Thursday, April 9, 2015

80% of Israelis fear "Holocaust" will eventually be forgotten

An article recently appearing in The Times of Israel highlights a poll conducted in Israel which found that "over 80% of Israelis think the Holocaust will one day fade from memory," according to the article. The article continues:

The survey was conducted by The Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors ahead of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked April 16, in an attempt to glean contemporary perceptions surrounding the Holocaust in Jewish-Israeli society, the NRG news site reported Wednesday.

Five hundred Jewish-Israeli adults were canvassed for the study.

Asked whether the Holocaust will lose its significance as the seminal catastrophe of modern times and fade into history as “just another event,” 36.6% of respondents said the matter was a certainty, 45% said that it may happen, and only 17.5% responded that such a situation would not transpire.

Asked, however, if the public memory of the Holocaust influences everyday decision making in the private and public spheres in Israel, 42.2% answered in affirmative. Ten point one percent said the memory of the Holocaust has personal resonance only, while 26.9% responded that it only dictates national policy. Just 15.5% of respondents said that the memory of the Holocaust has no influence. [...]

The head of the organization behind the study believes the findings indicate a worrying trend in which the lessons of World War II will hold little significance for future generations — a course that should be counteracted with a rethink of Holocaust education in the Jewish state.

“It’s hard to think what would happen when the last [remaining] Holocaust survivors will no longer be with us,” Colette Avital, chairwoman of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors, said.

“This data should worry the country’s leaders and all those who [believe in] the continuity of Jewish history,” she said.
Unfortunately, given the organized Jewish community's highly effective marketing and public relations campaign centered around the promotion and perpetuation of the false "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, I very much doubt this anti-White, anti-German narrative of history will "lose its significance as the seminal catastrophe of modern times," as many Israelis polled apparently believe.

Not a day goes by without a mention or invocation of some aspect of the fake "Holocaust" story. Virtually every single year, one or more movies based on the "Holocaust" are made, often receiving high praise and even Academy Awards. The false "Holocaust" narrative is constantly reinforced and perpetuated through "Holocaust survivor" testimony, memoirs, books, plays, and through the Western educational system. One cannot avoid it. The "Holocaust" is rammed down our throats, stuffed into our brains, and implanted and reinforced in our minds every single day practically.

Indeed, the entire New World Order agenda, which in reality is simply a Jewish plot to enslave the world politically, economically, and culturally, destroying racial consciousness and national distinctions in the process while creating a world of mindless consumers and workers, is largely based on implementing the "lessons of the Holocaust," as Jewish leaders have openly declared.

"The Holocaust stands as Western Civilization's greatest failure," Ian Kagedan, former National Director of Government Relations of B'nai Brith Canada, wrote in a 1991 Toronto Star op-ed piece entitled Memory of the Holocaust Central to New World Order. "It was a natural outcome of centuries of racism and of anti-Semitism. To deny the Holocaust is to deny racism's capacity to undercut our civilization's basic values and to destroy democracy. Achieving our quest of a 'new world order' depends on our learning the Holocaust's lessons."

We would be foolish indeed to think our Jewish overlords and traitorous politicians would allow us to "forget about the Holocaust" and the "important lessons" it has taught humanity.

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  1. Do not fret Jews.

    You still have your micro holocausts in the form of 911, Boston, OKC, Breivik, Sydney, Charlie Hebdo, Fort Hood, 7/7, Madrid, Munich Olympics, USS Cole, ShoeBomber, TimesSquareBomber, UnderwearBomber, Woolwich, Kenya Embassy, etc. etc. AD INFINITUM...

    Too many to list actually.

    80% of me is very happy you are worried about your HoloHoax. The other 20% of me expects another one of your weekly hoaxes to be in bigger magnitude than the aforementioned ones.

    2016 : Iranian Terror and the start of the great Jeb Bush war leader presidency.



      Remembering the Holocaust....for High School Students

      Founded in 2004, SCN grew out of a jurisdictional squabble among
      national Jewish groups over access to the FBI.
      Early in 2003, Newsweek had reported that the FBI had told the Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham Foxman,
      of a terrorism threat to Jewish sites.
      Foxman’s Jewish world competitors were miffed that they learned
      about the warning by reading Newsweek.

      “There were all kinds of contradictory messages,”
      AJC’s Harris told The New York Jewish Week at the time.

      Initially, the plan was for a new entity — then called the Secure Community Alert Network — that would simply inform Jewish organizations of pertinent security threats. Goldenberg’s name is mentioned in early press accounts, as is that of Steve Pomerantz, a former senior FBI counterterrorism official who now serves as director of counterterrorism programs at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, a hawkish pro-Israel think tank. Pomerantz and Goldenberg, at the time, were consultants for AJC.

      From its beginnings as a network that sent out alerts, SCN pivoted to providing training sessions and webinars to Jewish groups. Through the organization’s decade-long history, Goldenberg has stayed on as its public face.

      Read more: About John 8:44

      It seems that, with great frequency,
      we are often thinking the same things at the same times.
      So many times that it is ridiculous, something gets said here
      that readers were just thinking that very day.
      That has been demonstrated here more often than one can remember.
      A lot of unusual synchronicity takes place here.

      I expect that there is going to be an increasing intensity of this that
      " we " have not seen before.
      There is so much darkness and violence loose in the world
      that it can color our perspective in a powerful way.
      We can forget that however much the darkness may proliferate
      in times of darkness that the light also concentrates intensely
      in certain locales and persona's.
      We forget that,
      as we are right in the critical phase of the changing of an age,
      the light is naturally growing and the darkness is breaking up.
      We rely so much on what our senses report that we forget
      about the law of precipitation and how everything we can see
      comes from a place that we cannot see.

      We forget.

  2. They are dreaming. Once the truth is all the way out, it'll be remembered for all time.

  3. They have it backwards. The Holocaust(tm) WAS forgotten. When the Jews pulled 9/11 and we figured it out, many people died, but the Holocaust(tm) came back to life. Reincarnated as the Hollow Hoax, not likely to be forgotten unless the Jews succeed in killing us all.

  4. What about the real Holocaust that the Jews commited against the native Russian Chriatans that never gets mentioned? Why are there no movies about the worst mass murderers in histroy, the Bolshevik Jews? Why don't we ever hear about the "Butcher of Ukraine" Jew Genrikh Yagoda, who was in charge of the Gulags and had over 10 million mostly Christians killed? Never mind, I already know the answer.

    1. Ah, you must be familiar with two outstanding writers who wrote on the massive bloodbaths orchestrated by the Bolshevik Jews in Russia and Ukraine - Russian writer/historian Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and Estonian writer/historian Juri Lina. Solzhenitsyn wrote mainly about Russia and Ukraine; whereas, Lina dug into the founding of the Illuminati back in 1776, the French (Jacobin) Revolution, Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto, up to the Bolshevik Revolution and the resulting massacres under both Lenin/Trotsky and Stalin/Kaganovich.
      The English version of Lina's book UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION is easier to find than that of Solzhenitsyn's book THE GULAG. I was never able to obtain THE GULAG; but, I do have a copy of UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION, and have read it many times. His is quite chilling, to say the least.

  5. how does one forget something that never happened...

    in the ovens of truth...



  6. Considering the Jewish Holocaust never happened forgetting it is a good thing!

  7. How could they forget it? There is a freaking Holohoax movie made every other month.

  8. The hollow cost? What the heck is that? Never heard of it and don't care.

  9. On a somewhat realted note:



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