Thursday, October 30, 2014

Delusional Christian Zionists proclaim blind love for Jews, Israel

An article recently appearing in The Jerusalem Post described the heretical and completely absurd Christian Zionist movement as gaining strength and momentum as a result of alleged rising "anti-Semitism" and "threats to Israel." Millions of mostly White Americans fanatically support and even worship the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel, despite the fact that the Jews killed Jesus Christ and are actively seeking to destroy traditional Western Christian civilization. The Christian Zionist phenomenon is yet another example of the completely Orwellian, entirely backwards world we live in, thanks largely to the organized Jewish community and their distortion and perversion of Western culture, traditions, politics, and history.

According to the Post:

While anti-Semitism in Europe and anti-Zionism on US college campuses are on the upswing, how is American Christian support for Israel trending? Stronger than ever, says the founder of the country’s largest pro-Israel organization.

“I can assure you that the Evangelical Christians of America support Israel right now in a more aggressive mood than at any time in my lifetime,” Pastor John Hagee, national chairman of the 1.8-million member Christians United for Israel (CUFI), told

Hagee’s assessment of the pulse of Christian Zionism came one day after 5,000 people attended the 33rd annual “A Night to Honor Israel” at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. CUFI’s goal is to facilitate that same program in every major US city.

“We want to send the message to the world and to the Jewish people that Christians are standing up for the State of Israel and the Jewish people at home and abroad,” Hagee said. “It’s not conversation. It’s action.”

At Sunday’s event in San Antonio, that action was the distribution of more than $2.8 million in donations to Israeli and Jewish charities by John Hagee Ministries. The causes included: Afikim Family Enrichment Association, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Avukat Or, Bikur V’Ezras Cholim, Forum for Christian Enlistment, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Heart of Benjamin, International Council of Young Israel, Israel Help and Education Center at Kiryat Gat, Jewish Agency for Israel, Just One Life, Kefar Tsevi Sitrin, Koby Mandell Foundation, Magen David Adom, Meir Panim, Nahal Haredi, Nefesh B’Nefesh, Netanya Academic College, Ohr Torah Stone, Or L’Doron, Save a Child’s Heart, Shurat Hadin, Western Galilee Hospital, Women’s International Zionist Organization, World ORT, and Yad Vashem.

The Western Galilee Hospital is a Jewish hospital run by an Arab Christian that treats Syrian refugees—covering “all the bases in one shot,” said Hagee, who sought to address public misconceptions that Hagee Ministries focuses on political rather than humanitarian philanthropy.

“There are people who themselves have political agendas that they’re trying to drive, and they’re trying to do and say anything they can to ridicule what we do so that they can prove their bias is the correct position,” he said. “But no one can look at the millions of dollars that we have given to Israel and call it anything but humanitarian. … You look at that list of donors [from Sunday’s event] and it’s hard to say, ‘That’s not humanitarian.’”

But while Hagee Ministries focuses on faith and philanthropy, CUFI’s mission is different: education and advocacy. Participants of the organization’s annual Washington Summit visit their local US Senate and House of Representatives members to urge the support of Israel. Hagee cited those lobbying efforts as an example of Christian pro-Israel advocacy that adds value to what the Jewish community is already bringing to the table, since members of Congress are “not accustomed to gentiles coming in their office, 75 or 80 of them from their district.”

“Whenever those kinds of numbers come from your district and say, ‘We are here to express our support for Israel and we are watching what Congress does with regarding to this specific thing, because this is great concern to us’—when the numbers are enough it becomes of great concern to every person running for election,” Hagee said. [...]
The article would go on to describe the alleged threat to Israel posed by both Iran and the mysterious "ISIS" terrorist group, threats that are entirely manufactured and hyped by the Jewish owned and controlled Western media. Dennis Prager, a popular radio host, was also quoted in the article. "How people regard Israel is a litmus test of their whole values system," Prager proudly declared. He would go on to state:
Evil focuses on the Jews. Period. Jew-haters are the world’s evil group. There are no wonderful people who happen to hate Jews. Those who hate Jews are announcing, is if they wore a button, ‘Hello, I’m evil.’ That is the way it is. … The Jews carry the burden of God in history. Even Jewish atheists, even Jews who hate being Jews, even Jews who hate Israel—the anti-Semite doesn’t distinguish. Zionists went into gas chambers, anti-Zionists went into gas chambers, Orthodox Jews went into gas chambers, and atheist Jews went into gas chambers. They don’t care—it’s a Jew. The Jew is the embodiment and representation of God on this earth, whether they like it or not.
Hagee, Prager, and their supporters are easily the most delusional individuals in America today. The ugly reality of Jewish supremacy and domination of the Western world, as well as the psychopathic, barbaric nature of the Jewish state of Israel, could not be more apparent than it is today. And yet these individuals literally worship the Jews and the Jewish state, bizarrely proclaiming that the Jew is "the embodiment and representation of God on this earth." Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and more and more people are beginning to realize it.


