Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are Jews "part of the West"?

In the video below, White advocate Jared Taylor gives an interesting interview to Jewish journalist David Sheen:

Jared Taylor makes many important points, namely the fact that Israel is a racial state (i.e., a Jewish state), which is endorsed and supported by the West, especially the United States. However, the Western political and media establishment are strongly against a racial state in their own countries. Israel is allowed to be a Jewish state, but America, Europe, and the rest of the Western world must be "proposition nations", where individuals of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds can become citizens. Massive non-White immigration (legal and illegal), multiculturalism, and racial diversity and intermixing is encouraged and supported by the Western political and media establishment - in fact, it is state policy. And yet, Israel is supported and accepted as a racialist Jewish ethno-state. One policy for the West (multiculturalism, diversity, massive non-White immigration, deracination for Whites, etc.), quite another for the Jews (Jewish state, strong Jewish identity and cohesion, virtually no non-Jewish immigration, discrimination against non-Jews, etc.).

The hypocrisy is astounding and unacceptable. 

In typical fashion, what Jared Taylor fails to expound upon is that the fact that the leading proponents of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" (i.e., White displacement and disenfranchisement) in the West emanate from the organized Jewish community, and always have. Indeed, radical Jewish intellectuals and political activists have led a systematic assault on traditional Western civilization and identity, as Dr. Kevin MacDonald has expertly analyzed and documented in his book The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements. Is Jared Taylor unfamiliar with Dr. MacDonald's work?

I do have one major disagreement with Jared Taylor's otherwise excellent interview. Towards the end of the video (beginning at the 18 minute mark), Taylor begins explaining the importance of racially homogenous societies, and seems to imply (if not outright state) that Jews are a part of White Western European civilization, albeit members of a religious minority. In other words, Jews and White European peoples are racially the same, but with different religions. Taylor states:
... I think that, uh, race is something that is ordinarily so powerful that it can dissolve differences in language and religion - not always - but I think that people, so long as they share the same race, eventually over time they can establish a sense of community and fellow feeling, even if there are differences of religion, differences of language. And so I think that, uh, uh, Jewish Americans - there is certainly nothing wrong with their being Jewish and having a religion that is different from the majority Christian religion - so long as they consider themselves men and women of the West, and think of themselves as heirs not only to a Jewish tradition, but to a European tradition, which is the case for most of the Jews who live in the United States. We have far more Ashkenazi Jews than Sephardim. I think they can certainly be part of the United States. And, uh, for them in particular it is sometimes striking that they will be so strident about preserving a Jewish Israel, and yet many of them would line up as the most rabid multiculturalists when it comes to the United States. I think once again, this is a very striking double standard that neither American Jews nor American politicians are ever called to account on. [...]
Does someone with the knowledge and experience that Jared Taylor has really think that Jews "consider themselves men and women of the West"? Does Taylor seriously believe that Jews "think of themselves as heirs not only to a Jewish tradition, but to a European tradition"?

When Jews think of the West, what do they think of? They think of "anti-Semitism", persecution, bigotry, intolerance, hatred, racism, and Christianity. The Jews abhor the people, culture, traditions, and history of the West, and have been waging war against it for centuries now. When is Jared Taylor going to recognize this obvious fact, and say it out loud?


  1. Jared Taylor is right!
    The jews ..ARE..only a religion, a culture and an ethnicity...altho brainwashed just like the cHRISTIAN-zionists & doing the bidding of their Talmudic bankster masters (for their own ends of global domination), but that's all they ARE -> Various mixtures of Eastern Europeans, Mongoloid-Turkish mix.

    You can actually see this mixture in their phy. features; some with Asian-Mongol; some Turkish and a whole lot 95% of E. European.

    They are simply a HYBRID of the Pure White race.

    1. I disagree. You're right in saying that the Jews are racially mixed. They are not a "pure race" by any means. But they are most certainly NOT a "hybrid of the pure White race," as you claim. Some Jews have White European blood, but they themselves are not of the White European bloodline. They have mixed with Whites over the centuries.

