Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jews at forefront of promotion, normalization of transgenderism

A recent article published by The Jewish Daily Forward further underscores the central role that Jewish activists and the organized Jewish community have and continue to play in the promotion and normalization of the bizarre phenomenon of transgenderism. The Forward reports:

Tom Chai Sosnik stood in front of his eighth-grade class, flecks of rainbow colored hair visible beneath his blue yarmulke, as he was wrapped in a tallit for the very first time. His classmates stood and chanted together, “Baruch HaBah [“Welcome”]” three times, and then ran forward, enveloping him in a big, messy hug. Tom’s transition was complete, but unlike what you may have expected, it was not one from boy to man, but rather from girl to boy.

You may recognize the name Tom Sosnik — the transgender teenager whose “coming out” speech went viral after being posted on Facebook by his family on March 16. Since then, it has been viewed more than 61,000 times and has been reposted by such national media sites as The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan magazine and Out magazine. Tom is being hailed as a “hero” in the transgender community, praised for his articulateness and his sincere sense of self.

“I am no longer Mia, I never really was,” he says in the video, as he stands in the beit midrash, Hebrew for “house of study,” at Tehiyah Day School, in El Cerrito, California. “Now I finally stand before you in my true and authentic gender identity as Tom. If you support me, I’ll feel like the luckiest boy in the world.”

What the video doesn’t show is what followed the speech: a special naming ceremony, designed by the school’s rabbi, Tsipi Gabai, which she described as a “cross between a bar mitzvah and a brit,” or circumcision ceremony,

“In Judaism, rituals are there to mark important transitions,” Gabai said about the service. “I wanted it to not only be a celebration, but helpful in marking a point for Tom and for his friends.”

During the naming ceremony, Gabai recited the she’asani b’tzalmo, a blessing in which the worshipper thanks God for having made the worshipper in God’s own image. It was, said Gabai, “a way of acknowledging the covenant between Tom and his God, and his community, and the people of Israel.” [...]
Additionally, the Jewish Telegraph Agency just reported that a Jewish day school in Philadelphia designated a bathroom as "gender neutral" in honor of a former student who has come out as transgendered.

At most Jewish day schools, naming honors tend to be attached to grand spaces — auditoriums, prayer spaces, gymnasiums and the like. But at the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, a pluralistic day school in suburban Philadelphia, Patrick Rock’s name will forever be associated with what might seem to be a rather ordinary space: a bathroom.

For Rock, a 2005 alumnus who came out as transgender in his senior year, the gender-neutral bathroom dedicated on March 12 has a significance far beyond its modest dimensions. Though functionally no different from any other single-user bathroom, its designation as a gender-neutral facility is intended to signal to all students — particularly to transgender students — that Barrack is a safe and welcoming place.

“For me, this bathroom is very much Jewish in that it very much gets at the values that they are teaching in this school,” Rock, 27, now a doctoral student in social psychology at UCLA, told JTA. “It’s an expression of respect for one another, an expression of including people in the community, an expression of welcoming folks who have been oppressed.”

The opening of the gender-neutral bathroom at Barrack comes at a time when the struggles of transgender people are gaining renewed attention — in the Jewish world and beyond. Several transgender rabbis have been ordained in recent years, and a number of congregations and movements have created Jewish rituals to sanctify the process of gender transition. Last Friday, a 13-year-old student at the Tehiyah Jewish community day school in El Cerrito, Calif., a San Francisco-area town, came out as transgender in a ceremony attended by the entire middle school, the j. weekly reported. [...]
It should be clear to everyone at this point that the Jews and their traitorous enablers have systematically subverted and destroyed traditional American culture, and have transformed it into a debauched, disgusting Marxist paradise.

Transgenderism and other abnormal, degenerate behaviors, including homosexuality, miscegenation, and licentiousness lifestyles (all championed and promoted by the organized Jewish community), are no longer viewed as an unhealthy, unnatural, bizarre rebellion against nature. They are viewed as just another lifestyle choice, as legitimate as any other - perhaps even more so.

This is "progress" in the eye of the Jew and his supporters.

