.

    It may be hard to comprehend why so many self-described 'Jews" fail to have any redeeming qualities whatsoever, but nonetheless, that doesn't mean that we should stop fighting evil because we might hurt the feeling of some pathological liars who try to disguise themselves under the cloak of "religion" or "race."

    We're done with your lies, Shlomo. I could list all your crimes against humanity in the last 20 years alone but even that would take volumes.

  10. At least he didn't threaten to send over some thugs to beat you up or worse, like the Yid crazies have done at my blog.

    1. I get hundreds of spam messages a week on my blog site, some very nasty on occasion, and I got a lot of bad threats too from someone on YouTube saying he was a 'Christian' who wanted to see my head smashed in, because he said I was so full of 'hate' against Jews (I was saying the holocaust never happened), and I received threats that he would hack my computer, then use all my personal contact details to make sure I lost my job, my friends, etc., and a whole bunch of other very nasty stuff. Fair play to YouTube they found in favour of me and deleted his nasty threats, which were very criminal and very voluminous, and a pair of them, or him with multiple accounts, were attacking me. It seemed to me that he was able to have a large amount of resources at his immediate disposal, that he was very well prepared just for me, that he had been planning for some time, and that he was working with an office full of people who were feeding him with masses of stuff to fire at me, with him answering me on YouTube almost immediately at all times, like he was monitoring the internet obsessively for my responses, in order to be able to respond, and the two id names that were used were almost identical in behaviour and speech patterns in their comments. I rather think 'they' were part of the new military government internet policing scheme that has been mentioned in the media, to 'destroy the cancer of anti-semitism' and 'terrorism'. I have been literally smashed in on the streets, including being stabbed nearly fatally, on several occasions by teams of full time paid stalkers of military build who I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever were employed by the Jewish controlled government of this country, working most definitely in collaboration with the police, which I could prove in a fair court hearing (fair courts as run by Jews do not exist). I have seen vans following me when I leave my apartment, and when I double back, the vans double back with me, and when I reverse my direction yet again, the same van has followed me back again, parking wherever I stop, just observing me, and they use vans like plumbing companies, building renovation companies, and they follow even at 11 pm at night, when they could not possibly be working on building work. It has been in the newspapers that the government will combine multi agency resources for surveillance, just like this. The people that will attack you if they do will be government security thugs working with the police, working for Israeli security.

      I think the 4,000 Jews who all stayed away from work on 9/11, of all different Jewish sects and groups, all acted together as one as a highly disciplined military unit. I don't trust any of them, as any of them anywhere in the world could do just the same whenever Mossad gives any of them the call.

      Whichever city I move to, Jewish groups single me out within weeks of my arrival and start their nasty tricks, so they have a nationwide paramilitary security service of sayanim prepared and ready at all times, and the government is definitely involved.

    2. There is nothing more attractive than courage, and you embody that completely.

      Stay safe. Cartier

    3. Wow mothman777, what country do you live in? Being harassed, threatened, and attacked in the manner you have described is unacceptable.

    4. I am presently living in England, which unfortunately is a mainly Jewish-controlled country as you know, yet it is a country where I will not be immediately imprisoned for denying the holocaust, so I stay here for the while. They use Interpol too these days, so if they want to get you, they can anyway, as you can find yourself followed and harassed and physically attacked by people of other nationalities, as I have been, and that would of course continue in any other country I moved to, and a Polish person I know has told me that what I go through is exactly how the police work back home, Communist style, often using groups of foreign people who you would not normally associate with the police.

