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Book Review - America's Racial Powder Keg

At a time when the political discourse relating to racial issues, crime, and other socioeconomic matters in America could not be more distorted and twisted, America's Racial Powder Keg: How a Violent Dependency State Has Been Created Within the Black Community, American Free Press' latest publication compiled and edited by Victor Thorn, provides much needed insight and straightforward, honest analysis all Americans should and must be exposed to. In an age of so-called "White privilege" and "White guilt" - an age in which White people are blamed for literally all of the evils plaguing society, both currently and throughout history - this book cuts through the disinformation and anti-White propaganda endlessly promoted and perpetuated by the controlled mass media and Marxist educational establishment.

The election of President Barack Obama, a mysterious mulatto man who proudly identifies with his African ancestry, ostensibly ushered in a "post-racial America." Millions of Whites, the vast majority of Blacks, and majorities of other minorities voted for Obama, who became the first non-White president in American history. Racial relations were seemingly the best they have ever been, so the story goes.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Some suspect, but few truly realize the fact that the elites controlling America are manipulating and outright promoting racial tensions and strife, covering up or downplaying the horrific and widespread phenomenon of Black-on-White violent crime, while excusing Black criminality and failures, blaming all the problems, whether real or merely perceived, confronting minorities in America on "White racism.”

A major theme of America's Racial Powder Keg is the reality of racial violence in America. Blacks commit an alarming percentage of violent crime in the United States, a fact that is largely downplayed, dismissed, and covered up by the controlled mass media. Several high profile cases involving Black miscreants getting justifiably shot and killed for their degenerate, criminal behavior, epitomized by the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown incidents, have been deliberately twisted and distorted by the mass media, resulting in an oftentimes violent Black uprising sweeping America. Thorn correctly identifies the root of this crisis - cultural Marxism and political correctness, which have become institutionalized in the West, particularly following the fratricidal Second World War.

"The entire framework for this black uprising stems from the Frankfurt School’s agenda of eroding law and order by supporting criminals over those victimized by criminals," Thorn correctly avers. Indeed, virtually all of the racial strife and outright violence in America, from both a contemporary analysis as well as historical, can be traced back to a Jewish-inspired, Communist-directed conspiracy aimed at overthrowing, destroying, and ultimately replacing the principal racial stock that created and built America - the heroic White European peoples who founded this nation and developed it into the modern, civilized country it is today.

Israel Cohen, a radical Marxist Jew, admitted as much in 1912. In A Racial Program for the 20th Century, Cohen states:
We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.
Cultural Marxism and political correctness are the primary psychological and intellectual weapons being used to wage war upon traditional Western civilization, elevating and glorifying minorities and criminals while denigrating and slandering White European peoples and their accomplishments. With the mass media firmly under control of anti-White cultural Marxists, racial tensions have exploded, particularly since the election of President Obama.

The book addresses a wide variety of important issues necessary to understand what is really going on in America today from a racial perspective. It begins by debunking the official narrative of Black slavery in America, pointing out that the slave trade itself was largely dominated by Jewish merchants and slave traders, and that the vast majority of White Americans never even owned slaves. Also, slavery was an institution practiced all over the world, and still is practiced in many parts of modern Africa. Blacks themselves were involved in the slave trade, and even owned slaves in America!

Other important topics addressed in the book include a critical look at both Nelson Mandela, an icon for the left and elite political establishment in the Western world, and President Obama, the unjustified persecution of intellectuals and journalists daring to write critically about race, and the prevalence of crime, violence, nepotism, and corruption plaguing the Black community, amongst other crucial topics.

One of the main points emphasized throughout the book is that the liberal media and political establishment, working in conjunction with various Black activist groups and prominent race hustlers like the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, have fostered and are perpetuating a violent, counterproductive, welfare-dependent culture within the Black community. Rather than telling Blacks they need to get their act together, take responsibility for their actions, and become productive, responsible members of society, Black leaders and the liberal political and media establishment celebrate and glorify degenerate Black "thug" or "gangsta" culture. Black gang violence and social and economic failure is always excused, never confronted and rectified. Large segments of the Black community in America will continue to be trapped in a never-ending cycle of poverty, violence, and degeneration as long as the politically correct dogmas infecting our society prevail.

