Saturday, December 20, 2014

ADL's "Advanced Training School" brainwashing top law enforcement executives

According to a recent press release from the Anti-Defamation League, one of the most tyrannical, subversive, and quite frankly un-American organizations operating in the United States today, 37 top executives representing a variety of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies participated in the Advanced Training School course offered by the ADL. I wonder if these law enforcement agencies actually pay the ADL for these ridiculous courses?

The press release reads in part:

ADL held the 26th session of our Advanced Training School (ATS) course on Extremist and Terrorist Threats, a course that has come to be recognized as one of the premier counterterrorism trainings in the country. The session included a combination of both ADL’s own subject matter experts on white supremacy, anti-government extremism, homegrown radicalization, and international terrorist groups, as well as briefings on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from the Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterterrorism Division, the Boston Marathon bombings from a Lieutenant Colonel from the Massachusetts State Police, and Israel’s best practices and lessons learned in fighting terrorism from a Commander with the Israel Police.

The class was composed of 37 law enforcement executives and commanders from agencies which included: the Federal Bureau of Investigation; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Naval Criminal Investigative Service; U.S. Secret Service; U.S. Marshals Service; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Missouri State Highway Patrol; Massachusetts State Police; Illinois State Police; Colorado State Patrol; and the New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Austin Police Departments, among others. ATS has now trained 970 commanders, representing 245 different agencies, since the course was first launched in 2003.

ATS’s three day sessions, held twice a year in Washington, D.C., are designed to provide chiefs and executives from federal, state, local, and military law enforcement agencies from across the country with practical information, resources, and contacts to help them combat domestic and international extremist and terrorist threats. There is no other program like it. [...]
The Advanced Training School and other seminars, lectures, and training sessions (often conducted in Israel) organized by the ADL are used to indoctrinate and brainwash American law enforcement executes and the agencies they represent with Jewish propaganda designed to perpetuate the "Global War on Terror" and hype the threat of "lone wolf extremists," which could be either radical Islamic terrorists or, perhaps even worse and looming on the horizon, anti-government, conspiracy theorist, "White supremacist"-type homegrown terrorists.

Since 9/11, an event organized and executed largely by Jewish criminals operating at the highest levels of the United States government and mass media, working in conjunction with the Jewish state of Israel, both the "Homeland Security" and "Global War on Terror" paradigms of domestic law enforcement and foreign policy have been institutionalized not only in America, but throughout the entire Western world.

9/11 was designed to:
  • justify and initiate the fraudulent "Global War on Terror," which has resulted in massive destruction, death, chaos, and human displacement across the Islamic world; and
  • implement the tyrannical "Homeland Security" agenda domestically, which has rendered the American Constitution meaningless and created a paranoid, hysterical atmosphere of fear from alleged threats of terrorism.
It must be pointed out that both the "Global War on Terror" and "Homeland Security" templates of public policy were concocted by Jewish military and geopolitical strategists going back to the late 1970s. Needless to say, both agendas serve and advance international Jewry's tyrannical global agenda commonly referred to as the New World Order. 


  1. Law enforcers are the only resource Americans have from which to seek help in times of danger and distress. Americans cannot trust them, nor can we live without them. Cops can be bad, but not all are so. There has been an on-going, intense propaganda campaign promoting cop-hatred, essentially advocating offensive retaliation, such as occurred today with two cops assassinated. This coupled with race hatred and support of aggressive protests have been constantly in the MSM and in alt-news bloggers. Because of this, the LE are being hog-tied so they cannot enforce the law, thus anarchy is being allowed. The Communist Jews are hitting in both directions to take down completely any remaining civil stability in the US. They are getting control of the enforcement agencies as they have already obliterated America's Constitutional government. The criticism decrying a militarized police force is actually for show, because an aggressive police force is only necessary when there has become a created need for it. Such as is now occurring, when race hatred, cop hatred are purposely fueled in order to incite anarchy and insurrection, resulting in a government coup which the Jews have had planned all along. For now, Black Power is Jewish Marxist Power in black face.

    1. Great article! Just one mistake. Not since 9/11/2001. Since 1985. US police chiefs being flown to Israel for training. 1985. 30 years. This is the change. That foreign country does not have a Constitution or anything like are Bill of rights. You are guilty till proven innocent.

    2. Good post. Very perceptive.


  2. Perfect timing, John, for the Mossad's, oops I mean NYPD's, latest psy op.

  3. All officials who go to Israel for training or political visits leave themselves open to blackmail and/or bribery by Israel and any of its Jewish agents in the US. It isn't just brain-washing, it is quite likely hi-tech programming done to these persons when they are inebriated, or drugged after being wined and dined at Mossad run parties. Apparently multitudes of US politicians, military officers, and law enforcers go to Israel and return enslaved to Israel's ways of indoctrination for police state control of Americans. That is just too many robots created, by just intensive PR in Israel. Just ordinary Americans can become brain-washed programmed by mindlessly absorbing TV for hours on end, many while consuming large quantities of alcohol. All that is seen and heard is acknowledged by the brain whether it is outright, or hidden.
    The ulterior agenda of the US criminal government has never changed over the years, but the techniques have undoubtedly become more advanced. Mind control programming is real, and a mind controlled killer can even be programmed to kill himself as necessary to avoid capture and assessment. Some background, perhaps questionable, but not totally so.
    Five Easy Steps
    To Create
    A Manchurian Candidate

  4. "ATS’s three day sessions, held twice a year in Washington, D.C.,"
    My misunderstanding was that this happens in Israel, from not reading thoroughly. However, even in D.C. the participants are just as vulnerable to Mossad tactics as they would be in Israel. The Mossad is free to do what it will in the US with the government's sanction, even assassinations . I assume in partnership with the FBI/SecretService/DHS and all the rest of the anti-American traitors.

  5. Elitist Judean's dark hedonistic Multicultural subversion and treason right from inside our very own white protestant christian sociopolitical institutions.

  6. "Training" through the 'ADL'? This whole police leadership programming effort by Jewry is another one of their 'insurance policies' to ensure their control of the system, no matter what. They are recklessly looting and sabatoging Anglo America, and are preparing for the consequences of their parasitic actions. They know that when the system comes unglued, they will have to drop the silk glove and rule with an iron fist My guess is that most of the funding for this 'Gentile' police brainwashing effort is being paid for from federal funds. Jews usually try to kill two or more birds with one stolen stone. The costs are thus passed on to their "hosts".


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