Friday, December 5, 2014

Jews extort Croatians for $4 million in "Holocaust" reparations

The organized Jewish community has successfully extorted the Croatian government for roughly $4 million as a result of their endless promotion of the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII. The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

Croatia will give land and an office building in Zagreb collectively valued at about $4 million to the city’s Jewish community as restitution for property expropriated during World War II.

According to the World Jewish Restitution Organization, the community will receive a six-story building and a surrounding land parcel owned by the government in the central part of the capital to replace a building once owned by the local Jewish burial society.

The Nazi-allied government confiscated the original building during the war and it was nationalized by the Communist government. 
The income from the property will help to fund the operation of the Zagreb Jewish community’s senior-care facility and other communal programs.

“This is a long-awaited, but important first step in addressing the legacy of the Holocaust in Croatia and in ensuring that the Jewish community can continue to revitalize itself in a democratic Croatia,” Daniel Mariaschin, head of the WJRO negotiating team and executive vice president of B’nai B’rith International, said in a news release issued by the WJRO.

The WJRO’s chair of operations, Gideon Taylor, said his group welcomed the decision. He added, “We ask that the government build on this positive action by returning additional properties to the Jewish community and providing restitution for private and heirless Jewish-owned properties.”

In 1997, the Zagreb Jewish Community filed a claim for the return of the original building, which was built in 1927 by the Jewish burial society.

Croatia’s Jewish communities submitted claims for 135 communal properties under Croatia’s 1996 restitution law, but only 15 non-cemetery properties have been returned, according to the WRJO, which noted that the country’s restitution law does not apply to property seized during the Holocaust or allow claims by citizens of most foreign countries. Croatia also has not provided restitution for heirless Jewish-owned property confiscated during the Holocaust.

Before World War II, more than 25,000 Jews lived in what is now Croatia; about 6,000 survived. Today, some 2,000 Jews live in Croatia, mostly in Zagreb.
Rack up yet another victory for the organized Jewish community. The fake "Holocaust" narrative, and the financial and sympathy racket it has generated, is the gift that keeps on giving.

I'm really starting to wonder if anyone, anywhere will ever stand up to the organized Jewish community and reject their false historical narrative, especially as it relates to WWII and the alleged murder of 6 million Jews by Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany.


  1. I think the World is about tired of Israel and the Jews SH*T !!

    1. I totally agree. The entire world is tiring of Israel and the Jews' shenanigans and lies, as more and more people are learning that the entire "Holocaust" narrative is nothing more than a huge hoax and a tactic to take Palestine for themselves. Without this myth and people falling for it, modern Israel would have never existed as a state as it does now.
      Sweden has already recognized Palestinian statehood; France is following suit; and this is just the beginning.

    2. The lolocaust narrative is about much more that securing Palestine. The US and Europe were also secured thereby, and they are much valuable to Jews, and their loss much more terrible for us - and, ultimately, Palestinians if they're your only concern.

  2. You're right, John.
    No-one will ever stand up to the organised Jewish community and even if they wanted to, they won't be able to. Which is kind of the point here that everyone is overlooking. This reality is the Jew-based reality that educates you in how NOT to behave. It's a dualistic system and there is no changing it.
    You live, you learn, you graduate and move on. It is each person's responsibility to figure this out for themselves.
    The Jews have their usefulness, which is to show what happens when morality is rejected in favour of short-term materialism and 'ungodliness'. You either figure this out and make a conscious choice to evolve beyond this reality or stay stuck here going round and round in circles - I mean by quite literally remaining compulsively attached to the cycle of birth and death (as in reincarnation).
    Their project is the literal ongoing construction of hell.
    Where it will really turn nasty is when they master the tech that allows people to live for as long as they like. Presently, we are each provided with a spiritual 'out' every time we die. In the not-to-distant future that will be taken away and the souls that are here will be stuck on this plane of consciousness forever. And what a pitiful bunch they will be.
    David D

    1. If one looks at your answer from the point of view that it is a spiritual question it is true. No one will ever overcome the Jews (if you use them as a metaphor for the material world and the here and now) unless they embrace the spiritual and the eternal (which the Jews definitely are not). Throughout history, the Jews as a people have been overthrown and expelled or killed. The last time 70 years ago. It will happen again as peoples' around the world are sick of their meddling, their lies, their corruption, their destruction of all that is decent and godly. It will happen again. The whole world is a seething cauldron of discontent and now all the fingers point to them. This time, they will have nowhere to hide.

