Friday, February 27, 2015

The Endgame - White Genocide


  1. Thank you Jews for all this diversity ! Jews, "Get out of our country"!

  2. Jews intend to destroy all in the whole world who are not Jews.
    People will be motivated when they come to burn you out but then it will be too late.

  3. They re working on getting rid of the 1st world nation states. But before they can get that done, they have to mix the people somewhat.

    Swedish State TV worked really hard on telling off the ratsits and the extreme right and the indigenous people in the EU election 2014. You have to see it to believe it I guess:

    Best of SVT During EU elections 2014

  4. In the UK the major political parties Tory New labour greens and Lib/Dems are all Rothschild controlled, the only free party-up to yet- is UKIP
    Winston Churchill this countries biggest ever traitor, agreed with the jewish bankers
    that after W W II the UK would be swamped then broken up and swallowed by the Rothschild EU

  5. when the jew controlled communist forces swept across Europe, the Russians had orders to rape every woman aged beween 8 and 80, homosexuals were told to rape all the boys, this was to destroy the anglo saxon eugenics tables, here in Britain, the angenda was more gentle, they would be bred out with floods of incomers over decades, the jew plan is to breed out whites so they can claim THEY are the white race, because the white anglo saxon is the REAL chosen people

  6. the anti white hate can be very subtle, in Tel Aviv a team there makes "blonde Jokes"
    you cant joke about black people or jews but everyone makes blond jokes, because blondes are anglo saxon, when I get a joke email about blondes, I just change it for the word jew, and send it on, please do this

  7. the jews brought 2 world wars between anglo Saxons, they are working for one more
    they planned to have britain destroy their white brothers in Germany, this evil
    is something that Israel must be made to pay a high prce for


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