      Dr. David Duke has written quite a bit about Jewish genetic studies, often quoting and citing Jewish sources. Here is a good article dealing with this subject:


      Yet another genetic study—this time published in the journal Nature Communications—has confirmed what informed observers have long known—that Ashkenazi (or “European Jews”) have a common heritage with Sephardic Jews and that together they form a unified group.

      The latest study also confirms once again that the “Khazar” theory is very likely untrue, and that the vast majority of the non-Jewish genetic make-up of Ashkenazim Jews is European in origin, and not from the ill-defined “Khazar Empire.”
      The study, produced by Shai Carmi, a computer science professor at Columbia University, and more than 20 mdedical researchers from Yale, Columbia, Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other institutions concluded that all Ashkenazi Jews can trace their ancestry to a “bottleneck” of just 350 individuals.
      According to the report, the researchers analyzed the genomes of 128 Ashkenazi Jews and compared them to those of non-Jewish Europeans in order to determine which genetic markers are unique to Ashkenazi Jews.
      They found that the Ashkenazi Jews’ genetic similarities were so acute that one of the study’s researchers, Columbia professor Itsik Pe’er, told the Live Science website that among Ashkenazi Jews, “everyone is a 30th cousin.” [...]

    2. Dr. Duke's article "Rethinking the Khazar Theory" is also a must read:


    3. Jews are not white, Judaism is a tribal religion. Here is an interesting letter to Haaretz by an Israeli explaining on why Jews are not white:


    4. Judaism is an organized, multigenerational, multinational, tribal criminal syndicate, masquerading as a religion.

      80% of the "chosen", are atheists.

  2. No, he won't say it out loud. There's something very wrong about AmRen.

    1. He appears to be compromised when it comes to dealing honestly with the Jewish question. I have been watching a lot of American Renaissance videos on YouTube lately, and I visit their website somewhat frequently. Most of the videos I've seen have been excellent. Jared Taylor's speech at the White Student Union at Towson University at few years ago is a must watch.

      But this is a huge issue for me. How could Taylor honestly say or imply that Jews are part of Western civilization, as opposed to being the enemies of Western civilization? It's just bizarre.

    2. Jared Taylor is afraid of criticizing Jews; afraid that he'll lose his standing within the American Renaissance, since there are a number of Jews within this organization. He doesn't want to lose Jewish members; so, he ignores the Jewish question whenever he can; and, he must have felt uncomfortable in that interview with Mr, Sheen, when asked if Jews are part of the West.

    3. Here, Jared Taylor defends himself after some guy brought this up:

      "The Jewish Question" - Jared Taylor Vs. Brit

      "Cannot afford to be a crank on more than one subject at the time."

    4. No telling what exactly the Khazars did before waging Hell in the Caucasus in 700 AD or so. They may very well have been Jews of several daispora's many years earlier.

      Point is, both theories could be correct. That is, Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars AND still related to the Sephardim. There's a LOT of time not very well accounted for between the exile from Babylon or Egypt or Palestine and the Judaisation of Khazaria.

  3. Great job you're doing here, and I agree with you. Mr. Taylor should re-evaluate his position on who Jews identify themselves with, and it certainly is NOT the west.

  4. Jews masquerade as whites when it serves their purposes, but they consider themselves a race. Listen to the big rabbis who say that "jews are from God, the rest are satanic souls"

  5. If he hasn't in all these years, and still fails to now, when realization that jews are behind white genocide is coming to a head, he never will. There's just something fundamentally wrong with Taylor's entire premise. It's bizarre, irrational, and possibly sinister.

  6. Deception is running rampant in the west..Take this example below..LOL
    Paris March: Behind the world leaders photo-op
    World leaders "unite" with each other, in a closed off street for a very staged photo-op at the Unity March in Paris, after Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks.
    I didn't add any of that text - credit for this goes to whoever it was on twitter... it's all over the place. I just found this picture and thought it was interesting to see the different angles... what we saw in the media and how it actually looked. It's definitely the same street, look at the billboard on the right side of the pictures at an entrance to the underground, and the white building.