The nation wrecking Jews and their cultural Marxist allies largely running the Western world insist society must accept and glorify confused, deranged transgendered individuals. If we do not accept this bizarre, unnatural phenomenon, we are considered "bigots" and "haters" - "closed-minded," "backwards," and "intolerant" - by the mass media and politically correct society.

Openly objecting to the perverse, unnatural transgender movement, homosexual agenda, and other Jewish-promoted, anti-White political and cultural programs (massive Third World immigration, "diversity" and "multiculturalism" in White countries and only in White countries, etc.) is considered a sin by most Americans these days. Sadly, many White Americans have had their brains polluted with subversive, destructive Jewish propaganda, designed to undermine and eventually destroy traditional Western civilization, resulting in an inability to entertain alternative ideas and perspectives. Little do these people know, they are active participants in the genocide of their own race.

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  1. John you fall into their trap when you call them 'transgenders.' They are transsexuals. They believe that changing the sexual parts of their bodies changes their roles, which is a bizarre turnaround from feminism's stance that roles/personality, etc. don't align with sexual parts. But the jews have always been champion hypocrites.

    I also have to wonder to what extent this is really taking hold among the jewish community. Is it just certain elements they sacrifice? Because I think most observant jews would only promote this for the goy or the sort of token freak jewish element.

    Last, the homosexual agenda is very different from the state of being a homosexual. One is intentional and sinister; the other just exists in nature.

  2. I read years ago it is caused in developing fetus that there was not enough hormones to complete the sex of the child leaving it with open sexual choices with unclear sexual identification. Even though one has a body part the complete id of thatt paRt was not totally installed. Durning development. Lack of hormones. Was blamed for the defect. It is a defect if you have a body part that does not fit your mental id.

  3. Brother Nathanael Kapner, who was born into and raised by a Jewish family; and converted to Orthodox Christianity and became a Monk, has written articles and made videos on several topics involving Judaism, also has done so on the Jewish promotion of deviant behaviors, such as: homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and pedophilia. You may have heard of him, John; he produces articles and videos fairly regularly. He also runs the Brother Nathanael Foundation out of Denver, CO, which accepts contributions, from which he produces his videos/articles, and also travels to other American cities, preaching the Gospels to passersby on the streets.
    I agree with you 100%, John, that transgenderism is another abomination promoted by Organized Jewry; that it's an attack on traditional American/European culture and an attempt to destroy Western civilization. Br. Nathanael has produced a number of videos/articles on Jewry's attempts on the destruction of Western civilization via Cultural Marxism; and, if he hasn't yet produced a video/article on this subject on transgender, I feel certain that he will. He isn't one to overlook such a disgusting issue; and, as a former Jew turned Orthodox Christian, he knows Jewish behavior inside and out.
    "The Jews are born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race." ~ Voltaire

  4. The jews will do themselves in.

  5. I think you may be giving the Jews too much credit, here. Sure they want to destroy us, any way they can, they've made that abundantly clear.

    But after 2,700 years of breeding with their cousins, their DNA is so scrambled they probably don't know what species they are, let alone what gender.

    This is just a classic case of Jews being Jews IMHO.

  6. Part 1:

    Milton Kapner who uses his actor name Brother Nathanael is a FRAUD!

    Just try and post anything negative about him on his blog, and not only will it not be posted, but WILL be edited and changed to make him look positive, using your name. How's that for dishonest? I found out the first time I became disgruntled with something he said which didn't sit well with what I knew to be the truth, that he was spewing lies about. So I attempted to take him up on it in his blog, and found out this guy censors EVERYTHING. But what really turned me off was when what I said was CHANGED to look like I agreed with him. That's so underhanded and dirty, there's no excuse for it. Some Christian... he makes Christians look like the same liars Jews are.

    But then aren't all religions a big con, packed with boasters and liars? Yes.

    Over the last YEAR roughly, I've tried to post things that are my opinion, and while his minions never attack the poster, the poster who says anything negative is grossly censored and what is said, is changed to what they didn't say, so BroNat looks what he most certainly isn't... perfect. Quite sickening and very odd that none of his followers catches this obvious deception. But then the majority of those that post anything, all grovel and kiss his feet, doting on every word he speaks like he's some kind of messiah.

