Sunday, October 19, 2014

Harmless "Miss Hitler" beauty pageant shut down

A popular Russian social media website has shut down a harmless beauty pageant organized by admirers of Adolf Hitler, the greatest, most righteous leader and statesman in modern Western history. The Times of Israel reports:

A page on a popular Russian social media network devoted to Adolf Hitler was suspended Sunday after holding a beauty pageant dubbed “Miss Hitler.

The competition, hosted by the Adolf Hitler page on VKontakte and officially titled “Miss Ostland 2014,” drew 24 contestants.

The page, which had over 7,500 followers, encouraged women to enter the competition by posting sexy Nazi-themed selfies together with an entry explaining why they “love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler.”

VKontakte wrote that the page was “suspended due to calls to violent actions.”

The social network site is home to other neo-Nazi pages, according to website Vocative.

The contest had been named in tribute to the 1941 Nazi occupation of the Baltic states, in which over a million Jews were murdered.

The contestant with the most “likes” from group members was promised a piece of jewelry from a company called “Magic Workshop,” featuring the Nordic runes loved by Hitler, the page said.

Leading the competition with 76 likes had been Elena Bernatskaya from Ukraine, who said in her caption “Do not forget! Adolf his name, He is our eternal race, he has been given eternal life.”

The other entrants also echoed the anti-Semitic sentiments in their captions.

Russian Ekaterina Matveeva said she believed that “Adolf Hitler’s position is genius and true, that races are different not only in appearance, but also in intelligence,” while Ukrainian Alina Voroninalf said she was dedicated to Holocaust revisionism.
The organized Jewish community and their leftist, "anti-racist" Marxist allies were in an uproar upon learning of the beauty pageant, and the fact that social media outlets were and are being used by "hateful, anti-Semitic bigots" to network, communicate, share information, and organize events like this.

In my view, this article once again underscores the necessity of exposing and debunking all of the lies associated with Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany, the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, and WWII generally. The entire post-WWII Western social and cultural order - political correctness, "anti-racism", tolerance, diversity, multiculturalism, etc. - is based on the lies and slanders about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. The protected status international Jewry enjoys today, one in which they are not allowed to be criticized and their power and influence is not even allowed to be openly and frankly discussed, is a direct result of the lies about Adolf Hitler and WWII. The Jews have created an enormous financial and sympathy racket based on their fake "Holocaust" story, in addition to being able to psychologically and emotionally exploit the masses with "Holocaust" propaganda.

All of these issues must be confronted and addressed in order to defeat the insidious Jewish agenda of world domination and subjugation commonly referred to as the "New World Order".


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  2. Because the truth you have explicitly exposed about all the Hitler/Nazi lies is so valid, there is no longer any excuse for other allegedly "informed" bloggers to continue in their presentation of the false history propaganda that has maligned Germany/Hitler/National Socialism ever since even before WW2. Anyone not willing to confront lies with the truth should be assumed to be aligned with the Jewish deceivers. Why should anyone espousing what they claim is truth NOT want to reveal the truth? Because deception helps maintain the Jewish status quo of power, control, filthy lucre, sexual depravity, and pedo-sacrifice.

  3. John,

    You are spot-on in your historical assessments, as well as ideologically correct. And, most important of all, you are articulate, balanced and right-on in your presentation of this vital knowledge.


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  5. Somewhat off subject, but is all the hub-bub about Hitler that bloggers keep alive a fog of distraction meant to obliterate the reality of the worst war crimes, genocidal monsters that initiated and participated in WW2? Not only do so many bloggers not report on facts about Hitler, actually refusing to acknowledge them, they also will not discuss the revealed, historical evidence condemning the UK, the US, Communist Russia, and never the World Jews for their massive war crimes ,genocide, and the murders resulting from the fraudulent Nuremberg Trials. The intimate agreements made between the US, the UK, and Communist slaughtering-of-millions Stalin are kept unreported. Of course, you know all this. Those bloggers who only report Jewish sanctioned history show their true selves as being intentional agents of deception. The USA has had so many rotten-to-the-core Presidents subservient to subversive Jews and criminal Israel. America could actually benefit from having a President and political party such as Germany had with Hitler. Hitler rebuilt and revived a ruined Germany while every US President (under Jewish control) has gradually been destroying the US . I doubt that any deceptive blogger would dare compare what Hitler accomplished in Germany to what America's leadership has destroyed in the USA.

  6. evil will destroy itself. The more draconian, desperate, and paranoid their reactions become, the more people will wake up to the truth about the horror this tribe has inflicted/is inflicting on the world. Ultimately, the only ones that will survive are those that take distance from, and expose the truth about their fellow tribesmen. Not hate speech, just the simple truth. TRUTH cannot be hate speech.


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