Simply put, America's Racial Powder Keg is a book that should be required reading for all Americans, especially following the upheaval and destruction in Ferguson, Missouri and across the United States.


Victor Thorn and Pete Papaherakles were my special guests on the latest edition of The Realist Report. Be sure to download and listen to that program if you have not already. 


  1. Better summary of the book, John, and amazing video by David Duke, one of his absolute best of all time. It's critical viewing for all whites everywhere.

    1. Thank you, and agreed! Dr. Duke's video is a must-watch for all Americans - White, Black, Brown, whatever!

    2. I sure would like to see a copy of "A Racial Program for the 20th Century". I don't have a problem with the context of the citation per-sey, that agenda is rather obvious. None-the-less, there seems to be an issue of tie-in to actual jew author source. JewWatch didn't provide a link to the actual book or even a copy.

  2. Never forget that Obongo has Jew blood. He is a "Black Face" Jew and his mother was a HO and he is a homosexual married to a trannie. No real man could go for something as hideous as that Mooshell.

    1. Nationalism is the only political concern White people can have at this dangerous time so I'm only interested in the question of Obama's racial background. It is interesting either way if he is or isn't part-Jewish. If he is, that is potentially useful against our most influential enemy, if he turns out not to be, it's good to know which people are spreading easily discredited falsehoods about Jews to the ultimate benefit of Jews..

      Your evidence about Obongo's Jewishness, please?

  3. I've been calling the spade a spade, i.e. a "mulatto" since day one and still can't figure out, other than for racist reasons, why they call him "black". It's all part of their agenda to divide and conquer.

    1. for the record :
      the book IT'S VERY SIMPLE by the "JEW" Alan Stang
      is a must read !!

      Dig this CHUTZPAH...

      Martin Luther King Jr. was surrounded by "heavy security"
      when he arrived in Los Angeles on Feb. 24, 1965,
      to give a series of speeches pushing for "JEW" contrived rights legislation.
      {Did Timmy McVeigh write the Anti-Terrorism Legislation and
      invent a suck bomb, too ?}

      It was a pivotal point in the Synagogue of Satan
      "JEW" contrived so-called civil rights movement,
      coming three days after the ADL/FBI contrived
      "assassination" of Malcolm X in Jew York City and a month
      before the historic Hollywood "JEW" scriptwriters contrived
      marches in Selma, Ala., where "police violence"
      [HIGH DRAMA] against
      "peaceful protesters" would ultimately galvanize the
      "JEW" hijacked so-called country.

      “I hope nothing happens to me,” King told The Times upon arriving in L.A.
      But should he be killed, he said, there should be no violent retaliation.

      One of the venues that King was to speak at that week was
      Synagogue of Satan Temple Israel of Hollywood.....DUH !!!

      only malicious idiots invest ALL their emotional capital in
      the "JEWISH" narrative...!

      Jesus said to "KNOW THE TRUTH" !!!



  4. Great review, John.

  5. When I was a child there was no racial tension; whites only stuff was fading out and for the most part everyone had accepted people for what they were and not for what had happened to them a hundred years ago. Then came the civil rights movement and everyone went crazy browns, blacks and whites. and so it goes to this day. Jews are certainly to blame for the racial condition of America today.

    1. You're daydreaming Sam, of a past age where race didn't matter, and a a future age where Jews are recognized as a capitalization-worthy proper noun group but Whites are not. You're half-awake, but not fully awake (no endorsement of Alex Jones implied).

    2. Indeed, very well said. And the kicker is, since the "Civil Rights" movement, Black culture in America has been on a major DECLINE.

      Blacks actually had somewhat stable families PRIOR to the "Civil Rights" movement. Now what do they have?

      Gang bangers, rappers, thugs, and sports starts for role models, all of whom are totally degenerate, criminal losers. Their basic family unit (a product of White Western civilization, I should add) is almost totally destroyed.

