Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jews throw fit over lack of Jews on German "anti-Semitism" panel

"Anti-Semitism" is once again making headlines in the Jewish press - surprise, surprise. Individual European nations, including the United Kingdom, as well as the United Nations are taking steps to address and combat "anti-Semitism," i.e., telling the truth about the Jews, the Jewish state of Israel, and international Jewry's power and influence in the Western world.

Can you believe the nerve of these arrogant, flippant Jews in Germany? Sadly, the outrageous behavior on display here is all too common not only in Germany, but the entire Western world, especially after WWII and the institutionalization of the fake "Holocaust" narrative. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

Jewish activists are blasting Germany’s Interior Ministry for failing to appoint Jewish experts to its Commission on Anti-Semitism.

In a joint statement issued Tuesday, several groups said they would establish their own expert commission.

The fact that no Jewish expert was appointed is “an unprecedented scandal,” Julius Schoeps, founding director of the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European Jewish Studies in Potsdam, said in the statement.

The Interior Ministry established the commission in August 2009 with rotating membership following a Bundestag resolution the previous year. The new set of eight experts, including scholars and educators, met for the first time on Jan. 19.

Schoeps, the only Jewish member of the original panel, said the parliament and interior minister should have to explain why they apparently did not consider it valuable this time to include experts and advisers of Jewish background, or representatives from Jewish organizations and communities.

“No one would ever propose setting up a conference on hatred of Islam without Muslims, or a roundtable on discrimination against women with no woman present,” Anetta Kahane, head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

Kahane is joining with Schoeps and the American Jewish Committee in Berlin, under its director, Deidre Berger, to form their own Expert Commission on Anti-Semitism, with both Jewish and non-Jewish experts from Germany and elsewhere. According to a statement, the new panel will meet in March.

The government commission’s mandate is to report regularly on anti-Semitism and efforts to combat it in Germany, to make recommendations based on best practices, and consult with other experts.

Though its first extensive report was issued in 2011, “there has yet to be a serious confrontation with the ideas and suggestions” contained therein, said Stephan Kramer, AJC’s representative on anti-Semitism in Europe.

”It is not enough to fight against anti-Semitism at solidarity rallies and by making declarations in memorial speeches,” Kramer said.
What more do the Jews want? They have their own state - the Jewish state of Israel - why don't they all just go there to avoid all the alleged "anti-Semitism" in Europe and the Western world? The Jews deny White Western European peoples the right of national sovereignty and racial identity, while at the same time demanding that we provide more services, protection, and special priviledges to non-Whites, especially Jews. The situation is insane and intolerable.

When will there be a conference dealing with the hysterical, irrational, and entirely unfounded prejudice, discrimination, and hatred of the German people, largely as a result of the false Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII? When will there be a conference dealing with the systematic assault upon and subversion of traditional Western civilization? When will there be a conference dealing with the displacement of traditional European and European-derived nations with massive non-White immigration of Third World peoples?


  1. No worries mate...lawsuits will be filed....apologies will be doled out...asses will be'll all workout in the end for them!

  2. Maybe they just wanted an honest inquiry without the hate, lies and the propaganda of the tribe.

  3. they want to make sure things run their way, and not the right way.. hell they even claim to be experts in middle eastern affairs..

    1. They need some "victims" on the board with their "scripted" lines.

  4. Wonder what the "Jews" are doing to bring about this backlash (anti-semitism), this time? It seems to be a broken record repeating itself for thousands of years. Maybe we should start to look at the cause root rather than the "anti".

  5. Now the World Jewish Congress is going to lobby to imprison everyone in Germany’s Interior Ministry because they're anti-Semitic. This little tiny group of vile Jews in this world are too much trouble. Why the freak does everyone care about them? Why can't everyone see through this Holocaust Industry? Blacks, seriously, whine less and even Liberal Whites are tired of them.

  6. Just goes to PROVE once again that as son as they feel misrepresented... waaaaaa...there's only 1 or 2 of us and 6 of them, they feel like they've lost CONTROL and need to resort to whining and crying. But ensure they're the majority on the panel(s), and no one else has a chance or can get word in edge wise. That's why they're creating their OWN panel, so the experts can be ALL Jews, and they might allow one ass kissing shill to sit on the panel, but not speak a word. Here's $20 for you... now sit there and be quiet.

    Indeed, why does ANYONE give a rats ass about them. Ship them overseas back to Israel... and secretly somehow rescue the Palestinians. Then let's see who their next target will be. Jews always NEED to have defenseless people to terrorize. It's all they can handle... what makes them feel powerful. Seriously, they got to go or be put somewhere else where they can do no harm. Confiscate their ENTIRE wealth. Not hard to do, if you are in power and they can't get near the decision makers. They've had at least 200 years of mega FUN being in control... it's time to KICK them out of many more countries now, so no one will want them.

  7. Agreed, it really wouldn't be difficult to confiscate their wealth and put them in their "homeland" if the majority of Western Whites woke up. They're less than 2% of the world population. The economies of our Western countries would collapse once we got off of our worthless paper money and we'd have hard times. The Jews would probably con the violent nonWhite cultures into fighting and defending them somehow (that's probably why they want to be surrounded by nonWhites). But we could endure it to reclaim our race, our culture, our countries.

    But sadly, by the time dumbed-down Whites realize what the Jews are doing, we won't have any power because the demographic shift in our countries will have rendered us powerless, without a military to defend us, without territory and resources to sustain us. That's the future of your White children and grandchildren.


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