Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Realist Report - Lenon Honor

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by author, film maker, and musician Lenon Honor. Lenon and I will be discussing his book The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program as we approach the 13th anniversary of the events of 9/11. You can download the entire program here.

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  1. Putin is a jew! Putin is one of 'them!' Putin is crazy! Etc!

    One can tell much about a man by who he surrounds himself with. Good ol' Sergey Lavrov understands what this relentless Zionist-ISIS propaganda assault is allll about. Can you say Ersatz Israel neighbor?


    The pretext is to get into to Syria. The jew-media will take care of the rest. It is about implementing the next stage of the Yinon plan which is to topple Assad and destabilize Syria, then,...Iran.

    Now let us take a look at one of Putin's most trusted advisors and judge for ourselves. I introduce you to one Sergei Glaziev!



  2. 24 minutes in, Lenon said it has been difficult getting his work out there, even in the alternative media.

    Yup, because he points out that much of the alternative media's coverage of 9/11 presents it in a similar way, from a fear-based perspective and selective information sharing, but to a different audience.

    He couldn't get on Alex Jones' show, because Jones would be implicated by his own (deliberate) fear-mongering.

    Lenon's great contribution is pointing out the fear-based mind control aspect of 9/11, and how once the fear-based damage was done, most people couldn't consider any of the information rationally.

    Incidentally, this is a big reason why many in the alternative research community find it difficult to consider the distinct possibility that most or all of the purported victims of 9/11 didn't actually die, or that most of the footage shown to us of that day was doctored or completely manufactured in a studio.

    Thanks for your work, Lenon, and thanks, John, for having him on again.

  3. And you thought 'Ferguson' was over. Ferguson is everywhere!




  4. Great show, shows the simplicity of the operation...it's not rocket science.

    Having said that...I like to follow the money...huge currency move GBP (sterling) have dropped about 7% (1.72 to 1.61) versus the US$ in the last 2 weeks. They have the Scotland devolution cover story in place but if anything were to happen my guess would be London.


  5. Thanks John for doing this show and thank to Mr Honor for his brilliant insights. He made so much sense and I'm really looking forward to reading his book. What I found most illuminating is it's not necessary for the Chosen Ones to re-stage their 9/11-like headline events very often, simply use the annual trigger mechanisms and the fear based trauma is automatically reactivated. Very interesting stuff. Great that he proposes solutions! Good work both of you.

  6. John- Can you comment on the Facebook censorship and pushback from those "under the spell" that you encountered? I have a Facebook account and while I'd like to debate some of today's ridiculous postings about "We will never forget where we were or what we were doing, etc etc and all the heros that day, etc. etc.", I don't want my wife to kick me out of our house since she, like so many, are under the same spell. So I can't let the cat out of the bag because it literally would change my life in an instant with just one posting on Facebook. I've shared my true beliefs with only about 3-4 people close to me.

    1. I deleted my Facebook page a long time ago. Sadly, most people "under the spell" will remain that way until they find the courage within themselves to confront the ugly realities we all have. It's very difficult to get someone to actually look into 9/11 or any of the other subjects I write and talk about on the radio program. Most people just don't want to hear it. My advice to you would be to speak directly to your wife about all of this, rather than posting something on Facebook. Have you ever talked to her about your views?

  7. John,

    Have you seen this video regarding Ferguson Riots and a cop?


    Notice how the police are pushing the reporter backwards but allowing his cameraman to film from behind the police.

  8. Wow.

    a stunningly amazing display of common sense and objective reasoning....

    best radio show since...oh man, well since I called in on the Mark Davis show
    WBAP 820AM Dallas...
    when Dick Reavis was on plugging his soon to be released book
    The Ashes of Waco...
    when I played the clip from the 911 tapes where you can hear the helicopters coming in and "Greg" says..."There's more of them, that's not us shooting that's them"..
    one year before Mark Davis told me I didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned the gunfire from the helicopters...what a Zionist mealy mouthed douche bag
    {and like Charley Jones - 1080 KRLD a "good" Mason}...too.


    I spent 5 months in my storage shed and wrote a book about the mass mind control project that was Waco, and then OKC, and as Lenon pointed out the Script...

    It's fairly predictable...mostly




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