      The book 1984 by George Orwell, was originally more realistically titled 1948, but the publishers did not think that title had enough legs on it, so they had it re-titled 1984. This has all been going on for a very long time since Oliver Cromwell let them back in with a vengeance, see

      They do not want to be openly seen doing the sorts of absolutely horrific violence that they normally do to peoples in other countries, beyond the common purview of the British people, to the presently mainly naive people on the streets of England, as that would pop the little dream bubble that the sheeple here have of the friendly British Bobby, and of living in a 'democratic' state, maintained by the present 'bread and circuses' culture.
      The British establishment can knock people off here as required, a few at a time, whenever they feel like it, and does, for political reasons, and I know of several very nasty occurrences to others, as well as to myself, using the so-called NHS denying vital health care when needed, and giving out 'doctored' medicines and lethally toxic treatments when they wish. I was made to have a CT X-Ray scan after refusing to have one through concerns over possible cancer resulting (even mentioning '100,000 Radiations' to the Jewish doctor who ordered it, and he told me he had read it!), and was given one against my wishes nonetheless, being told it was a much more limited scan, and almost straight after suffered the development of cancerous tumours and other severe health problems that greatly affect me even to this day, and that X-Ray scan was given to me by a Jewish doctor in an NHS hospital, with other doctors in other NHS hospitals, several of whom were Jewish, rounding on me on his behalf in highly sinister and even aggressive fashion afterwards. If medicine is 'socialized' in the US, medicine there will be increasingly weaponized against the people.

      When you think about it, a government that bombs its own people in London on 7/7, then falsely blamed that on other countries before invading Afghanistan and Iraq, then falsely accused Gaddafi of bombing his own people, then used that as justification for invading Libya and then bombing the Libyan civilian population themselves for real, blowing little kid's faces and heads off, is literally violently insane, so I will not be surprised if I get killed, not in the slightest. In fact I think it is simply a matter of time, as they have an insanely violent nature, no matter how many hospitals they like to be seen to be opening with public funds. Or I might just be allowed to go on writing, who knows? Maybe some of the British intelligence services are not entirely in the thrall of Israel. I like to think so.

  11. I'll say it then, I hate all jews. it's in their dna as the serpent seed that they lie kill steal and destroy. To all jews I say OBADIAH

  12. There are many complaints to be lodged against the Kazarian Jew. They are Turkish in origin and only became Jews in religion only(about 800 A.D.) They studied the Talmud and the Kabbalah.They found Satan and Zionism was born. You do not have to be a Kazar to be a Zionist.John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Joseph Liberman, the Bush family, just to name a few. They use ignorant Jews like the train operator as a cover. The savior they claim that is coming is none other than Satan himself in the form of the anti-Christ

  13. Thanks for that, John!

  14. Many thanks, John, for your brilliant, rational response to the Jewish train operator's whine. Although it wasn't as shrill and hateful as most Jews' responses would be, his response to your blog still reveals its whining tone. It still lacks rationality.
    Also, thank you for mentioning Br. Nathanael Kapner, the Jewish born/raised convert to Orthodox Christianity who eventually became a Monk and frequently travels across the USSA, spreading Jesus Christ's message, on top of producing videos and articles for people to view and read. I'm one of those readers; and, although I'm a retiree on a fixed income, I still manage to contribute to his Foundation. That's how much I honor and respect this individual; he exhibits such courage and integrity that I wish a lot of Gentile Christian clergy would do the same.

  15. For your information, John, Henry Makow (for whatever reasons) believes the Holohoax took place. That's a big red flag right there. Also, he believe Hitler was a Rothschild agent/British agent. That's another big red flag.

    We need to be super observant and vigilant.


    1. Totally agree, and also talks well about David Icke...!

    2. Makow is a Jesuit gate-keeper, like Jones, and very likely Icke as well. Much of the AM (Alternative Media) is controlled opposition. Be careful out there and sift, sift and sift again for The Truth, because all dissos have truth.

    3. Indeed, I don't always agree with Makow or the articles he publishes on his site. His promotion of the "Hitler was a Zionist agent" thesis is just getting annoying now, although he doesn't promote it as much as he has in the past.

