Tuesday, November 18, 2014

16% of French believe in global Zionist conspiracy

An article appearing in The Algemeiner, an online Jewish daily newspaper, highlighted and summarized two public opinion polls recently conducted in France. Apparently, 16% of those polled believed in a global Zionist conspiracy, and 25% believed that international Zionism is a major force operating in the Western world.

No less than 16 percent of France’s residents think that there is a “Zionist conspiracy on a global scale,” according to results of a survey released Sunday.

Additionally, one in four – 25 percent – also believe that “Zionism is an international organization that seeks to influence the world and society in favor of the Jews,” according to the study conducted on behalf of the Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol) on the persistence of anti-Semitic prejudice in French public opinion. [...]

Thirty-five percent of those surveyed believe ”Jews today, in their own interest, exploit their status as victims of Nazi genocide during World War II,” and 25 percent claim that “Jews have too much power in the field of economy and finance.”

Twenty-two percent said “Jews have too much power in the media,” and 19 percent believe “Jews have too much power in the field of politics.”
Of course, all of these positions are demonstrably accurate and easily verifiable. Zionism is absolutely a "conspiracy on a global scale" which "seeks to influence the world and society in favor of the Jews." Jews are constantly exploiting their status as alleged victims of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany during WWII, primarily by promoting and perpetuating their fake "Holocaust" story, which has served as a financial and sympathy racket for the organized Jewish community. Jews essentially own and control the mass media, a fact they themselves often admit and boast about, and they do indeed have tremendous power and influence in politics, both in France and the wider Western world. What the organized Jewish community wants, it gets, even (or perhaps especially) if it is against the national interests of the nation submitting to the will of the Jews.

While the results of these polls were quite interesting and encouraging, the reaction from the organized Jewish community was typical. The article reports:
In light of such results, the European Commission has decided, as of the beginning of 2015, to take legal steps against countries that do not enforce statutes against anti-Semitism, racism and Holocaust denial, Israel’s NRG News reported.

Frans Timmermans, the first Vice-President of the European Commission, told the Conference of European Rabbis, at a meeting between the two in Brussels last weekend, that the Commission “will initiate legal proceedings against EU member states that do not meet the resolution against anti-Semitism and racism,” according to the report.

“I ask you to provide us with all the information in your communities about systematic verbal incitement by EU member states,” Timmermans requested of the group. President of the Conference of European Rabbis, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, and Chief Rabbi of Belgium, Rabbi Abraham Gigi attended the session, among other Jewish community and legislative officials.

Timmermans added that he was unaware of any legislative initiatives against religious laws, including ritual slaughter and circumcision. “We will not tolerate such legislation that will limit the religious rights of citizens of Europe,” he clarified.

Public incitement to violence and hatred based on race, color, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin is prohibited, as well as crimes motivated by racial or anti-Semitic basis – including Holocaust denial. [...]
Legally speaking, Jews are a protected people in Europe. One cannot criticize the organized Jewish community or the policies it champions without fear of imprisonment. Questioning the official Jewish-promoted narrative of WWII and other aspects of both ancient and modern history also results in state repression and arrest. Jews have the right to engage in barbaric, backwards "religious practices," but no one can dare criticize them, however mildly, point out their crimes, or expose their agenda.

In America, legislation is not even required to maintain the protected status of the Jewish people. Political correctness, cultural Marxism, and a weaponized historical narrative are all that is needed to maintain and perpetuate the protected status enjoyed by Jews in the United States. 


  1. What are the leaders (i.e. anyone who is aware of the global criminal conspiracy) waiting for?
    16% is more than enough to throw out the current French-ZOG and their "useful-idiot goyim" (i.e. non-Jew-criminal-moron) supporters!
    Same goes for any and every nation that has 2% or more such leaders.
    Forget the remaining 84% - they are useless sheep and only follow the rest of the herd. So, time to herd them away from the wolves ("zionists", a.k.a. criminally-insane Jews).

    1. Many in France still maintain healthy instincts about the Zionist Occupation of our world- everyone today should see OCCULT FORCES 1943 You Tube. It was produced by Vichy Nationalist France during WW2,and unmasks the International Jews LEFT/RIGHT Matrix,of control.

  2. Love it ... Jews organize internationally to bully other nations into serving their interests in response to the idea they say is false that Jews organize internationally to bully other nations into serving their interests.

    Just like they demonstrated the falsehood of Rick Sanchez's claim about their power in the media by forcing CNN to fire him.

