Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Realist Report - Veronica Clark

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Veronica Clark. Veronica and I will be discussing her book Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Albion & Zion United, which details the Jewish infiltration and subversion of the British aristocracy and high society, banking establishment, and politics. You can download the entire program here.


  1. John,

    On a related note, for those who claim Hitler was financed by London City Jewzis:

    The info about Schroder is in the book “Allen Dulles” by author James Srodes. On p.163 in Srodes’ book he discusses the Jewish-owned bank J. H. Stein (located in Cologne, not Berlin). The Nazis **commandeered** J.H. Stein when General Kurt von Schroeder (an ethnic German) retired from the military (after 1933 when the Nazis were in control). Furthermore according to Srodes, there is no proof that Sullivan and Cromwell, the Dulles brothers, or the London Schroder Bank (not to be confused with the Schroeder Bank in Germany which was UNRELATED) had any dealings with von Schroeder. This was a LIE put out by the USSR to discredit the Nazis. (And the Nazis put out their own disinfo about the USSR for the same reason.)

    So to reiterate, Schroder Bank in London (founded in 1804) had NOTHING to do with Schroeder Bank in Germany. Schroeder Bank was not even a subsidiary of Schroder Bank. It is a case of similar surnames, nothing more.

  2. Just about an hour ago a press conference was held here in Salt Lake City at Primary Children's Hospital over concerns about a possible second Ebola patient here in the U.S. For those of you who are already aware of how false-flags take place, I won't go into the details. However this appears to be escalating rapidly and we need to be very concerned! This will be the false-flag that gets them their Martial Law!

    As I type there are now suspected cases also in Hawaii and Kentucky. You see where this is going. Two months from now mandatory vaccine center's and immediate round-up for those who refuse. All of these supposed cases(we don't even know how real this virus is) have to be sent to the CDC for testing and confirmation. We know who heads the CDC:

    Pandemic! Pandemic! Pandemic! Fear! Fear! Fear! The CDC is coming to the rescue folks! Here:

    Then there is this:

    Once Martial Law is enforced things will rapidly disintegrate! Ebola will be the pretext to round up all sorts of 'dissidents' and 'extremists.' Our own Red Terror will be upon us!

    Orders have been given to hospitals and health care workers across the U.S. to look for symptoms such as fever, coughing, headaches, and vomiting. Wow! Seems pretty basic to me. We know what is really going on and it is time to elevate our concern. We need to elevate our own 'terror threat level' because this looks like it is going to get pretty serious very soon- especially after the upcoming phony elections! The End Game is near!

  3. Jews were only expelled from territory ruled by the English Crown, not the whole of the British Isles. C Giuliani claims that Jewish influence remained in England, though I can't recall how he showed this to be the case.

    Regarding Cromwell brought the Jews back: Are you absolutely certain - have you researched this? I accepted this, as almost every alternative radio host states this. You are probably familiar with Michael Hoffman, staunch catholic anti-NSDAP etc, so perhaps you won't accept what he has to say on this.

    "In today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, p. D5, the president of Oxford University’s Corpus Christi College, Richard Carwardine, states the following malicious nonsense:

    “...the Jews were grievously driven out of England by King Edward I’s Edict of Expulsion in 1290, not to be readmitted until the rule of Oliver Cromwell, over 350 years later...”

    Why would an eminent Establishment figure like Richard Carwardine support a Right Wing myth?

    Why would the former Chief Rabbi of England, Jonathan Sacks, and many dozens of other members of the Establishment elite, also endorse this myth?

    Fact: In December, 1656 the Puritan Parliament obstructed Cromwell’s scheme for readmission. Judaics such as Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel and his party subsequently left England, broken-hearted.

    Why does the Cryptocracy have a vested interest in concealing the truth that only after Cromwell had died and the Puritan Republic had been dissolved, that it was King Charles II, during the “Restoration" who readmitted the Judaics to England?

    For some answers to this mystery, cf. Revisionist History no 74, “Right Wing Myths with an Endless Shelf Life.”

    Can anyone prove him wrong?

  4. This is a pre-fall of Soviet Russia and the Berlin Wall document, but it's good for gaining an understanding of the British Israel movement and it's American offshoot Christian Identity. It's also good for understanding the machinations of subversion among gentiles and Jews, alike.

  5. By Raven Gatto
    A reader asks: will you please elaborate on the idea of European vs Semitic spirituality?
    I reply: There are many characteristic differences. The Semitic mind cannot understand the eschaton as anything else but the destruction of the world/ end of history as utopia - either the New Jerusalem or the Worker's Paradise or Dar-al-Islam.
    It also can't understand that anything outside of it could exist or be true or have rights worth respecting.
    No Hellene would imagine trying to impose his understanding of divine things on Hindus, for example. Quite the reverse. Many major figures in antiquity, including Apollonius, Plotinus and many Stoics, actively sought out Chaldeans and Indians (whom they called gymnosophists) to learn from, to help perfect their own religion. They neither sought to convert others or to themselves convert, because they understood religion as a common pursuit of mankind and every local tradition as being like a language.
    Semitism reverses this. It sets out to destroy all other systems. Burn their groves, smash their altars, "all the gods of the gentiles are devils" etc.
    Islam and Communism are perfect examples of Semitic spirituality. Both seek and end to history - rather than seek union with god - and to destroy all competing systems, whether religious or philosophical - in pursuit of a posited "end of history" - an immanetized eschaton.
    In addition to the above, the Semitic mind and its products are unusually obsessed with hatred and vengeance. Another hallmark of Semitic spirituality is an OCD like obsession with rules that have no moral meaning. To be fair, this might be an evolved means of increasing group identification. Mormons use the caffeine ban to dissuade freeloaders and to cause the in-group to be more committed on account of a sacrifice that out-group members do not have to make.
    European religion understands that there is a transcendent and an immanent aspect to god, both of which are denied by Semitic counter-religion.
    Also, the "assimilation to god as far as is possible", as Plato puts it, is the goal of European (and Indian) religion and, indeed Buddhism, even though they wouldn't appreciate the god-talk. Orthodoxy (wisely) follows the Hellenic pagan tradition and not Moses or Jesus, by talk of 'theosis' in place of atonement. To do so, they must deny what Paul states about the function of Jesus death, and must deny what both Jesus and Paul say about limited atonement. It is always this way: to the extent that a Christian is a good or wise person is the same extent that they ignore or deny Moses-Jesus-Paul and follow their native wisdom.
    All this in contrast to "obey the rules" model as appears in Judaism-Protestantism-Islam.
    Christianity has to dip into neoplatonic wisdom, just to make it acceptable to worship Jesus.They do this by allowing Jesus is "begotten not made".
    What they also do by this is silence the neoplatonic understanding that *everything* is begotten, thus desacralizing the world.
    Judaism, cruddy and materialistic as it is, understands nothing of this. They don't even understand that the soul survives death. They never had a sacral understanding of the world at all.


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