Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are Jews ever responsible for "anti-Semitism"?

Are Jews, their behavior and actions, and the policies they promote ever responsible for genuine anti-Jewish sentiment? Apparently not, according to Yair Rosenberg, who recently published an article on the subject for Tablet Magazine. In fact, honestly inquiring as to whether or not Jewish actions and behaviors are directly tied to criticism and hostility towards Jews is itself "anti-Semitic," Rosenberg argues.

A popular, mainstream Swedish radio host, Helena Groll, had the temerity to ask Israel's ambassador to Sweden whether or not Jews are responsible for rising "anti-Semitism" i.e., criticism of Jews and the Jewish state. Groll's question has caused an outrage, and prompted Rosenberg to write the following for Tablet:

There have been many reactions to the recent deadly violence against Jews in European capitals, from Paris to Copenhagen. Some have expressed solidarity with the Jewish community. Others have worked to reaffirm the European values of tolerance and pluralism. And then there’s Helena Groll, a presenter on Sweden’s public broadcast Sveriges Radio, who suggested yesterday that Jews are to blame for their own persecution.

In an interview with Isaac Bachman, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Groll asked: “Do the Jews themselves have any responsibility in the growing anti-Semitism that we see now?” Bachman, naturally, was taken aback. “I reject the question altogether,” he said. “The question of how a woman contributes to the fact of being raped is irrelevant altogether. I don’t think there is any provocation that Jews are doing–they just exist.” 
But Groll wasn’t finished attempting to pin the blame for European intolerance on its victims, and proceeded to suggest that Jews in Europe might have it coming due to the actions of completely different Jews in the Middle East. “But a lot of people would look at the Middle East today and say there are various conflicts that we know between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” she went on, “and a lot of people might say, ‘we see the Gaza war, we see things that have been happening, that Israel and Jews in Israel have a responsibility to reactions that are coming?'”

Listen to the entire exchange below:

After outrage on Swedish social media, Sveriges Radio apologized for the interview and purged it from the episode’s online recording. But while the station’s move is commendable, erasing the evidence of bigotry does not actually amount to confronting the bigotry. After all, if Groll is right that “a lot of people” think European Jews should be held accountable for the actions of Israel, Sweden has a much bigger problem than one blithely bigoted radio presenter.

Indeed, the fact that a respected host on Sweden’s public radio could so nonchalantly give voice to the oldest of anti-Semitic tropes–that Jews cause themselves to be hated, and that Jews anywhere are responsible for the actions of Jews everywhere–without any awareness of the bigotry of her comments suggests a much deeper societal failure. [...]

There are many reasons why European elites have had trouble acknowledging and combating anti-Jewish sentiment. Interviews like the one conducted by Groll–and like that conducted by the BBC’s Tim Willcox, who also suggested European Jews were accountable for Israel’s actions–suggest another: that there is much latent acceptance of arguments that blame Jews for their own predicament, even among enlightened and educated professionals.

Until such debilitating assumptions about Jews, which have bedeviled the European mind for centuries, are exposed and expunged, the continent will have little chance of meeting the challenge of protecting its Jews.
Boy, these Jews sure do have a lot of nerve.

Basically, the argument Rosenberg - an argument that is mainstream within and representative of the organized Jewish community - is making is that any manifestation of genuine anti-Jewish sentiment and even criticism of Jews is fundamentally irrational, misguided, and solely driven by a blind hatred and bigotry towards Jews. Jewish behavior has nothing at all to do with anyone, anywhere criticizing Jews.

"Anti-Semitism," which simply means exposing and highlighting basic facts about Jews as well as proposing honest, legitimate criticisms directed against Jews, the organized Jewish community, and the Jewish state of Israel, is written off as a pathological mental illness by the vast majority of Jews, and certainly the organized Jewish community. They literally think that they are above criticism, and anyone challenging them is an irrational, hate-filled Nazi who wants to commit another "Holocaust".

Do you see how delusion and absurd these people are? It's becoming more and more apparent as each day passes.


  1. The jews are not arabs, therefore NOT semitic, they ar proven khazars, vermin from the old era.
    Groll asked the question that the vermin always fear; responsibility for their actions and the imaginary holohoax.
    Get the vermin out of your country while you still have one.

  2. "I think there’s a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re gonne be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive. ”
    —Barbara Lerner Spectre, IBA-News, 2010"

    Here we have a jewess arrogantly declaring that she and her fellow jews are determined to flood every historic White European nation with millions of third world non-whites, reduce the native and indigenous White populations of these nations to minorities inside their own native homelands, and thereby maliciously deprive them of their God-given, Natural right to self-rule, self-determination, and self-governance by subjugating them to being ruled by an imported new non-white majority who do not share their language, their culture, their traditions, their values, their history, or their religions - and yet, she and her fellow jews pretend to be surprised and shocked by assertions that jewish behavior is the leading fuel behind the rise of anti-Semitism?

    And, they claim that those assertions have no basis in fact or the truth of jewish behavior?

  3. Fancy a holiday in the land of jewish self-love?

    Listen to the following audio clip (1 hr long) "Why do people Hate the Jews" a talk by Rabbi Ken Spiro

    the punchline starts in the last 30 minutes. Dare I say Chutzpah?

