Monday, November 10, 2014

Jewish Supreme Court justices marvel at Jewish supremacy in America

A prime example of the Jewish domination of America today is the fact that 3 out of the 9 Supreme Court justices are Jews. Jews control and dominate many other important aspects of American society as well, including the mainstream mass media, Hollywood, Wall Street, Federal Reserve System, and politics to name just a few examples. Any time the Jewish domination and control of America is pointed out or criticized, the "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist" canard is hysterically leveled against the observant offender of political correctness. And yet, Jews and Jewish news outlets often admit and even brag about their domination, control, and influence over American society and politics.

At the recent opening session of the conference of the Jewish Federations of North America, Jewish Supreme Court justices Stephen Breyer and the remarkably unqualified Elena Kagan provided the world with yet another example of Jews openly admitting to and marveling at their power and influence in American society. The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

Supreme Court justices Stephen Breyer and Elana Kagan talked about their Jewish identities at the opening plenary of the 2014 General Assembly conference of the Jewish Federations of North America.

Speaking before a crowd of more than 2,000 at the conference center just outside Washington, Breyer said the most remarkable thing about there being three Jews among the nine Supreme Court justices is how unremarkable it is in America today.

Kagan, the other justice on the panel discussion moderated by NPR correspondent Nina Totenberg, said that her Jewish identity was the one thing that didn’t come up during her confirmation process.

“The one thing nobody ever said, the one thing I never heard was, ‘We don’t need a third Jewish justice,’ or ‘There’s a problem with that,’ ” she said. “So that’s a wonderful thing. My grandmother would have said ‘Only in America.’ ” [...]
Jewish supremacy in America today is simply accepted, even applauded and celebrated. However, if one openly notes or criticizes, however mildly, this quite obvious fact, one is demonized as an "anti-Semite" and "a Nazi." As Gilad Atzmon has succinctly explained, Jewish power manifests in their ability to get everyone - except themselves on certain occasions - to stop talking about Jewish power. That is political correctness at its finest, and underscores the extremely Orwellian, intellectually suffocating political and cultural atmosphere that has enveloped America and the wider Western world, particularly since the end of WWII.


  1. it is De Facto Blasphemy...

    and an insult to the sub rosa jewess Sotomayor

    and the "Jew" worshipping Talmudic Scholar Scalia...

    Extremists constantly exploit current events, like Sotomayor's nomination, to demonize non-whites and, especially, Jews. They have capitalized on the Sotomayor nomination to characterize Jews as conspirators seeking world domination, having secretly orchestrated the appointment. Extremists also attempted to reinforce the common claim that Jews are seeking to destroy the white race, and they cited Sotomayor's Latino heritage as just another step in that process.

    In one post, an individual predicted that Sotomayor's future activity on the Supreme Court will prompt white people to "get wise" and take up arms to "bring down ZOG."

    Isaiah 3:12 - -

    (ZOG refers to the "Zionist Occupied Government," a phrase used by anti-Semites to suggest that the Jewish people are engaged in a conspiracy to control government bodies, the media, and financial institutions.)

    statements and images posted to white supremacist Web sites & which represent the extremist sentiment concerning Sonia Sotomayor:...are virile anti-semitism

    a pure language will reduce the Jewish narrative to ashes

    John 8:44



    1. Not just a conspiracy, but the world's oldest, longest running, biggest, most well-organized and ruthless conspiracy the world has ever seen.

      The G_d's Chosen "People" Conspiracy.

    2. DaveE- You are right on the money.

      That alone could be the foundation of an article and even a book entitled-

      "The 'God's Chosen People' Conspiracy"- Not just ANY conspiracy, but the world's oldest, longest- running, biggest, most well-organized and ruthless conspiracy the world has EVER seen, known, and experienced."

      DaveE- can John Friend expound on this as a new post or even a new book?

    3. Sure, I hope he does, he's a great writer. I'm hardly the first to make the connection and besides, it takes too long to get a copyright these days.

  2. A general way of identifying a Jew/Israeli troll in comments is what he/she makes an issue about to subvert the fact of Jews' crimes, subversion, and treason :
    ". . . if one openly notes or criticizes, however mildly, this quite obvious fact [ being a Jew in power], one is demonized as an "anti-Semite" . . . "

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  4. The real marvel is that all nine are not jewish.

  5. We had four out of nine in Canada, out of a total Jewish population of slightly more than 1% of all Canadians, and now there's three.

  6. NJ Supreme Court has 5 out of 9!

  7. Sotomayor is a Joo... which makes Four... Scalia is a sympathizer, makes a virtual Five... So is Roberts, which makes Six. Nine will be the reality in a decade, at this rate.


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