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Alexander Hamilton's connection to Jews

Alexander Hamilton, widely regarded as an important Founding Father of America and a champion of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, has long been suspected of having Jewish ancestry. Hamilton was a Federalist, and a strong proponent of a robust, centralized federal government and national bank. Alternative media personalities have even claimed Hamilton was essentially a Rothschild agent operating in America, seeking to financially enslave the American Republic shortly after gaining independence from Great Britain following the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War.

An interesting article recently appearing in Tablet Magazine, a Jewish news outlet, sheds some light on Hamilton's background and Jewish connections. The article discusses Hamilton, a musical which recently opened based on Hamilton's life.

"Something the musical doesn’t explore is the founding father’s early connections to Judaism," the article states, "and the much speculated-about possibility that Hamilton had Jewish roots himself." It continues:

Though the claim of Jewish heritage remains largely unsubstantiated, Hamilton certainly had close relationships with Jews from a young age.

While Hamilton’s father James A. Hamilton was definitely Scottish and a non-Jew, sources like the Jewish Virtual Library claim that Hamilton’s mother, Rachel Faucette, was likely Jewish. Her exact background is hard to determine, though. She seems to have been at least part Hugenot, and perhaps of African descent as well.

Some of the loudest contemporary voices insisting Hamilton was Jewish are neo-Nazis, in a racist conflation of Jews and Federalism. Bigotry aside, it is possible that in the relative melting pot of the colonial Caribbean, Faucette could have had Jewish or black ancestry, or both. Around the time of Hamilton’s birth in Nevis in the West Indies, the Caribbean had a sizable Sephardic community. Charlestown, the capital of Nevis, had a particularly large Jewish population.

What is certain is that Hamilton was a Jewish Day School boy. His mother never divorced her first husband (a probably Jewish man with the surname Lavien), so the Anglican Church saw Hamilton as illegitimate, banning him from its local school. Instead, he studied at a Jewish school (possibly being solo tutored by the headmistress) run out of a synagogue in Charlestown. It was there that he learned Hebrew, and he reportedly recalled to his son years later learning to recite the Ten Commandments.

Hamilton may not have organized Kabbalat Shabbat at the Constitutional Convention, but he maintained great personal respect for the Jews. His advocacy of immigration included demanding tolerance for Jewish Americans.

“Progress of the Jews,” he once wrote, “From their earliest history to the present time has been and is entirely out of the ordinary course of human affairs. Is it not then a fair conclusion that the cause also is an extraordinary one – in other words, that it is the effect of some great providential plan?’” And in a court case, he argued, “Why distrust the evidence of the Jews? Discredit them and you destroy the Christian religion.”
In my view, whether or not Alexander Hamilton was in fact Jewish is largely irrelevant at this point. What is relevant is that many of the ideas championed by Hamilton - strong central government (i.e., Federalism), a national bank, and "tolerance" for Jews - are exactly what is wrong with America. I believe a strong argument can be made that these ideas run counter to the true spirit of the American revolution, and the America men like Thomas Jefferson had in mind - a nation of hard-working, God-fearing farmers, craftsmen, and artisans of European descent who were educated, righteous, and independent. 


  1. Wow, I had no idea Hamilton had such jewish ties, although somewhere deep down I suspected... Very informative post.

  2. You left out the part about his Negro blood.

  3. Reference to Hamilton's Black ancestry. Who else comes to mind when you think of Jew blood, Black Blood and treason?: Obongo!

    Subject: Historical Figures You Didn't Know Were Black | Page 14 | MadameNoire

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    1. Truly an American hero, Mr. Burr. If only George Washington and Benjamin Franklin followed through with their warnings about banning jews from entering our shores!