  16. To act collectively and asking to be only individually responsible, when discovered, its a classic jewish ruse. So, when Rosenbergs, Madoff, Pollard, etc. and their ilk are exposed, communists are just the single ones in the headlines, not the jewish ones that brought the October uprising in Russia (495 jews among 500 bolshevik leaders). When Rosenbergs spied on the US and sent Hydrogen bomb plans tro Moskow, they were just russian imigrates, not jews, when Pollard passed USN submarine codes to Russia he was never singled out as a jew but simply as a traitor. In both cases, jew associations tried to vindicate the Rosenbergs and pushed to liberate Pollard. And what to say about banking/mortgage/hedge funds/outsourcing to demolish what´s left of america´s economy; how about Lehman, Blankfein, Bernanke being critized by NY Times or Washington Post, or asking for a non-jewish Federal Reserve
    to be elected as chairman, or not providing US help to Israel with money exacted from taxes placed on majority of Americans, or if so religious and pious Bible followers, why don´t decry Hollywood´s decadent production and vilification of Christians and other religions.
    Indeed, Jews seem to have some sort of common sense/self defense when facing gentiles and placed in minority as theatrical stance but, in secrecy they´re joyful in their misdeeds. No remorse, no regret, no apologize. Two step forward, one step backward as they make the road leading to the NWO. We may have the chance to meet a minority of those not sharing Talmudic guidelines, but how sincere they may be it´s always hard to know.
    Going deeply and to the core of the medular matter, its the masonic allegiance made out of secrecy and obedience that controls judaism in the inner circle of jewish Lodges like Bnai Brith, Mizraim and Bnai Zion, and others in the middle, which design objectives, plans and procedures, which are transmitted to the kahal or jewish community, very much like a a military staff guiding the troops. To find something religious in masonry, its to find the true cult of Satan. In jewish masonry, the ends justify the means, from marriage and investment to gestation to assassination; what explains why jews are limited in speaking openly on their millenary anti-gentle behaviour.
    Unfortunatedly, gentiles taking the masonic oath become the cannon fodder to be blamed for the wrong policies and recurrent crisis plaguing history, but secret keeps them silent, as they wait for the "thirty coins" rewarding their betrayal and as they submerge fellow gentiles of society in pain,sorrow and misery.
    Only could be explained that very few jews can control entire populations, by the ever present Masonry polluting every single major political party, where the ones belonging to the craft, are trained in presenting facts as irremediable consequences of their own mistakes -which are made by following the jewish scrip- and once masons loose "credibility" are replaced by other masons "with a clean shit of paper" which speak with the classic jargon of "sustentability", "terror", "democracy", "political correctness" and so on, all leading to major banking benefits and the fight of antisemitic discrimination.
    America is slowly opening the eyes to find the reason of its maladies but, it would take a little more time to get wind of true purpose of masonry, true accomplices of
    World oblivion by judaism.

    1. Great post. I think their role in secret societies gives them cover and allows them to operate freely from the threats of infiltration, discovery, and punishment (collective and individual punishment). You could practically devote an entire site to discussing the publication "Under the Sign of Scorpion" to get an idea about Jews, Masonry (and Illuminati) at the top of their own power pyramid. Thank you.

    2. Brilliantly put. Jewish behavior is the ideology of mobsters, or maybe insects. It's all about the hive. Anything outside the hive is the enemy, nothing else matters. Hell, they even act the same and look the same with nary a shred of individual imagination anywhere to be seen.

      And you're right, they will always let an individual Jew "take the fall" whenever they're caught, rather than drawing any attention to "the hive."

      "Jewish Studies" departments should rightfully be called "Mobster Studies" in what used to be called "Universities."

