Friday, September 12, 2014

John Friend on Aristocracy of the Blood w/ Dana Antiochus

I was a guest this evening on Aristocracy of the Blood with Dana Antiochus on Renegade Broadcasting. We discussed a variety of subjects. You can download the entire program here.


  1. John, this was an informative show. Your points, both of you, about trolls, coopted persons, agents, etc. was spot on. Virtual paranoia is rife.

    Regarding Dana's point about "everything is hopeless," the following quote is from the Forward in "The Hyenas of High Finance":

    "Those who claim that Hitler was a 'Rothschild agent' see National Socialism as just another tool of international machinations. They reason that there is no alternative to Communism or Capitalism. Everything is hopeless." (p. 13)

    Anyway, nicely done.

  2. I've only listened to the first quarter of this, but already want to call Dana out. Nitpicking and backstabbing weren't beneath him while Kyle Hunt was being pilloried by both the mainstream and pro-white press. And I'm not big Kyle fan, but at the end of the day it's hypocritical to criticize 'the movement' for it's lack of unity when one can't maintain some in the face of the enemy - the jewish MSM. Dana went on that odd canadian's site nitpicking.

    Basically, all this milieu does is engage in drama. There needs to be some organization - a political party. Otherwise most of what gets 'accomplished' is blowing hot air.

  3. "The most difficult and highest form of man will succeed most rarely: thus the history of philosophy reveals a superabundance of failures, of accidents, and an extremely slow advance; whole millennia intervene and overwhelm what has been achieved; the continuity is broken again and again. It is an appalling history- the history of the highest man, the sage"- Nietzsche

    "From millions of men one man must step forward"- Hitler

    "Oh, thou clear spirit, of thy fire thou madest me, and like a true child of fire, I breathe it back to thee"- Captain Ahab

  4. Additional footage from 9-11. Most interesting. This guy barely escapes with his life!

  5. Pretty good article here, posted at Henry Makow's, who I've long criticized for his holohoax enabling. This article from a guest writer even pushes the Makow envelope on that issue, ref'ing the pretend-event as "official holocaust narrative". Maybe there's hope for Makow wrt holohoax?

    "Do White People Need a Survival Strategy?"

  6. Hey John, am listening to your show now and I think I noticed a comment you made about trolls and devisiveness that is coming up short. You made a comment about paid trolls in comment areas being a problem which of course is true, but then you imply, all this peer division amongst your fellow broadcasters is just bad behavior. Do you not acknowledge the protocols claim from 1900 that they infiltrate the opposition and for all appearances seem to be fighting the JWO but are really fake resistance? Whether it is because you wish not to alienate people on your level or what, it is concerning the lack of recognition going on in regards to this problem. I told one person, my advantage of having no friends among the info givers is I can attack them without worrying about keeping the friendship going as there is no friendship. I wonder if you are giving people like Piper and Mark Glenn and the owner of AFP, DeLaney and Anglin, etc, a little too much benefit of the doubt here referring it to bad behavior and not recognizing the intentional divisiveness of it all. The fact that there is an orchestrated attempt to delegitimize Sandy Hook inquiry is something you should publicly take on. It's not coincidence, that everyone on the Ugly Truth website derides Sandy Hook truth. It's orchestrated and since there is no good reason why a truth movement unco-opted would push these demonization tactics, you have to seriously broach the co-optedness of your fellow elite info disseminators. Remember, most intel agents are in many other respects regular Joes and dis- info us only on priority concerns of their sponsors, whether that is literal funders of their advocacy or something more devious. I've said this before, this movement is going to go nowhere as long as we tolerate compromised individuals directing our attention. And to VK Clark, when are you going to clarify why you spend most of your time demonizing WNs whom I admit fall short of perfection, while minimally referring to Jews in any combative way? Shading the truth for your career may be good for your career but it's not good for the movement of which you have stated over and over you don't give a flip about, but I do and as long as you offer up info to the movement, you are in my sites. By the way John, Veronica claims the protocols of Zion were not real and people forged Hitler's statement about them in Mein Kampf after he died. Of course her proof is from some compromised Jew asset after the fact and I find it odd a research historian would not effort to get an untainted copy of Mein Kampf to prove whether or not Hitler refers to them. I recall listening to Mein Kampf edition edited by Jews cause when Hitler references the protocols, the moderator comes on to tell us that the protocols have been proved a forgery. She does not say Hitler did not say these things. Anyway, next time you have Veronica on, she has some issues concerning white washing jewish behavior you need to confront rather than nodding your head to everything she says-thanks- Of course if you don't nod your head, she will probably walk off the show I still consider you, John, uncompromised, but overly nice to your peer group. The other point about Veronica that needs to be said is that she displays a very civilized, nicey nicey demeanor to you and her handler Spingola, etc, but she comes out guns a blaizing on anyone she considers beneath her. All we did was ask her to publicly release the 1943 Hitler speech on race-volk and she went on her site calling us every name in the book. Turns out she mistook us for someone else. Of course we responded in kind and when she found out she was wrong, she never acknowledged it. She, as a supposed Goy took about 15 pictures of my site to prove I engaged in anti-semitic hate speech-John, have you ever met a Jew-aware goy, going around flagging people for anti-semitic hate speech? That should be concerning to you John if you are indeed unco-opted yourself

