Monday, April 13, 2015

Children of "Holocaust survivors" being groomed to perpetuate weaponized historical narrative

Due to the extremely emotional and traumatic nature of the official "Holocaust" story of WWII - "6 million Jews" allegedly brutalized, tortured, gassed, and/or murdered at the hands of Adolf Hitler and "the evil Nazis" - the vast majority of people are simply incapable of critically thinking about this very important aspect of our collective historical narrative.

The official "Holocaust" narrative, which has been exposed as entirely false in virtually all aspects by serious, honest historians and scientists, has been perpetuated and reinforced largely by emotionally charged, psychologically exploitative propaganda.

The propaganda, imagery, and testimony associated with the fake "Holocaust" tale are designed to exploit mass audiences' base emotions and psychology, rendering them incapable of critically evaluating the information they are (seemingly) innocuously consuming, literally implanting the false narrative of "6 million murdered Jews" in their minds.

Emotional, traumatizing movies produced and promoted by the admittedly Jewish-owned and controlled Hollywood movie industry have been instrumental in this successful propaganda and public relations campaign on behalf of organized Jewry. "Holocaust survivors" and their emotional, dubious, and in many cases completely fraudulent testimony have been crucial to this successful propaganda campaign as well.

As the number of "Holocaust survivors" rapidly diminishes, the organized Jewish community is seeking to groom the children of these alleged "survivors" in order to perpetuate this entirely false, highly weaponized narrative of history, as The Times of Israel recently reported:

When David Hershkoviz was a child, he used to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of his mother screaming in her sleep, knowing that she was reliving the horrors of the Holocaust,

In time, he learned of the traumatic wartime experience that haunted her most — being torn away from her own mother at the Auschwitz concentration camp’s selection line, where at 21 she was forced into work and her mother dispatched to death.

“That separation never left her,” said Hershkoviz, 54, his voice quivering as he choked back tears. “She said, ‘I think my mother is angry at me because I left her. … My mother never comes to me in my dreams. I haven’t dreamed about her since we parted. How is that possible?'”

When his mother, Mindel, died two years ago, he wanted to carry on her legacy by bearing witness to the Holocaust. He found help in a first-of-its-kind course teaching the children of Holocaust survivors how to ensure their parents’ stories live on.

Hershkoviz is one of 18 graduates of the Shem Olam Institute’s inaugural four-month “second-generation” course, where children of survivors study the history of the horrors their parents endured and how best to pass it on. The program aims to usher in a new stage of Holocaust commemoration in a post-survivor era. [...]
It is no exaggeration to say that the organized international Jewish community and the Jewish state of Israel are literally obsessed with the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, which has been so beneficial, so critical, to the political and financial success of the Jews since WWII. The "Holocaust" is constantly invoked, reported on, discussed, and perpetuated on a daily basis, in Israel and in the West.

Ahead of "Holocaust Rememberance Day," close to half of Israelis polled believe a "second Holocaust" is possible, largely because the "lessons from the Shoah" have not been fully realized, The Times of Israel recently reported. Additionally, as I noted last week, 80% of Israelis believe the "Holocaust" will eventually be forgotten.

"Unfortunately, given the organized Jewish community's highly effective marketing and public relations campaign centered around the promotion and perpetuation of the false 'Holocaust' narrative of WWII, I very much doubt this anti-White, anti-German narrative of history will 'lose its significance as the seminal catastrophe of modern times,' as many Israelis polled apparently believe," I argued in the post. "We would be foolish indeed to think our Jewish overlords and traitorous politicians would allow us to 'forget about the Holocaust' and the 'important lessons' it has taught humanity."

The Jerusalem Post recently ran a headline screaming: "Tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors living here in poverty," practically demanding even more money from the guilt-ridden Germans and other European countries and private organizations too weak to stand up to the Jews. Indeed, as the article explains, increased funding for the various social service organizations helping "Holocaust survivors" in Israel have been increased, with the funding coming from "increased German restitution payments as well as private foundations, the Austrian government, and a settlement with Swiss banks," according to the the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a mafia-style Jewish racket if there ever was one.

As we approach yet another day(!) officially sanctioned to commemorate the false "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, let us all critically and logically examine the way in which this weaponized and entirely fraudulent version of history has been perpetuated and reinforced.

The official "Holocaust" narrative is never explained or presented in a rational, logical, or fact-based format. Rather, it is implanted, reinforced, and perpetuated in our minds via psychological warfare and deceitful propaganda, utilizing a trauma-induced, fear-based mind control format.

