Saturday, November 22, 2014

ADL once again brags it trains American law enforcement

The Anti-Defamation League is once again bragging that it trains American law enforcement officials by sending them to the Jewish state of Israel to become indoctrinated by their Israeli counterparts. According to a recent press release from the ADL:

A delegation of Massachusetts law enforcement executives met with their counterparts in the Israel national police last week during a weeklong ADL counterterrorism seminar in Israel.

The training curriculum included high-level briefings on the operational response to terrorism, border and airport security, maintaining safety and access to holy sites, the role of advanced technology in policing, strategies to balance security with the free flow of commerce and the psychological impact of terror. The group met with the Israel National Police, Palestinian Police, security experts, intelligence analysts, and journalists.

ADL Regional Director Robert Trestan issued the following statement:

It is critical that Massachusetts police departments be able to equally prevent and respond to crime while protecting us from the threat of terrorism. The Israel national police have been on the frontline combating terror for decades and are able to share their firsthand experience in keeping the public safe despite multiple threats. The seminar is opportunity to enhance local law enforcements preparedness to prevent and respond to terrorism.

“Having an opportunity to learn about the complex issues surrounding the history, culture, and religion of Israel has been an invaluable experience. Being able to travel and work alongside not only the Israeli Police, but the Palestinian Authority Police allowed us to see first-hand the cooperation that goes into ensuring security for everyone,” said Everett Police Chief and President of the Massachusetts Major City Chief Association, Steven Mazzie. “The ADL has provided a very valuable service to law enforcement by providing this training opportunity and we are thankful to them.” [...]
Here we have yet another example of the Israelification of American law enforcement and domestic security, a key goal of the Israeli and Jewish architects of the false flag attacks on 9/11.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a new paradigm of international relations had to be manufactured to replace the Cold War paradigm. Israeli military, political, and geopolitical strategists have been formulating and advancing the "Global War on Terror" paradigm since the late 1970s at least. This paradigm - entirely manufactured by Israel and Western intelligence agencies working in conjunction with the Jewish owned and controlled mass media and "think tank" complex dominating the foreign policy-making establishment in Washington, DC - replaced the Cold War paradigm after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and became institutionalized following the events of 9/11.

Of course, it has been conclusively demonstrated that Israel and Jewish criminals occupying key positions of power and influence within the United States government and mass media planned, organized, and executed 9/11 in order to officially initiate and justify the "Global War on Terror," in which American military, financial, and human capital would be wasted fighting wars on Israel's behalf. A parallel development following the events of 9/11 was the Israelification of American domestic security and law enforcement policy, where the threat of terrorism is constantly hyped and manufactured to psychologically terrorize the American public.

It is time for the American public to finally recognize the fact that both the "Global War on Terror" and the "Homeland Security" paradigms are Jewish constructs advancing international Jewry's geopolitical agenda of global hegemony.


  1. pretty much spot on,
    but modern day so-called "Jews" are in fact not Israel.

    the people in the Bible @ Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 are not "Jews".

    no tribe in Revelation 7 is the "Jewish" ipso facto
    the " Israelification" is an allegorical imperative, n'est pas ?

    How can the pronouncement by Jesus @ John 8:44 be any more
    crystal clear ?

    Economic Justice means the tares are rounded up

    saddle up

    1. Even if your religious beliefs were true, friend, what would that change except the name we call a group of people?

      I am concerned that you are being led down a pointless, time-wasting dead-end and innocently try and encourage others to join you.


      Almost everyone commenting here on all sides of every issue is called 'anonymous'. I can understand why people would wish to be anonymous when discussing controversial issues, but I wish you guys would each choose a non-identifying handle. Eases discussion over time and so on ...

  2. Best place to train a terrorist is Israel so this makes a lot of sense considering how deranged the Police have become.

  3. check this one out :

    Book #4
    Opinion Of John Cleaveland as to The Liability Under The Act Of April 29, 1863 to State Taxaction On Loans To The United States Evidenced Or Secured By United States Goverment Stocks, Held By The New York Banking And Moneyed Corporations.
    Hall, Clayton & Medole Printers 1863

  4. Organized crime has ALWAYS been Jewish, not Italian or Sicilian. And "organization" has always been the Jews' biggest weapon. If you think there are more than 137 American Jews who oppose the Jewish Takeover of the World...... well...... you don't know what a Jew is.

  5. "Jewry's geopolitical agenda of global hegemony"

    The jew also desires to impose its appalling 'religion' of apoplectic filth on others. The practice is unlawful at this present moment and provides an excellent opportunity for a class action against ostensibly goyische governments willing to act as proxies for the kike.