      And what does the organized Black community, working at the behest of the international Jew, do for their people? ALWAYS portray Blacks as the victims of the "evil White supremacist racists" who discriminate and oppress the poor, harmless, benevolent Blacks. Blacks are never responsible for their own anti-social, criminal, and unproductive actions/attitudes - their failures are ALWAYS someone else's (usually White peoples') fault.

      It's so absurd anymore, and I'm straight up sick and tire of it.


    3. Whites just can’t conceive how deeply blacks are steeped into their victim meme. Even if they’re incredibly wealthy, basketballers, drug dealers, or welfare frauds, they’re still whining. Blacks behave the way they do IN SPITE of the influence of the White man, and not because of the way they are treated in a White society. It is simply their nature to work against the society Whites created, and to kick against every restraint on their violent behavior we try and put in place. They simply want to live in their own way, and we should let them; just not around us. Every move a White makes when interacting with blacks, or even moving in close proximity to them is construed and evaluated by them from a racial perspective. Race is the only thing on their brain. While we, if not totally indoctrinated or stupid, want no parts of them.

      Whites are being trained to give them special treatment and preference. The government itself has succumbed to this subconcious indoctrination by the jews who have created this nightmare. Not just blacks, but all minorities are afforded special rights and privileges that Whites cannot access, and these subhumans scream equality! Equality! because blacks are so goddamn stupid they believe their own outrageous BS, that they are being cheated. This country is a friggin ZOO because the monkeys are in charge! Here you have wild, violent, negroes on one hand, and on the other, a bunch of docile White cowards who are being victimized by them, and their government.

      The ugly truth of the matter is, blacks are violent, aggressive, compulsive, extremely racist, lack caution, are low in mental stability, law abidingness, mental health, and IQ and yet with all these negative traits, they still have a high opinion of themselves.

      Obviously by objective measurements of IQ and historical accomplishments, Blacks are significantly less developed, biologically, than Whites. Hundreds of books have been published on this topic, yet the contents of these important studies are never mentioned, nor permitted to be mentioned. The TRUTH is "racist", afterall. This is clearly the reason they have such a difficult time integrating into modern European and European-derived societies and tend to fail on a global scale when forced to compete with other races. Meanwhile, our jobs are being given to those not qualified because of the jew contrived Affirmative Action which they enforce through their control of the US government and it's courts. How long do you think America can exist with this monkey on our collective backs? Inferiority breeds inferiority. You won't see any such nonsense going on in homogenous China. Once these jew parasites steal all the wealth there is to steal in the US, they will all move on to their next victim, as they always do.?

  6. Great interview, a lot of hard truths were expressed. Thanks.

    I hate to be a buzzkill, but better me than an adversary. The Israel Cohen quote seems to be fake.


    ""Israel Cohen" case
    One aspect of Mullins' writings which proved to be contentious, surrounded a quote by an alleged "Israel Cohen", supposedly taken from a book called A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century. Some inconsistencies in Mullins' story were shown, due to the fact that "Israel Cohen", the alleged Jew quoted from 1912 was said to belong to the "British Communist Party". No such party existed at the time and nobody has found evidence of Israel Cohen existing. This could be compared to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion controversy, in that the true authorship is contentious (perhaps created by Mullins), but a metapolitical truth may still be evident. The general spirit of the quote, is similar to the authentic writings of József Pogány ("John Pepper"), a Jew from the Communist Party USA in his "American Negro Problems" book, as well as Herbert Aptheker's book glorifying Haitian style massacre of Europeans; "American Negro Slave Revolts"."


    From Karl Radl's Semitic Controversies, worth reading and I recommend one do so: Israel Cohen's 'A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century' Redux

    "So by way of conclusion we can say that although we cannot prove that the Mullins quotation is not genuine; or rather that Mullins didn't get it from somewhere else, there is strong circumstantial evidence that the quotation does come from the early 1950s when Mullins first published it. However we can clarify that the arguments advanced by the Washington Star and Multer are problematic and lacking in substance. That said we cannot go as far as Makow in endorsing it via an unproven conspiracy to remove the work: however we can and should maintain our quiet skepticism about the providence and intellectual integrity of 'A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century'."