    My personal opinion of Milton Kapner is that he spent many years as a Wall Street Swine, raking in millions for himself, and his new current gig is just a way to continue getting others to PAY his way (don't let his sleeping in his car fool anyone into thinking he was poor, it was all no doubt part of the plan), as he sells a product which has become popular again. The new awakening of an ever increasing percentage of the masses who SEE what the Jew represents... and while the Goy can't do much about it as the Jew's plan to dominate has near been fulfilled to completion, Kapner has used this awakening to his advantage, and the tribe allows him to continue because he's raking in serious cash, and likely pays dues to keep on the deception, while the goys slurp it up, and remain powerless.

    His videos sure look convincing in how he portrays himself as a Christian Monk, but anyone who does proper research into this person, quickly finds out that he NEVER succeeded in becoming a Monk of the Orthodoxy. Therefore, again, he is a fraud. Just his constant use of censorship PROVES this hands down. Many others allow people to criticize them, as constructive criticism is what makes someone better at what they do. But not Kapner.... he wants to be seen as PERFECT, and there was only ONE that was perfect, and Milton isn't that personage.

    To shorten what I could write a novel on from how things have gotten worse in how he operates his fraudulent system, the following is a reply to a JewTube video I watched, where I just had to say something concerning how another commenter named Sa Bach md, called Kapner an honest Jew.

  7. Part 2:
    Will Hagee Have A Rapture?
    Brother Nathanael
    Sa Bach md via Google+2 months ago
    I like Brother Nathanael, rare find, an honest Jew
    No such thing, most are dishonest. Should he ever lose majority of donations and actually go broke, as he keeps falsely claiming, he'll just do a 180 and follow David Cole and change his name to Brother Stein and start some other venture, likely opposite of what he's doing now. Either that or he'll go back to the tribe and again pull a David Cole, beg forgiveness for all his nasty remarks... he'll be accepted back into the fold and continue on being what he was born as... something you can never change, no matter how many times you claim otherwise. A Cheetah cannot change its spots. Milton Kapner can denounce the Jewish faith, but he can NEVER change the fact he was born a Jew. That's the deception all his sucker followers can't seem to grasp as they keep sending him scads of cash (as he says, blessed are those who send CASH! ROFL!! What a CON). Cash doesn't need to be declared, so naturally he just LOVES cash.... and as a supposed Christian, you know what is said about those who LOVE money. Kapner is the Great Beggar, always claiming to be broke, expecting a free lunch every day of his life, from many who really can't afford it, yet still send him money thinking they're doing a wonderful thing. He claims he lives in a small one room apartment, but many know what Eileen also knows, that he operates out of Denver, and just look at his surroundings in all his videos. This person lives in a Mansion. He's anything but broke.

    Strange how you see SO MANY others who attack jews in so many derogatory ways LOSE their access to receive donations via PayPal and other methods, yet Kapner NEVER EVER loses his. Matter of fact he's got them ALL, all credit cards, bitcoin even, the works, and of course the main one being PayPal. How come? The way he attacks Jews in his videos makes ALL the others who lose their PayPal accounts PALE in comparison. So it's a great mystery how he gets to keep it, and the others lose it. Why is he so special? Could it be because he REALLY isn't a Christian, but is maintaining his tribe position, and using it to mislead everyone, while raking in so many donations, that it's worth it for PayPal to keep him going? Sure makes a person go HMMMMM?! Smells like rotten fish.

