Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Realist Report - American Front

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Diane Stevens, Director of the American Front. Diane and I will be discussing the history of the American Front, her experience with the organization, and the tyrannical, unconstitutional persecution of American Front leader Mark Faella. You can download the entire program here.

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  1. Wherever this topic fits. It has been closeted for far too long.
    This subject needs open disclosure. It is much more important than arguing Hitler. These criminals of many wars include American leaders, Exposing those STILL living and in power, under the control of Israel and Jews:
    Prisoners of War Betrayed
    1919 US soldiers were sent to fight with White Russians against the Bolsheviks. 60 were captured and were left behind when the US military expedition failed. US declared them dead.
    Thousands of US soldiers and Americans were in Communist Russian gulags during and after WW2. And left there to die.
    Allies and Russia genocided thousands
    Korean War
    Viet Nam

  2. This interview is an excellent example of what not to do if you want to fight Jewish perfidy. And unfortunately, this isn't the first time that we have seen the same ole mistakes, in fact, it seems that white people have a death wish or have lost the ability to think rationally as these mistakes are the norm.

    Of course, these people in the American Front did nothing wrong, but if they don't know that they have a target on their backs just for standing up to the anti-white Jewish agenda, they aren't living in reality. Surely, they were aware, like we all are, that Randy Weaver did nothing wrong (besides not showing up for court, not a good move, but not worthy of attempted murder), and the Branch Davidians did nothing wrong as well, along with countless others. When are racially aware whites going to grow up and understand that this isn't a pissing contest?

    If, once again, as demonstrated by this case, those of us that are aware, can't see that we are in occupied territory where justice and "rights" for us count for nothing in the system, the war is already lost. These are not the times for activism. Doing such things as making pamphlets about racial issues and focusing on never associating with non-whites is just plain foolishness. These actions, as we can see, will only make you a social pariah and an easy target for a Jew run establishment with all of the means to put an end to your existence right quick.

    The best way to fight the Jewish agenda is to return to our roots of moral living, hard work and self-reliance. Move out of Jew ruined areas like Florida (even the woman in the interview admits that in the area that they were in they would never get fair treatment), get out of debt, farm, learn a trade, home school your kids, network together in true, white community. It is completely unnecessary to proclaim that you don't race mix or don't care for the Jews. Doing so would be the same as standing up and proclaiming that you are an unrepentant capitalist during the Bolshevik reign of terror; it will be off to the gulags for you. As your community begins to grow and thrive, there will be those that you come into contact with that want to be a part, and demonstrate that they are like minded through action. It is at this time that they can be propagandized, on a personal level, about your political and social views.

    1. I agree with much of what you say, but it is important to get the word out. More and more people know that the system is not going to work or get better. Many have a dot or two and helping them see the Jew connection is vital work.

      The Germans overthrew the Jews in short order. Unfortunately, they lost the war. Fortunately, people all over the world are getting Jew-wise at the same time. Yes, take care of yourself, but do something to get the word out while being smart about it.

  3. Are you off Outside radio too? if so what are your plans?

  4. OT:
    Don't miss this 13 minute RT "Truth Seekers" segment, busting BBC & CNN for fake/staged "world news" stories:

    One sham they busted was BBC's Aug 2013 staged story/video (4m 20s): "Syria crisis: Incendiary bomb victims 'like the walking dead' "

    I wrote a timeline commentary on that ^ ham-handed BBC fraud last year,

    Hollywoodization of Terror, News, Media Fakery, Hoaxes

    That RT Truth Seekers segment claims that CNN & MSNBC's viewership has dropped by HALF in the past YEAR ALONE... however I could not corroborate that anywhere with a Startpage search,

    1. yeah, Ian Pannell of the BBC is a prominent perp. All of his "stories" are just that. Fakery. Who's paying him, in addition to the BBC?

  5. Cultural heritage organizations, clubs, and events are ways to bring together persons of like attributes. Like mindedness can be discerned through friendly personal contact. In my community for example there are Sons of Norway/dinners, Russian/Ukrainian festivals, Scandinavian descent/festivals, Asian festivals, Hispanic events. Having a particular political perspective that is not in accord with the government's agenda is now against its law, not the Constitution's. Cultural heritage seems to still be okay, for now. I am BTW, Norsk/Germanic/Anglo by heritage. Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah!

  6. I rather enjoyed this podcast, not necessarily for the content - but because I always find it refreshing to hear a White female voice that is awake and which supports our cause.

    However, I will also say that it is often very tiring to hear one pro-White activist after another coming onto pro-White web radio shows and telling their individual stories about their mistreatment by ZOG and by the White race traitorous elites who are allied with ZOG. I have detected a strain of almost child-like innocence and naivete that runs very deeply within many of these well intentioned pro-White activists where by they will express their shock and bewilderment over having been denied their rights and subjected to unfair abuse by the Cultural Marxist system that the jews have managed to put into place.

    Such individuals should come to grips with reality. Our enemies intend to genocide our race into a state of extinction on this Earth. They are obsessed with this objective and they are determined to succeed in this goal. And, they are not a chivalrous enemy. They are willing to lie, cheat, stab us in the back, kick us in our private parts, plant incriminating evidence on us in order to help them frame us, and they are even willing to murder our leaders if they cannot find any other way to silence them.

    We have to get over these sentimental Aryan notions of 'fair play' and 'sportsmanship'. We are either going to have to learn how to be meaner and more ruthless and more determined than our enemies are, or we are going to lose this battle.

  7. I agree with what you said. I wouldnt say I am necessarily naive but I expected the jury to at least look at the facts of this case and not judge a man soley on his personal beliefs. Thabk you for your comments.... and i wish there were more White women out there that shared our beliefs.


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