    1. Thanks man, and your comment/critique of the Cohen quote is appreciated. I should have at least mentioned that the quote is disputed, although it certainly rings true. I would love to see the actual Congressional Record document where this quote was allegedly transcribed. I linked to this article, which claims that a Congressman read the quote into the Congressional Record:

      You can find the Cohen quote on various websites on the Internet, but to my knowledge its origin has never been conclusively established or verified, unfortunately. Which is basically what Karl Radl says, and he seems to be a very good fact checker.

      I guess that shows my bias and unscholarly efforts here - the quote is just too good not to use! :)

    2. Many quotes that accurately expose the jews and their perfidy have been "discredited". So have the protocols. They are a "forgery" the jews claim without a speck of evidence, jews make these claims, though they reveal to a tee the ongoing agenda of what jews have been doing for over a hundred years. The Menachem Begin quote, “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. blah, blah, blah." I don't know how many jews have told me this statement was never made. I should believe the jews just because they say so? Why do White Nationalists buy this shit? This quote in Israel Cohen's book, that, for some reason, nobody has a copy of, is exactly what the jews have done, and someone is going to tell me it was never said? BULLSHIT!

    3. "Racial Program"

      It is certainly in the Congressional record of 1957:

      But it may indeed be a bogus quote, even so. Certainly no such book was listed in the UK records when I checked the databases of our Legal Deposit libraries a few years ago. Unfortunately we do live in a world where books such as this might be wiped from the records - but on the other hand no hard copy has ever been produced. So ...

      And Karl Radl makes good points about possibly anachronistic terminology used in the text, more on that later.

      In any case, the REAL IMPORTANCE I think of the quote IF IT'S BOGUS is that someone or some group of people was 1) influential enough to widely promote and 2) so motivated, to have invented an easy to discredit lie about the mere *history and personnel* of how Jews were doing what they truly were doing:

      "Look, this lunatic claims Jews who never even existed decided in 1912 to do away with you -- so don't look at the real Jews who are doing away with you right now, you're not an antisemitic loon like him, are you?"

      This is plausible. Most of the conspindustry's most common lies revolve around Jews one way or another. Either blaming Jews badly in easily disproved ways, or blaming non-Jews for Jews' crimes much more credibly.

    4. So the record:

      This lie, if it was a lie, was first published by a young, ambitious writer with serious career intentions (Mullins). It was then repeated in the letters column of Washington D.C.'s then newspaper of record (Washington Star), without contradiction, and subsequently more prominently 'corrected'. It was then read into the Congressional record by a career politician who was a Congressman from 1943-1973 (Abernethy). Radl points out anomalies with regard to the subsequent attack on Abernethy's sources by Multer and the Star. How indeed could they have failed to kill off forever the quote on the grounds Radl outlines - a quotation that it just so happens would introduce doubt and a suspicion of the integrity of antisemites for decades hence among the most moral and intellectual White audience?

      It is not nearly so plausible as the anti-antisemitic theory outlined above that a real antisemite would invent out of whole cloth an easily discredited bogus quote that was so descriptive of what Jews really were doing to America when so many Americans recognized this reality and were in sympathy with such suspicions anyway.

      There was absolutely NO NEED to gild this lily. Why would an antisemite lie and say Jew X did this, if in truth Jew Y did this? Only Jews Y have such a motive. The fact that Jew X doesn't seem to exist and can be shown convincingly not to exist just protects furthermore the Jewishness and Jewish motivations of Jews Y.

      On its face this would appear to be an anti-antisemitic conspiracy rather than an antisemitic conspiracy.


      And just look who came forward to shore up the 'Israel Cohen' legend hoax in the medium-term ... Myron Fagan!

      No other source exists for the factuality of 'Israel Cohen' aside from the doubtful book claims besides Fagan, who claims to have met the fabled author but nevertheless became a more conventional non-antisemitic scriptwriter for the mainstream conspindustry. What are the odds that one of the most influential proponents of imaginary 'Illuminati' control is also the only personal witness for the existence of Israel Cohen, author of the second most loudly discredited antisemitic myth of the twentieth century?

