Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jews warn Europeans about "far right" parties

The organized Jewish community in Europe, lead by Ronald Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress, is once again trying to dictate to Europeans who they can and cannot vote for. The Times of Israel reports:

European voters risk giving their countries a bad name by electing far-right politicians, the leader of the World Jewish Congress warned Saturday ahead of a major rally against anti-Semitism

WJC president Ronald Lauder also voiced concern that Islamic extremists are trying to “use all means,” particularly online, to stir hatred and pointed to the threat posed by radicalized Muslims returning from Syria and Iraq.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Lauder are to speak at Sunday’s rally in Berlin, organized after tensions over the Gaza conflict spilled over into demonstrations in Europe that saw anti-Jewish slogans and violence. In May, European Parliament elections brought successes for far-right parties, particularly in France.

“One person representing a country who is extreme will give their whole country a bad name,” Lauder told The Associated Press. “When people vote who goes to the parliament they have to say to themselves, ‘who do we really want to represent us, who do we really want to be the face of what people see of our country?’” [...]
You see, according to the Jews, democracy means only voting for politicians and political parties that cater to the interests of Jews and their international agenda of world domination and subjugation, which includes the destruction of all White Western nations and peoples. White people cannot have their own nations, and they certainly cannot have political leaders and governments that concern themselves with and advance the interests of their own people. Only Jews and other non-Whites can openly champion their own political, economic, and cultural interests. When White people attempt to do these things, they are called "racists," "supremacists," and "evil Nazis who want to murder 6 million Jews."

Keep in mind that the Jews have their own ethnic state - the Jewish state of Israel - where the so-called "far right" has a major influence upon the government and society. The "far right" in Israel openly calls for the genocide of the indigenous Palestinian Christian and Muslim community.

Jews have literally thousands of organizations all across the globe operating on behalf of Jewish interests around the world. And yet, here we have the Jews saying to Europeans, "Do not vote for political parties that care about and champion the interests of your own people. That is wrong and racist."

The hypocrisy of the Jew knows no bounds. 


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    1. And he's right.

      Great post. I know it's simple stuff for JF but it can never be stated too often.

  2. Thank God for the jews. Why without the jews I wouldn't have the honor of being raped by usury and my $100K home ending up costing me $300k by the time I pay off the loan.

    1. It is much worse than you think. Have you ever heard of fractional reserve banking? Government banking regulation to legally rip you off allows banks to simply invent (just like a counterfeiter) 90% of the 'money' you are lent.

      Because 90% of that $100,000 is 'funny money', you actually have the privilege of paying back a whopping 30 times, not just 3 times, the amount of money that you were really lent.

      There really should be a revolution over this, but not enough people know just how they are being scammed. Spread the news about what fractional reserve banking is and how it enslaves people for the best years of their lives.

      That is how the Jews finance their war machine to take over the world through Al Qaeda, ISIS and so on, and the US/NATO armed forces of course.

      We can cut the head off the snake by stopping money being available to pay all these mercenaries.

  3. The idiocy of those who cater to the sorry bastards is worse.

    1. Nope. The old lady who trusts the guy who comes to her door and says he's here to help her but makes off with her purse and caves her head in is *worse* than her. By quite a bit, bm!

  4. The true anti-semites are the Jews who slaughter Arabs (a Semite is a person from the Mid East). Hypocrites and liars.

    1. You have that right. These so-called "Jews" are really Khazars, a Turkic-Mongol tribe that had inhabited the Caucasus kingdom of Khazaria centuries ago and converted from paganism to Judaism at around 740 AD to avoid having to choose between Christianity and Islam. Khazaria lasted until around 1030 AD, when Slavic Russians under St. Vladimir the Great invaded the "Jewish" kingdom, totally defeated it, and drove its inhabitants westward into Eastern and Central Europe, where they lived for centuries more. They didn't emigrate en masse to Palestine until after the end of WWII, and created their illegitimate "State of Israel" in 1948. Since that time, they've waged wars against their neighbors as well as stolen Palestinian lands for their illegal settlements.

    2. 'Antisemitism' means anti-Jew. The phrase dates from a time when Jews were the only semites in Europe in large enough numbers to matter. It's not a controversial term outside of anti-Zionist subcultures controlled by Jews who prefer that anti-Zionists make trivial arguments.

      The Khazars are not the ancestors of today's Ashkenazim. That hypothesis only holds sway within antisemitic subcultures controlled by Jews who prefer that antisemites make arguments that are easily disproved by history, linguistics, genetics, common sense and common knowledge.

  5. How I watch the elites of the West commit their own people to the dustbin of history for a few thousand dollars, a bigger house, a pat and a smile you would give to a poor simpleton child and mostly for "approval" and being allowed to sit at the top of the stairs as their betters party below

    1. They're not the elites, they're the poor simpleton children in some cases, the most criminal in others.

  6. Jesus said to put them in the ovens...

    thing is the "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism are neither Judahites nor Semitic

    and to be a "Jew" the adherent to the teachings of the Talmud must Hate Jesus...

    no one on Earth HAS to be a "JEW".