    For a people so self-obsessed they really have no self-awareness. I suppose it's a feature of their unchallenged power, they just don't have to give a toss how they appear to others.

    1. Has anyone seen the 'reports' coming out about the mythical 'Adam Lanza?'

      Besides the blueprints for total tyranny via psych system, they contain an attempt to somehow guilt whites into delivering up all their kids, especially males, into the psych system. They ask whether 'Nancy Lanza' somehow was allowed to subvert the psych system's 'recommendations' or somesuch because she was white.

      The lower and disappearing middle class has no way to defend itself from the psych system, as they have no power to bring a challenge against The State. But the upper middle class can. The white upper middle class is now the last frontier of White Genocide.

  3. Zionists kill their own as false flags to justify slaughtering goyim. Real or faked murder of Jews in a synagogue in an illegally "Occupied" area by two Palestinians will now give Israel's IDF the "right" to go on a genocidal revenge against probably Gaza. Oddly the two Arabs were conveniently killed after the attack, not before. All Jewish occupiers carry guns everywhere, ready to shoot Palestinians for sport. It is not believable that those persons in the synagogue were unarmed wimps. All Israelis are army trained and ready to kill at the least sign of a threat. I see that there are alt-news sites that are moaning sympathetically for Jews/Israel in its hour of "mourning." Exposure of Jew-run information specialists. Although murdering Israelis deserve retribution, it is Gaza where the horrible suffering is inflicted.

    1. Lest we forget the attack by Baruch Goldstein (American-born Israeli Jew) on a West Bank mosque, in which he machine gun murdered 29 Muslims and wounded over a hundred as they prayed inside their house of worship. His memorial in Israel was among the most popular for jews to pay tribute to for many years. Certainly we won't hear any reference to these horrific routine murders-by-jews on the jewsmedia.

  4. I'm Lovin' It. Let's call it 20%. Keep seeding the ground, keep seeding the ground. Go out with a nice No More Wars for Israel or a www.patriotsquestion911.com sign and talk to people. LOTS more open ears and people in the know than you might think.

  5. The other "conspiracy" which is more than probable is Israel's nuclear blackmail of nations to get what it wants and to control government policies. Japan was no joke! It wouldn't yield to Jew pressure and got zapped hard. Japan finally yielded to Israel to keep from being completely wiped out as a country. Satanic insanity just can't be more vile than what Israel is capable of. Its nuclear threats have been inserted into countries and are in subs along coastlines with long range missiles ready to be fired inland. A bully to be feared, if this is all true.

    1. Jesus said FEAR NOT....only truth fearing NUTLESS {castrated} wonders
      fear filthy degenerate perverts called "Jews"....

      So-called "Jews" cannot be "Murdered"...Justifiable Homicide is self defense.

      Language is the issue not feeling sorry for Jesus haters....


      Keep focused on the prime directive @ Matthew 13:39-42

      how can any rational individual invest sympathy for mass murderers ?



    2. Please go to NUKE LIES.ORG and do some reading, keeping an open mind.

      Nukes are a monumental hoax to terrify and subjugate all the world's populations.

      Best Regards

    3. Only fools would disregard the warnings of rattlesnakes as being non-threatening. Best to rely on more believable sources of information. Japan got destructively nuked twice by the US (now a third time by Israel), just as surely as a US Navy ship recently got electronically neutralized by a Russian fighter jet . It just doesn't work to claim "hoax" when factual evidence proves otherwise.

      Israel's nuclear deterrent method exposed. This information was discovered as part of my fukushima report

      May 7, 2013
      Nuclear Rogue
      "The real issue at hand now is that Israel has proven itself out in the open, under documented irrefutable conditions, that it considers nuclear aggression acceptable policy."

      "The following is quoted from PressTV:
      Striking evidence of the use of American EPW (Earth Penetrating Weapons) nuclear weapons in Syria has come to light. Experts say the proof is irrefutable."
      "After analysis, it had become clear, Syria had come under attack by Israel using, not just nuclear weapons, but an American nuclear bunker buster bomb, one of several supplied to Israel to use against Iran, one of the last acts of the Bush/Cheney administration."

      The Samson Option Still Threatens the World
      by Carol Moore, December 2009 version

      "Israel refuses to admit officially that it has nuclear weapons - a policy known as “nuclear ambiguity” or "nuclear opacity."[3] This despite government officials inferring repeatedly - and occasionally admitting - the fact. And despite Israeli nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu making public smuggled photographs of nuclear weapons and production equipment in the 1980s.[4] Israel now may have as many as 400 atomic and hydrogen nuclear weapons,[5][6] as well as the ability to launch them via long range missiles, submarines and aircraft.[7] It can use them in a second strike even if its military is devastated.