  7. Jews themselves say they are a race, and Dr Skorecki proved that Ashkenazim are merely diaspora Jews in the first place, who were called back to the fold of openly declared Jewry. Read; http://www.aish.com/ci/sam/48936742.html

    I don't buy the fake genetic study of Elhaik, who asserted that most Jews are not genuine Jews genetically at all. After all, there must be a Jewish disinformation plot behind it all if Jews themselves are making reports left right and centre that Jews are not Jews at all. Their aim is to make it impossible to identify them, especially now they know that in the next decade or two, according to Kissinger, Israel will be legally dissolved anyway, and they will need then to scurry into other countries undetected, like plague-carrying rats, posing as white people. Do you see them being thrown out of Israel because of their supposedly not being real Jews? No, and you never will, because it would mean nothing at all in any court of law, even though dupes remain convinced that to 'expose' the Jews (as directed by Jewish agents themselves) as not really being Jews is the only way, or the best way, to get Israel delegitimized, or to get Jews out of Israel. Manning up against the Samson Option threat of nuclear destruction of the entire world outside Israel is the real way to deal with that, but noooo, can't do that, it seems

    And then 4,000 of all different Jewish sects all betrayed their Gentile workmates and left them to die on 9/11. The Sephardim and other sects did not say to the FBI that some fake Jews were doing something against the real Jewish faith, and nor did they stop the wars that have claimed the lives of literally millions in the Middle East as a direct result of 9/11, and all these Jews, Ashkenazim and Sephardim, and other groups of Jews, all 4,000 of them, stand together as one man still today, no dissent between any of them, as they refuse to divulge to anyone even today why they stayed away from the New York WTC that day, and why they let all those people die needlessly. The fanatical Jewish publication, The Jerusalem Post, confirmed that 4,000 Jews stayed away from work on 9/11, and said that they researched all their names and addresses to confirm it, and stand by their original report.

    Read this report, and see if Jews are a race or not. And anyway, we may have to redefine our narrow interpretation of what truly constitutes a race. What if all Jews are a locust like swarm of souls that use reincarnation techniques to inhabit any type of body they wish anyway, en masse, so that Jews always get reborn into 'Jewish' communities. After all, what point would there be to world domination by Jews building up over 4,000 if there were no controlled reincarnation to ensure that Jews were not reborn German Gentiles, or, Japanese, Libyans, Iranians or sheep, pigs, dogs and horses. Jews say they never incarnate as animals (and non-Jewish souls in all other races and species are held as eternally irredeemable demon souls from Satan, whereas Jews alone are held as being from God), so Jews would never ever mix those souls up, or the entire point of all this fanatical build up of power by the Jews would have absolutely no meaning at all, if they were giving their total enemy, the demons from hell, a share of their power in dominating the world.

    1. If you study how a story begun, and how it developed, you may were well find that the REPORTS on 3000 victims 911 also are fiction. Nukes are as real as the bogyman, and that is what they are supposed to substitute. But you have to study how the story begun, and how it developed. The lolohoax is not the only BigLie in the history of the jewish controlled media.

  8. PART TWO:

    And many Jews I have spoken to and got to know have impressed upon me how they practice astral projection. This would lead to them being able to travel through time beyond normal human limitations of perception, plan their future, and reincarnate at will wherever they desire and in whatever type of body they desire, as yogis in India can. One famous Jewish rabbi said that he had been an American for 60 years, but a Jew for 4,000 years. Makes sense if you think about it.

    CounterPunch Alison Weir 'Why is the US Honoring A Racist Rabbi?'

    Think about it, the Jewish writers sell us this rubbish about Jews not really being Jews so that we will not be able to direct any opinion against them as a people or as a race whilst they destroy us without being clearly identifiable, and that strategy appears to be working. But see how Jews themselves never oppose each other (with the exception of the petty ramblings of one small sect of Jews who say they oppose Israel, similar disinfo merchants or useful idiots at the least.
    Remember that the Zohar commentary on the Torah of the so-called real Jews also states that when the Jewish messiah comes, all Gentile souls will be sent to hell under the Angel Duma, annihilated en masse in other words before their souls are sent to dwell in hell.

