Sunday, October 5, 2014

ADL, top Internet companies work together to combat "cyberhate"

In yet another brazen display of the stranglehold organized Jewry has over American society, the Anti-Defamation League recently announced "the release of “Best Practices for Responding to Cyberhate,” a new initiative that establishes guideposts for the industry and the Internet community to help prevent the spread of online hate speech," according to a press release. The press release continues:

The Best Practices initiative is the outcome of months of discussions and deliberations by an industry Working Group on Cyberhate convened by ADL in an effort to develop a coordinated approach to the growing problem of online hate speech, including anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry, racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and other forms of online hate.

Members of the Working Group included leading Internet providers, civil society leaders, representatives of the legal community, and academia.

As participants in the Working Group, representatives of Facebook, Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo have expressed support for ADL’s efforts. They were among those who offered advice to ADL in the formulation of the Best Practices, and the final document embodies some of their own current practices.

In conjunction with today’s announcement, these companies are taking new steps to remind their own communities of their policies regarding online hate and how users can respond when they encounter it. [...]
The organized Jewish community, led by groups like the ADL, has been dictating and controlling what is politically and socially acceptable discourse in this country for decades now. The Jews essentially decide what we are allowed to talk about, and what we are not. They decide who and what we are allowed to criticize, and who and what we are not. They have distorted and manufactured our collective history and perception of reality using their control of information, the media, and influence in politics and academia. Our understanding of the world is fundamentally shaped by organized Jewry. Virtually every piece of information the vast majority of people in America have ever consumed has passed through a Jewish censor.

The latest "Best Practices" initiative is yet another example of a Jewish imposed psychological and intellectual tyranny that has consumed not only America, but the entire Western world. The Internet has allowed individuals to freely express themselves and present information that challenges the prevailing politically correct discourse suffocating and destroying the West. Of course, anyone publicly challenging the Jews' narrative of our collective history and perception of reality, exposing their subversive, destructive nature and overall agenda, or criticizing and highlighting Jewish treachery and criminality is considered an "anti-Semitic hateful bigot who wants to genocide 6 million Jews." Candidly discussing or exposing the reality of Jewish power and influence and telling the truth about the Jews is fundamentally "anti-Semitic" and "hateful" according to the ADL and organized Jewish community.

These desperate, pathetic attempts by the organized Jewish community to curtail and suppress our God-given right of freedom of expression, and the broader endeavor to control our collective political, social, and economic discourse, will ultimately backfire in my view. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak, on many of the most important issues facing our world thanks largely to the Internet and high speed communications. The Jewish control of our minds and perceptions is rapidly eroding.


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  2. All the 20-somethings I talk to seem to be 'in the know' about YKW. It's very encouraging. But people have to put thoughts into action and organize, and educate. I would give money but right now I'm broke so I can only send my gratitude. Hopefully I'll be in a better place soon. Many thanks for your work and sacrifices, John.

  3. Humanity must unite to defeat the organize Zionist Jewry. They are the dark planners and hate the planet and the people of the world.Their agenda is total control and enslavement with their New World order. They own all the means of communication like the MSM, New York times,etc. Unite to defeat the evil that have fall upon us all before is late. We should start with those traitors in congress,senate,and the judiciary system that are loyal to Israhell. The truth hurts them and try to suppress,twist,conceal it with their agents of disinformation in the wide world web. Humanity get your power back.

  4. I totally agree. The haters are ADL and its puppets; they cannot handle the truth; so, they peddle lies and disinformation and try to intimidate people who can handle the truth and don't hesitate to express it.
    Are the ADL and the rest of Organized Jewry going to continue with their cyperhate speech on the Internet? Just ask Brother Nathanael Kapner, who produces videos and articles denouncing Talmudistic Judaism and Jewry's attacks on countries such as Syria, Iran, and Russia; not to say, Israhell's vicious aggression against Gaza and its overall treatment of Palestinians, the indigenous people of the land. Brother Nathanael is Jewish by blood; yet, he rejected Judaism and converted to Orthodox Christianity; later becoming a monk. He's an expert on all things Jewish; so, when he denounces them and calls them out on their crimes, he is quite credible.