    Videos look convincing, but EVERY ONE of them is always about evil Jews. That's too strange. All the rest of similar people don't talk ONLY about Jews and ALWAYS knock them down, like Kapner does... and it never ends, and his poor sheeple continue to BUY into it... they seemingly can't get enough... and in pours a neverending flow of Donations, into the arrogant claims of this is MY State-Of-The-Art Platform and I OWN IT!! Yet he's always broke? Makes absolutely NO SENSE, but apparently makes a LOT of Dollars. How can you own all this snazzy equipment (or is that also a ruse?) and yet always be broke? How can you claim to have so many people helping you everyday to piece stories together and have others to film and release all his top level videos in full 1080HD? But then, many others release quality videos daily, and never complain it costs them zillions of dollars like Kapner sells to his sheeple, so he can keep getting all those multi thousand$ rolling in.... claiming he's broke. LOL Sorry, it's hard to accept such BS, and it "is" BS!!

  8. Part 3:

    Just be careful who you follow.... because following a Blind man, both will fall into the same pit. Difference being his pockets will be stuffed with your cash, and you'll be the one that's broke. Financially AND Spiritually.

    Anyone can buy or have a seamstress sew together an ALL black smock with a black cloth covered cardboard hat, complete with flimsy plastic red cross that sometimes falls sideways. Fake or what?

    Wake up!

    Right after I posted this, I reloaded the page to read it... but it wasn't there!! So he's ALSO got his JewTube videos set so he gets to CENSOR everyone's comments. How pathetic can you get. It's so obvious now Kapner is a paranoid schizophrenic, that can survive ONLY as long as everyone sends CASH and says nice things about him.


    At least here, if it gets posted, I KNOW it won't be edited, and FINALLY the truth of this charlatan will get out and expose the Fraudster.

    1. I agree, Kapner's re-writing of any comment he may not completely agree with is a real dirty trick with a capital D. I've had experiences very similar to yours and I was taken in for a while.

      Kapner may think of himself as a sincere "Christian", but he's obviously replaced his Jewish-superiority complex with a Christian-superiority complex that's as bad or worse. Then on the other hand, his arrogance may be part of his agenda, too. Hard to say.

      Thanks to John friend for at least talking about these issues without the "you're all going to Hell" supremacy trip, or the "we're so poisecuted" crap.

      Somehow Kapner never gets around to mentioning the Iraqis or Afghans or any of the other countries that "Christians" seem to love bombing the crap out of, for no good reason. Oh, but we're all supposed to feel sorry for the poor "Christians", half of whom support the Synagogue of Satan.......

      I agree with John Friend, Christianity has been destroyed, twisted and perverted by some very sick individuals, for a LONG, long time.

  9. Alex Linder recently made this observation about Christianity, and I would have to say that it is both brilliant and 100 percent accurate:

    "It was christianity that made whites unable to defend themselves in South Africa. And it's doing the same thing in the American South."

    I would modify this statement only slightly. It is not only the American South where Christianity is rendering Whites so passive and pusillanimous that they are unable to defend themselves - it is happening across the entire White European Western world.

    The ideas that Christianity preaches - that we should 'love our enemies' and 'turn the other cheek' and throw open our borders to the wretched refuse of the third world, and that, in today's mainstream Christian Churches - miscegenation is now being promoted and celebrated, and then the recent proclamation by the Protestant Church that homo marriage is now A-Ok - just what sort of White idiocy does it take for anyone in the pro-White survival movement to still try to claim that a religion that has been so clearly corrupted by the jews and turned into a weapon to help them destroy the White race - is still a religion that Whites should cling to?

    Brother Nathanael Kapner's role is to keep Whites clinging to Christianity, instead of realizing the truth - that it has been corrupted beyond the point of repair. If you doubt what I say is true, try to sit some White person down who you know is a Christianity obsessed individual and simply point out the countless ways where Christianity has become an anti-White weapon that is being used to destroy the White race and to eradicate their White nations - and I will guarantee that 99% of these bible thumpers will call you a 'racist' and refuse to debate the points of your rock solid arguments.

    Beware of Kapner. I am not one of his fans, because I know what he is up to.

    "By Deception, Thou Shall Wage War".

    1. I think modern day Christianity, say since the 1960s and onwards, is a perverse, distorted entirely UNCHRISTIAN version of Christianity. It is essentially Jew worship and cultural Marxism. Christianity historically has been the bedrock of Western civilization. It has been perverted and twisted by Jews and non-Jew traitors to the White race.


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