    “All Israelites will have a part in the future world – The Goyim, at the end of the world will be handed over to the angel Duma and sent down to hell”. Zohar, Shemoth, Toldoth Noah, Lekh-Lekha .

    “Happy will be the lost of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim, of whom the Scriptures say: ”Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh, they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath.’ At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: ‘ ‘The Lord alone will appear great on that day! …’” Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

  9. If you want to find out who Jews REALLY are, read John 8:44

    1. They are the demons, the liars, and in typical fashion, they turn round, point their fingers at us and say that we are the demons.

      Whatever the Jews accuse us of, it is always a very good indicator of what they are actually doing to us, or intending to do to us.

  10. The theory that tends to fit is that Jews are not entirely human and are in fact Neanderthal -Human hybrids and their true religion is not about following the teachings of an extraterrestrial God but instead Jews worship both Lucifer and the Jewish people who are deemed to be the only divine gods on earth. Many of the Semites/ Jews have Neanderthal / cave man like features. I'd say they really are a different species and it is not safe to have them in our countries.

  11. Mr J Taylor appears to be ignorant about Jews. Jews are not White. They also do not belong to the Aryan race. They are a Mongol-Turkish mix. I would not be one bit surprised if he were a Jew himself pretending to be White.

  12. Do the Math... all of them 30th cousins implies 60 generations to the bottleneck. 60 x 21 years = 1260 years ago (or so), taking you to... Khazaria's (740 AD) conversion to Judaism.

    A bottleneck of 350 indviduals? Sure sounds like the number of rabbis imported by Kagan (King) Bulan to bris the herd, and take first pick of the women.

  13. @Anon Jan 22, 2015 @ 5:53AM ... Bingo ! You are right on the money IMO Anon.

    1. Another mega-Bingo on that. The Khazaria website and Brooks' book on the subject can hardly be completely ignored. Also, one does have to wonder just what the percentage of Neanderthal genes contemporary Jews carry, compared to Europeans. The Barnes Review ran a special edition on this issue a while back, including Irv, (the brute), Rubin's ugly mug.

      As regards Jared Taylor's equivocation and duplicity on the JQ, it appears that he is playing the stall-and-evade and wait-and-see game, to keep the Jews from calling him "Nazi" names and giving him more grief. He most certainly knows what Jewry is up to, but like most pretentious White 'elites', he,and they, can't quite bear the thought of getting down in the gutter and fighting them on their own turf.

      I notice that he is now openly on the ginned-up, anti-Muslim crusade with the kosher 'neocons', so it does make him look rather suspicious to seasoned observers of Jewish machinations. If a real White Nationalist movement ever gains real momentum, and the Jews move to hijack it, Taylor will have to be watched closely to see if he is really a Judas Goat or not.

  14. As I understand, Jared Taylor is married to a Jewess. The same with Alex Jones.
    On AmRen, comments are deleted if anything negative regarding Jews is

  15. All that needs to be done is to prohibit USURY.

  16. The Long Abusive History of the Money Power - Part 1

    Read the comments.

  17. Did you know this?

    “Cameron descended from Pharoahs”


  18. Jared Taylors American renaissance is a site designed to keep frustrated people in place. The theme allowed is blacks and the many possible variations thereof. The question of Jewry is editorially left out, and the many people using this site will never understand why the political situation is and have become this way, and they will never come up with anything relevant to do to oppose the misery.
    I did read it for some time and did learn a lot about blacks, but in the end i saw what you as white really needs to know about blacks is that no white nation have ever asked them to live among us. They have been imposed upon us by the jewish slavetraders and our corrupt legislators. They are therefor not our problem, question or anything else. We could have had a relationship to blacks - IF we were a nation with leaders who were loyal and caring to the people, and who then saw something with this people which could be a contribution. Then we could have a real discussion on the whereabouts of our relation. This has not happened, what did, have all the marks of a goyim politics, a cattle herding.

    We have the right to be a nation, to never be ruled by Jews, but our own leaders, and we have the right to live with our own kind who accepts our own laws. No Jew imposed law shall be accepted in our nation.

    1. Yes, that's the train of thought I have -- shill.


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