Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Realist Report Fall 2014 Fundraiser

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell
Back in March, I conducted the first ever fundraiser for The Realist Report. When I announced the fundraiser, I wrote:
I have always been reluctant and, quite frankly, uncomfortable requesting donations for my radio programs, blogging and other forms of activism. When I have brought the topic up, I've always encouraged those of you who appreciate, enjoy and support the work I do here to consider making a financial contribution if you are able to. Rather than regularly requesting donations and financial assistance for the work I am engaged in, I have decided to conduct a month long fundraiser twice per year: one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Think of it not only as a Spring fundraiser, but also a "Listener Appreciation" month.
Well, it's time to kick off the Fall 2014 fundraiser for The Realist Report! I truly believe that what we are doing here - both on this website and on the radio program - is vitally important. We are covering a wide variety of extremely important topics, doing our best to set the record straight on many complex and controversial aspects of history, politics, the media, race and other topics in a professional, honest fashion. The Realist Report radio program features some of the best, brightest and hardest-hitting guests in the independent media, offering unique, one-of-a-kind insight and analysis into an array of issues, including but certainly not limited to:
  • media manipulation, deception, programming and social conditioning;
  • psychological and information warfare;
  • the systematic Jewish assault, subversion and distortion of traditional Western civilization and control of Western governments;
  • all aspects of 9/11, particularly the central role international Jewry and the Jewish media played in planning, orchestrating, executing and benefitting from the day's events and its aftermath;
  • the fraudulent, destructive, and tyrannical nature of both the "Global War on Terror" and "Homeland Security" paradigms of American foreign and domestic policy institutionalized following 9/11, which were concocted by Jewish intellectuals, military strategists and public policy advisers; 
  • the real story of WWI and WWII, Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany;
  • exposing the entirely fabricated Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, which is constantly reinforced and perpetuated by the Jewish controlled mass media, Hollywood and educational and political establishment;
  • the extremely hostile, anti-White historical and cultural narrative promoted by the Jewish establishment controlling the West, resulting in an anti-White attitude in mainstream Western societies, fostered by the Jewish manipulation and distortion of our history and culture;
  • racial realism and the fact that White people have rights and interests that are not being championed - or even openly discussed and formulated - by any organized mainstream political party or entity;
  • exposing the fraudulence and Jewish subversion of organized "Churchianity" and the ridiculousness of Christian Zionism.
We have also organized and participated in debates, including most recently the debate between Pastor Eli James and Joseph Atwill, which received quite a bit of attention. 

If you have never listened to The Realist Report radio program, I'd encourage you to do so. Right now, we are broadcasting live on Tuesday mornings beginning at 8am Pacific time on Outside Radio. Occasionally, I will schedule a special edition of The Realist Report and host it on TalkShoe, which is what I did yesterday when I interviewed independent historian and author Veronica Clark. You can find all past editions of The Realist Report on our TalkShoe page. We have covered an extremely wide variety of topics, and have featured many of the top personalities in the independent media. We will continue to do so.

The two primary reasons I even ask for donations in the first place are:
  1. The time, risks and work put into doing this type of research, blogging, radio programming and other activism;
  2. The fact that we have the ability now - thanks almost exclusively to the Internet - to compete with the mainstream corporate (Jewish owned and controlled, of course) mass media and "entertainment" establishment.
And that's exactly what we're doing - we are competing with the mainstream mass media. If we are to ever make any real progress in this struggle, it is essential to expose and discredit the mass media and "entertainment complex" for what it truly is: a weapon of mass deception, social control and conditioning, and psychological and emotional exploitation. More and more people are turning to independent media outlets and platforms, such as The Realist Report, for information and perspectives that will never appear in the controlled mainstream mass media. 

Of course, there are very real risks associated with telling the truth and engaging in this type of work, as many of my long time readers and listeners understand by now. It's difficult to tell the truth, especially when you are openly using your real name, given the nature of the world we live in - always has been. And I hope those of you reading this recognize that fact.

However, we do have the ability to fight back and expose the lies and tactics of our enemies. That's what I am attempting to do here on this website and on The Realist Report radio program. And I think we are making some serious progress.

If you truly appreciate and support what I am doing here, please consider making a financial contribution of any amount this month to show that appreciation and support. Of course, you can make a simple, easy donation using a credit card, debit card or other electronic payment using Paypal. There is a "Donate" button on the upper right hand side of this website that will take you directly to my Paypal account simply by clicking on it. If you are uncomfortable using Paypal, which I totally understand, please feel free to email me directly and we can work something out. If you'd like to set up a monthly contribution plan via Paypal, that is also an option (scroll down to the very bottom of this website for subscription options).

I want to thank all of you who have supported me in the past from the bottom of my heart. It is extremely heartening and empowering knowing that there are kind, compassionate, generous souls out there who truly appreciate and support what I'm doing here. Those of you who do appreciate and support what I do here please consider showing your appreciation and support by making a financial contribution. Let's make the Fall 2014 fundraiser a success!


  1. Interesting tidbit. Wonder what Deanna makes of this.

    1. Controlled 'it's the Zionists' opposition.

      no it's Judaism, the Rabbis must go with extreme prejudice.



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