    Further - take a look at this Blog which took screen shots of a thread on a jewish forum after reading the thread you will understand why it no longer exists on that forum)

  4. “Pin the blame for European intolerance on its victims", - says the article. Aren’t the Jews ALWAYS victims, no matter the circumstances?

    The Jews are victims, - even when Jews are caught painting swastikas and slurs on their own synagogues. That’s the point of the swastikas and slurs, - so the Jews can pretend to be innocent victims. But they are not innocent.

    The Jews of Europe and all over the world see themselves as one. They collaborate, and they work as one. They refuse to testify against other Jews, no matter how horrible the crime. They support Israel and Zionism and all the evil it brings. There is no other group like them on the planet.

    If there were another such group, wouldn’t you expect that their evil would be criticized? Why then should the Zionists be above reproach?

    But Jews always reject responsibility. They always reject even the question.
    Playing the role of the victim is one way they reject responsibility. That is one of the reasons that they are loathed.

    Jewish behavior is the cause of all of their problems and the cause of much of the world’s problems. What a pleasant and peaceful world we would have if there was no Jewish thinking.

  5. The fundamental issue is the word "Israel".

    Modern day so-called "Jews" who are not even Semitic, nor are "THEY"
    {the so-called "Jews"} descended from the tribe of Judah.

    Survivors of the Holocaust against the GERMAN people are actually Judahites...
    whereas the children of the devil {John 8:44} are genetically predisposed to
    not only lying but also acquiring filthy lucre {MAMMON} by manufacturing weapons
    systems and getting the braindeadgoy to kill each other wholesale to enrich the money changers and pharisees...calling it a World War...or a Peace Action,

    Modern day so-called "Jews" cannot be "Israel"....
    because the Children of Israel are the
    "European Nations/1st World Nations/White People Nations currently
    under ECONOMIC TERRORIST full scale attack by the poopagandists and the Talmudic Terrorists who print the currency and own the media and pay for the invasions of said "Israelite" white people nations by 3rd world invaders....
    not to mention the "Jew" worshipping CRACK HOUSE called CONGRESS !

    is the evidence too thin for this conclusion...?



    1. Seems like you have it pretty well figured out, Davy!

  6. Are we talking about Real Jews or Russian Kazar Zionists posing as Jews? I get confused. The Zionist coined the phrase as a weapon of propaganda to attack anyone who doesn't agree with their genocidal policies. The Zionists have been proven to not genetically be a Semitic people but the Palestinians are. So technically the Zionists are anti-Semitic.

  7. The jews first make up lies about alleged crimes against them committed by Europeans, then proceed to blame *all* Europeans for these supposed crimes, even the ones who, for example, fought to defend them like in WWII, and then run around screaming that not all Jews should be held accountable for the misdeeds of *some* Jews, even though Judaism holds that all Jews act in unity against goyim and gentiles.

    Delusional and absurd is an apt description of these hypocrites.

  8. Recommended reading: 'Political Ponerology' and 'Architects of deception' and Solzhenitsyne's '200 years together'

  9. This guy only discredits jews further and makes it clear to the entire world just how arrogant and self-serving their policies are. They can do no wrong. They are chosen by their God to rule this planet. If you're not a jew you're not a human being and can be treated like dirt. The god they invented was also a real estate agent and grant deeded them a bunch of land that other people happened to be living on, too bad for them, the god they invented had spoken. When you get kicked out of every country you ever lived in, it must be the whole world that is wrong, not you, right? Really?


    Jews hate free speech, because it inevitably exposes them.


  11. All Jewish actions against Arabs are real anti-Semitism because Arabs are the Semites.

  12. Screw the Israel excuse. Euros might use that, but that's NOT it.

    Jews always say it's because we're jealous of their success. YET, they are arresting people for tweets that hurt their feelings, people are arrested for denying the Holocaust, in France, they want to be the only people allowed to have guns. Every time a Jew is killed, the entire world has sob and cry over it and worry about the Jews while Christians are being slaughtered wholesale in the MidEast, the Boers in South Africa are being genocided, white European women are being raped all over the place and Whites in the USA are being murdered and physically attacked at epidemic levels by blacks. There has to be a Holocaust museum on every block in every city, but you don't see Holodomor museums on every block, you don't see memorials to 50 million people who died in WWII all over the place or the some 20 million WHITE SOLDIERS who died in WWII.

    This is all what any average Western citizen can see. This doesn't even go into what Pro-Whites know about Jews. But they always say it's because of their success.

    I know exactly why the phrase "the Jews cries out in pain as he strikes you" came into being.

    It was really weak of her to use the Israel-Palestine excuse.

  13. The Jews feign a total lack of understanding why they are disliked. They'll label anyone an "anti-Semite." So what do they blame the hatred or dislike on? Is it some disorder in the goyim's DNA? I don't recall ever hearing or reading an explanation by Jews why this is happening. Has anyone heard an alleged reason for the alleged hatred?


  14. Ah, but none of them ever do any wrong as long as it is done to Goyim...

    Ah, the luxury of such a double standard... After all, they are "God's Chosen"...

    Hmmm. No, can't see any reason why anyone would ever have a problem with such gems.


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