  17. Maybe I can put in my 2 cents worth.
    I was born in Dresden of Jehovah Witness parents and to show that I was a "good German" I and my entire class at school volunteered to join the Waffen SS. Before leaving home sometime in 1943 my father told me always to treat people like I hoped to be treated myself and to remember when old enough to shave I have to face that person looking back at me every morning. Jewish people ? I just remember a few stores owned by them and later people afraid to shop there. Then as now (70 odd years later in Canada) I can't tell any difference. They look the same as me, trying to make a living just like me except they pray in a different building and I don't care whether it's a Church, Synagogue or Mosque.
    Now the people in Israel ? I wonder are they as evil as my comrades and I were accused off ? Somehow as the Western News Services are controlled by the Western Allies I suspect like in my day we are merely told what is "Politically Correct". Also I find it difficult to understand how a people who claim millions of their own people murdered, mistreated visit the same thing onto others.
    During my time as soldier all the way from Zhitomir Russia across Europe to Zwolle, Holland I have seen many prison camps and the very worst I saw were the Allied POW camps I was in. For many years I had nightmares, never from what we had done - no what was done to me and my comrades.
    Also I am very sure what was happening in prison and concentration camps towards the end of the war was a direct consequence of the terror bombing going on affecting all supply and transport systems for the last 5 month or so of the war. How could any prison camp even exist from day to day ? No food, no medical supply's, no hygienic supply's and constant fuel, power, water stoppages combined with overcrowding from some of the Eastern prison camps.
    All problems the Allies never had, in the Western Allied prison camps prisoners died due to lack of medical attention, malnutrition, no hygienic supplies and general mistreatment. I was there and experienced it and saw my comrades die. The few historians who dare estimate more then one million prisoners died.
    Just read the books by Dr. Nick Kollerstrom, Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, James Bacque, David Irving but don't expect them in the "Best Sellers List also just a reminder:
    The International Red Cross representatives right up to Germany's surrender always had access to every POW camp and Concentration camp. In my 4 years (after the war) I have never seen a Red Cross Representative or received a Red Cross Parcel.


    1. It seems to me, that people in general view religion as something good. If they practice a 'good' religion, and I guess I'm thinking in terms of Christianity, because it's founder, Christ taught love and brotherhood, doing good for others, etc., so rank and file Christians, any denomination, just assume all religions are 'good' -- like their's.

      Of course, religion is not always synonymous with good, and judaism is a very good illustration of that. Judaism is not at all like Christianity. All too often, when pointing out the many perfidious activities of jews and the the nation wrecking policies they orchestrate, they shutdown because they believe you are attacking a religion, the sacred religion of the poor, defenseless, victim, jews, which in their view, is hitting below the belt. After all, 'millions of them have been gassed at the hands of evil' -- weep, weep, tears and tears.

      It's as though in order to avoid confusion in minds predisposed to confusion, I need a disclaimer before every post I make to say (dumb-dumb), I'm not talking about religion, I'm talking about jews. You know, jewish people, a tribe with a distinct identity, culture, history, and ethnicity; not White people, JEWS! A (chosen) people of which 80% of them are declared atheists.

      But even if I did, these boneheads, all suffering jew induced cognitive dissonance, and certainly large numbers of Christian zionists with their undying worship OF jews would come under this label, still wouldn't be able to separate jew + religion in their minds. Such is the deceptive nature of these parasites and the deception jews have inculcated into the masses by their constant indoctrination through media, education, and motion pictures.

      These 'deep thinking' zionist Christians think of jews inseparably as religion -- a 'good' religion, and of course, religion = 'good'. So, they see jews as just those 'good' religious folks who bob their heads and wear those funny little hats. They're just like Christians, of course, and worship the same God we do and have a holy day right around Christmas just like we do. They just say different prayers we don't know the words to, and pray in synogogues instead of churches. They're just like us!!! Ask the lunatic Pope!

      It's just so wrong, wrong, wrong, on so many levels. Jews are nothing like Christians. They hate Christians. They hate Christ. They have murdered or caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of Christians and Gentiles. There is no way jews could atone equitably for their misdeeds, but I could think of something that could make it impossible for them to do any more destruction, and that would have to do.

      The jews say they're "God's chosen people" which of course Christians confuse with writings in the Old Testament of their bible. But when you take the ubiquitous evil deeds and activities of jews into account, throughout thousands of years of history, the only view you can come away with is that their 'god' is not the God of the Bible, that the jews' god is clearly Satan, and if you're a bible believer, Jesus Christ himself said as much.

