Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rabbis urge ICE not to deport illegal aliens

According to a report published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, a number of rabbis in America are currently lobbying Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to either cancel or delay deporting criminals who have illegally migrated to the United States because doing so would be "an injustice" that infringes upon the "human rights" of the illegal invaders. I wonder what these rabbis have to say about Israeli immigration policy, where illegal immigrants are arrested, interned in concentration camps, and deported en mass?

Reform rabbis are contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in an attempt to delay the deportation of undocumented workers.

Rabbis Organizing Rabbis partnered with immigration advocacy organizations to ask the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, to exercise discretion when deciding whether or not to deport anyone, according to a statement issued Wednesday by the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center.

While “deportation is an important part of border enforcement, we have learned that too many innocent people are caught in the system,” said Rabbi Peter Berg of Atlanta. “The good news is that ICE legally has the right to use discretion about whom to deport and actually will exercise that discretion – if they hear from enough people.”

Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, more than 60 Reform rabbis called or wrote on behalf of Luis Lopez-Acabal, who is facing deportation back to Guatemala following his involvement in a traffic accident.

Rabbi John Linder of Temple Solel in Paradise Valley, Ariz., met Lopez at the church where he has taken sanctuary. If deported, Lopez would have to leave behind his wife, a legal resident of the United States, and two young children including one with autism.

“We are called as a faith community to stand against injustice,” Linder said, according to the Religious Action Center release. “The family is a sacred institution that is being violated by tragic separation throughout the country, while desperately needed immigration reform is stalled on Capitol Hill. These families should not continue to be victims due to a lack of political resolve.”
Regardless of one's views on immigration, both legal and illegal, it cannot be denied that the organized Jewish community has used minorities in their overall endeavor to undermine and ultimately destroy traditionally White European and European-derived nations, including the United States. The Jews are the leading proponents of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" in the West - and only in the West - which are merely codewords of White displacement. Massive Third World immigration (again, both legal and illegal) is one such strategy spearheaded and championed by the Jews in their assault on Western civilization.

Part of that strategy is playing on the good-heartedness and altruism of White people, which we see in the news report above. "Immigration reform" and the push for amnesty are posited in moralistic terms. According to this line of thinking, it is wrong, even evil, to deport illegal aliens and to close our borders to Third World aliens. Granting amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens (and their families) who have violated American immigration policy is the good and moral thing to do. It is simply dumbfounding this type of nonsense is still convincing to people. 


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  3. That is because THEY are illegal aliens.

  4. The protocols include this method I believe amongst other methods to destroy us

  5. Funny how Israel / Jews are against immigration to Israel but push for immigration to all other counties. Destroying other countries heritage and identities while preserving their "Jew only" identity in the "Jewish" state of Israel..

    1. SPOT ON!
      Funny how Israel / Jews are against immigration to Israel but push for immigration to all other counties. Destroying other countries heritage and identities while preserving their "Jew only" identity in the "Jewish" state of Israel..

  6. Saul Alinsky would be so proud.

  7. Why doesn't the invader's family just return with him to Guatemala? Or hitch a ride on the free shuttles for jews between Israel and the US?

    This is an excellent article for exposing the jewish hand behind this displacement of Whites by jews. Keep up the great work, John.

  8. I don't think the Rabbis have anything to worry about...Obama's minions don't deport illegals! They give them "benefits" and wait for their votes...

  9. they need cheap labour and would not think of hiring Americans at fair wages
    there's hell to pay if Americans can't deport the third world that is bringing third world diseases to USA

  10. Other congregations are doing this to. As a buddy of mine jokes, the attitude is, Our church accepts all denominations but we prefer ten$ and twentie$. It's about filling up the shrinking pews more than about faith,etc. That's the problem in todays U.S. you've got too many people in all kinds of situations, who are misrepresenting themselves. Wer'e going to pay for it, big time!!

  11. "playing on the good-heartedness and altruism of White people"
    Isn't this the problem:
    Good-heartedness = Gullible
    Altruism = Willfully Ignorant

  12. It's even worse than you think. In my rural area, still a nice place to live, the Jews are importing all kinds of truants and losers and housing them in vacant apartments and hotels. It's like, "Here, punk we'll give you a choice . Do six months in the joint for selling crank or go to (my town) and live free of charge and take some rehad classes."

    For the rest of the week these slimeballs have nothing to do, so they roam the streets, shoplift, cause all manner of nuisance and no one can find them because there are no records of where they're being housed.

    Gotta hand it to the Jews, though. They sure are good at destroying anything decent that the Goyim manage to build.

  13. could it be the Rabbis are laying cover for the super rich temple members Who are employing a large number of these undocumented workers---they do come here to Work??

  14. It's true and sickening -- he is a Jewster!
    [Po' Black Boy bound Graphic is pure Marxist propaganda]
    October 15, 2014 at 10:31 (Activism, Civil Rights, Corrupt Politics, Racism)
    By Josh Nathan-Kazis

    Outside the Ferguson police station, under a steady rain, the rabbis were asking the cops to repent.
    “We repent for the sins of our community, not only for the things we personally did,” Rabbi Jill Jacobs told one officer. “I asked him if he would join me in repenting, and he didn’t really respond.”


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