Monday, March 23, 2015

The Realist Report - Charles Krafft

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Charles Krafft. Charles and I will be discussing the heroic Romanian nationalist Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, founder and leader of the Legionary Movement and the Iron Guard, and interwar Romanian history. Calls are welcome! You can download the entire program here.

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  1. Here are some relevant links to books of interest.

    Source for inexpensive editions of two books on Archbishop Valerian Trifa:

    1. RELIGION and POLITICS Bishop Valerian Trifa and his Tomes by Gerald Bobango.
    2. Marginal Notes on a Court Case by Archbishop Valerian D. Trifa (written in exile before he died). Note: You must ask for these as they're not offered on-line.

    ROEA (Romanian Orthodox Episcopate in America)
    Department of Publications - Bookstore
    PO BOX 185
    GRASS LAKE MI 49240-0185
    Phone - (517) 522-3656
    Fax - (517) 522-5907
    Email: - See more at:

    3. CODREANU: Thoughts and Perspectives Volume Five
    Edited by Troy Southgate
    Black front Press

    4. THE PRISON NOTES Corneliu Z.Codreanu

    5. THE LEGIONARY MOVEMENT by Alexander E. Ronnett M.D. (out-of-print invaluable text can be ordered from libraries)

    6. THE SUICIDE OF EUROPE Memoir of Prince Michael Sturdza. Former Foreign Minister of Rumania

  2. Another good book: Athene Palace: Hitler's New Order Comes to Romania

  3. John, thought you might like some go-go inspiration:
    (Uplifting, even if you've already saved to file)
    The other face of Adolf Hitler:


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