  18. Thought this could be apropriate at this time. (; thank you John!!

    "My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They're not just persecuting me. This is not just my struggle, I'm not just doing this for myself... This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped. They're a menace to the whole world." -- Bobby Fischer

  19. The really sad thing about most Jews other than the brave souls you mentioned is that Jews don't speak against the bad behavior of their kind Out of fear or being ostracized. That is cowardly. The Bible itself talks about the bad behavior of these people saying that their bad actions would be remembered by using the words, they would become a "byword" among the nations. We certainly have seen that haven't we? In the NT they are called and said to be "against all mankind" 1 Thessalonians 2:15. Revelation 2:9, 3:9 says the are from the synagogue of Satan. Jesus said their house would become "abandoned" Mat 23:38
    So take your pick, God has shown us the past and future of the Jews.

  20. Britain's chief rabbi, Immanuel Jakobovits, has accurately described the Holocaust campaign as "an entire industry, with handsome profits for writers, researchers, film-makers, monument builders, muse-um planners and even politicians." He added that some rabbis and theologians are "partners in this big business."

  21. Here is the crunch sentence in whole diatribe:

    "I find it simply beyond belief that you view the Holocaust as a made up lie as a result of Jewish dominance in the media."

    Beyond BELIEF he says, and that is the humdinger give away. The Holohoax is a religion based upon their beliefs and nothing else - The Secular Calvary so no need for Jesus Christ.

    1. Could ask the question then 'what makes your beliefs true and theirs wrong' ? Where is all the evidence for your beliefs ?

    2. Strawman argument. There are plenty of ancient historical records that support my beliefs, apart from the Holy Scriptures themselves. Now you tell me what supports their beliefs.

    3. You best ask them that as I don't care for their beliefs. I'd like to know what this 'plenty' of ancient historical records are please. A study of Comparative Religion and Mythology will show clearly that all the characters in the gospels were around for thousands of years before the gospel era, as mythology, so I guess we are to assume that by sheer coincidence all these characters show up in one place as historical persons to play out the myths. However, in all respect the last thing I want to do is discuss religion with a believer, that's like trying to discuss the holocaust with a 'survivor'. My point was actually a simple one and not just about religious beliefs, maybe we all at times need to sit back and think about our beliefs before we attack someone else's - and no I don't believe in the holocaust - we are all guilty of false beliefs. PS if God couldn't sort out the problem of His own creation without resorting to violence and murder of an innocent being then He isn't worthy of anyone's praise or worship - since the third century these scriptures have been trashed by literal interpretation beyond all recognition turning humanity into complete morons and imbeciles., waiting for Jesus to fly from out of space on a white horse to sort all this mess out ... sorry but if that isn't moronic I don't now what is.... and people say we are 'awake' lol i'd say we are from it.

    4. If I thought posting references and links would assist you I would do so, but I know from your attitude and your reliance on agenda based biased anti-Biblical sources I would be wasting my time i.e. your mind is closed. However, this thread is about Jews and their BELIEFS that there was a holocaust as measured against historical proof and evidence that there was not a holocaust. Now what's your position on this thread topic apart from beliefs?

    5. LOL My mind is closed ? a typical statement from a religious 'believer', I happen to hold the Bible and ALL ancient texts in very high regard. I just KNOW that the myth, allegory, symbol is FAR greater than the literal, and the Bible states that !! As far as the holocaust is concerned its not true, but as religion, many will believe it regardless of how ridiculous some of the 'fables' are. Your attitude is typical of a religious brainwashed blind follower - I do not have an agenda, but am just pointing out that people with 'beliefs' will get defensive as you are just as holocaust believers get defensive, there is no difference between you, you want them to open their mind yet you keep yours closed - keep looking for Jesus on that white horse, I can't wait to see him in a space suit and i'd guess the horse will need one too LOL I wonder what speed they travel at !! If only you 'believers' understood the real meanings of these things. PS If you read Revelation it states that Christ was crucified ( spiritually ) in the cities of Sodom and Egypt !! How if its history can that be ? And, Egypt isn't a city !! I suggest you find out what these words symbolise. Also, if its history then why are the two holiest Christian days, Easter and Christmas, determined NOT by any historical event but by ASTRONOMICAL events !! yet you claim there is plenty of historical evidence, explain that. There is TRUTH in the astronomical symbolism but not in your literal claimed historical dating. It's all about the Sun - God, which has profound meaning.