  5. Start with Atlanta rabid Zionist Rabbi who called for the extermination of Muslims.
    The ADL ,directed by bloated pig Foxman, never criticizes genocidal Zionist Jew Supremacists. The ADL encourages white bashing and spies on Americans,
    ruining their careers and businesses if they stray from the PC Cultural Marxist
    dogma that has perverted and destroyed our society. ABOLISH JEW SUPREMACY!

  6. Why do you believe the ADL left out Misandry??

  7. John, I hope and pray you are right about this whole Jew control thing coming to a climax. However, in our Judeo-Christian Zionist dumb down culture I doubt if the collective thought process will be able grasp the concept of the Jew controlling their entire lives. They don't even know who they are let alone who the Jew is

  8. They have staked their survival on their ability to maintain a false reality with television and newspapers and "education." And the Lord said to me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Jeremiah 11:9 I guess there are two possibilities - either that is a coincidence or it isn't. If not, watch out, they are finished and they can do a lot of damage on their way out.

  9. I have been studying what they are up to for a while, it's simple:




  10. Davy said...

    while Brother Nathaniel can discuss the facts about "Jewry" that he has
    experienced first hand he is a bit reluctant to admit that in FACT there are
    NO JEWS in the Old Testament....just as there were no WHITE WHORES
    [ISRAELITES] at the Alamo fornicating with AFRICAN AMERICAN
    Dallas Cowboys and snorting cocaine through a plastic straw from McDonalds

    why is that...did Abraham hate Jesus and have a Talmud ?
    Did Moses hate Jesus and have a Talmud...?
    Did David hate Jesus and have a copy of the Talmud ?
    Did Ezra or Nehemiah HATE Jesus and have a Copy of the Talmud ?

    in John 8:33..."Never been in Bondage"...really, then Who are the
    Children of the John 8:44 ?
    {was Jesus lying ?}

    could the Khazar "ASHKENAZIM" proselytes to Talmudic Judaism
    TIME TRAVEL back to Egypt...Babylon...or Jerusalem in 32 AD ?

    Seriously, Bro. Nathaniel needs to tell the Truth about Talmud Jews not
    being in the Old Testament, which means essentially that the History of western Civilization [White People = Israelites] is not about anything

    "JEWISH" at all as there were never any so-called "Jews" in the
    Old Testament.

    which means the entire world & Universe can live just fine and in PEACE
    as soon as SIX MILLION so-called "Jews" are put into the Ovens of TRUTH
    {before you read Amos}



  11. John,

    I'm not entirely against this initiative and here's why: Revisionists and other persecuted individuals, like us, who fall prey to Jewish and non-white instigated bigotry, racism, discrimination, defamation and hatred are equally entitled to utilize the ADL's services. NO ONE should be defamed. NO ONE should be a victim of cyber-hate without recourse.

    The ADL is our legal recourse as much as Jewry's legal recourse. It's just that most of the people on our side refuse to utilize the ADL's services, which I believe is foolish. Are they afraid? If that's the case, they might as well curl up into a ball and wither away. Who needs witless cowards like that who would just as soon tear us apart and defame us as being "agents" and the absurd like as defend us against oppressive entities?

    The ADL is there for Americans of ALL stripes. Utilize them. If they refuse to assist, call them out.

    1. V.K.- with all due respect- I dont think the ADL is there to look out for anybody else other than their own.

  12. "Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity."

    [[ Jewish professor Noel Ignatiev
    about the need2abolish the white race
    (in other words not himself), because
    it is "oppressive."
    He also suggests to bring "minorities" together
    in such a way that it’s impossible for the legacy
    of Whiteness to "reproduce itself," his words! ]]


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