Monday, March 2, 2015

The Realist Report - John Kaminski

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by the one and only John Kaminski. John and I will be discussing his recent essay "You Should Be Concerned About Your Hopeless Future," as well as other current events. Calls are welcome! You can download the entire program here.

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  1. C'mon JF, this over-emphasis on "white traitors" is naive. People are people and all have breaking points. Out of a 100 useful goy, maybe 10 are despicable characters but the rest are simply bribed, threatened, coerced, tricked, manipulated etc.

    If you have a clever drug-dealer hanging around your children 24-7, then your children will inevitably become junkies. So do you blame your children?

    All this talk about "blaming ourselves" always comes from certain people with agendas or who are compromised. People outside the USA that don't have the protection of free speech (e.g. Sunic) or others who want to blame Christianity or some other historical aspect. All this blame ourselves talk does is gets Europeans fighting about who's the "most" to blame--as if this will solve something.

    That's why these "movements" go nowhere and you'd be wise to steer clear of this idea.

    1. So why is it that Hitler, a man who did blame the Jews and chose to root them out and figuratively 'destroy' them, was annihilated in such a ferocious way by fellow "goyim" that nary a leader will ever try it again?

      I dare say anyone who tries it again is a fool.

      I could have consumed porno, tweak, weed or booze any time I wanted. Most of my friends did. But I chose to abstain from all these toxins. Until and unless we can learn self-control, we're doomed. There is no other viable solution. Hitler tried the alternative and lost royally.

      Good day.

    2. Anon, "Until we're all better than average White men this cannot be corrected" is an obviously logically flawed formula.

      Try instead, "Until you smart guys get us dumbasses to start taking our own side this cannot be corrected."

      This is, after all, a nationalist struggle not a struggle for sobriety, public finger-wagging or anti-Hilterism.

    3. Well said Daimos.

      We have to remember that the Allied countries that mobilized their populations against Hitler were effectively controlled by Jews and their assets. This was true of the British Empire, America, and of course the USSR. The wealthy classes, government, and media had all been infiltrated for some time. Jews also were very influential in Poland and France.

      One could argue that if the white populations of these countries were as intelligent and morally fit as the Germans, then they would have rooted out their influence and seen through the lies, just like Germany did. This is true. But it is also true that many people in these countries did see the truth, and did not want war. We can't underestimate the influence of the mass media in shaping public opinion. It was a new invention then and people were quite naïve. The Jews played on old ethnic rivalries and hatreds, like they did to foment the First World War, and whites should have not fallen into those traps. But it was difficult at the time because many crises were created by them, and they were always planning 10 steps ahead. Germany did not want war, but the Jews were engineering events to turn everyone against them, while at the same time trying to force Hitler to act.


  2. John-- Great talk show with John Kaminski. I think the problem with most Americans is the hypnotic psychological brain-washing that the Jews have on most Americans who have not awaken from their trance. It really is an hypnotic grip on the minds of Americans who have not been able yet to shake the programming.

    I would compare it to the Star Trek episode whereby it was soon discovered that angry emotions were what were necessary to shake the grip of the "spores" drug that kept everyone in a nearly-permanent trance.

    It's insane how when I try to get through to someone that is heavily under the spell: they attack me verbally with shouting. It's very clear that their programming by the Jewish programmmers is complete.

    If you don't have time to listen to the full show, please forward to 0:50:20 and listen to the praise that J.K gives to J.F.

    J.F.- you are a modern day prophet for victims of racial genocide. Right now that happens to be white people. It just happens that whites are being targetted by Jewish humans who, by blending into white society in a parasitic way, are systematically choking out the rest of white humanity.

  3. John- Starting at 1:17:00, John K. explains that the Jews have used the Holocaust as a smokescreen to cover up the prosperity that the Germans experienced.

    I would also argue that the Holocaust was also used as a smokescreen to cover up the Russian White Caucasian (Christian) slaughter that took place in the Soviet Union and the tremendous part that the Jews played in the Soviet Communist apparatus.

