Friday, April 3, 2015

Grandchildren of "Holocaust survivors" perpetuating myth

A book review recently published by The Jewish Daily Forward discusses and promotes a book entitled, God, Faith & Identity From the Ashes: Reflections of Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors. The review, written by Michael Berenbaum, a Professor of Jewish Studies at American Jewish University, describes the book thusly:

[...] Edited by Menachem Rosensaft, this work features short but powerful essays by some 88 contributors from 16 countries. Diverse as they may be, they have one experience in common: All are children or grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. The authors were chosen for their prominence as writers and artists, rabbis and cantors, political leaders and generals, lawyers and judges, and professors and scholars. They are a who’s who of their generation and they reflect the diverse, conflicting and often contradictory ways that the Holocaust has affected the succeeding generations.

The essays are divided into four sections: God, identity, the legacy of memory and tikkun olam, ordinarily translated as “repairing the world,” but here translated as “changing the world for the better.” The divisions, however necessary, are artificial, as many essays deal with all four. For most writers, they are inseparable. [...]
One wonders if the Jews will still be writing books about the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII in 50 years from now. Perhaps the great-grandchildren or great-great-grandchildren of "Holocaust survivors" will be writing books about how they are "implementing the lessons from the Shoah" and "changing the world for the better" (i.e., making the world safe for the Jewish exploitation of and rule over all peoples and nations) in the future.

The promotion, perpetuation, and reinforcement of this absurd horror story known as the "Holocaust" will never end unless we make it end by educating ourselves and rejecting Jewish lies.

Since WWII, the organized international Jewish community has literally created a trillion dollar industry centered around the promotion and reinforcement of this ridiculous, entirely false historical narrative, and have used it as a weapon against the Western world.

The false "Holocaust" story has served as a weapon to demonize and delegitimize White identity and national self-determination, equating these entirely rational concepts and aspirations with "hate," "racism," and "genocide."

After all, everyone knows that if you openly identify as a White person, care about the future of the White race, and seek to formulate and advance the interests of White people in America or anywhere else in the world, you are an "Evil Nazi Who Wants to Murder Six Million Jews," just like Hitler, his supporters, and his allies did, right?

On the other hand, the fake "Holocaust" narrative is the central unifying factor of international Jewry. Indeed, as studies have shown, the false "Holocaust" narrative and the exaggerated, distorted notion of Jewish "persecution" and "suffering" at the hands of irrational, mindless "bigots" and "anti-Semites" - all of whom are strongly linked to traditional Western civilization and its peoples - are the most important aspects of Jewish identity. The "Holocaust" defines Jewry, and books like the one mentioned above serve to reinforce this central aspect of Jewish identity (not to mention generate substantial income and sympathy from the gullible goyim).

Are you starting to catch on to this scam?

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  1. the holocaust dogma of Talmudic Judaism is an emotional appeal for sympathy for
    the most evil creatures on Earth...who front for the money changers and Pharisees
    but really don't have to...

    Jesus said to round up the workers of iniquity and put them in the ovens
    @ Matthew 13:39-42...

    Thanks to the "Jewish" FORWARD...many such articles appear to inform
    the GOY about the "Jewish" agenda...on a daily basis

    so why is it taking so long to put the "Jewish" narrative into the OVENS of Truth ?

    "The promotion, perpetuation, and reinforcement of this absurd
    horror story known as the "HolocaustTM" will never end unless we make it
    end by educating ourselves {Non Jews} and rejecting Jewish lies."

    no one on Earth HAS to be a "Jew".

    Thank Jesus.

    furthermore, the Old Testament is not about the "Jewish" people.



    1. Well said Davy, as always. Im curious: do you view the Jew as a distinct biological entity separate from the White race?

    2. Nice Educated Reply Davy! Clear & to the Point!!

    3. Brilliantly said, Davy, and I totally agree, This false "Holocaust" narrative has to end; period. Liars and deceivers such as Elie Wiesel must be totally discredited and the Truth spread worldwide, Courageous truth tellers such as Mike King of TomatoBubble,com and Brother Nathanael Kapner must be highly commended for their daily attempts to get the truth out among the public; they're risking just about everything to inform the public about the true nature of Organized World Jewry. America is quickly beginning to resemble Bolshevik Russia under Lenin and his successor, Stalin, who continued Lenin's bloody pogroms against Russian Christians.

