Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of year notes

Well, this past year was certainly eventful. Some ups, some downs, some progress, some setbacks, all of which is to be expected as we continue on this journey. I'd like to close out 2014 with the following blog post which will give readers some updates and include some final thoughts for the year from yours truly. I'll keep this brief.

First of all, I am not hosting a radio program at the moment, obviously. I simply do not have the time in my schedule right now. Also, I've felt a bit fatigued lately. I just don't have the passion and energy at the moment, and haven't for at least the past couple months. I was not taking the radio programs as seriously as I used to, and I think that was reflected in the quality of the programs. So, it was time to take a break.

We will see what 2015 brings. I really did enjoy hosting radio programs and interviewing the wide variety of guests that I did. I think radio programs are an excellent way to spread information, and they are extremely easy to do with modern technology. If I do start hosting a radio program again, I would like to be able to produce it all on my own, rather than relying on a third party (such as BlogTalkRadio). Be sure to check out the archives of The Realist Report if you are not familiar with the radio program. I think we've done plenty of excellent programs over the course of the past two years that are well worth your time.

Secondly, I've mentioned that I'm working on a book, and I still am. It is essentially an explanation and overview of the New World Order agenda from my point of view. What I am attempting to do is demystify the New World Order by identifying the leading forces promoting it, explaining what their agenda is, and highlighting the ways in which it has largely been achieved. I also discuss the key pillars of the New World Order agenda, which rest primarily on an entire falsified historical narrative relating to WWII in particular, but also 9/11.

I've been working on the book for quite a while now, but never consistently. I really need to just get it done. I would guess I'm at least 70% finished. Every time I go back to review and edit certain portions, I want to make changes. I suppose that is natural. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I want this to be a well-researched and enlightening book. I want to be able to hand this to a family member or close friend and say, "Hey, this is why I think the way I do. This is my explanation of what is really going on in the world. Let me know what you think."

Dr. Jim Fetzer invited me on his radio program to discuss some of the main conclusions I've drawn in my research into the New World Order agenda, which I think will be very helpful in completing the book. We will also be discussing Nick Kollerstrom's recently published book Breaking the Spell - The Holocaust: Myth and Reality, available from The Barnes Review. I will post the program once it is online, so stay tuned!

Finally, I think we have made some real progress this past year. I continue to be impressed with the alternative, independent media, the quality of information and analysis available online today, and the wide variety of voices, networks, and websites with varying perspectives and insights exposing what is really going on in the world, and who is behind it. Of course, there is a lot of nonsense in the alternative, independent media as well. But I think more and more people are seeing through the charlatans, fear-mongers, and shills.

I believe 2015 will be an even bigger year for those of us standing up for the truth. As the mainstream mass media and political establishment continue to discredit themselves, more and more people will continue to seek out alternative sources of information for answers and explanations. We have a lot of work to do, but I think we are making progress.

I'd like to thank all readers, listeners, and supporters of The Realist Report for making this website a success, and I wish you all a Happy New Year. See you in 2015!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I'd like to wish all readers a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays! I will have an end of year blog entry ready to post here next week. Until then, Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

ADL's "Advanced Training School" brainwashing top law enforcement executives

According to a recent press release from the Anti-Defamation League, one of the most tyrannical, subversive, and quite frankly un-American organizations operating in the United States today, 37 top executives representing a variety of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies participated in the Advanced Training School course offered by the ADL. I wonder if these law enforcement agencies actually pay the ADL for these ridiculous courses?

The press release reads in part:

ADL held the 26th session of our Advanced Training School (ATS) course on Extremist and Terrorist Threats, a course that has come to be recognized as one of the premier counterterrorism trainings in the country. The session included a combination of both ADL’s own subject matter experts on white supremacy, anti-government extremism, homegrown radicalization, and international terrorist groups, as well as briefings on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from the Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterterrorism Division, the Boston Marathon bombings from a Lieutenant Colonel from the Massachusetts State Police, and Israel’s best practices and lessons learned in fighting terrorism from a Commander with the Israel Police.