    2. The only "winner" of WW2 was Joe "The Little Jew" Stalin and his Jewish Bolsheviks. They just got stronger since then, although Putin certainly is a threat. But don't underestimate your (our) enemy. The Jews are a fierce and completely evil force who will not be taken out easily. The fact that they're still around and stronger than ever, in spite of all the evil they've brought to humanity, is a testament to their brutality and deception.

    3. @DaveE: Have the Jewish Bolsheviks gotten stronger since WW2? Were this Stalin's Russia, WW3 would have officially started by now.

  3. No one within our national governments will ever stand up, but the rest of us are. I'm seing that much in the last couple of years.

  4. John- I think there's hope. Younger minds are the answer. Most but not all of the older minds are closed off to consider historical revisionism. The internet and folks like you are the answer. Thank you for your bravery to tackle false "historical" (hysterical) narratives.

  5. Notice that the WJRO (World Jewish Restitution Organization) did not say 'Thank You' to the Croatian people. Instead the Jews said that this is only a “first step” in addressing the legacy of the Holocaust. The Jews went on to say that they want even more. They want the Croatian people to provide restitution for heirless Jewish-owned properties. In all countries, where there is no heir the state takes the property. Apparently the Jews believe they are an exception and above the law.

    So the Jews want more, more and more. In plain words, greed has no bounds and the Jews want total ownership of everything. Hence the name World Jewish Restitution Organization. The Jews think that the whole world owes the Jews.

    The fake holocaust is a vehicle to steal wealth and ownership.

    World War II is long over. Why should the young people have to pay for matters that happened before they were even born? How about restitution for all the Christian people who were slaughtered by the Jewish Bolsheviks! Millions and millions died in Russia, Ukraine, and Europe.

    1. The Talmud goes into a long-winded explanation of why it's OK for a Jew to steal from a Gentile but not the other way around. Since Yhwy (the demon G_d) gave the Jews the entire world and everything in it, if a Gentile possesses something, it's only because Jews are graciously letting him "borrow" it. The Jew is entitled to take it back at any time, for any reason without explanation.

      If a Gentile steals from a "chosen one", the punishment is death.

      This whole story is sickening but not surprising. The arrogance of the Jew is boundless and the cowardice of government employees is even greater. Don't hold your breath waiting for bureaucrats and politicians to stand up to Satan's kids, the Jews.


    I heard this on my publicly funded Zionist radio this morning. Only heard it once.
    Story was wrong, passengers not suing SNCF but the French government. Radio announcer was probably reading story directly from the pages of the NYT.

  7. The problems we are face today in (OUR) lives and tomorrow is not rocket science...

    its very simple, people from all walks of life need start acting like humans not like farm animals belonging to some Master.
    (ALL) humans have the same need in life with a purpose and that need is Freedom! first,pleasure second.
    Farm animals have only one need and one purpose and that is to be fed with whatever tha Master provides ...looks like we made our choice ! Mooo , Baaa

    1. Freedom isn't the thing. Our freedom in the modern West, compared to the past West and the rest of the world is relatively limitless. It's the freedom to rule ourselves as distinct nations that has been compromised by Jews.

      Jews are all for 'individual freedom' because an individual is no rival to the Jewish collective.

      It is no coincidence that Jews are behind libertarianism, objectivism and the myth of individual freedom, while those movements' primary Jewish authors were supportive or tolerant of Zionism and other Jewish supremacism, and subversive of antisemitism and White nationalism, and even equal rights for Whites.

    2. Has Croatia assumed the position? I hope not.

      “This is a long-awaited, but important FIRST STEP in addressing the legacy of the Holocaust in Croatia and in ensuring that the Jewish community can continue to revitalize itself in a democratic Croatia,” Daniel Mariaschin, head of the WJRO negotiating team and executive vice president of B’nai B’rith International, said in a news release issued by the WJRO."

    3. @Nick Dean

      You either never read any Lysander Spooner and what he said about the Rothschilds 120 years ago, or pretend ignorance because it doesn't jive with your agendas:

      Lysander Spooner- No Treason, The Constitution of No Authority - Audio File

      Lysander Spooner, "Vices Are Not Crimes, A Vindication Of Moral Liberty"

      and you probably choose only the Hitler quotes that again fits in with your agendas:

      "We want to re-establish the value of personality as an eternal priority; that is, the creative genius of the individual. In this way, we want to sever ties with any appearance of a listless democracy. We want to replace it with the timeless awareness that everything great can only spring from the force of the individual personality, and that everything destined to last must again be entrusted to the abilities of the individual personality." -- Adolf Hitler, Berlin Speech, February 1933 - Max Domarus, Hitler Reden und Proklamationen, p. 206; Translation quoted from Richard Tedor's book "Hitler's Revolution."