    The judaic imposition requires that the jew destroy all racial nations and manufacture a generic goyische herd of raceless individuals who will by default be ruled by an outsider....
    That being the jew. A global currency for a global generic goyische 'race' destined for global governance.

    jews are a narcissistic puke...there's no doubt about it.

    On 'racism'.... White racial activism is Black racial activism and all colours inbetween... as it ensures the contiuance and self determination of all peoples...

    jew racialism seeks the active subjugation, elimination and/or extermination of all races and peoples.....because that is what the textual urgings of judaism demand of the jew. Those who have not desire to participate in the relgion of the jew are deemed 'terrorists'.......

    That is way the jew turds of the BnaiBrith do what they do. It is the existential manifestation of jew hatred for other peoples not born jew.

  6. Cop hatred has become hardcore,"common cause" in the alternative news agenda, so now it is actively at work in Ferguson/St.Louis racial propaganda incitement . Since MSM has been aggressively reporting police brutality as a major theme also, they all seem to be following the same Jewish , Marxist script . So since ALL cops are bad cops, anarchy and insurrection are justified -- but, only by Blacks!! "It is time for the American public to finally recognize the fact that both the "Black race hatred of Whites" and the "Law enforcement persecution of Black criminals" paradigms are Jewish constructs advancing the Jewish domestic enemies' political agenda of achieving a Marxist, American police state."

    Problem --Reaction-- Solution. If I had to live in an area where rioting mobs were attacking, looting, and burning I would want an organized, well equipped, police force to stop the mobs. Neither cops nor law-abiding, vulnerable inhabitants should have to be non-defensive, passive victims. If the State's cops are the "criminal force" against EVERYONE, then it is time for a full government change by the people, not one race power forcibly exerted over another. As has happened in S. Africa, where there are daily horrors inflicted based on race.

  7. FWIW. Everett, MA. I got jumped there in the early 1990‘s.
    One black, two wiggers, and one very vicious mulatto.
    Someone contacted me with a name, so they were identified.
    The Everett Police were so bad, I actually thought I had to bribe
    them with cash to work on my assault case where I was sent to
    the emergency room. While making a report to the investigating
    detective, I very politely asked if he could keep my home
    address on a separate sheet so the defense attorney wouldn’t
    have it to give to the defendants. He yelled “No!” and stormed
    out of the room. He came back ten minutes later and told me
    his boss told him to put my case in the dead file.

    A few years later, I had a temp job and my boss was a Palestinian.
    (Needless to say he DESPISED Jews.) His credit card was stolen
    in Everett and through carelessness the thief was identified.
    My boss complained to me that even with a full name, the
    Everett Police did nothing at all on the case.

    My point being, the Everett, MA police are garbage anyway. Screw’m!

  8. That which is politically incorrect to discuss, even if it is the truth.

    "Organized crime has ALWAYS been Jewish, not Italian or Sicilian. And "organization" has always been the Jews' biggest weapon."

    Jewish Oligarchs responsible for promoting Black criminals in America – The Case of Michael Brown

    "But, there is a huge error in Cohen’s quote. It was not just “whites” who were responsible for racial oppression against the Negroid races, it was mainly the Jews who looked white. Remember, Jews owned ALL the slave ships.

    It has now been proven through historical documentation that Jews have ruled the majority of civilization everywhere in the world since the late 17th century due their control and domination of the banking and financial institutions. Whoever controls the money also controls the country, and with that control comes the manipulation and indoctrination of society as they see fit for their own self-benefit. In the Jews’ own words, White Anglo-Saxon People (WASPS) are their most feared nemesis and the only way to defeat us was to switch the power and authority to the Black race hoping they would kill us all.

    Growing up during the “Civil Rights Movement” in America I’ve seen everything change between the Black and White races, not for the sake of equality, but on the pure basis of revenge against a false enemy and to instill reverse racism onto the white population. This was the Jews’ plan all along and has out-performed beautifully for them in many ways."

    1. I agree on the basic storyline, but it's a story that can be told more honestly and convincingly just by ditching 'ALL' and 'everywhere in the world' and replacing them with 'most' and 'throughout the West'.

      The easily falsified and ridiculed are too much tolerated in antisemitic and conspiracy circles. Jews and fellow-conspirators rely heavily on that fact.

  9. Please add a Facebook 'Recommend' or 'Like' function so these articles can be viewed by others on Facebook. Thanks

    1. Just click on the Share button at the end of the article and you can post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  10. The ADL was founded in 1913 by the B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant) masonic lodge.

    The "Fraternal Order of Police" was founded in 1915. Their logo features a five-pointed star, an all-seeing eye, and a masonic handshake...

  11. they don't control Iceland. thats why bobby fischer went there i bet


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