Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Holocaust" museum receives $25 million donation

A Jewish family living in Arizona is set to donate $25 million to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - the largest donation in the museum's history. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

An Arizona family is donating $25 million to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum — the largest gift in the Washington museum’s history — to increase its educational programming.

The gift from the William Levine family of Phoenix will be used to expand and diversify its reach, especially to young people, according to the museum. The museum’s National Institute for Holocaust Education now will be called the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education.

Levine is an investor and real estate developer who founded Outdoor Systems, an outdoor advertising firm. He was appointed to the museum’s governing council by President George W. Bush in 2007.

“The Holocaust is receding in time and yet its lessons have never been more relevant and urgent than they are today as we witness rising anti-Semitism, hatred, and extremism,” museum director Sara Bloomfield said. “Complacency is not an option, and thanks to Bill Levine’s leadership and generosity, we can tackle the future with a very ambitious vision of reaching a global audience.” 
Levine’s involvement with the museum began with his support of scholarly research.

“When I created the Ina Levine Scholar, my goal was to ensure that leading academics would take advantage of the museum’s incomparable archives to produce exciting new scholarship as the foundation for teaching new generations,” Levine said. “This new gift brings that vision full circle.

“I have distinct memories of when I first learned about the Holocaust as a young student at the Yeshivah of Flatbush during World War II. It was hard to believe what was happening to the Jews of Europe. Even today it seems unthinkable, and that’s why education is so important. When the survivors and eyewitnesses are gone, it will become even more important.”

The Levine family’s gift is part of the museum’s $540 million campaign being led by honorary chair Elie Wiesel.
A few points, which I emphasize and reiterate constantly here, are worth making about this brief news report.

First, you'll notice that one of the key goals of the "Holocaust" industry is to target and indoctrinate children. Children are not only expected to learn all about the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, they are also expected to internalize the "lessons" of that alleged tragedy: Nazis are bad; racism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry is evil; Jews are wonderful, have never done anything wrong, and are irrationally persecuted and scapegoated, both historically and currently; tolerance and diversity are our strengths.

The entire modern Western cultural and philosophical paradigm of "diversity" and "tolerance" are a direct result of the fake "Holocaust" narrative, which has been foisted upon the Western world by a well organized and well funded ethnic lobby - the Jewish lobby. This paradigm of political correctness and Jewish exceptionalism has become official state policy, endlessly promoted by the government, politicians, the mass media and Hollywood, the educational establishment, and powerful, influential organizations, most of which are either led by or funded by the organized Jewish community.

Second, you'll also notice the importance placed on "survivors" and "eye witnesses" by the "Holocaust" industry. The alleged "survivors" and "eye witnesses", in addition to the traumatizing and emotionally exploitative imagery associated with the "Holocaust", are the most effective public relations tools of the "Holocaust" industry. Uninformed, vulnerable, and easily exploitable audiences are shown horrific photographs taken entirely out of context - piles of dead bodies, emaciated inmates, and "persecuted" Jews - coupled with emotional "eye witness" and "survivor" testimony, resulting in literal psychological traumatization and an instillation of the fake "Holocaust" narrative.

The vast majority of people have been so traumatized by the emotional testimony, iconic photographs and modern Hollywood productions related to the "Holocaust" that they simply cannot think critically about this subject, much less entertain alternative explanations or points of view. The "Holocaust" narrative is essentially a psychological warfare operation being waged against the entire world by the organized Jewish community, the mass media and Hollywood.

Finally, despite the entirely valid criticisms I repeatedly make of the organized Jewish community, I have to respect their in-group cohesion, generosity, and loyalty, at least when it comes to fundamental issues pertaining to the advancement of Jewish interests. One Jewish family - the Levine family of Phoenix, Arizona - just donated $25 million to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, while many other Jewish families and charities have donated and continue to donate generously to this one organization.

According to a study conducted earlier this year, the organized Jewish community in the United States alone has a $26 billion industry strictly centered around the identification, formulation, marketing, and advancement of Jewish interests. And I doubt the study included organizations, like the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, dedicated to perpetuating and further institutionalizing the fake "Holocaust" narrative.

A primary goal of the current fundraising campaign, led by Elie Wiesel, is to generate $300 million in annual gifts by 2018 for the museum. Let me repeat that: $300 million annually.

It is truly amazing how much money the enemies of truth, justice, and decency have, while the revisionist community and independent media struggle to raise even $1,000. Individuals writing and speaking the truth are essentially risking everything - their livelihood, future career prospects, even their very lives - for the sake of truth alone, while the organized Jewish community pays their advocates hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to engage in full time public relations and lobbying activities.


  1. How come the IRS doesn't investigate his crooked financial dealings? This schmuck is a con man and a fraud. He is simply laundering the 25 million for his own benefit. These yids are very conniving and tricky.

    1. Strange how only israhell receives money for the fake holohoax . the Ukraine suffered terrible losses same as Russia ,and others, yet you don't hear them begging for money ,or complaing all the time .israhell still lives in the past were the gravy train is.the other countries have moved forward and put the past behind them.

    2. IRS = Part of the Talmudic Crime Gang

    3. The zionist jews own the IRS,banks,main stream media, big corporations,drug industry,high positions of power,entertainment,secret societies,religions,etc.. They created the human reality only to serve them. Do you think they are humans? Or beings of different nature disguised or camouflaged as humans? They see humanity as a lesser species,cattle or goyim and their goal always has been to control and enslave us. They are behind the New World Order along with the elite. The U.S.A is done as a country since 1913 with creation of the private "Federal" Reserve Bank own by the Rockefellers,Rothechilds etc.No more freedoms or democracy and day by day take more and more liberties without the people reacting.Humanity is dormant hypnotize,indifferent,asleep. Still time left to do something or humanity's future is going to be horrible. All the people of world is in trouble including our beautiful planet Earth.

  2. A well written critique of this news story, John. I don't practice any religion, but I am convinced and will say an evil force of some sort in the world is on the rise and growing. Evil has always been with us, but seems to be growing exponentially and permeating everything. If truth is good, these people brainwashing (and controlling) the public is just the opposite.

    What would the Jews do is a wealthy Christian philanthropist opened up a Holodomor museum that identified the perpetrators as Jews? They'd raise a huge public vocal stink about it, wouldn't they?

    Just keep on exposing them for the controlling con artists they truly are.


  3. When the last white girl is raped, the last white male is enslaved and the last white nation is conquered, you will realize that diversity and multiculturalism was not what you expected.

  4. All tax-deductible from other U.S. tax obligations.

  5. One small bright spot I recently learned of in these matters is that Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity lost $15.2 million by investing in the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, and Elie and his wife lost all of their personal life's savings in the Madoff scam.

  6. Why do these museums exist in the US when the events took place in Europe ? Maybe we should have a Holocaust in America to warrant these - didn't William Johnston Murray say that "What happened in Germany will be a Sunday school affair compared to what will happen here in America if the Jews don't cease their lies and defamation.


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