    Let's remember that NSDAP was the culmination of the protective measures that the German people took to prevent Communism from sweeping over ALL of Europe.

    Our Jewish controlled media here in America would have you believe that the Jews had nothing to do with Soviet Communism. This Jewish controlled media would have you believe that the Jews were an oppressed people in both the Soviet Union and in all of Europe.

    1. Yes, but not just the Germans.

      In fact the Third Reich's defense of normal life everywhere attracted patriotic volunteers in the war years from all over Europe and the Americas, Asia and even Africa.

      Germans bore the brunt because at that time they were the best of us, but a lot of us fought with them.

      Healthy people everywhere rallied to the one flag that signified the rejection of Jew sickness.

  4. John, your skype or mic is causing static break ups in all your audios.
    Anyone else reporting this problem?

  5. 35m - John said no one may have died on 9/11.

    It certainly hasn't been proven that anyone has, and when Payday Monsanto was on the Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt recently, a clip was played of him calling into Alex Jones' show years ago, claiming he had three friends who died from the events of 9/11, saying two of them died at the hands of Controlled Demolition, yet when asked privately and politely by me for some information, and another commenter pointing out my question, he said he didn't care about anything else about 9/11 besides the Israeli connection, so I still have no reason to rule out the possibility that no one may have died in those operations.

    36 minutes in, it was mentioned how the Saudi Royal Family has Jewish roots, but I don't think that has anything to do with them being a Zionist state, as Wahhabism is very anti-Jewish in many ways but there was a political calculation made that money is more important than religion, and they made common cause against a mutual perceived bigger enemy of the Shias, specifically in Iran.

    47 minutes in, the wounded soldiers being paraded around at NFL games were mentioned and it's important to note this is probably all part of a governmental agreement, as DHS made an agreement to have TSA scans at Superbowl games.

    52 minutes in, the bad news that Daryl Bradford Smith hasn't been heard from in awhile, even from his family members.

    1 hour 4 minutes in, the story of British jihadi ISIS brides was mentioned, and John rightly questioned if that was even true. In any case, realize the significance of this story, in that in order to make ISIS a big enemy for the Western world to go to war against, they have to not only draw in men who want to beat their chests from the comfort of their living rooms, but also women, and it's stories like these that draw the other more than 50% of the population in.

  6. John, just get a p.o. box (a post office somewhat farther away from your own residence is best) and your readers and listeners, people in the market for integrity, will send you anonymous cash or money orders to carry on your research, as long as you maintain your integrity. This way they can also be more anonymous than on paypal (no need to fill out return address) which gives out the donator's name and your address and area of town can also be anonymous.

    As for the ever-present "Notsee" and "Ashke-notsee" business unwittingly memed by Ezra Pound's most legendary student, Eustace Mullins, which one caller was referring to, the best explanation was laid down many years ago in a Reason Radio comment section which I subsequently reposted on at least 50 other pages:


    The myth of the Swastika-Star of David “commemorative coin”;

    1. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Duff Beer (Gordon Duff from Veterans Today) takes this advertising coin as proof for a Nazi-Israel connection.


    The text says:

    “Ein Nazi fährt nach Palästina – und erzählt davon im Angriff”
    “A Nazi travels to Palestine – and reports about it in the Angriff”
    The Angriff was one of the three nationalsocialists newspapers (Angriff, Völkischer Beobachter and Der Stürmer).

    First of all, no Nationalsocialist called himself officially a “Nazi”. That was a pejorative term used by Jews and Communists.

    On the party pin there is written:
    NATIONAL-SOZIALISTISCHE D.A.P. =National-Socialist D.A.P.

    D.A.P. stands for Deutsche Arbeiter Partei=German workers’ party

    Nowhere there is written “NAZI” as autonym!