The class was composed of 37 law enforcement executives and commanders from agencies which included: the Federal Bureau of Investigation; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Naval Criminal Investigative Service; U.S. Secret Service; U.S. Marshals Service; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Missouri State Highway Patrol; Massachusetts State Police; Illinois State Police; Colorado State Patrol; and the New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Austin Police Departments, among others. ATS has now trained 970 commanders, representing 245 different agencies, since the course was first launched in 2003.

ATS’s three day sessions, held twice a year in Washington, D.C., are designed to provide chiefs and executives from federal, state, local, and military law enforcement agencies from across the country with practical information, resources, and contacts to help them combat domestic and international extremist and terrorist threats. There is no other program like it. [...]
The Advanced Training School and other seminars, lectures, and training sessions (often conducted in Israel) organized by the ADL are used to indoctrinate and brainwash American law enforcement executes and the agencies they represent with Jewish propaganda designed to perpetuate the "Global War on Terror" and hype the threat of "lone wolf extremists," which could be either radical Islamic terrorists or, perhaps even worse and looming on the horizon, anti-government, conspiracy theorist, "White supremacist"-type homegrown terrorists.

Since 9/11, an event organized and executed largely by Jewish criminals operating at the highest levels of the United States government and mass media, working in conjunction with the Jewish state of Israel, both the "Homeland Security" and "Global War on Terror" paradigms of domestic law enforcement and foreign policy have been institutionalized not only in America, but throughout the entire Western world.

9/11 was designed to:
  • justify and initiate the fraudulent "Global War on Terror," which has resulted in massive destruction, death, chaos, and human displacement across the Islamic world; and
  • implement the tyrannical "Homeland Security" agenda domestically, which has rendered the American Constitution meaningless and created a paranoid, hysterical atmosphere of fear from alleged threats of terrorism.
It must be pointed out that both the "Global War on Terror" and "Homeland Security" templates of public policy were concocted by Jewish military and geopolitical strategists going back to the late 1970s. Needless to say, both agendas serve and advance international Jewry's tyrannical global agenda commonly referred to as the New World Order. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Netanyahu: Europe has not learned lessons of "Holocaust"

Arch war criminal and international terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of the rogue Zionist regime occupying Palestine, recently lectured and chastised Europeans, claiming they have not learned the lessons of the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" of WWII. Haaretz reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the Holocaust to sharply attack Europe following the decision by the European court in Luxembourg to have Hamas removed from the EU's list of terrorist organizations, and against the backdrop of Wednesday's Conference of High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention in Switzerland.

"We saw today examples hanging before us of European prejudice," said Netanyahu at the opening of his meeting with U.S. Senator-Elect Joni Ernst of Iowa. "In Geneva, they are calling for an investigation against Israel for war crimes, while in Luxembourg the European court removed Hamas from the terrorist list. It looks like there are too many people in Europe, on the ground where six million Jews were slaughtered, who haven't learned a thing. The friendship we see from the United States stands in complete contrast to what we are seeing regretfully in Europe."

Earlier Wednesday, the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg accepted the petition by Hamas in which it sought to have itself removed from the EU's list of terrorist organizations. The hearing in the European court was technical and procedural, and did not stem from a change in the EU's position regarding Hamas. [...]
As readers are no doubt aware, the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII has served as a weapon in the hands of the organized international Jewish community and the Jewish state of Israel for decades now. The ridiculous "Holocaust" narrative and the "lessons" it has been used to advance - "tolerance", anti-racism (read: anti-Whitism), and multiculturalism - have been instrumental in international Jewry's assault on and subversion of traditional Western civilization, in addition to their global agenda of world domination.