  1. "Hagee, Prager, and their supporters are easily the most delusional individuals in America today." Satan in disguise, but it works, because almost all Christians don't even know who they are, or why they are. Cult followers are programmed not to think and never question someone they believe has special communication with God. Also could be that there is actual low-freq, brain wave programming being done to the faithful. Texas CIA?

    1. Valid point; "Christian" Zionism is, indeed, a dangerous cult, and Hagee is their leader. This cult violates the true teachings of Christianity, as presented by Jesus Christ Himself.
      In proclaiming their blind love for Jews and Israel, these cult leaders/members have - like the Jews - have rejected Jesus as their Messiah and Savior; and, if they don't repent and return to Him, they'll surely suffer eternal torment.

    2. Great post,but these "Christian-Zionist are not 'delusional',but 'sold out to the kingdoms of the earth'.The Jews. They are all paid,Jewish constructs,in the mold of the first big time leader of this-Puritan Leader Oliver Cromwell,who was funded by the Jews to take over England for them,in the 1600's.

  2. When I encounter these characters out sign holding, I like to comment on their total reliance on the Old Testament. I also like to compare them to "TV preachers" which gets them all het up.

  3. There are no so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament

    Just as there is no Truth to the "Jewish" narrative

    a "Christian" cannot "Jew" worship...knowing the Truth is the issue

    The Synagogue of Satan is the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    and to be a member the "Jew" or "Jew" worshipper must HATE
    Jesus and the Truth and have a copy of the Talmud

    see also Matthew 13:39-42



  4. Wasn't Satan's greatest trick convincing the world he doesn't exist?

    "It's much easier to fool someone than to get them to admit they've been fooled." ---- Mark Twain.

    I imagine you have these quotes on your site somewhere already. But Dear God, aren't these "Christians" smart enough to READ what Christ said about the Jews? It wasn't pretty and it wasn't vague and it wasn't just the Pharisees who He said were rotten to the bone.

    "Ye are not of Abraham, ye are of your father the Devil and the lusts of your father ye will do."

    The one thing that binds ALL Jews is the belief that they are descended from Abraham. They're the only group to make that claim, too. If a Jew doesn't believe that, he ceases to be a Jew. If you take Christ's words literally, the meaning couldn't be clearer. The people who claim to be Abraham's spawn are really devils.

    To put it more charitably, evil ideologies DO NOT have nice followers.

    1. All must see Yahweh -God Of The New World Order & Synagogue Of Saturn-You Tube. Watch it ,many times,and study it deeply. The Jews are cleverly conning millions into WORSHIPING THEIR tribal 'God',Yahweh,by blending this Satanic Force,into Christianity .

  5. Hagee is nothing more then a greedy opportunist. Apparently he refuses to read Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9 and mangles the meaning of scripture by supporting a piece of land called Israel, thinking it is the same as supporting a spiritual people named Israel, made up of Jews and Gentiles that do not partake in any organized religion whatsoever (come out of her My people). Yah doesn't respect religion or people who get all dappered up in their Sunday's best to worship at the alter of an idol.

  6. satan needs to free up some real estate in his crib to accommodate these poor damned souls.

  7. Every time I see the Freemason John Hog-ee, I just want to start throwing ears of field corn at him. Jewtards are the dumbest people on the planet. They don't worship Jesus, they worship Jews. And the Khazar Jews worship themselves. What we have here are Christians who aren't really Christians, & Jews who aren't really Jews. There's an old ode:
    "We don't have a religion of chickens & foxes,
    we don't have a religion of temperance & booze.
    we don't have a faith of cops & robbers,
    but we DO have a faith of Christians & Jews."

    America is a La-La-Land of Orwellian double-think.

  8. More than 30% of Americans believe that the sun travels around the earth too. There is a growing number of Americans with grade school dropout mentality that need someone or something to tell them that they are alright and an external force is watching out for them. They never heard the religious admonishment that god helps those who help themselves. Instead they are eagely awaiting the "rapture" when they will be lifted out of their autos and flown to heaven - LOL. I wonder what they will do when their dream doesn't come true and their auto runs out of gas, both literally and figuratively.

  9. ATTN DaveE/ Most Christians practice what I call selective reading of Scripture.I know...I spent a number of years running with that crowd.I finally left in disgust.

    1. That,is because they have turned God into a political football. It is very easy to distort scripture to fit a socio-political agenda. Just ask Pat Robertson.

