Monday, February 16, 2015

Child advocate demands "global Jewish-child abuse commission"

Child abuse, human trafficking, and pedophilia are easily the most disgusting, unforgivable, and outrageous crimes an adult can commit against a child. For decades now, there have been highly credible allegations that powerful members of the global power elite dominating the Western world engage in these despicable crimes in an organized, systematic fashion. These allegations are largely covered up, dismissed, or downplayed by the mainstream mass media (except when they are leveled against the Catholic Church).

Jewish news outlets, however, do often cover child abuse and pedophilia allegations leveled against members of the organized Jewish community. After a major child sex abuse scandal broke in Australia, one which had ties to the international Jewish community across the Western world and the state of Israel, a child advocate who himself was once abused has come out demanding "a global Jewish initiative to address child sexual abuse and its cover-up throughout the Diaspora, including Israel," according to The Times of Israel.

Intimidation, bullying, public persecution, excommunication from the Jewish community and slanderous comments on social media. These are only a few tactics used on the Waks family, in which three of the sons were the victims — not perpetrators — of child sex abuse.

For the past two weeks in Australia, the global Jewish community was rocked by what it heard during public hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Melbourne. Dramatic testimony by victims of child sex abuse, their families and those who worked for the Jewish institutions that covered up the abuse led international media headlines.

Since 2011, abuse survivor Manny Waks has spearheaded the efforts to break the unofficial code of silence that bound and gagged his former community, the Chabad-affiliated Yeshivah Centre Melbourne. He founded, and is the former head of Tzedek, an organization that works with abuse survivors and aims to raise awareness of the problem in the Jewish community.

Waks now calls for a global Jewish initiative to address child sexual abuse and its cover-up throughout the Diaspora, including Israel.

“In the context of child sexual abuse, it is not uncommon for perpetrators to move between countries to avoid the consequences of their actions and/or to continue offending with impunity,” Waks said. [...]
For more details of this sordid affair, be sure to read the entire report from The Times of Israel.


  1. Now why....would they have one of their own guarding the hen house?
    Is this some sort of publicity stunt to project SOME SORT of talmudic decency?
    Although he was a victim of abuse, found often in jewish sinagogues, orgs and groups.....A REAL whistle blower org or group which advocates against JEWISH abuses!? Will be awfully busy!
    With ALL the Israeli AND JEWISH sex slave rings, organ harvesting, war mongering, the jewish run pornography industry....Hell! With ALL the jew owned pharma-keia abuses and for profit deaths....also the planet now impoverished due to jewish usury and jewish control of commerce and debt based banking!
    Waks is goyim to be ONE BUSY LITTLE YENTA!
    Even with his claims of abuse....just KNOW that some jew owns him. So dont hold yer breath expecting any REAL justice from this or any jew org. Their talmud doesnt allow it.
    Hey! maybe Henry Makow or Brother Nat can join in with Wak?
    These jewish news rags are nothing but jew spew patting jews on the back in some sort of fictional decorum of civility and goodness....When IN REALITY they would sell, even blood let their mother for a half shekel...and even a moments of star-dumb. Nothing but hypocrisy, pure jewish fables....and for eons.

  2. Hideous what the jews get away with when they control the media, gov't, banks, corporations and all areas of influence. Rabbis child abuse is carefully hidden while they use their porn industry to destroy the white race with their filth.


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