Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Realist Report - World War III for Dummies

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Mike King of TomatoBubble.com. Mike and I will be discussing a number of subjects including his recent World War 3 for Dummies article. We will focus on the mysterious "ISIS" group, the geopolitical landscape in both the Middle East and Russia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. You can download the entire program here.

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  1. Good article . . . about the factions.
    But all this hoopla about Putin's being an enemy of the Jews is nonsense. He's part of the strategy and always has been.
    The Rothschilds have always controlled Russia, and they own its central bank.BRICS is the Jewish Banksters' "planned" global currency.

    1. Interesting theory - you may be right. But it seems to me that Russia and Putin are not playing ball and going along with the NWO elite.

    2. Anon, the 'individuals' who 'control' the U.S. Federal Reserve are not even known because no clear audit of the shareholders of the multifarious institutions directing the Fed has been made.

      The Bank of England is publicly owned and controlled by ukay civil servants.

      People who say 'the Rothschilds' control the Fed and the Bank of England also often say that the 'NWO' (they mean anyone but Jews) targets nations (they mean states) without a Rothschild controlled private central bank. You've heard it a thousand times:


      But when the US Fed is not clearly controlled by the Rothschild family's network of financial interests, and the Bank of England is not even a private enterprise, we can see the issue is not so clear-cut as often presented by casual researchers.

      Why should Russia be any different. Or, if we take your assertions to be true, why should we not support our Fed and Bank of England against the Russian financial system?


      Too many anons ...

  2. The Obama intruder may have been another staged bit of tv "news" aimed at stimulating political malcontents to imitate the act or aimed at preparing the sheeple to expect what will really be another inside job assisted by the bodyguards (like JFK).
    If Obama were assassinated, race war would erupt in the US, preventing the sheeple from opposing the dual-citizen-traitors from conducting their WW III.

  3. China and Russia are part of the dance.
    Putin would NOT have gone to Israel, if he were really standing in Israel's way. The Israelis would have given him a slow-acting poison at the very least.
    Putin's vice president, Medvedev, is a Jew, for God's sake. He's not opposing anything on the world stage.
    Russia has been run by Jews since 1917..
    While Stalin was alive, the nationalist faction of Jews opposed the Wall Street-funded Trotsky faction of Jews; but after Stalin's death, the Jacob-Schiff Jews were back in power, as proven by the way the IMF and Jewish advisers, like Stephen A. Cohen, flocked to Russia in 1991. The USSR fell, when its JewishBankster sponsors pulled the plug and divvied up the spoils.

  4. China's economy would implode and the Chinese would destroy their ruling class, if the US Banksters withdrew their support. All China's "money" is invested in US Treasury bonds!! Russia's central bank is owned by the Rothschilds! Follow the money.

    The looming "war" against Syria and its "protector" Putin is a Hollywood-style diversion. The real war is one against the US. The "dual-citizens" want to declare martial law and are engineering the US Military's implosion and exhaustion in phony Mideast wars....while they import NATO troops into the US.

    WW III is being waged, right now, SOLELY against the US and its armed citizenry.. . the last standing obstacle to the Global Jewish Rule predicted by the Talmud.

    1. God I hope you are wrong. But if you are right, I wanna get the hell outta here. Where do we go?.... if you are right..... Where have you seen the NATO troops? Why would they want wage war on a country that they already control. Seriously, they already control this country hook line and sinker. I tend to believe that all the scary stuff is designed to keep us in a state of fear. People are easier to control when they are constantly in a state of fear.

  5. The reason that the Jews have infilatrated Sweden and destroyed its native culture and the reason that Sweden takes in dark-skinned Kurd refugees but not light-skinned Yazidi refugees is that the Jews have been waging war against the white race for centuries. Eustace Mullins revealed the Biblic roots of this war in his Curse of Canaan. In the OT, the parasitic mutants, the Jew-tribe, has massacred all nonJew tribes globally, but the Jew-Tribe is especially intent on destroying the "people of Shem" -- the white tribes who have proven most effective in opposing them.

    According to Mike King (interviewed 10 Sep '14 by Red Ice), the Mossad-controlled ISIS are genociding the Yazidis as a pure white tribe by raping Yazidi women.

  6. You can also listen to Mike King (from Tomato Bubble) on www.redicecreations.com radio specifically at http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2014/09/RIR-140910.php. Good recent interview with Swedish host (his name escpapes me) of Red Ice Radio.

    1. Henrik Palmgren is the host's name. And, you are right - this interview on Red Ice Radio was absolutely outstanding. I've grown to really respect and admire Henrik Palmgren's interview style, because unlike many other pro-White radio hosts - if he has a guest on who parrots any of the well known and easily recognizable anti-White, or race denying jewish propaganda, Henrik will not simply allow those statements to pass and try to adopt a polite and courteous, non-confrontational demeanor.

      Henrik will allow his guest to spew their propaganda, but will not shy away from stating his disagreements with the baloney that his guest just spouted.

      David Ike is one such individual. I don't think I have ever listened to a guy who is more disjointed and confused and inconsistent on issues that deal with race and culture and the realities of race in my entire life. Ike is so all over the map on issues of this type that the man has to be suffering from some form of bizarre mental deterioration. That's what liberalism does to the white human brain. It eats away at the brain cells that control one's ability to think rationally, logically, and racially.

      Which is the reason some people define a liberal as someone who refuses to take their own side in an argument.

  7. You can talk about the Rothschild's and whomever else , but the jews and Catholic church are all behind and guiding the world domination program.

  8. Yeah- id like to hear more about the Catholic Church, the Royal Family, and the Rothschilds. Getting tired of the Merry Go Round or musical chairs as to who is at the top of the food chain, 2nd level, 3rd level. No more BS. Let's hear the down and dirty.....ok?

  9. Catholic Church and Royal family are front organizations/entities and they are enablers for the Zionist Jewish agenda. It is better to focus our attention on Zionist Jews who constitute the evil force behind world's problems instead of various front entities that are carrying out their orders.


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