  10. Most Zionist Christians do not adhere to the New Testament. These people who put the Racist, Apartheid and Terrorist State of Israel "first" and the USA "second" are traitors to the US and all the sane people's of the world....
    Zionist Christians should be considered traitors by all.........

  11. "Even the very elect will be deceived"...aka Hagee's followers

  12. Hagee's followers are not "the elect".

    Jew Lites are not the elect.

  13. Hagee has powerful allies in the Zionist media.People such as Glenn Beck,who almost on a daily basis, reminds us of the holocaust,and how wonderful and virtuous the Jewish people and the state of Israel are.
    He also loves to give us "history" lessons scripted by his Jewish masters.The same can be said for Sean Hannity.

  14. John: Did you attend Chris Bollyn's San Diego SD911Truth talk?

    ^ they posted 10/15/14

    Any hope of having Bollyn on your show?

    1. I did go to it. There were lots of people, and it was essentially a Q&A session. I have tried contacting Bollyn but he has not responded to me at all...

    2. Sounds good John. I listened to the whole 3-part SD911Truth talk I linked above, and was happy it was mostly Q&A, rather than a canned spiel reciting his core "Izzy did 911" spiel which I'm already familiar with.

      Interestingly, Hufschmid is still on a baseless, vacuous "Bollyn/family have been KIDNAPPED & held hostage by the int'l jewish crime entity!" campaign. He posted in August:

      Also find linked there ^ numerous podcast links to old shows ('06 - '10), one of them from Oct '06 where Huf & Bollyn discuss Bollyn's firing from AFP; and it reprints the Oct '06 termination letter Bollyn received from Petherick/AFP. Direct link:

      Also of interest to you, if you're not already familiar, are the drunken phone calls DBS made to Huffy in '06 demanding Huffy attack/destroy Bollyn-- which Huffy recorded and posted selected parts of.

    October 3, 2012 jcortina
    "John Hagee is one of the most evil people on the planet. He mocks Jesus by his Satan worship -has betrayed USA – wants to start World War THREE – wants to have millions of innocent people murdered for the greater glory of the jews and IsraHELL – and all of these horrors under the big lie that he thinks he is some sort of a Christian pastor. In truth – he is a Satan worshiping fraud

    He is as close to the true description of the jew ( his mother is a jewess) anti Christ as I have witnessed in my lifetime. He is the very essence of wickedness and evil. His mockeries of Christ
    could be right out of the Talmud. He oozes evil hate and bigotry like a leaking public toilet."

    "It just keeps getting more and more ugly! Hagee commits adultery then divorces his wife for the woman in HIS OWN MINISTRY! You are an obese racist greedy adulterous pig Out of one side of his mouth he points an accusing finger at the flock and proclaims this condemnation: ” Christians don’t steal or lie – they don’t get divorced or have abortions”

    Gee fatso – looks like you have committed at least three of those four sins so far. Adultery then Divorced your wife Stole millions form your flock to support your multi-millionaire luxurious movie star life – and have Lied so many times perverting the Scripture you can’t even remember your own lies. Can you say ‘HYPOCRITE!?’

    Your treason – false preaching for jew style prosperity and crimes against God have made you incredibly rich – I will give you that. A 6 thousand acre ranch with every conceivable luxury known to man – your own private jet -a private aerodrome on your ranch and of course a million dollar 5 thousand square foot 6 bedroom mansion + an endless 7 figure income are all so Christ-like modest and selfless I’m sure it must choke you to read Luke 18-24 to your fleeced flock.

    Yet you still have the arrogance to boast of your own greed:
    “I deserve every dime I’m getting.” ( read : swindling) John Hagee.
    He pays virtually no income tax and sends much of the pilfered millions to his terrorist pals in IsraHELL to pay for bullets and bombs to murder children ( as i witnessed in Gaza) ."

  16. When will it be known that there is a tremendous difference between "jew" and Israel. They are not synonymous terms and should not be used synonymously under any circumstances. Read in 1st and 2nd Kings regarding the split of the nation of Israel into two distinct factions. One retained the name of their patriarch Israel the other was titled Judah. At the time of Jesus the Christ the nation of Israel was long gone from the land. What remained were the members of the tribe of Judah and Benjamin collectively known as Judahites. The balance of the population were known as Judeans.
    The word "jew" is bogus. The word did not appear in the English language until the 18th century. The very first translations of the King James Bible did not contain the word.
    John Hagge needs to be horse whipped. Greed is driving him. He knows full well that Jesus spent most of his ministry condemning the "jew"

  17. Once again, I think the Jews are blowing smoke up our asses. "An article in Middle East Quarterly, a pro-Israel publication, reports that support for Israel is eroding among American evangelical Christians, with only 30 percent in a recent survey stating support for Israel above Palestinians." Article here


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