Saturday, January 17, 2015

A glimpse into a powerful hasbara organization

The Times of Israel recently ran a story offering readers a glimpse into a powerful, and quite effective, hasbara organization operating in the heart of Washington, DC. The Israel Project, which has a $7.5 million annual budget, "is passionately committed to Israel and the Jewish people," according to associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who was quoted in the article.

Josh Block is a frenetic, sharp-tongued, non-stop PR machine with a preternatural ability to spit out facts and figures that bolster the case of the Jewish State. Since 2012 he has been the president and CEO of The Israel Project, a Washington, DC-based pro-Israel organization that has grown to mirror his personality: it is a fast-paced, single-minded war room pumping out pro-Israel memes, fighting Israel’s detractors in cyberspace, conducting polling and research, and helping to arm what Block calls “a pro-Israel social media army."

To equip this virtual militia, The Israel Project has a rapid response team dedicated to producing infographics, videos, and other shareable products that are suited to modern channels of communications. During Israel’s summer 2014 war in Gaza, its infographics, like the Timeline of Hamas Terror, were ubiquitous across social media platforms.

Block says the rise of social media and online journalism in the past decade has transformed the way influence in Washington is wielded and the pro-Israel community has been too slow to respond.

“A decade ago, the megaphone to the people was the press,” he says. “But nowadays, the people are the press. Users of social media are not just consumers of information – they’re producers.”

Block says the anti-Israel community is taking advantage of this “transparency revolution” more quickly, and in a more sophisticated way, than Israel’s defenders.

“Israel’s detractors have built a very sophisticated ecosystem that produces an echo chamber effect,” he says. “They’ve built a system that can build and sustain a meme – a group of ideas that become a cultural fact. For example, how does something so false and ridiculous like the idea that Israel is an apartheid state become something that the US Secretary of State uses as a lazy aphorism?”

The way it works, he says, is that the interconnected “self-referential network” of anti-Israel bloggers introduces a piece of information online, and then moves it across the system closer to the mainstream, where it will get “laundered” by the UN, an NGO, or think tank. Eventually, Block says, even the most vile and absurd accusations against Israel will be considered legitimate discourse.

In Washington parlance, it’s called “framing the narrative.”

Public relations guru Steve Rabinowitz knows how to frame a narrative. A former communications staffer in the Bill Clinton White House, Rabinowitz is a veteran PR consultant with past ties to liberal groups like J-Street and the Reform movement. His current clients include many of America’s leading Jewish organizations.

“The pro-Israel community has been very successful at lobbying and politics,” Rabinowitz says. “We’ve made great investments in think tanks and organizations that promote Jewish identity and continuity, but we’ve dramatically underappreciated and underinvested in the tools and infrastructure necessary to win the war of ideas in the digital age. The ground is shifting under our feet and if we’re too slow adapting to the new ways of fighting the war of ideas, we cannot win.”

This focus on winning the war of ideas in the digital space is why TIME Magazine called The Israel Project “Israel’s most effective media advocacy organization.” [...]
Later in the article, Block brags that his organization has "affected over 100 stories in The New York Times this year, 99 in the Washington Post, and 75 in the Associated Press."

I know I'm basically repeating myself at this point, but I'd like to make a couple points about this revealing article.

First off, can anyone deny the immense power and influence the organized Jewish community has in America today? The Jews essentially have a lock on American politics and mass media. Even the mildest criticism of the Jewish state of Israel is hysterically denounced as "anti-Semitism," with armies of hasbara trolls and agents spewing the pro-Israel line. Jewish and other pro-Israel propagandists are regularly featured on television and radio news programs, published in online and print news reports, and dominate the Op-Ed columns appearing in the most influential news outlets in both the traditional print media as well as the more modern, online-based news media. No one dares to even discuss, let alone mention, the power and influence of the organized Jewish community, as opposed to the Jewish state of Israel, in mainstream, polite (i.e., politically correct) society. Criticism of the Jewish state of Israel has appeared, in very limited, watered down manifestations, in the mainstream mass media, simply due to the blatant and egregious war crimes and barbaric military campaigns the Israelis have committed and carried out in recent years.

Secondly, notice that, once again, we have a high profile Jew openly admitting that the "pro-Israel community has been very successful at lobbying and politics," as Steve Rabinowitz states in the article. He goes on to explain that the organized Jewish community has "made great investments in think tanks and organizations that promote Jewish identity and continuity," and emphasizes the need for the Jews to adapt to the digital age to maintain their monopoly on the political and historical discourse in America (and the wider Western world for that matter). If I, or anyone else, were to state the obvious - that Jews have "been very successful at lobbying and politics" in America - we would be denounced as "hateful anti-Semitic bigots."

Finally, the hypocrisy and double standards of the organized Jewish community is simply astounding. They openly organize, quite successfully, to promote their racial interests, which includes the interests of a foreign state. They work with, encourage, and finance other "minorities" - who are fast becoming a majority in America and the Western world - to organize to advance their particular racial interests. However, Whites are not allowed to organize along racial lines, let alone identify with their racial heritage (at least politically), as that would be "racist" and "hateful."

How these basic facts can go unnoticed by the masses still amazes me. 