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  1. With the continuing collapse of the Holocrock Lie, I think the children are going to curse their lying, scumbag parents and grandparents for saddling them with this absurd story. the payback will be LONG, sustained, and comprehensive.

    1. I disagree - the vast majority of Jews, young and old, are deeply invested in the fake "Holocaust" story. They benefit from it, they identify with it, it's is the major aspect of their life and identity. It's time for non-Jews to reject Jewish lies, and that means rejecting Jews generally, because they are liars first and foremost.

    2. Folks, get my book, read John Friend's review of it - It tells you how to be able to talk about the 'Holocaust' illusion without losing your friends. How to get the facts straight. These are the last days of the Great Lie. Jews will have to discover a self-identity without the great Holohoax myth.

    3. I fully agree with John. All the jews have is their victimization, and the delusions of grandeur that often attend persecution complexes, not to menton narcissism. From the time they became jews, or even before, they were 'victims.' Archaeological evidence disproves this, going back to Egypt where they were in actuality part of a ruling class, but they'll scream 'Muh Holocaust' till they or the whole planet is enslaved. For whites, I just hope we can move them out and let the other semites deal with them. But never forget that they never stop falsifying.

  2. One of the main problems I see about the Holocaust narrative is that no aspects can be questioned in many countries without breaking the Holocaust Laws. In the U.S. yes we have freedom of speech, however a lot of pressure can be placed on individuals who question the Holocaust narrative .Careers have been destroyed. A paradigm of reality regarding the Holocaust story has been constructed through the controlled mass media where free logical thought processes are hindered or obstructed through the emotions created by this paradigm.Officially, questioning the Holocaust narrative is a crime on the grounds that we are insulting those that died and their surviving relatives in this terrible period in history. However, many people feel that this is really an excuse to obstruct logical and scientific investigation into exactly what happened or not happened. TRUTH SHOULD NOT FEAR INVESTIGATION.

    Answer: Many groups tend to exaggerate the histories of their sufferings. So what?
    You have such entries in history books and even in a few museums. Again So What?
    But when such "History" becomes a World Wide "Religion" where other peoples sufferings ( which may have been larger in magnitude) are no longer recognized, and that this "Religion" or Event is constantly used for Financial gain, Political Power and Shields for certain foreign policies to subjugate other peoples, then people begin to question the context of this History. This is how Holocaust Revisionism started . People began to see inconsistencies in the Holocaust story itself including a magnitude of Holocaust literature which did not make sense or contradicted the standard Holocaust story itself. Example: Elie Weisel's important publication "Night" original 1960 edition ( in the French as well as unabridged English) DOES NOT ONCE SPEAK OF GAS CHAMBERS. It was not until a later edition ( the one that is now read) that gas chambers were introduced. Quite an oversite you would day? Elie Weisel furthermore in his book describes him and his father in an infirmary at Auschwitz (this is also a contradiction to the Holocaust story) where he is approached by a German officer who states that the Russians are approaching the camp and that would Elie and his father want to stay and wait for them or go back to the Germany with the Germans. Elie decided to go back to Germany with the Nazis. Interesting? Here is a key note undeniable and is historically proven through extensive documentation: Approx. 150,000 German soldiers of Jewish descent ( Full, Half and quarter Jews) served in the German army, Navy, and Luftwaffe during WW II. !!!!!!
    Key Note: Holocaust Revsionism is supported mainly by scientific data and documentation. The mainstream Holocaust Narrative depends mainly on eye witness tesimony, the least reliable source of information.

    1. What the author, ANONYMOUS has stated is so True. It is a verifiable fact that the Rothschild/Zionist Dynasty Mind-Set is totally incapable of telling The Truth!
      They are of their Father, the Devil, and the Works of their Father will they do!
      The Holohoax is a gigantic fraud perpetrated against a culture of People that has endured indescribable suffering. The Jewish Bolshevik directed Revolution in Russia murdered 60 million plus people under Lenin and Stalin!

    2. Here's another fact that just came to mind. On the American Heroes Channel under "Nazi Collaborators" the truth about quarter, half, and even full Jews served in Hitler's military was documented. However, that fact was overshadowed by the false narrative of relatives and other Jews having been deported to fictional "death camps" in E. Europe - mainly, in E. Poland - and exterminated.
      The Khazarian Mafia's extermination of 60+ million people under Bolsheviks Lenin and Stalin, on the other hand, is totally suppressed by the KM-controlled media.

