Sunday, October 26, 2014

French "hate speech" lawsuit leading to worldwide online censorship

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published an article describing how large Internet-based social media companies, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, are dealing with online "hate speech," particularly in the aftermath of a judicial ruling roughly one year ago in France that required Twitter to remove "anti-Semitic" content. The article notes:

A little over a year after a French court forced Twitter to remove some anti-Semitic content, experts say the ruling has had a ripple effect, leading other Internet companies to act more aggressively against hate speech in an effort to avoid lawsuits.

The 2013 ruling by the Paris Court of Appeals settled a lawsuit brought the year before by the Union of Jewish Students of France over the hashtag #UnBonJuif, which means “a good Jew” and which was used to index thousands of anti-Semitic comments that violated France’s law against hate speech.

Since then, YouTube has permanently banned videos posted by Dieudonne, a French comedian with 10 convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews. And in February, Facebook removed the page of French Holocaust denier Alain Soral for “repeatedly posting things that don’t comply with the Facebook terms,” according to the company. Soral’s page had drawn many complaints in previous years but was only taken down this year.

“Big companies don’t want to be sued,” said Konstantinos Komaitis, a former academic and current policy adviser at the Internet Society, an international organization that encourages governments to ensure access and sustainable use of the Internet. “So after the ruling in France, we are seeing an inclination by Internet service providers like Google, YouTube, Facebook to try and adjust their terms of service — their own internal jurisprudence — to make sure they comply with national laws.”

The change comes amid a string of heavy sentences handed down by European courts against individuals who used online platforms to incite to racism or violence.

On Monday, a British court sentenced one such offender to four weeks in jail for tweeting “Hitler was right” to a Jewish lawmaker. Last week, a court in Geneva sentenced a man to five months in jail for posting texts that deny the Holocaust. And in April, a French court sentenced two men to five months in jail for posting an anti-Semitic video.

“The stiffer sentences owe partly to a realization by judges of the dangers posed by online hatred, also in light of cyber-jihadism and how it affected people like Mohammed Merah,” said Christophe Goossens, the legal adviser of the Belgian League against Anti-Semitism, referring to the killer of four Jews at a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012.

In the Twitter case, the company argued that as an American firm it was protected by the First Amendment. But the court rejected the argument and forced Twitter to remove some of the comments and identify some of the authors. It also required the company to set up a system for flagging and ultimately removing comments that violate hate speech laws. [...]
Ultimately, the organized international Jewish community and their puppets controlling the political, financial, and media establishment of the Western world want to outlaw any criticism or exposure of their agenda, activities, and criminality under the auspices of "hate speech." The greatest tool for mass communication and free, independent thought - the Internet - is under a well-organized and financed attack led primarily by international Jewry.


  1. Really? "Neither Jewish ethics nor Jewish tradition can disqualify terrorism as a means of combat. We are very far from having any moral qualms as far as our national war goes. We have before us the command of the Torah, whose morality surpasses that of any other body of laws in the world: "Ye shall blot them [Palestinians]out to the last man." But first and foremost, terrorism is for us a part of the political battle being conducted under the present circumstances, and it has a great part to play:"
    Yitzhak Shamir Israeli Prime Minister, arguing for the legitimacy of Israeli actions.

  2. Hating Jesus is what makes a "Jew" so "Jewish"...!

    that and adhering to the HATE SPEECH manual that is the Talmud.

    Talmudic Judaism is the cesspit {source} of Hatred...of all that is Holy
    & True....

    FEAR NOT...all the "Purposes of Demonstration" must come to pass...
    just remember that Jesus said when it is time to
    harvest the tares...his messengers will go and round up the
    CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL...[JEWS] and his messengers will
    "PUT THEM IN THE OVENS"....Matthew 13:39-42.

    is that good news or what ?

    QUESTION : are the European Nations really the true Israelites ?,7340,L-4583389,00.html



    1. Davy, today's typical Jewish characteristics were observed and recorded by many writers BCE, and the nastiness of the Talmud is quite matched by the contents of the Torah. Jewishness has nothing to do with your Jesus, and there's no substantial difference between the Jewish nature as revealed by the Talmud, and that by the Torah. There is, undoubtedly, plenty of Jewishness in your Jesus, though.

      "Are the European Nations really the true Israelites?" No. Obviously.

  3. Hey, I love the Jews. I mean really, their great contributions to humanity like making usury a standard practice. I am thrilled that my $100k mortgage will end up costing me almost $200,000 by the time I pay it off.

  4. "Ultimately, the organized international Jewish community and their puppets controlling the political, financial, and media establishment of the Western world want to outlaw any criticism or exposure of their agenda, activities, and criminality under the auspices of "hate speech."

    The Judicial system in France is corrupt and yes, tribal members are always in place on the bench ruling over these proceedings. Of course, its a rigged game- "Hate Crimes" are the criminalization of free speech.

  5. easy to enforce since twitter, FB, google, youtube and most of he internet was infiltraited by jews and is now owned and controlled by them

  6. In the USA, the guarantee of "freedom of speech" does not apply to a private institution, private corporation or people on private property. Twitter, Facebook, Google etc.. are private entities and can ban any speech they want, as can anyone ban speech on their private property. The US Constitution's guarantee of "freedom of speech" only applies to City, County, State and Federal entities along with speech in public areas.

  7. "Extremists to have Facebook and Twitter vetted by anti-terror police"

    We all know who/what "extremists" & "democracy" are codespeak for, among, right?

    And "sympathy for ISIS", aka "It's Still Israel, Stupid!"; where to even begin on that noise. "Newspeak", "Crimethink", yada yada

  8. That's the "western democracy" the judeo-masonic cabal is forcing upon the world. And besides how is one supposed to know what is this "antisemitism" mumbo-jumbo is? What is "semitism" that the " antisemitism" is opposite to? The root of evil.

  9. White… How Long?

    The two world wars were planned by the Jewish bankers and the industrialists to destroy Germany’s competition and annihilate as many white people as possible. But the most important hidden agenda was to bring the Jews world rule. What the Jews were planning for themselves, they accused Hitler of, and they had to make him into a monster. (When they do harm, they typically turn things around and accuse others of the evil they commit. The ‘scape goat’ (an innocent man murdered to atone for their sins) is a Jewish custom!) Hitler was freely respected and admired by many people in Europe because of his love for his own people. He was the father of the German nation but he cared about Europe. To hide the sinister plan by the Jew Roosevelt, Stalin, and Jew Churchill to murder the peaceful Germans, they had to re-invent the Germans and Adolf Hitler as monsters giving the Allies license, in their evil eyes, to murder the greatest German intelligentsia and 12 Million Germans after the war. To hide their crimes, they had to find a distraction and that was the Jewish Holocaust invention. Hitler said, that if the Jews win, civilization will reverse into darkness. Or is it glorious now? If Hitler had won, the Jews would be sitting on an island without any technology, and Europe would be mostly white and have preserved its culture. The U.S. would have followed suit. But the Jews have won and now every day our white European culture is slipping away.


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