  1. and to paraphrase - "None dare Call It Conspiracy" - a reflection of the indoctrination they have injected into the body politic, as much a fiction as is the 'state' of Israel.

  2. A very informative and correct analysis. Your comments about "white people" not being allowed to organize but all the others are encouraged is profoundly indicative of a race and ethnic war against "whites."

  3. I 'm well aware that I am of the house of Israel and yes I realize how evil that house was . This house was the dispersed , the ten tribes that went north . The Jews have their own name and have no right to call themselves Israel or Israelites !!

    1. I agree - the people we know today as Jews are not of Israel. The Old Testament is not a Jewish book, and Jesus was not a Jew. The Jews have usurped the true identity of Israel.

    2. The reason why antisemite is the chosen and preferred accusation is because they get the chance to claim that we are claiming them to be semites. They are not. They are not of Abraham or Israel but of Esau and the Edomites, which makes them Canaanites.
      Forget Arthur Koestler, this book rocks the boat
      by Charles A Weisman

  4. 'However, Whites are not allowed to organize along racial lines, let alone identify with their racial heritage (at least politically), as that would be "racist" and "hateful."'

    This line is maintained in the and anti-Zionist networks in part by criticism of Israel for being waycist and an apartheid state. It's a nuisance to Block, but it's crucial to Jews that they control the anti-Israel conversation in ways that ultimately protect Jewish concerns.

    You have a subset of Jews looking out for Jewish interests in multicult diaspora and in the event that Israel should collapse by pushing the line that the problem with Israel is its ethnic exclusivity - so that listening Whites will be less inclined ever to separate ourselves from their clutches. This is more important to Jewish survival than Israel's existence.

    You also have Muslims and Muslim-firsters like Kevin Barrett and Jonathan Azaziah using this terminology, in the knowledge that anti-waycism aids the Muslim colonization of the West and the hope that sheer numbers will eventually overcome Jewish control of key power levers.

    We have to make the point when we see these tropes deployed that waycism and apartheid/apartness is normal, natural and a positive mutual benefit for all but the parasitical.

    1. Well said Nick, I agree with much of what you said. I don't necessarily have a problem with Israel being a "racist" state (i.e., an ethno-state). I do have a problem with Jews in the diaspora waging intellectual, psychological, and cultural warfare against traditional White Western civilization, which has left the West largely deracinated. Jews in the diaspora also demand "diversity" and multiculturalism for the West, which is simply a strategy to displace and destroy traditionally White nations and peoples, but will not tolerate it in Israel, the Jewish state. These double standards and hypocrisy are outrageous and must end.

      The problem with much of the alternative mainstream media and guys like Kevin Barrett is that they are opposed to the national or racial idea of political and cultural organization, mostly because they belief all the lies about Hitler and National Socialism.

  5. pretty good new article from DDuke:

    "Are You an “Anti-Semite” if You Repeat What Jewish Elite Say about Jews!"

    I also enjoyed this from Patrick Slattery:

    "Jews see Netanyahu's rude behavior in Paris as archetypically Israeli"

    "Dieudonne arrested as French Zio-puppets kill free speech for good"

    The patriot-frogs need to print up "JE SUIS DIEUDONNE" signs, and when not holding them high at public rallys, have them taped up in their windows facing the street. Bumper stickers too. Seriously. Maybe with an artistic sketch drawing of Dieudonne doing the “Quenelle” pose, which you can see pictured in the duke article above.

    "Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence"

    ^ says, a virulently anti-Western joooozpaper... "Flip the Script & Project."

  6. "How these basic facts can go unnoticed by the masses still amazes me."
    Basic facts go unnoticed by the masses because unfortunately the masses still get their daily propaganda dose (disguised as news) from a Jewish controlled MSM Along with pre-approved talk show host such as Shaun Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, all major news print (daily papers) and 99% of the book publishing companies in existence. In addition, there's the Jewish-run entertainment industry producing everything from gossip tabloids available at check-out lines, porn flicks by the millions available on-line, along with several hundred full-length pro-war, pro-Israel, anti-Muslim propaganda movies each year. Add to that, millions of self produced u-tube type videos. But probably even more important is the Jewish-owned movie/document forging industry producing fake interviews with famous terrorist like Osama Bin Laden, fake IDs, fake drivers licenses, and fake passports. With the fake IDS and passports designed for the purpose of being conveniently dropped at every high-profile fake terrorist attack. As occurred at both the 9/11 false flag and the Charlie Hebdo false flag attack.

  7. Funny, you don't see Ireland, or Italy, or Spain, etc. worrying about their public image around the world. Is there anything the Jews are doing that would warrant criticism?

    Poor Jews. Always being picked on for no good reason.


  8. They have $$$Millions. We have truth.

  9. There are more hasbara/zionist biased moderators patrolling forums today like in the Guardian & Telegraph free comment sections & elsewhere.
    The "job" of moderating (Censoring) is a job for Jewish students & military & is
    Israel's weapon on the public relations front together with its full time "army of bloggers" .
    By eliminating anything slightly negative about Israel they can get the public to believe there is nothing negative on Israel.
    Talking freedom & the moderators heavily censor anyone that disagrees with them .
    Moderator comments such as "Sorry, your comment couldn’t be posted " & even
    "The comment you were replying to has been removed by a moderator? "
    "To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire


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