    5. Did you even bother to read the article on said quote?

    6. No, I hadn't, but now that I have scanned over it, I see that it is what I expected it to be, nothing more than a bunch of excuses and rationalizations for why we shouldn't believe it's true, a list of excuses the jews make over and over for various things they want to ignored and not quoted, even though what is stated / quoted is exactly what has transpired, just as they have done in regard to the protocols. "The Protocols? They're forgeries." And why are they forgeries? Simply because the jews say so. I don't buy it. It's just more jew lies. Jews are merely attempting to deprive us of evidence that documents their destructive agenda.

      Coincidently, the following quote to has been deemed to have never been uttered according to the jews. Just like their participation in the slave trade they want to hide, they seem to want to hide their orchestration of racemixing that we see right before our eyes:

      “The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach. I can safely promise you that our race will soon take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave.”

      "We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter- racial tensions. Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples." — Rabbi Emmanuel Rabbinovich, speech delivered at a special conference of European rabbis in Budapest, January 12, 1952

      This is outrageous. No wonder jews want so desparately to discredit it. But aren't the jews promoting multiculturalism and immigration of tens of millions of nonwhites from Mexico and other Central American countries? Aren't they actively promoting race mixing of mostly Whites and nonWhites in movies and on the televitz today? I'm sure we all understand jews control all information. There are jew rats running all over the internet censoring and removing material so they can say it doesn't or never existed.

    7. "...I have scanned over it..."

      ^ So, you did not actually READ the whole thing, just as you spouted off angrily the first time without having done so. For you to state that it is "nothing more than a bunch of excuses and rationalizations" is illogical and unconvincing considering that it contains a well-sourced and well-reasoned, linear argument. Using provably false quotes when there are plenty of undeniably verifiable ones is foolish and does a disservice to the rest of us.

      Eustace Mullins and the Story of the 1952 Speech of Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich:

      Also, comparing this to the Protocols would be acceptable if you backed up your analogy, but you don't, you simply immediately go off on a tangent about entirely separate instances and believe that to be adequate. It isn't

      No one disputes quotations in the following post, for instance:

      Jewish Author Harry Waton Admitted that Communism is Jewish, Hitler was Right and the Jews Aim to Conquer the World:

      Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race. The races and the nations will cheerfully submit to the spiritual power of Judaism, and all will become Jews [i.e. they will adopt Judaic philosophies]. pg. 99-100

      For thousands of years the Aryans will work, struggle and achieve; they will clear the swamps, they will bring out a beautiful world and make mankind a free humanity living on a free earth; but then the Aryans will die; they will die as Aryans and will be born again as Jews. Not as Aryans will they enjoy the fruit of their labor, but as Jews. This was already foretold by Noah. The Aryans will enlarge and beautify the earth; but they will settle to enjoy the world which they created only in the tents of the Jews. These tents are communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. pg 102

      Europe will be false to itself that it will create a universal communism, which will destroy blood and race as the basis of civilization, destroy the beauties and the heroisms of the struggle for power, deny the natural superiority of the white race, and of Germany in particular, and produce universal equality and brotherhood. The Jewish spirit is not merely under the illusion of these ideas; it is the force, in the world, which creates them in idea and compels the rest of humanity to achieve them in practice. pg. 199-200

      I'm interested in winning and that's done by being bullet-proof with the truth via cold-hard, provable facts, which we have plenty of.

    8. I didn't read it, because I didn't have to. I was right in my first, and my second, comment, and I'll be right again, here. And when the jews suddenly decide to claim that these latest quotes you have cited are illegitimate, I suppose you'll just have to back up just a little more, because we cannot expect our unawakened target to understand that jews are not capable of the truth. We'll just send those quotes, discredited by jew bullshit, down the memory hole. You must be 'bulletproof', after all, in a world of sheeple suffering deeply the effects of cognitive dissonance. I suppose you'll have to stop denying the "holocaust" then too. Your bulletproof evidence won't mean a thing to your target.

      Thanks for that link supposedly discrediting the Rabbinovitch quote. All the jews and their lackeys, and I don't mean you, we are only having a slight disagreement, know to send everyone to that site if they are confronted with the blatant truth of Rabbinovitch ramblings of the jews evil desires. Have you been sent there? Do you now refrain from offering that quote because of what it says in that link?