      Throwing babies out with the bathwater are we? Why is that? Because of fantasies that "freedom" is automatic, genetic & 'limitless,' regardless of principles? Or do the ends justify the means then? "By any means necessary" like Marx and Malcolm X? Is that it? I thought so.

      Individualism depends on the group and vice versa. Might-makes-right-because-rights-make-the-most-might and for no other reason. "The common interest before self-interest" of the NSDAP neither ignores nor denies self-interest, only that it shouldn't come at the expense of group synergy. Why else would the NSDAP be fundamentally based on the principle of PRIVATE PROPERTY and only have a maximum of 13.7% income taxes (extortion which most Germans would have paid voluntarily anyway in the post-1936 years)? Who owns private property? The individual who earned it legitimately, that's who. And PRIVATELY means at his own discretion & not that of 'the group' as long as he's not clearly harming anyone else with it. All psychological damage has demonstrable physical symptoms.

      Tribalism, in-&-of-itself, is as natural as caring for your family, but when it becomes a means of oppressing the individual, it can be extremely harmful to all. Its opposite, extreme individualism is also harmful, because it also oppresses the individual and puts him in disharmony with the social group and synergy.

      The individual is the basic unit of social science. Being able to VOLUNTARILY form collectives of like-principled individuals INSTANTLY (eternal vigilance) to defend IDEALS and not mere material wealth is essential, but that collective force wouldn't be worth much if it did not defend the most basic ideal of civilization most developed in Western Europe, that of individual freedom of thought and association. Why? Because Da Vinci, Newton, Jefferson, Beethoven, Nietzsche and Tesla were all individuals, and because Simon Shack, John Friend & Nick Dean are individuals and all their ideas have their creative impetus and can exist to influence each other only to the degree that they were freely thought of and weighed in individual minds first, minds standing-on-the-shoulders-of-giant-individuals-that-came-before and because "everything great can only spring from the force of the individual personality, and that everything destined to last must again be entrusted to the abilities of the individual personality" as Adolf declared but you find it expedient to deny. Operation "Iraqi freedom" was named that to make full use of ideals worth fighting for, while mostly their opposite are allowed to exist in reality through the 'democracy' scam.

      ~ Negentropic

    4. (. . . continued)

      A good education is that which teaches you how to classify and integrate the BEST of all your experiences according to values which are accurate (based on nature and reality and not some irrational doctrine somebody managed to slip into the subconscious of millions through endless repetition in a thousand different forms) and you can actually TELL what's better and what's worse, you can pick the right and discard the wrong, etc.

      The main problem is two or three absolutely key distinctions that however simple they seem, ALWAYS have to be made or root-poisoning of all branches will then result of anything grown and ventured, regardless of the best of intentions:

      1) The distinction between individualism and collectivism and HOW the natural balance between the two principles is to be achieved. We (in the aggregate and through the force of majority and therefore overwhelming public opinion) HAVE to protect the individual, the smallest minority, or else we don't have the foundation for win-win dialectics. However, we also know that the individual who has severed or lost all the natural and beneficial ties to his tribe and extended family, i.e. the collective, is a neurotic unable to do much good, either for himself or others. The re-establishment of the BALANCE between individuals and their group has to be propagandized but as a voluntary association beneficial to the individual himself, not as a group encroachment on him because 'the majority' is always right and the mob rule of 'democracy.' Mob rule cannot be avoided but the VERY UNIQUENESS of Western civilization is that its philosophical foundations were laid in such a way as to make the mob see that its lethal force should be behind the individual. So, for someone to say that yes, he's 'for the individual' but within limits, that shouldn't mean that now he should be for the extortion of taxes but only for education of groups of individuals as to how to most wisely and VOLUNTARILY provide sustenance to the weak.