    1. I don't accuse people of being "disinfo agents" or "controlled opposition" because I have no legitimate proof to conclusively demonstrate that. Deanna Spingola apparently claimed I worked for the CIA, and Jim Fetzer was my "handler" in a private email exchange with Carolyn Yeager. I have asked Deanna about this on more than one occasion, and she refuses to answer me. Unlike her, I don't make accusations against people without legitimate evidence.

      I found it extremely bizarre the way Mark Glenn and MCP, and later Spingola and others, went out of their way to hysterically attack and demonize people questioning the official mainstream promoted narrative of Sandy Hook. I did an entire show about Cass Sunstein and his paper dealing with "conspiracy theories", and there is no doubt that the tactics Piper and Glenn were using fit the exact description Sunstein advocated. That said, I have no proof these guys, or Delaney, Anglin, or anyone else in the alternative/independent media, are paid government "disinfo agents" or otherwise controlled opposition.

      I think Veronica is a brilliant researcher, historian, and writer. I appreciate her work, and enjoy hearing her perspective on a number of issues, especially WWII history.

    2. haha, wow, Deanna did that, well, she can't be too mad at me for calling her Veronica's handler. Look, I focussed in on Veronica because of really strange behavior she exhibited and as I did, I found more to worry about. She thru her detailed knowledge, is in an excellent position to slip Jew mis-direction in on us and I believe I caught her in the act which have stated thoroughly in some articles I wrote on the subject. I know it seems mean to make accusations, but are we not playing the fool by dealing with intentional dis-info artists and remaining silent because we don't have court suitable proof? How does a movement grow productively, when we are flooded with agents. That orchestration you just mentioned? To me, that's a clear sign of Jew orchestration in which Jewish tactics were employed. Like a keep saying, we are running out of time for playing nice! Time and again with Veronica, I sought answers which she chose not to give with her statements usually concerned with the Jewish problem. I never heard of a loyal goy running around yelling about a fellow goy being anti-semitic unless they are Sheep and unaware of the Jewish problem. I asked for explanations and Veronica keeps her cards close to the vest and pretends the questions aren't asked when it suits her. I felt I had no choice given my commitment of cleaning up the movement, to out my concerns about her and , to restate, my lack of comradery with this elite group of info-dissemintaors can allow me to make my concerns public, when you, John, out of acquaintanceship respect must give the benefit of the doubt. To me, the benefit of the doubt when someone refuses to come clean goes to assume shillery, not assume good will. The protocols which I believe is authentic makes it clear they infiltrate all but the most irrelevant dissent which they then ignore or shout down

    3. No doubt the following essay is going to make Joseph T. Sigur shriek and wail about "ADL agents" and "Mossad operatives" 24/7 for the next month.