  2. John, do you talk to James Edwards from the Political Cesspool?

    1. You should call his show, I'm sure he would love to hear what you have to say. He is on our side when it comes to Jews and white nationalism. He has Kevin MacDonald and other prominent guests on his show.

  3. We are not Jewish, my mother during WWII hid jews from the Nazis in the Netherlands. She lived in a jewish neighborhood and knew and respected many. The majority of the Jews were hauled away and after the war, not one returned. Whether they were gassed, worked to death or died from typhus, the fact remains many died. We just don't know how many.

    1. Apparently, many deceived people stupidly worship and respect the jews today. That's why we're in the fix we're in. But the children of Satan deserves no respect. They never came back? Well, hopefully they're all dead. No one asked them to force Germany into war.

      “We Jews are going to bring war on Germany.”— David Brown, President of American Hebrew, in 1934

      "Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into it, not this year but soon..." (The Jew Emil Ludwig Cohn, LesAnnales, June, 1934

      'It is our task to organise the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.' -- Bernard Lechache wrote in The Right to Live (December 1938)

  4. My dad whupped me good for lying to him. I recommend this behavioral mod technique for parents when their kids lie. Parents teaching their jewish kids to lie to and cheat non-jews need some sort of rigorous behavioral modification to break this bad habit and offense against the rest of the world. Their Talmud says a lot that explains peoples' revulsions towards jews.

  5. Interesting to note that there were approx. 150,000 german soldiers of Jewish descent in WWII. Full, half and quarter Jews. This is full evidence that not all Jews were treated the same way. This fact also puts another dent into the mass media version of the Holocaust.

  6. " you view the Jew as a distinct biological entity separate from the White race?"
    For the answer to that see; Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets page 15,16
    by E. Raymond Capt. This book can be purchased used from Amazon for less than $10.
    You can also read the 15 reviews. Interestingly, on p. 16 is a clay statuette dug up in ancient Sumer c. 2500BC that bears a striking resemblance to Bernie Madof.
    This is an excellent book, but not without a few mostly minor errors.
    It seems to me the reason so many Jews are "white" is from many centuries of mixing with the Slavic races of the East. "Israel" has never had a prime minister (or more recently, whose parents) didn't come from the former territory of the Soviet Union with a Slavic surname that was always fictitiously changed to a "Hebrew" sounding name.
    Then there have been considerably less of the Nordic/Germanic (Aryan) race who incomprehensibly converted to Judaism, which almost instantly corrupts their thinking...
    A good example of this is the second wife of Derek Prince. (see Wikipedia page for DP)
    ("derek" is the Hebrew word for "a road, way")
    The Massagetae (Manassehgoths) were a deported Israelite tribe living northeast of the Caspian Sea. Herodotus said "milk is what they chiefly drink." The Aryan - more specifically- the Nordic/Germanic race- is the one race that carries the gene which allows the digestion of milk into adulthood. By mixing it has been spread into others. But northern Europe has always been the "land of milk (and honey)"
    "Aryan" in Sanskrit means "noble," in Hebrew it means "lion"
    Back to the Massagetae, queen Tomyris (Tamara) warned Cyrus over and over to leave her people alone. But he would not listen (she refused to marry him after her husband died)
    and his skull ended up as her drinking cup. Cyrus is mentioned in the OT many times and he was the king of Persia who let (insisted) the "Jews" return to Palestine and rebuild the Temple.
    The first "Jew" mentioned in the Bible was "Yehudith"- translated Judith- who was a Kenite/Canaanite wife of Esau, before Judah was even born. The confusion comes because so many people don't understand that "Jew" (Yehudi), and Judah (Yehudah) are not synonyms but absolutely homonyms. Understand that and you are way ahead of the mindless pack.

  7. "The first "Jew" mentioned in the Bible was "Yehudith"- translated Judith- who was a Kenite/Canaanite wife of Esau, before Judah was even born. The confusion comes because so many people don't understand that "Jew" (Yehudi), and Judah (Yehudah) are not synonyms but absolutely homonyms. Understand that and you are way ahead of the mindless pack."