    6. Yes, TRUTH is not belief. Even the "big bang" is a "belief system" as can be said of many branches of science (anthropology, social sciences, etc.). In the quest for the TRUTH one must suspend all personal belief and recognize the difference. I'll add that sadly, that cognitive dissonance has replaced common sense and critical thinking!

  22. Yes, there's no doubt we White Europeans were ripe for the picking. That's because we're not at all like jews. Gentiles, by and large, don't understand their mindset. To our detriment, Gentiles couldn't have imagined there is a people so clever, subversive, secretive as a group, and diabolically evil as jews, who would plot together to destroy their non-jewish neighbors. Of course, after these last 60 years of intense indoctrination, many Whites have been judaized, in other words, our value systems have been altered to fit more closely with theirs. Our weakness, if you will, is merely in being who we are as Whites. A loving, caring, empathetic, people, and it is the jews who took full advantage of our kindness towards others. It is the prime example of evil triumphing over good.

    Additionally, Gentiles cannot imagine that entire families and indeed, an entire nation of betrayers and swindlers could possibly exist. Yes, realizing individuals or small groups of thieves and robbers are understandable to the average person -- but an entire nation of thieves and liars is far too much for the ordinary person to imagine or comprehend. And so, because we cannot comprehend it, most of our people do not believe that such an organized and predatory cult exists.

    The Jews have swindled the wealth out of the entire United States and Europe through their banking frauds. They have stolen the homes of millions of people through their mortgage frauds. They have destroyed the health and the savings of the entire nation with their medical swindles. They have committed genocide against the white race. They have spread their perversions of homosexuality, prostitution and debauchery around the world. They have plunged the nations into warfare for their own profit. And they have become the richest people on earth with their pockets filled with the wealth of the Gentiles. But because they also own the media and are able to print and broadcast whatever lies benefit them, then our People only hear the lies of the Jews.

    Watch, as they steal your money, confiscate your home, race mix, seduce your daughter, debauch your son, destroy your country and dispossess you with illegal aliens.

  23. You seem to have a lot of yea sayers on this site so allow me to be the first to disagree. I don't think your response was very good. Your response to a very well written and non confrontational email was condescending and unnecessarily belligerent. I don't think you'll find a lot of support by doing it this way and you don't seem to be helping any cause here. You do realize that what you're proposing here is so far over people's heads that it will require a huge amount of tact not to throw people into an automatic repulsive response. You're treading on real thin ice here sir. If you truly want to enlighten people and not just be preaching to the choir you would be wise to not devalue people's personal experiences and be a little bit more sensitive to where they're coming from. All due respect.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and constructive criticism.

      I wasn't trying to be harsh, belligerent, or confrontational at all - just matter of fact. Jews get their feelings hurt every time someone says something critical or factual about them! It's ridiculous! And now they have the Blacks, Mexicans, homosexuals, etc. acting the same way! Of course, it's a well established fact that Jews have been at the leading organizers, financiers, and instigators of the various minority groups that are currently being used to tear apart and destroy traditional American culture and its founding stock.

      The Jews have totally weakened our society to the point of absurdity. That is political correctness, at least one important aspect of it, at its finest. In modern America, you are not allowed to say mean things, however factual and truthful, about any minority group. The only people you are permitted to openly criticize, slander, and demonize are White people, who are "the cancer of history," as one Jew famously put it. This is unacceptable to me.

      I was simply responding to this Jewish critic in a matter of fact, straightforward way. I don't see where my reply could be construed as belligerent or confrontational in any way. Can you be more specific?

    2. Yeah but the point is, John, this English Jewish man is not saying or doing ANY of the things you're accusing organised Jewry of doing ^.