      My opinion on the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”
      by Vincent Reynouard

      Vincent is a prominent holocaust revisionist and a very brave man. If Joseph attempts to state otherwise, he will have solidified his own inanity ten-fold.

      P.S. You never did go head to head with Jonathan Harrison on 'Holocaust Controversies', Joe. You, like 99% of all "truthers", are afraid of the Jews. You speak loudly and carry an invisible stick, Joe.

  7. This is a VKC quote from above, ""Those who claim that Hitler was a 'Rothschild agent' see National Socialism as just another tool of international machinations. They reason that there is no alternative to Communism or Capitalism. Everything is hopeless." (p. 13) I would disagree with the ultimate point. What they reason is less important than the fact they are being played by jewish spin-docters and one more example why we have to clean house as far as to who and what we listen to and disseminate for others to hear. Quiet acceptance of traitors in our midst is a win for the Jews-right Veronica? The reason for the Rothschild myth is to remove the fact that WWII was in reality about one goy faction fighting for Jewry though not realizing it, and the other goy faction fighting for goy rule. If people can be made to believe it's evil rich bankers and not jews, well, the important thing to Jews there, is that the pressure is removed from them. This is why all these fake stories are fabricated. Now, will Veronica admit that WWII was in fact a fight between world jew rule and enablement and those that wanted to end that for their own people, basically Germany. I am aware of many quotes where Jews basically concede the point but you would never know it listening to Veronica these days

    1. I will let Veronica speak for herself, but I do want to say that reading some of her books and interviewing her has made me realize that it's not JUST the Jews who are at fault for EVERYTHING.

      Of course, the Jews are the catalyst and leading proponents for many horrific events and policies all throughout modern Western history, including for example WWII and the "Global War on Terror". BUT, there is plenty of blame to go around. Without the sell-out, compromised, traitorous White elite class doing the bidding of the Jews, they would be largely powerless and insignificant.

      Elite Whites have concerned themselves more with their wealth, bank accounts, social status, and other material/worldly possessions to the detriment of their own nation and race - that is a huge problem we need to understand. It's not only the Jews behind all this madness, although they are largely the catalyst, as I stated above. Other people are involved as well, even if they are dupes or puppets of the Jews.

      One last thing - just because an individual, whether it's Veronica Clark or anyone else, doesn't bash and trash the Jews all day long DOESN'T mean that they don't have anything important to say.

    2. Of course whites have been complicit, no doubt, Jews need that complicity to operate, but unless I read Veronica wrong, she claims there is no Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world.She claims that they just happen to be on top because they are politically smarter. Unless I read you wrong, John, you agree that there is indeed a Jewish conspiracy that has been going on since before 1600 or earlier, with talmudic roots. Also, gentiles lying due to well orchestrated Jewish intimidation tactics, perhaps why Veronica does not dwell on Jewish subversion much these days is exemplified in the fact that any goy politician knows it is career suicide to out Jewish power. This comes from the fact that a goy feels all alone when they buck the Jewish system in place.This is called believing equals receiving.The only way to change that is for goy to take a stand and give others courage, not to play pretend games that Jewish taught history is not all about lies and does not emmanate from the Jews. All that does is solidify and entrenche the lies further It also explains contrary to how we feel, the politicians unanimously support Israel as if we all did! My point is, I don't understand why Veronica is underplaying the Jewish role, not that no goy are culpable, I understand that they are either because they are bought off or misled thru Jew media lying and misdirecting

    3. Joseph T. Sigur (aka Appleseed) has misinterpreted and spun what I said about the protocols. I read the excerpt straight from Hitler's recorded words, in German, here:

      I agree with Hitler's assessment.

      I told you, Joe, where you can read this in English:

      There's a copy for as low as $0.69.

      And Hitler's 1944, not 1943, speech can be read in full here:

      There's a copy for under $30.00.

      As for the speech, I do not "give away" my research, Joe. I do not owe you anything. For you to belittle me or the suffering I have endured, long before you were ever even around, is outrageous. To put it as nicely as possible, piss off.


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