    3. It is interesting to read that when some camps in eastern lying territories were about to be "liberated" by the soviet army the Germans running the camps were told to evacuate and head west. The Jews in those camps straggled down the road following the German guards west instead of staying in the camps to be liberated by the Russians. They were not forced to do so. The Germans told them to stay or was their choice. Why did they follow their capturers? Apparently they trusted the guards more than the soviets. They knew it was the air raids that cut off their food supply and not the Germans.

  4. The Jerusalem Post today reports:

    Second-generation Holocaust survivors more anxious about Iranian nuclear threat

    Not only is the second-generation more interested in and preoccupied with the Iranian threat, but they also bear a more ominous outlook on the world in general.

    The adult children of Holocaust survivors are more anxious about the Iranian nuclear threat than their counterparts who are not second-generation survivors, according to a study published by researchers at Bar-llan University in Ramat Gan.
    The study, called “Transmitting the Sum of All Fears: Iranian Nuclear Threat Salience Among Offspring of Holocaust Survivors,” was published in a recent issue of ITAL Psychological Trauma END ITAL of the American Psychological Association that is dedicated to the study of trauma and its aftermath.

    Study author Dr. Amit Shrira, of the interdisciplinary department of social sciences, aimed at testing the “hostile-world scenari" among second-generation Holocaust survivors. This is a term coined by Israeli researcher Prof. Dov Shmotkin to describe one’s image of actual or potential threats to life, or more broadly, to one’s physical and mental integrity.

    Most second-generation survivors most often have considerable resilience and mental resources, and they generally exhibit good functioning on a daily basis, but they do have vulnerabilities that can be manifested during times of stress, the author said. [...]

  5. WHAT!? Not one Jew has posted at this site,crying about us heartless goyim?

  6. CSI: Auschwitz (A Socratic Inquiry)

    Where are the bodies?
    They were burned to ashes.
    Where are the ashes?
    They were spread to the wind.
    Where are the buildings?
    They were demolished.
    Where is the debris?
    It was buried.
    Where is it buried?
    Did I say buried? I meant, pulverized to dust and spread to the wind.

  7. "There's no business like SHOAH™ business

    'Cause SHOAH™ business is the one I know..."

    Now hand over some money, Goyim slave or else we'll set off another False Flag!

    1. Better yet, we'll take the money and still give ya the false flag! ...and steal yer gold in the basement! ;)

  8. You should make articles like these available in flyer form (pdf) where people can download and print them out. Maybe charge q buck or two for each. Activism is even 5 or 10 minutes a day and it's easy to place 10 flyers around in doctor's offices', school libraries, lunchrooms, etc. Places many of us visit everyday. Let's commemorate this day too ;)

  9. The Russians lost about 20 million souls in ww2 some reports put the number higher than this , but you don't hear the Russians constantly whining and wailing about their losses and trying to use them for political leverage. I personally am sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust I personally don't give a damn , I couldn't care less and no laws will make me believe.

  10. Holocaust? what Holocaust? i understand the Holocaust happened to the poor Germans during world war II, i dont know of any other holocaust, o yeah... the holocaust done to Vietnamese people, to the Panamanian people, to many Latin American countries and ... i forgot, the Holocaust done to the Armenians.

  11. The significance of Holocaust Revisionism is to bring to light historical accuracy to an event known as the Holocaust. Intellectual and scientific inquiry has brought to light tremendous inconsistencies in the history of the Holocaust as portrayed in the mass media. In it by itself this should not matter to many people. However the Holocaust has been used as an international hammering instrument for continual political and financial gain a policy known as the Holocaust industry ( See Norman G. Finklesteins's "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering"). What becomes apparent is the clear fact that this industry does not stop it's Lawsuits and the lust for compensations from every avenue affecting politically as well as financially people from various countries who were not alive or not yet born when the supposed Holocaust happened. It is therefore paramount that this Industry be attacked at least from the historical revisionist platform to reveal that it's foundation is made of clay and that it's aim, to a large extent, is to extract more monies from people as well as countries who had nothing to do with this event no matter how large or small it was. I believe the world's patience is hitting a boiling point. Look out!!!

  12. Since it is been proven that the holohoax is a myth, could the bible also be such a myth? What other "memes" that we are constantly indoctrinated from birth with are myths? Whoa! this could get profound!