      At that link, we need only to go a few sentences into the critique and almost immediately we see the jew author of it dismissing it, blowing the whole thing off as though it isn't factual, inferring it never happened, basically. This tactic I've seen dozens of times. The jews do it on their media all the time. They simply deny without any proof to substantiate their denial. It's only the jew author's opinion, and of course, we know his opinion is biased. Could a jew be lying? These jews consistently engage in simple denial of truthful information that exposes them. It's what they do. Apparently, they really don't like the Cohen and Rabinovitch quotes that prove, historically, they are behind elevating the negroes and thus causing all the problems that go along with it for Whites.

      Let me point out a list of accusations the critic makes in just three short paragraphs, maybe 10 sentences: story was itself rather incredible; glaring textual inconsistency; account unlikely; irreconcilable; would only be viable if; in all likelihood fraudulent; we cannot say whether this is a fraudulent text with an equally fraudulent providence or an actual text with a problematic providence. You gotta laugh. This was only three short paragraphs. Me thinks they dost protest too much? LOL! Will the unawakened moron see through the jews lies? Of course not.

      All of these DESCRIPTIONS spit out by the jew are not proof of anything other than the fact that this jew was able to think up a lot of descriptive adjectives, so you see, to take jew denials of anything is just plain thoughtless. Israel Cohen, Rabbi Rabinovitch, the Protocols, Menachem Begin, or the big daddy of them all, the holohoax, it's all the same. Jew lies. I'm simply not gonna' lay down for any of them.

  7. Truth Media Revolution formerly known as Red Pill Revolution (over 66,000 you tube subscribers; Fakeologist only has 396) now on Clues Forum (last post on the page, his intro post, 02, 25, 2015):

    Plus he invited Shack on his podcast (Simon accepted on the next page) which goes out to 66,000 subs every time he puts it out on you tube! That’s about 15 times the potential audience Abirato ever got on any podcast and 65,000 more subscribers (Shack himself only has 5200).

    It was long over due for something like this to happen. This is very good news and I can only hope it's not another bait and hook.

    ~ Negentropic

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That's awesome! I'm looking forward to that discussion - I like Red Pill Revolution.

      Sorry to hear Hoi Polloi kicked you off of Clues Forum, but it honestly doesn't surprise me...

      The people on Clues Forum, and Simon Shack in particular, are absolutely brilliant and have a lot to offer. But they aren't aware of, and seem totally opposed to, the Jew/race issue, which is a huge problem. I think that's why Shack doesn't want to speak to me anymore. It's unfortunate, but expected. I wish those guys the best of luck, and hope to collaborate in the future, because I think their research into 9/11 is essential to getting this whole mess figured out (i.e., what is really going on in the world today).

  8. Great show - very eye opening and I agree with 99 percent of what was discussed here.

    Just one point that Victor (whose book I read on the Holohoax) made early on in the show though that needs to be refuted, he makes it sound as if it was worth the risk for the slaves to "step foot on the boat" because if they made it to the New World their lives would improve "1,000 percent", without mentioning that (according to the official story and he offers no evidence to refute this) millions of people died during the journey, which took place (according to the official story, in the most horrific conditions imaginable). Is that the kind of journey anyone would voluntarily take? It is implied that then that Americans/Jewish slave traders were somehow doing the black Africans a favor.

    This kind of presentation of an argument lacks scholarly rigor, logic and ethics, and undermines the overall validity of what I believe are the very valid points your book is trying to make.

    Let's avoid the "Fox News" method of journalism guys!

    All the best, Richard Wilcox

    1. Thanks Richard, good points you raised for sure. I do think Blacks have a much better life and opportunities in America and the West than they do in Africa though. That is the main reason why don't want to go back.

    2. Yes, I agree with that point, very enlightening and challenging show, the Blacks want to have their luxury life and bitch about it too. Maybe that's they want to have their Kike and eat it too. Of course, there seems to be no short supply of dumb white folks either! ;-)

      Richard Wilcox


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