      Originally a strategy of last resort retaliation - even if it means Israel’s annihilation - it has developed into being a nuclear bullying strategy to further Israel’s territorial goals through threats and blackmail. Israel has bullied not only Arab and Muslim nations, but the United States and Russia with its Samson Option threats. Mordechai Vanunu has alleged that Israel uses for purposes of blackmail its ability to "bombard any city all over the world, and not only those in Europe but also those in the United States."[8]"

      "Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres has admitted that nuclear weapons are used by Israel for “compellent purposes” - i.e., forcing others to accept Israeli political demands.[28] In 1998 Peres was quoted as saying, "We have built a nuclear option, not in order to have a Hiroshima, but to have an Oslo," referring to imposing a settlement on the Palestinians.[29]"

    4. JEW invented Nuclear/Atomic Bombs are just another laughable LIE of the nasty Jew, used to fool gullible fear mongers.

    5. Agree, Greg. Nukes are fiction, and just another BIG LIE™.

  6. check the big 'all seeing eye pyramide" in the New Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem...Green and Imposing just as in the Dollar Bill...do not miss the 'detail' that the green all seeing eye pyramide in the building in Jerusalem is looking Down onto a White Christian Cross at it's Feet in a upside--down position, like defeated, surrendered...Jesus is coming...HE will judge the fake Jews of the sinagoge of Lucifer

  7. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2014
    WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME ! ! ! ... Jews for Justice for Germans

    "JFJFG was conceived by fellow Jew Henry Herskovitz, German-Irish American and wannabee Jew, Dan McGowan and me (Paul Eisen).
    Below is our program. So far, we’ve only got three Signatories, Henry, Dan and me (Paul Eisen) – but we’re hoping for more.
    If you want to sign, contact me at: pauleisen.blogspot@hotmail.co.uk"

    "We call on representatives of Jewish communities worldwide to begin discussions about the role of Jews in the suffering inflicted on Germans since 1945 and, if appropriate, to make arrangements for apology, reparation and compensation.”"


    P.S. Me thinks that Paul Eisen will find himself a lonely jew on this. It's telling that this common sense action --from a jew-- took so long.


  8. France (and most of the western world) are more "wise" per capita than USA in the matter of informed anti-Shlomoism. If we imagine for a moment that ADL's made-up "35 Million Americans..." number in this article is correct,
    ...that would mean a little under 10% of 'murkans are properly anti-Shlomoic.

    I'd heard that France has the highest... either % or raw number (?) of jooz, of Western Europe. Joowipedia says FR's population is 66.6 MM peeps.
    Joowipedia cites CIA World Fact Book in asserting that jooz are 1% of FR's population (vs ~2% of USA). So we can't attribute their greater joo-wisdom to greater per-capita exposure.

    1990-ish, I recall a story that FR was "jealous" of "American movies" (the rendition I heard omitted djoo-factor), and they'd enacted law limiting the % of movie screens which could show "American" vs FR (or presumably elsewhere?) movies. US joozmedia spun this as paranoid, protectionism, poked fun at the frogs, yada yada. Now I see the wisdom behind what FR was trying to do... or, avoid/protect!

    There was also a movement in FR opposing the Paris Disneyland, objecting to the "cultural imperialism" it represented:
    When you learn the history of joowrey's "inheriting" and subsequently "joodaizing" Walter Disney's creation; you have new respect for that FR intellectual minority's objection.


    Disney, Ford, Edison, Lindberg, Coughlin... all informed anti-Shlomoites! :D

  9. This information may be the basis for why the Jerusalem synagogue attack could have been orchestrated by Netanyahu's criminal government. One reason is to keep UN investigators from getting into Gaza and witnessing what Israel has done there. The second reason is to have a reason to forcibly remove Palestinians from the West Bank and into Gaza.

    Netanyahu tries to deport Arab-Jerusalemites to Gaza
    Friday, 07 November 2014 12:44
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to move Arab Jerusalemites to the Gaza Strip to reduce tensions in the occupied city, an Israeli newspaper has claimed.
    According to Yedioth Ahronoth, during an emergency meeting held by Netanyahu on Wednesday evening, there was a feeling that a "new and effective security operation" should be embarked upon, "something that changes the rules of the game at once, otherwise we will enter into an Intifada". They agreed that "what doesn't succeed using force, succeeds using greater force!"