    1. I don't think the Bible is a myth, although many people make that argument.

    2. Jesus the Nazarene had the most important philosophical message: Love God with all your heart. (The Creator).

      Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.

      These above 2 precepts combine the moral code into the philosophy of Jesus and are the “key to life.

      Pretty simple when you can observe it in the written form.

      Now for the challenge: To Live by it.

      I think that there are 3 type’s of “beings” in this world.

      1 = The psychopath - born without a conscience & without a soul. EVIL
      2 = The Pre-Adamic - born with a conscience but without a soul. NULL
      3 = The “ADAM” - born with a conscience and a soul. GOOD

      Now if there only was a way to distinguish between the three.
      Oh wait, there is: “you shall know them by their fruits”.

      IMHO out of 7 billion people on this planet 5% are in category 1, 85% in category 2, and the remaining 10% in category 3. Thus nothing seems to change for the better because it is easier for those who are part of #2 to tend towards EVIL.

      I also believe that the soul/conscience or lack thereof differentiates Cro-Magnon from Neanderthal, Denisovan, Erectus and possibly a “yet to be discovered or worse “currently with-held from the public sphere of knowledge” additional ancestor.

      The Moral Commandment: “Thou shall not commit ADULTERY” should be examined for it’s TRUE INTENDED MEANING and adhered to.

      The "ADAM" - thinking man, also referred to as Homo Sapiens-Sapiens has a "Life Mission" and I believe this mission is to be the caretaker of this earth and of all other "peoples". One must make every attempt to live life in the "Positive". Imagine if the media was used for delivering a positive message to the world. a message that is 180 degrees removed from the garbage that is instilled upon us today. I think we are at a crossroad in that those in positions of power today are becoming desparate thus for every action they make an opposite and equal reaction follows as the masses are waking up to their machinations. This is surely a spiritual battle and the TRUTH is slowly but surely being revealed. The truth shall prevail and we shall begin a new epoch in the progress of man and humanity where religion is replaced by spirituality and our purpose upon this earth is realized by each an every person.

      And, by the way, until USURY is abolished and the control of “currency” given back to the Sovereign nations, this world will continue on it’s path to the prophesy of Armageddon.

  13. Why can't they just get over it ???

    Just more scapegoating ?

  14. Whenever you hear the Jews whining about Nazis and without getting into the history of their westward migration into Europe and North Africa, remember this: The Jews went to Germany. The German's DID NOT go LOOKING for Jews. If the Jews did not like their treatment in Germany they should have packed up and left, and that is exactly what the vast majority of them did. The question now is how did we get them off our backs now? Maybe we should help them bring the country down faster

  15. It is a known fact that from 1944 to 1969 over 2.6 Million khazar Judaics Changed their names and identities in Poland alone. That is why the Leaders of all Major Khazar Judaic Diaspora rushed to the Polish Pope demanding that The Polish State Archives Files were never to be opened up
    so as to reveal the names and number of Jews that chose to change their identity.

  16. I made a satirical video about the Holocaust. I think that this might the way to go in dissolving this monstrous narrative. We can see how effective Dieudonné is in this regards. Humour owns! Please spread it if you like it.

    Here it is:

    All the best, Ye Friends of Truth!

  17. The jews are responsible for more human suffering and death and cultural and environmental destruction than all people on earth combined. Without this despicable parasitic life-form the world would be an almost unimaginably better place. They are the masters of the big lie. The holohoax is only the greatest and most profitable of their big lies. They slaughtered 3,000 American goyim on 9/11 and got clean away with it, making a huge profit into the bargain and getting their enemies blamed for it. They have never been even named, never mind punished, for the vast butchery they carried out in Russia and Europe. Unless the people of our planet deal with these creatures permanently there will never be peace or spiritual progress.

  18. This little shitty country populated by psychopathic scums is lately in a deep doodoo!
    So they only have left is "anti-semitism" & the "holohoax" stories ! & Bomb. Bomb. Bomb Iran !

  19. I believe many people were killed or died in the concentration camps. I think most were killed by typhus, not bullets and not gas. In fact the places that are called 'gas chambers' were real showers and not gas chambers at all. They were far from being air tight. They had old wooden doors that would loosely close and venting at the top and bottoms. I know that the Germans probably killed many but not anywhere close to 6 million people. Killing for nothing is still murder but the supposed survivors of these camps tell fantastic stories that are more unbelievable as history unfolds. Most of the "gassing" stories were made up by Soviet propagandists.


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