The fake "Holocaust" story is constantly invoked to cover up, excuse, and even justify Israeli and Jewish criminality, murder, and war crimes, as we see in this particular story cited above. Any investigation or even frank, truthful discussion of the recent barbaric attack on Gaza, in which countless innocent Palestinian civilians were brutally slaughtered, carried out by Netanyahu and the Zionist regime must be squashed and eliminatd because, as Netanyahu says, of the "Holocaust". When is the Western world going to reject the fake "Holocaust" narrative and stand up to the Jews?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Jews created modern American mass culture"

"Jews created most of modern American mass culture, from the movies, to television, to the fashion business, cosmetics, the music industry, mass-market paperbacks, all these ways of packaging and selling democratic pleasures to the masses."
I'll give you three guess who made the preceding statement about Jews creating modern American mass culture. Was it an "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist"? A "racist, bigoted hater" of the Jews? An evil neo-Nazi who blames the Jews for all the problems facing the world?

Actually, the quote was found in an article recently published by Tablet Magazine entitled, "Do Jews Carry Trauma in Our Genes? A Conversation With Rachel Yehuda." For those unfamiliar with Tablet, it is a highly respected and influential Jewish media outlet focusing on Jewish culture, arts, and politics. I read the article the other day, and found the controversial yet undoubtedly true statement in one of the questions posed by the Jewish journalist, David Samuels, who wrote the article.

I highlight it here just to demonstrate, once again, that Jews themselves openly admit and even boast about their power and influence, including the fact that modern American popular culture was created by and is perpetuated by Jews.

If you're still wondering how modern American popular culture and society became so debased, perverted, and crass, where sexual degeneracy, homosexuality, and anti-Christian, anti-White images and themes run rampant, just remember who created it. It's no secret anymore; Jews openly admit and celebrate these facts.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Jewish hypocrisy: Ethnostate for them, multiculturalism for us

Compare the following two articles, which demonstrate the profound hypocrisy of the organized Jewish community when it comes to multiculturalism and immigration policy in Israel versus the Western world. The first article was recently published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency:
Israel’s Knesset passed a bill easing detention procedures for African migrants while preventing the infiltration of more illegal migrants into Israel.

The Knesset approved the measure on second and third readings Monday by a vote of 47-23. The vote came hours before the government voted to dissolve itself and move to new elections.

An amendment to an existing infiltration law, the bill eases certain conditions struck down in September by the Israeli Supreme Court.

Under the new law, illegal migrants will be held in closed detention centers for three months and then can be kept at the Holot open detention center in the Negev for up to 20 months, where they will be required to be present at a head count once a day instead of three times.

Employers who illegally employ African migrants now face tougher penalties. Also, migrants with work permits must pay a monthly deposit that will be returned when they leave the country. [...]
And the second article was published in the summer of 2013 by The Jewish Daily Forward:
After months of delay, the U.S. Senate is set to vote on the most comprehensive immigration reform legislation in 27 years. And Jewish groups across the country are acting together in a way characteristic of the community on few issues besides Israel. [...]

Those leading an active push for the bill, which will offer a path to citizenship for some of the nation’s 11 million undocumented aliens, include the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Bend the Arc and the National Council of Jewish Women.

The Senate vote — and the even harder struggle that will follow in the Republican-controlled House — represents the fulfillment of a sustained campaign by the Jewish community for immigration reform, which has built momentum over the past decade.

Whether or not the necessary votes are mustered from both houses to land a historic immigration law reform bill on President Obama’s desk, Jewish outreach, particularly in the Southwest — home to the largest share of America’s emerging and increasingly powerful ethnic and interfaith populations — promises to be politically and socially influential beyond the issue it addresses. [...]
It's a well established fact at this point that the organized Jewish community dominating and largely controlling the politics, culture, and media of the Western world is the leading proponent of multiculturalism and diversity - but only for Western countries. Multiculturalism and diversity are not promoted in non-Western nations, such as China, Mexico, or the various African nations, and it certainly is not tolerated in the Jewish ethnostate brutally occupying Palestine.