    Let me elaborate, please:

    The "Kenite/Canaanite" are the Kanni/Cains of Washukanni/VasuKanni, which is aka "Akkadian/Assyrian/Mittani/Medes/Hurrian" that is now called Kurdistand, on the mouth of the Euphrates Rives. They invaded Ugarit @ 666 BC, stole the Indo-Aryan mythology, and renamed the land after themselves: Kanni/Canaan. Kanni/Cains = Blacksmiths. They had the steel weapons forged from meteorites they obtained in China, along the Silk Road. These were called "Nantan" meteorites, and one can still purchase them online, made of 95% iron, with nickel and chromium. The Kanni called them "Natas"= "black metal."
    Now you know the real origin of the "Three kings of the Orient following a (FALLEN) star." That "star" was a "Natas" it right to left.

    And who was buried with two swords made of these meteorites? Tut. Who did the Indo-Aryan "god" (king, a "god on Earth) VishNu give "celestial weapons" to? Shiva.

    Who is "Tut?" He is the son or grandson of "Yuya." The asaf Ja of Egypt, and the Kanni/Mittani/Medes/Assyrian king known as Tushratta. Dashartha:"ten avatars of VishNu."

    His capital in India was of the Jews. His uncle was Sausatar/Sausatra..."Esau." King of the Kanni/Mittani. "Esau" translates as "red/hairy."

    He was a Neanderthal king.

    Look at the Wikipedia article on Yuya and Akhenaton. Yuya/Tushratta/"Dhritarashtera" was the Blind King of Indo-Aryan legend. Look closely at Yuya's right eye and forehead: someone drove a stake into his forehead down to his right cheekbone and "Popped" his eye. Akhenaton's article shows his skull: Neanderthal. Or maybe more presicely: HABilis.

    You see, the Mittani were aka "(K)HABurs" (silent "k")...they forged ExKhabur swords. Haburu....Hebrew. They spoke "Luwian" which is Levite..the Tribe of Levi. That is why the O.T. states "Levites" are a "tribe of Hebrews."

    Tut is Ya'Siwa. Siwa is the Egyptian name of Shiva. Shua. Joshua, the original "Jesus." One of Shiva's avatars is The Mahakala...a badass avenging avatar.

    Christians call him "Michael" the "archangel." Which is why 700 BC mummies from Egypt exhibit tattoos of "Archangel Michael." They were worshiping Tut as "Ya'Shua."

    And why he had a statue of "Asur-El"/"Osiris"(Greek name) in his tomb, painted BLUE.

    That is Azur-El...the BLUE ONE....L'Azerus. Lazerus.


    1. Could you please provide a working link to the "Wiki" aerticle that you describe? I can't seem to locate it. Thanks in advance.

    2. Hi farang,

      I hope that you do have more to tell us. Where did you learn all of this? How does it connect with today?

    3. yahudi means jew in arabic..

  8. Like most myths, I was brought up to believe that sol "holocaust" actually happened, But is on par with the Warren Report. Critical examination can easily expose this myth for what it is: a lie. That's why there are laws in many Western where it is illegal to question the official dogma of the holocaust. Truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. The truth withstands reexamination. Throughout history only liars have resorted to the courts to force adherence to dogma.

  9. John, you might be interested in this link and the association with physchopathy/neanderthals/Haburi/and those who call themselves Jews but are not! (edomites / red and hairy - Esau ; white - Jacob/Israel.
    Also, not to sow discord but in the interest of intelligent debate the link below does begin to make s one think on an entirely "open and profound" level for we have been conditioned since birth maybe even through the gestation period!
    BTW Have you ever thought about interviewing Yukon Jack?

  10. All of the people living the dream of world domination are soon to find their end. The Holohoaxer's are just sick of themselves. The Holohoaxers are just sickening. Haven't enough people suffered, hundreds of millions of innocent people have suffered. How much is too much? We could pave their streets in gold and they still wouldn't be satisfied. They crave, the blood of innocence. What they are soon to get is their own blood splashing up into their faces. They will know the smell of blood, the taste of blood, their own blood. Be ready, Nibiru, is coming, there is to be a cleansing of the Earth, again. We should dig the murderers out of their hiding places so they too can experience true retribution, godly retribution. Horror and the misery of dying.


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