    Only Dr. Joseph Goebbels used “Nazi” sometimes in an ironic way, referring to propaganda against Germans. Like in his early article “A Nazi-Sozi answers”

    He used it, as Prince Charles would say with tongue-in-cheek “Yeah I’m an eeeevil shape shifting Reptilian” and laugh about it.

    Only in this ironic way Goebbels sometimes used this pejorative term.

    But it never was used by any other Nationalsocialist or any official publication.


    The correct terms are National Socialist and the NSDAP, not "Notsee," which is actually a neuro-linguistic spell of some kind getting people to do exactly that on an unconscious level. NOT SEE

    Cute, don't you think? All their attacks are directed at the mass subconscious and not at the reasoning faculties of the smarter people always in the minority able to decondition themselves from falsified mental foundations.

    ~ Negentropic

  7. Just saw a picture of BenJamin SatanYahu on Facebook with a captioned quote of his below a picture of him addressing Congress: "THE DAYS WHEN THE JEWISH PEOPLE REMAIN PASSIVE IN THE FACE OF GENOCIDAL ENEMIES, THOSE DAYS ARE OVER."

    One of the Facebook comments came from a Joan Rutberg who said: A message to all members of Congress who decided to skip Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress, "it is your loss". For the rest of your lives, you will lament and remember the following: "When you lose your good lose everything".

    I suspect that the Jewish Facebook thought police (and all their minions) are just ready to pounce on and to wreck anyone's life (personal and career) who dares to comment negatively on this Facebook post.

    I could only imagine the hell they are ready to unleash on anyone that makes a negative (to them) comment..... I'm so sick of their sh_t.....

    1. Yeah- Ben-jew-man is wrong. Jews have NEVER been passive about declaring the rest of non-jew mankind as THEIR enemy and they've NEVER been passive about committing genocide against their targetted non-jew enemies whenever they could commit genocide against those non-jews and get away with it with the least amount of repercussion.

  8. In the interview John Kaminski mentioned that no one has heard from Darryl Bradford Smith since December 2014. He said that Smith was ailing and may have entered a hospital (and we all know that "death by sayanim doctor" would be his fate). If the Jews' Global Murder Incorporated has eliminated Smith, his murder must be avenged.

    Smith's website is a treasure-trove of truthful, free books, exposing the methods and history of the Criminal Syndicate that represents themselves to the world as Jews. Smith's website must be maintained. His interviews of men of integrity such as John Kaminski and Christopher jon Bjerknes, must be preserved.

  9. I find it odd that PayPal allows donations to be made to Brother Nathanael...but NOT to you. Very odd.
    Brother Nathanael seems to hate the totalitarian Jewish Global agenda. His only flaw seems to be . . . his support for Jew-controlled Putin.

    Putin doesn't really seem to be genuinely anti-NWO, because:
    he was mentored by Markus Wolf, Yuriy Andropov, Gorbachev, and Yeltsin (all Jews);
    he has met most kindly with Henry Kissinger and the Chabad Lubovichers;
    he hasn't ejected the evil Lenin's body out of the Masonic step-pyramid on Red Square;
    he hasn't nationalized the Rothschilds' Bank of Moscow.

    Now the Mossad-cia's puppet, the Jew Boris Nemtsov, has been allegedly assassinated by Putin.....Is Putin letting the NWO-Jews set up him as the villain in a war between Russia and the US? . . . Another war...and more millions of dead goyim as a burnt offering for Israel's goal of world domination.

  10. I enjoyed the podcast! I always make it a point to listen to John Kaminski. Ya gotta love his candor.

    The highlight of the show was from 1:17 to 1:18 when J.K. asserts that the holocaust is to cover the fact of Germany rising to true economic prosperity once they broke free of the Jewish bankers. And just how much coverage in the JMSM did Iceland receive when they told the Jew bankers to pound sand? Next to nothing.

    Thanks Johns.

    "Anyone with a brain is an anti-Semite." John Kaminski on a previous John Friend broadcast. Love it!



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