Since WWII, the Jews have managed to create a multicultural nightmare in the West while establishing and maintaing a supremacist and truly racist ethnostate in the Middle East. Multiculturalism and diversity are scams designed to pervert and destroy Western nations.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

National Menorah at White House reveals who runs America

The Jerusalem Post recently published an article reporting that Vice President Joe Biden will participate in the lighting of the National Menorah on display at the White House in Washington, DC, revealing who really runs America. It's not White Christian men, as the Jewish owned and controlled mass media would have us believe, that's for sure.

Vice President Joe Biden will assist in the lighting this year of the Hanukka menorah on the ellipse in front of the White House.

Biden’s participation on December 16, the first night of the holiday, marks the 35th anniversary of the first lighting of the “National Menorah,” an event sponsored by American Friends of Lubavitch, the Washington office of the Chabad movement.

It has become a tradition for Cabinet-level US officials to assist in the lighting.
Could it be any more obvious that the organized Jewish community dominates and runs the United States, especially at the highest levels of politics and media? America is a Jewish country, and has been for quite some time now.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Holocaust" museum receives $25 million donation

A Jewish family living in Arizona is set to donate $25 million to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - the largest donation in the museum's history. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

An Arizona family is donating $25 million to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum — the largest gift in the Washington museum’s history — to increase its educational programming.

The gift from the William Levine family of Phoenix will be used to expand and diversify its reach, especially to young people, according to the museum. The museum’s National Institute for Holocaust Education now will be called the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education.

Levine is an investor and real estate developer who founded Outdoor Systems, an outdoor advertising firm. He was appointed to the museum’s governing council by President George W. Bush in 2007.

“The Holocaust is receding in time and yet its lessons have never been more relevant and urgent than they are today as we witness rising anti-Semitism, hatred, and extremism,” museum director Sara Bloomfield said. “Complacency is not an option, and thanks to Bill Levine’s leadership and generosity, we can tackle the future with a very ambitious vision of reaching a global audience.” 
Levine’s involvement with the museum began with his support of scholarly research.

“When I created the Ina Levine Scholar, my goal was to ensure that leading academics would take advantage of the museum’s incomparable archives to produce exciting new scholarship as the foundation for teaching new generations,” Levine said. “This new gift brings that vision full circle.

“I have distinct memories of when I first learned about the Holocaust as a young student at the Yeshivah of Flatbush during World War II. It was hard to believe what was happening to the Jews of Europe. Even today it seems unthinkable, and that’s why education is so important. When the survivors and eyewitnesses are gone, it will become even more important.”

The Levine family’s gift is part of the museum’s $540 million campaign being led by honorary chair Elie Wiesel.
A few points, which I emphasize and reiterate constantly here, are worth making about this brief news report.

First, you'll notice that one of the key goals of the "Holocaust" industry is to target and indoctrinate children. Children are not only expected to learn all about the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, they are also expected to internalize the "lessons" of that alleged tragedy: Nazis are bad; racism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry is evil; Jews are wonderful, have never done anything wrong, and are irrationally persecuted and scapegoated, both historically and currently; tolerance and diversity are our strengths.

The entire modern Western cultural and philosophical paradigm of "diversity" and "tolerance" are a direct result of the fake "Holocaust" narrative, which has been foisted upon the Western world by a well organized and well funded ethnic lobby - the Jewish lobby. This paradigm of political correctness and Jewish exceptionalism has become official state policy, endlessly promoted by the government, politicians, the mass media and Hollywood, the educational establishment, and powerful, influential organizations, most of which are either led by or funded by the organized Jewish community.

Second, you'll also notice the importance placed on "survivors" and "eye witnesses" by the "Holocaust" industry. The alleged "survivors" and "eye witnesses", in addition to the traumatizing and emotionally exploitative imagery associated with the "Holocaust", are the most effective public relations tools of the "Holocaust" industry. Uninformed, vulnerable, and easily exploitable audiences are shown horrific photographs taken entirely out of context - piles of dead bodies, emaciated inmates, and "persecuted" Jews - coupled with emotional "eye witness" and "survivor" testimony, resulting in literal psychological traumatization and an instillation of the fake "Holocaust" narrative.