    Hamas slams Israel for stopping UN probe team
    Israel News.Net Monday 17th November, 2014
    The Islamic Hamas movement Monday slammed Israel for not allowing the UN inquiry committee to reach Gaza to probe the results of the latest Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

    Shooting Attack in Occupied Jerusalem Synagogue Kills Five Israelis
    18-11-2014 - 08:53
    The shooting, which was executed by two Palestinians, occurred on Shimon Agassi St. on Tuesday morning. The two attackers were reportedly martyred at the scene by police, with a third possibly in the area.

    Israel detains 12 relatives of Jerusalem synagogue attackers
    Published yesterday (updated) 18/11/2014 19:02

    Israeli PM orders demolition of synagogue assailants' homes
    Israel News.Net Tuesday 18th November, 2014

    Netanyahu vows to 'win battle for Jerusalem' post synagogue attack
    Israel News.Net Wednesday 19th November, 2014
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to win "a battle for Jerusalem" following a deadly attack on a synagogue.

    Netanyahu warned that he will "settle the score" with every terrorist and added that all those who want to uproot the Israelis from their state and capital will not succeed, reported the BBC.

    Tuesday's attack, in which two Palestinians killed four rabbis in West Jerusalem before being shot dead, followed weeks of unrest stirred by tension over a disputed holy site.

    The attack was the "deadliest" in Jerusalem in six years. About 25 worshippers were present at the synagogue when the attack took place. Seven people were also seriously injured.

    Declaring that Israel is embroiled in a battle over its "eternal capital," Jerusalem, Netanyahu ordered the home of the attackers to be destroyed.

    He urged Israelis to stand together and to not take law into their hands even if "if spirits are riled and blood is boiling." (ANI)


  10. Obama is a Jew, America's congress and government is Jewish, America's judicial system and financial system (FR) is Jewish, America's science institutes are Jewish, America's entertainment/news/business institutions are Jewish. I hope Russia and China will shake out all Jewish influence (the central bank for instance, print your own money), the same for all the BRICK countries. North America and Western Europe are near death, strangled by the Jews, beyond repair and hope. The Sovjet era in reverse. My country (Holland) is totally naive with respect to Jewish dominance, no hope here. Anti Semitism is a fake accusation: no one can prove to be a descendent of Sem. Since Jews always have been fascists and nazis (they believe in their own "race related superiority"), they will always accuse others of being fascists/nazis, except themselves.

    1. Antisemitism is not a controversial term, it means, simply, to be against the Jews and their agendas. No-one using the term thinks of Shem, it is only within the conspindustry subculture that the confusion is introduced - to confuse and confound, obviously.


      Ethnocentrism - judging other cultures negatively according to the positively viewed standards of your own - is a human universal. German pride during the Third Reich needs no special explanation. It existed because the Germans then were free to be normal human beings. Where some people today reject the idea of pride in their heritage and loyalty to their ingroup, that does require some explanation – and since only White peoples seem to feel that ethnic fellow-feeling and pride is wrong, an obvious hypothesis for investigation is whether a non-White, anti-White rival has hijacked their cultures in service of its own ends.

      Ethnocentrism is not the same as National Socialism and Fascism.


      Fascism and National Socialism mean little besides ethnonationalism coupled with freedom from Jewbankers and other basic protections for working people. It's just normal life returned to us. I note on your site you use the term as a boogeyman - that isn't helping, buddy.

    2. If Obama is a Jew rather than a Jew-tool I've yet to see evidence of that or a reason why it matters.

  11. If 25% of the public in the western world suspect the International Jewish elite are involved in influencing political and current events around the world, than our gutless politicians must also be aware of this, but yet decide to say or do nothings. Not only that, but they support this Zionist controlled Wizard of Oz NWO ! Sad but true!

  12. Only 16%. I thought the numbers would be higher.

  13. You know who owns you when laws are passed prohibiting who you can't critisize.

  14. 16 is to low the number has to go higher_ 50% or more before any real change can occur.

  15. We have our own Jewish Tyranny Bill pending in our Jew-bought Con-gress. Already passed the House of Reprehensibles. CALL YOUR SENATE-WHORE NOW, please, before it's too late. Soon it will be illegal in America to tell the truth about the Jew, the spawn of Satan, the zionst, whatever you want to call it. Add colon to link.

    https //www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-resolution/707

  16. According to the ADL, Greece is the most "Anti-Semitic" country in Europe, with 69% of the population harboring such views:






    please visit: http://hellenicvigilance.blogspot.no/


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