  5. This gives an outline of the depth of the Jew darkness:

    Subject: Wouldn’t you want to know ? | Veterans Today

  6. There isn't a scintilla of evidence that Hamilton's mom had "African ancestry". In fact, her ancestry is very well documented. She was of purely European ancestry, and every bit of documentary evidence we have is that she was listed as "white" on all legal and social documents. If she were mixed-race, this wouldn't have been the case. Especially on such a small island where the white population was so close-knit. This was the age before political correctness, so they didn't "let these things slide". Anyone who claims that she was of anything other than European ancestry has done no research on the issue. . . . She did appear, however, to have married a man who may have been Jewish. I say "may have been," because, according to all records, their marriage was undertaken in a Christian ceremony [not a Jewish one]. And interracial marriages (as Jews and Gentiles were seen at the time) would have been frowned upon. Whether her first husband Johann Michael Lavien was distantly Jewish, it's good to bear in mind that--although "Lavien" looks like the Jewish surname Levine, there exist other Huguenot variants that are NOT Jewish. Like singer Avril Lavigne. Her name looks a whole lot like Levine, but she's not Jewish and the surname "Lavigne" has no Jewish connotations whatsoever. So Lavien may have been a variant of Lavigne, NOT Levine. (It's good to remember that at the time-period in question spelling was not standardized, even in surnames. Shakespeare himself spelled his name six different ways.) Adolf Hitler's family, well into the 19th Century, spelled the name Hitler, Hiedler and Hutler. So a Lavigne spelling their name as "Lavien" is not that unusual. Rachael Faucette herself was of French Huguenot extraction. So a Faucette marrying a Lavigne wouldn't have been that unusual. A Faucette marrying a LEVINE, however, WOULD have been unusual. It bears repeating: The two married in a Christian ceremony, and Faucette's family approved (something unlikely if he'd have been Jewish). Remember: These were deeply and unapologetically racist times. No one considered a Jew an eligible marriage prospect. As late as the 1920s, Lilian Gish turned down Jewish critic George Jean Nathan on account of his Jewish ancestry. So if Jews got turned down well into the 20th Century, you know they did in 1740.
    So anybody assuming that Rachel Faucette's family were eager for her to marry a Jew is projecting the year 2015 onto the year 1740.
    It wouldn't have happened.
    Are the chances possible that Johann Michael Lavien had distant Jewish ancestry 4 generations back or something? Anything's possible.
    Just saying it's more demographically likely that he was a Lavigne rather than that he was a Levine.

    1. Thanks for correcting this quite wrong article.

    2. A letter in Alexander Hamilton's own hand refers to his mother's husband as "Lavine." That's no closer to Levine than Lavigne, but there are no records that I know of that refer to Lavigne. It would have been uncommon back then for a Jewish man to take a Christian wife.

      None of this proves anything one way or another, and according to Hamilton, his mother was a Huguenot and he was a Christian who barely went to church. It would have been politically beneficial for Hamilton not to have mentioned Jewish roots.

      There's not enough evidence to rule out Jewish heritage but there certainly isn't enough to support it. It's a possibility that contradicts official accounts.

  7. Interesting line: " And in a court case, he argued, “Why distrust the evidence of the Jews? Discredit them and you destroy the Christian religion.”

    In point of fact, "Jews" are not where the resurrection cult arises from. "Jews/Hebrews/Levites" are easily located in the nacient historical and mythological records. Two tribes are the northwestern tribes known as Yadu and Yoni. These are Rg Vedic Indo-Aryan Greeks. They worshiped Agni and Brahma. "Abram/Abraham." The Yadu are the Yuda, from Ayodhya, which is the eastern way of spelling/saying Judea. The Yoni, this is interesting, because last week an article at "LiveScience" documented over 8000 locations in today's "Israel" (AsurEl) where "phallic stones" and "stone circles" where found. These are Shiva Linga and Paravati Yoni...vagina. Hidden as "Jonah", that tale is stolen Vedic myth of an avatar of VishNu as the Fish: Matsya.

    Now that I have lead you to the water of truth...will you do your own research and partake of a deep drink, please? Clue: Yadu/Yudah had a tribal myth of a god named Krishna. That gave up his life to save his tribe....

    But the ancient Egyptians....they had a resurrection cult at least 5000 years old, way before the Yoni/Ionian MINYAN Greeks invaded Abydos in 666 BC...hidden as "Assyrians." Yuya/YHW was one of their kings, named Yudhisthera...the blind king of the Mahabharata. Look at Wikipedia article on Yuya, image of his mummy and his wife. he had his Egyptian capital in Akhmin, the Minya District of Egypt...a Greek.

    Iah was originally an avatar of the Mother Goddess of Egypt. Wepawet and KHentamentui were the Whippet and Monkey gods of resurrection. KHentanmentui is hidden in Jewish myth as "Prince Haman" and is the Hindu god known as The Monkey King: Hanuman...bff of Shiva. He was originally a king of Abydos. Pharaoh Djer is Indra, the "resurrection/one thousand avatar/ man that became a god" of the Vedic Hindu mythology.

    ALL Hebrews (Khaburs of WassuKanni, Vasu Blacksmiths/Cains) were originally Indo-Aryans. The "Jew/Jewish" appelation springs from the eastern Vedic tribes of white-skinned/red-haired YueZhi tribes of Traders, called "asii/ASSYRIAN" because they used asses/onagers for pack animals. READ THEIR HISTORY: 26 tribes. Many kingdoms called "Yu/Yue." From Fujian to Cambodia...Greek colonies.


  8. Incredible there are so many ignoranus's out there that entirely fall for the Illuminati anti-Hamiltonian bull shit. The National Bank that he championed was about as anti-"Rothschild" as it gets. It was a bank for and by the people beholden to nobody execept the people. This is how Lincoln took a bankrupt nation during is most serious war and turned the USA into the world's leading economy in only 5 short years. The banksters in no way desire a return to the national bank, thus the plethora of misinfo, anti-Hamilton, anti-Lincoln bull shit everywhere a person looks on the internet.