The vast majority of people have been so traumatized by the emotional testimony, iconic photographs and modern Hollywood productions related to the "Holocaust" that they simply cannot think critically about this subject, much less entertain alternative explanations or points of view. The "Holocaust" narrative is essentially a psychological warfare operation being waged against the entire world by the organized Jewish community, the mass media and Hollywood.

Finally, despite the entirely valid criticisms I repeatedly make of the organized Jewish community, I have to respect their in-group cohesion, generosity, and loyalty, at least when it comes to fundamental issues pertaining to the advancement of Jewish interests. One Jewish family - the Levine family of Phoenix, Arizona - just donated $25 million to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, while many other Jewish families and charities have donated and continue to donate generously to this one organization.

According to a study conducted earlier this year, the organized Jewish community in the United States alone has a $26 billion industry strictly centered around the identification, formulation, marketing, and advancement of Jewish interests. And I doubt the study included organizations, like the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, dedicated to perpetuating and further institutionalizing the fake "Holocaust" narrative.

A primary goal of the current fundraising campaign, led by Elie Wiesel, is to generate $300 million in annual gifts by 2018 for the museum. Let me repeat that: $300 million annually.

It is truly amazing how much money the enemies of truth, justice, and decency have, while the revisionist community and independent media struggle to raise even $1,000. Individuals writing and speaking the truth are essentially risking everything - their livelihood, future career prospects, even their very lives - for the sake of truth alone, while the organized Jewish community pays their advocates hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to engage in full time public relations and lobbying activities.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Jews extort Croatians for $4 million in "Holocaust" reparations

The organized Jewish community has successfully extorted the Croatian government for roughly $4 million as a result of their endless promotion of the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII. The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

Croatia will give land and an office building in Zagreb collectively valued at about $4 million to the city’s Jewish community as restitution for property expropriated during World War II.

According to the World Jewish Restitution Organization, the community will receive a six-story building and a surrounding land parcel owned by the government in the central part of the capital to replace a building once owned by the local Jewish burial society.

The Nazi-allied government confiscated the original building during the war and it was nationalized by the Communist government. 
The income from the property will help to fund the operation of the Zagreb Jewish community’s senior-care facility and other communal programs.

“This is a long-awaited, but important first step in addressing the legacy of the Holocaust in Croatia and in ensuring that the Jewish community can continue to revitalize itself in a democratic Croatia,” Daniel Mariaschin, head of the WJRO negotiating team and executive vice president of B’nai B’rith International, said in a news release issued by the WJRO.

The WJRO’s chair of operations, Gideon Taylor, said his group welcomed the decision. He added, “We ask that the government build on this positive action by returning additional properties to the Jewish community and providing restitution for private and heirless Jewish-owned properties.”

In 1997, the Zagreb Jewish Community filed a claim for the return of the original building, which was built in 1927 by the Jewish burial society.

Croatia’s Jewish communities submitted claims for 135 communal properties under Croatia’s 1996 restitution law, but only 15 non-cemetery properties have been returned, according to the WRJO, which noted that the country’s restitution law does not apply to property seized during the Holocaust or allow claims by citizens of most foreign countries. Croatia also has not provided restitution for heirless Jewish-owned property confiscated during the Holocaust.

Before World War II, more than 25,000 Jews lived in what is now Croatia; about 6,000 survived. Today, some 2,000 Jews live in Croatia, mostly in Zagreb.
Rack up yet another victory for the organized Jewish community. The fake "Holocaust" narrative, and the financial and sympathy racket it has generated, is the gift that keeps on giving.

I'm really starting to wonder if anyone, anywhere will ever stand up to the organized Jewish community and reject their false historical narrative, especially as it relates to WWII and the alleged murder of 6 million Jews by Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany.