Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On w/ Jeff Rense of Rense Radio

Last night, I was a guest on The Jeff Rense Program on the Rense Radio Network. We discussed the 70th anniversary of the "liberation of Auschwitz," the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII,  efforts to criminalize "anti-Semitism" on an international level, and organized Jewry's power and influence in Western society. You can download the entire program here.


  1. Just listened to the whole thing. Excellent show. Never knew that Jeff Rense was really legit. He truly seems to be. I just wasn't sure...that's all. Great job. My gut feeling is that the rest of the world is more awake than Americans are. The majority of Americans are mostly thinking about the next paycheck, the next bill, the next ballgame, TV show, video game, gettin to work, going home, or when "Happy Hour" starts. When I bring up a subject like this, the majority of Americans I run across run from it or try to change the subject. Thanks for all your efforts....

    1. I wouldn't start with Holocrock truth unless you're confident that you can actually get them to watch something by saying, "Look at this! Watch it!" the way Jeff suggests. Might be the simplest way, but I think 9/11 is still the first domino to push on in most cases.

      Nice show, John

    2. Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate the feedback.

  2. John Friend's Agenda? :

    I do not know this for a fact, of course, but after frequent visits to Mr Friends blog, and reading his posts there for the past year or more, I'm guessing that his [and others] ultimate agenda is to completely renovate the tattered and torn image of both Hitler, and the economic system he advocated [ie. German style National Socialism] .

    This goes well beyond Holocaust revisionism, which is just a "stepping-stone" I'm guessing, in the imagined path to a complete renovation of the ideas of German style National socialism, with the ultimate goal being the installment of that same system in the US itself.

    Holocaust Revisionism:

    Of course, after a war ends, the history of it is always written by the victors, so it was/is inevitable that German war crimes were exaggerated, while Allied crimes were forgotten, so it is very possible that the post war "holocaust" story is a total fabrication, or at the least a gross exaggeration.

    But so what?

    Even if, for the sake of argument I admit that the holocaust was a total myth concocted by the Allies[ in truth I do not know for sure that it was a total fabrication, but am prepared to accept that it was most likely a huge exaggeration], that does not mean, logically speaking, that the German system was/is a viable system that needs to be instated either here [US], or elsewhere.

    The plain fact of the matter is that German socialism is ultimately no better than the socialism of any other state, before or since.

    For various reasons to do with both location, population, and basic economic realities, German socialism "worked" marginally better at the time than the socialism of the USSR, but never the less, just like the socialism of the USSR [ the German system borrowed heavily from Marx, as Hitler readily admitted] , it was ultimately doomed to complete failure, and no economic match for the [still socialist but less so] economies of the main allies in WW2, the US and Gt. Britain.

    Persons like Mr Friend, who believe in some imaginary Hitlerian "good guy" running theirs, and everyone else's lives for them to their personal satisfaction are, frankly speaking, living in a fantasy world where government actually works, when the truth of the matter is :

    1] that no government ever has worked, and no government ever will.

    2] The larger, the more socialist, the more centralized a government-installed system is at its outset, the sooner it will cause complete collapse of that country's economy.

    Regards, onebornfree

    1. Hey OBF, you appear to be so dogmatic in your libertarian views that you are unable to objectively assess National Socialism and Adolf Hitler, which is what I am interested in doing. I think that an honest assessment of both Hitler and National Socialism will bring an objective investigator to an obvious conclusion: Hitler was the greatest Western leader and statesmen in modern history, and National Socialism was a perfectly legitimate, well-thought out, and beneficial philosophical, political, and economic system, one which benefitted and strengthened the German people.

      I can honestly say that out of any political ideology I have studied, the principals of National Socialism make the most sense to me. I think National Socialist thinkers and philosophers were brilliant, courageous, and honorable men, and they have a lot to offer. They not only identified the problems facing Germany (and really the entire Western world), openly identifying the Jews as an alien, hostile force operating in German (Western) society, they offered and provided solutions to a variety of complex social, political, and economic problems facing their people.

      Quite frankly, I find your comments entirely ridiculous and unproductive to the discussions that take place on this blog. Your dogmatic approach to political philosophy renders any discussion with you on these matters impossible. I have provided numerous sources demonstrating that your arguments about National Socialism are entirely unfounded and just plain wrong.

  3. @10AM,
    They can run, but they can hide LOL.
    It's just a matter of time.
    There will come a day when hiding ones head-in-the-sand will get them
    to the gulags or worse. Time to act is now - and that takes some sacrifice
    to suffer a little today for a brighter future for everyone tomorrow.

  4. A critic alleged via email that the Germans began exterminating Jews after the Wanasse conference in late 41 or early 42, the infamous conference which set the "Final Solution" (i.e., the systematic murder of European Jewry) in motion. I replied:

    You're simply wrong sir. Even "Holocaust" scholars have been forced to admit that there was no systematic plan to murder the Jews of Europe. Aryeh Leon Kubovy of the Israeli Center for Jewish Documentation said, “There exists no document signed by Hitler, Himmler, or Heydrich speaking of exterminating Jews… and, the word ‘extermination’ does not appear in the letter from Herman Goering to Heydrich concerning the Final Solution of the Jewish question.”

    The Wannsee Conference was a basic conference to further put in motion the actual German solution to the "Jewish question" - isolation and eventual deportation. That's all they were trying to do - ethnically cleanse the Jews from Germany and German-occupied territory. It's that simple. One can disagree with that policy, but to argue that Germany's policy was to murder the Jews of Europe is just plain wrong. There is absolutely no legitimate evidence to support that claim.

    To begin Chapter 6 of "Debating The Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides," Dr. Thomas Dalton writes:

    "In early 1942 a conference of Nazi leaders was held in Wannsee, a suburb of Berlin. According to all existing documents and meeting minutes, the objective was to initiate a program of evacuation of the Jews out of the Reich, or at least to corral them into designated JEwish ghettos where they would be isolated from the general population. There was no explicit talk of mass killings, even though the meeting was highly confidential and restricted to ranking Nazi officers. Even so, traditionalism has it that the Wannsee conference was a kind of kick-off of the Final Solution - the mass extermination of the Jews. Orthodox historians believe that all discussions operated under a kind of code language, in which "deportation" or "evacuation" meant murder. There is no proof that such a code ever existed, or any explanation how it would have been implemented by the thousands of functionaries at all levels of government.

    At Wannsee it was decided to begin the evacuation with the Jews of the "General Government," a large area of central Poland that included Warsaw, Krakow, and Lublin. In total, some 2.3 million Jews lived there. The process of cleansing the General Government via forced deportations was called Operation Reinhardt. The focus was to be on three new camps - Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka - that would serve (on the revisionist view) as collection points and gateways to areas further east: the newly captured Soviet territories. Thus, revisionism sees these camps exclusively as transit camps - as way stations in the ethnic cleansing of the Reich."

  5. This is a good program John Friend and Jeff Rense!

    Holocaust is a hoax and Adolf Hitler didn't do any of the things people have blamed him for and it is very important to dispel the blatant lies by shining the light of the truth like John Friend, Jeff Rense, Professor James Fetzer, Dr Cass Ingram of and others like them.

  6. Zionist narrative about late German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and German people are simply lies. Hitler is the greatest politician (and statesman) who ever walked this earth. He was the creator of the German miracle and he was a very inspiring leader whom the Germans loved! He was a terrific artist, a vegetarian and an animal lover and a well disciplined person who advised his fellow soldiers against drinking alcohol and smoking and was a deeply caring person who loved his country and people.

    God bless the soul of this precious human being: late German Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

  7. The reviews are right. A very good show. Sounds like John had a good breakfast. I like Jeff Rense, too. I always have. He cut John off a bit early in the show (a la David Duke), but no big deal. John was in good form.

    John, perhaps an article on when and and by who the "6 million" figure originated. I thought it went back even further than Jeff mentioned (late nineteenth century). But if he's got an article posted, my memory must be in error.

    Also, it might help the revisionist movement to spell out where Hitler wanted to put the Jews of Germany to rid Germany of their corrupting influence. This detail is very seldom mentioned.

    Thank you.



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