    Shame on you Mr. Rense for posting Illuminati propaganda!

    1. I'm open to your argument about Hamilton's National Bank, Stephen, but hoping to chase up that argument by clicking thru your profile I only get to the Daily Beast article you recommend about Tolstoy on Lincoln that glosses over his more important failings.

      It may well be that Lincoln operated the US or Union's finances on Hamiltonian lines, and this had some benefit, but why would we praise such a man if he also made other men fight a war to enslave others to come under that financial system?

      Isn't the financial system slaves live under rather a secondary matter to their slavery?

    2. And no matter how often the 'Illuminati' are blamed for this stuff in conspindustry circles, people more and more understand and accept that it's simply Jews, acting as Jews, who are behind our wars at home against our ethnic majorities and abroad against Israel's enemies. There's really nothing mysterious about it all.

  9. Well this is the type of article the Rothchilds like: another stupid attack upon Hamilton and the United States by a brainwashed Confederate.

    Aaron Burr was a British Agent who murdered Hamilton, where Thomas Jefferson recognized this operation against the nation. The British hated Hamilton, because Hamilton represented the very notion of a Republican form of government opposed to Free Trade Slavery of the British Empire.

    The British would employ Karl Marx to bastardize and steal Hamilton's championing the value of labor, or promoting the protection of labor through yes a National Bank dedicated to internal improvements of the nation, such as the Eire Canal and through Tariffs.

    Today we need to defend the essence of our nation, which centers around the power to put the financial oligarchy Wall Street, the Federal Reserve in its place, and restore Hamiltonian Banking towards upholding the General Welfare, upon currency that is valued upon the production Parity values of essential wealth, per Article I, Sec 8, Clause 5 as was done with success with the 1942 Steagall Amendment.

    and here is an important article concerning Hamilton

  10. What the heck does this have to with anything

  11. Notice, John and others, how the Jewish Virtual Library's post you link to alludes to Hamilton's father having been a 'non-Jewish Scotsman.' It never ceases to amaze me, how the jews manage to 'find' themselves in Europe. Scots are defined as jewish or not, rather than Scottish or jewish. The hubris of the jew is unmatched.

  12. why were there "Jews" in the Caribbean in the first place...?

    {they were evicted from Spain in 1492}...

    when was the last auto-da Recife ?

    Was Jesus speaking Yiddish in John 8:44 ?

    when will the Turko-mongolian Khazars make Exodus from Palestine ?

    are the Tares destined for the ovens @ Matt. 13:39-42 more than 6 million ?

    Does the Almighty hate SODOMITES & Jew Worshippers as much as "Jews" ?

    does the greatest crime fighter the world has ever known have a chance against
    the currency printers, the media owners and the HOT CHECK WRITERS
    AKA - "crackheads"... in CONgress ?

    Why does the Truth really matter anyway... for the braindeadgoy ?

    is PURIM an Holy day ?



  13. Gawd, the Jews spend so much of their time trying to convince themselves (and us) that everything at its very origin is Jewish, that EVERYONE in history and/or famous has some warm wonderful tie to Jews because Jews are just such dynamic and fabulous people.

    I can't imagine obsessing about my ethnicity as much as Jews do -- and I'm a freaking White Nationalist.

    Look, if what they researched above is true, they're probably right about him. It wouldn't surprise me. If his mother was Jewish, he's Jewish, and I don't think Jewish behavior manifests itself in individuals from being raised in it anyway. I think it's much deeper than that, in their DNA.

    But Jews have been working on dominating everything much longer than the USA has existed and Yuri Bezmenov said Marxists (the Jewish culture) will work towards it, inching closer and closer. Even if it's accomplished 500 years in the future, they'll die satisfied knowing they played a small part in it.

    What I do know is that this experiment of a Constitution declaring unfettered freedom and democracy is a failure because it allows ANYONE to come into your country and use that freedom to work against you. The Founding Fathers were wrong. Some, if not most, might have been trying to do a good thing for the little people, but it's not a good system for the little people who create the country because it's eventually taken away from them. It was worthwhile experiment, but it failed.

    National Socialism protects the tribe that creates the country.

  14. Alexander 'Levine' Hamilton! Any questions?.

  15. Good men are known by their works not their ethnicity, religious or tribal connections. However there is a propensity for Jews to stalk history and falsely identify themselves with famous persons and events to bolster their image. They are good at lying, controlling the narrative. The Old Testament is full of stolen myths and general fiction that has infected the minds of millions of Christians. The tribe benefits big time from stolen history and since the advent of the printing press they discovered they could control history, thought and beliefs of not only the Goy but their own members. Why is Hollywood, media, education controlled by the Tribe today if that were not the case? Again, If Hamilton was a Jew by ancestry that is irrelevant as his actions have defined the man.


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