      I don't recall reading where he's advocating for gay rights, promoting Mexican immigration or accusing the entire White European race of being a cancer on society. Am I wrong? He did say: he's a train driver from London who grew up on his family myths of Treblinka and the Holocaust and he was upset when he read your blog. We all know the Holocaust thing is total BS but likewise there's no need to project all that onto this guy.

      And perhaps time to employ just a modicum of humility and graciousness when you're dismantling a man's greatest illusions. Just saying...

    3. Did you even read my response? I specifically pointed out that "I do believe that there are Jews in the world, both historically and contemporarily, who really do not play an important or central role in the overall Jewish agenda." I went on to state that I believed this Jewish man was likely one of these Jews who has not played a prominent or central role in the overall Jewish agenda.

      My point was that although there are Jews who do not play a major role in formulating and advancing international Jewry's global agenda, the vast majority of them go along with it and/or agree with it.

  24. Let me respond as well...

    "I stumbled across your blog and twitter account and I just wanted to say how upset it made me."

    - That is a real shame. I hope you feel better soon. Being upset usually takes a little time. You will be okay once your 'upset' passes along.

    "It was an experience which my mother up until her death suffered severe trauma from."

    - Sorry to hear. I am sure the trauma your mum experienced was similar to the trauma that the German/Japanese civilians, soldiers, POWs, and generally everyone on the continent of europe and asia felt? Un-Just-War sucks for everyone. Not just your mum.

    "as a result of Jewish dominance in the media."

    - Not even up for debate. Goes without saying. An expectation in the world of our fellow email Jew pen pal. A pre-requisite for living on this earth. Muh media.

    "They never had anything to do with the media and nor were they trying to brainwash people"

    - Nice to know you were not involved. I doubt you disagreed with the media back then though. This is like saying because George Bush is supposedly white/american, that because I am a white/american, that means he is not lying to the people. Wrong.

    "I am simply shocked that an intelligent man such as yourself..."

    - Hmm. If you think he intelligent...Maybe ask yourself why an intelligent man as you say, would DARE say such incredible ridiculous things? Eh? Did you ask yourself that? Did you? No. You did not.

    "I assure you I do not have any influence in the media or in the world of politics or finance."

    - Great. Thank God. Good thing your thinking you control all of your people. I guess nobody is in control of those things then. You are not involved. Let us not look into who controls our information sources. To do so would be shocking and crazy or something.

    "And it breaks my heart..."

    - The most ridiculous line in the entire email right here. No chance your heart is broken. Complete and utter LIE. Your heart is not broken. Just. Stop. Already. You know damn well that there is a huge amount of people who are fed up with this thought police. Just. Stop. Already.

    "you instead focus your hatred on a race"..."I suggest your complaints are perhaps at individual people as opposed to the whole Jewish faith."

    - Which is it? Race or Faith? This is the difference. I may have been raised catholic, if one were to criticize the catholics, how on earth am I to be offended or have my heart broken by such a criticism? You may say you are white no? Are you white? Yes? Than its a faith. Are you not white? Then it is a race. Its both for you right? Yes AND No?

    You see you are making a false analogy there. It is not Jewish/Israeli vs. Catholic/White...It is White/Jewish? vs. White/Catholic?...Are you white? Or are you a Jew? Pro White or Anti White? Pro Christ or Anti Christ? Simple. Very.

    " race...there isn't this world wide hurts me...race to which I belong...endless hate me because I'm Jewish...why you hate a man before you know them...what exactly I'm supposed to have done wrong."

    - Complete emotional jibberish. Laughable logic and reasoning. Foolishness. Very Political Correct mealy mouthed nonsense. Only thinking of ME ME ME ME ME.

    This type of reaction is EXACTLY the reaction you get from the Republican/CONservative/FoxSnooze crowd. "You can't say that bout muh country damnit. Its not all or us! Hell I don't like the government but this is the best country damnit!"

    Good lord. May a meteor hit this planet already.

  25. It is infuriatingly difficult to hold back the tidal wave of kike perfidy!


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