      2) The distinction between INITIATED force and/or fraud and DEFENSIVE force. The latter is ALWAYS necessary and always justified when proven to be defensive, the former is almost never justified. Almost never because it depends on the situation. If I gave you a big push on the street and you fell on your face, you would feel violated but if I did it to get you out of the way of a moving truck, you would thank me. Again, these concepts have no meaning except when applied to the basic unit of social science, the individual human being. You have to draw a line between human beings and animals. The problem with racists is they draw a line between themselves and other races and call them 'sub-human' or animals while being not much better than pack animals themselves, certainly not in any way principled ones. Principles keep you from going over the ledge of know-ledge (if you no longer know the 'ledge,' if you you cannot balance yourself there, then you no longer have knowledge but il-ledge-ibility, get it? What it sounds like gets the metaphors closer to reality, more important than the spelling).

      In the pushing out of the way of the truck scenario the initiated force becomes defensive in retrospect. It was done for the right reason to protect you, the individual, from immediate harm. The problem is that once the principle of ends-justify-the-means is accepted, initiations of force called 'defensive' in retrospect stretch out to include all kinds of unjustified things such as beating and abusing kids and calling it 'discipline.' Abusing the weak and calling it 'good for them.' The principle should not change because some over-laps and exceptions occasionally occur. The goal is to be on firm ground, a firm foundation, not on a slippery-slope of anything goes as long as it can be declared to be the 'good.' That which violates the individual can never be 'good' and is always a scam.

      ~ Negentropic

    5. (. . . continued)

      A third important thing you can add is this:

      Racism, sexism and all kinds of preference that may be considered irrational by some or even a majority is a free choice and not a violation of anybody's individual rights. Not wanting to integrate with those who do not share your principles and culture is not coercion. Being FORCED to integrate with them due to restrictive laws is coercion. Similarly being FORCED to segregate from them when you like them would be coercion. Irrational choice is not a crime, it is merely a vice. Racism is a vice from the point-of-view of the non-racist but vices are not crimes. From the point-of-view of the racist, the non-racist's choices are equally irrational and vices, but again irrational choices are not crimes until they can be proven to have physically encroached on the life and property of others. Physically because all spiritual disease can be shown to have physical symptoms. FREEDOM itself means nothing if it does not allow experimentation with the irrational in order to determine the rational. Irrational paths being anti-nature are usually their own punishment sooner or later.

      Lysander Spooner, "Vices Are Not Crimes, A Vindication Of Moral Liberty"

      On your property, your whims and preferences reign. If you want your preferences to be extended to a larger geographic area, you simply have to find a few thousand other adjacent property owners who more-or-less share your most cherished preferences. Then you form a home-owner's association that enforces those preferences like that town in South Africa. Most nationalists are against this route because it limits their power and because their goals have little to do with voluntary interactions but with having their preferences and those they consider to be that of their ancestors FORCED on all others who might disagree through the force of majority public opinion and subsequent legislation.

      ~ Negentropic

  8. The only real holocaust in WWII Croatia, happened (started) during the spring of 1945, when the Croatian people were massacred by hundreds of thousands. Perpetrators - the British supported bloodthirsty mass-murderer "Marshall" Tito and his butchers, decimated Croatia. That never sanctioned genocide actually lasted for over 40 years, and turned once powerful nation (the Croatian kingdom during the reign of the King Tomislav - crowned in 925, had more people than the Kingdom of England) into a shadow of her own shadow. Who is going to pay reparations for lost and annihilated generations, destroyed property and denied future to the Croatians?

  9. Negentropic. your reply is non-responsive to my comment in this thread, but does respond belatedly to my comment to you at .

    But unfortunately for all it's just a reiteration of what you had said previously, and does not take into account that I pointed out already how nationalists in the West are among those whose claims to of free-association and private property have been violated.

    You will begin to look insincere about your commitment to the ideals you profess so lengthily if you continue, repeatedly, to seem to care so passionately about some hypothetical future victims of White Natinalism run amok, but not White Nationalists who in the here and now are being run amok over according to your own ideology.

  10. I am half Jewish, lost some relatives in Poland from World War Two, don't support Israel at all, and wish Jews would shut the fuck up about the Holocaust! According to recent reports which I've read, the Nazis may have murdered up to Twenty two million people total. Then there is the Holdamar in Ukraine during the 1930s. Never have heard any Jews admit responsibility for their role in Soviet Communism's crimes, nor the fact that David Ben Gurion once admitted, "We stole their (the Palestinians') land." I just try to ignore all of this "Only we Jews suffered in WWII" nonsense, but I'm glad other people are waking up


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