  7. Woe betide anyone who has the audacity to criticise the chosen ones! Hell hath no fury like a scorned IDF member!

  8. Jack Flash commented...

    the jews ...they are NOT SPECIAL they are not gods chosen people and it is the right of every person on this planet to dislike any other person of any race....and whats more its perfectly normal! what you cannot do is shout it from the top of the empire state building! Remember only white countries are forced to accept unlimited migration, only white countries are told to assimilate with immigrants, only white countries are predicted to become mixed race countries! See the pattern here? Anti-Whites call themselves 'anti-racist', but their words and actions lead to the genocide of only the white group! the true goal of anti-racism is a genocide against the white group. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti white. i$rahell is the perfect example they do not assimilate nor do they marry outside their group, they treat non jews in i$rahell like crap and none can become a citizen, but they are the biggest promoters of assimilation in European countries.
    The jews control Europe through the myth of the holohoax to make the ignorant goy feel guilty the jews hate all other races and apparently that's OK as long as they goy don't decide to accept any more immigrants in THEIR country then they are 'far right' the brand given to anyone who opposes jew laws and ideas! The only far right government in the world is i$rahell, they murder women and children and the world says nothing, but insult the jew and the wrath of the zio-christion media will dive to the defense of these reptiles!

  9. The jews have their own country, they should get the hell out of ours. They can stay in their place and kill each other and drink each others blood as they usually do, rape their own women and go to work for their money instead of being parasites.

  10. First of all, they are NOT Jews. Okay, technically an ERROR was made in translation of the second version of the King James Bible, circa 1850AD, and they changed a word, I believe it was (IEWES), and made it JEW/JEWS/JEWISH... it was likely intentional, but however you look at it, that's when the word JEW was created. Any talk about Jews having lived/existed further before 1850AD and waaaaay back into BC (a load of dung) is just wrong. There was no JEW way back then. There were Hebrews, Scribes, Pharisees... and who know maybe they hadn't invented Scribes and Pharisees yet and only had HEBREWS. The language wasn't Jewish, right? Obviously not. The Language was Hebrew. DUH. How did we get so screwed up into thinking JEW is an age old word? JEW has only been around for 165 years, period. The more we teach this and the more who proclaim it, eventually, hopefully, people will realize that JEW does not belong. Also, were there WHITE SKINNED people in the middle east 2,000 years ago and beyond? Not on your life. Today's KHAZARS who think of themselves as descendants of ancient Hebrews, who ALL had DARK Skin, is impossible. KHAZAR ancestors, aka Ashkenazim are WHITE, and always have been. From the Caucasus mountains.... gee, that sounds familiar doesn't it? Caucasus... Caucasian... and Benjamin Freedman calls them Asiatic!! CaucASIAN, and Caucasus Mountains... and what is Caucasian? WHITE SKINNED PEOPLE. The imposters in Palestine today are Ashkenazim... many of them even admit it! So they hate Whites, yet THEY are whites also. But that can't be if they originated in the Middle East. EVERYONE back then long before we had boat travel, were all DARK skinned. When Jesus walked this earth he must have been DARK Skinned. How else could he be accepted into the Temple and to speak, saying "Today, in your hearing, this prophecy is fulfilled!" Speaking of the coming Messiah. They wanted to stone him right there, but he escaped through the crowds?? How could he have done this if he were WHITE like a Lily, Long flowing Blonde hair A far off gaze with his BLUE eyes, and petulant lips. He would've stuck out like a beacon if he were all WHITE. But NO, he looked like everyone else... one of the tribe... and easily escaped through the crowd. Whities hate the fact that Jesus was Black, but he was... tough turds. Today's so-called self-styled Jews, are not Jews. They're not Hebrews. They didn't descend from any of the ancient Hebrews. They don't belong, period. Do your history to know who these imposters are, that Christ also spoke of in the latter days. But also, think to what Christ said about the Hebrews who lived when he did, and before. He called them a pit of vipers. Evil. The synagogue of Satan... you're of your father the devil... he was a liar from the start and there is no truth found in him.
    Today's fake, false Hebrews were taught well... for they too are LIARS. Through and through pure evil.

    It's OUR job to make this known to the world. If all you do is read these blogs and offer an opinion, then you're part of the problem. Your silence allows it to flourish. It must not be allowed to flourish... and GET IT DONE FAST before they figure out a way to control the internet and SILENCE the truthtellers.

    1. Even if all this counter-factual rubbish were true it wouldn't matter that today's Jews or today's Ashkenazim are not descended from the biblical Hebrews..

      Outside of a fraction of American Christians who vote Republican in part because they are Christian Zionists nobody else on the planet defends Israel for religious reasons such as the idea that today's Jews are descended from the biblical Hebrews. It's money and the media that has the pols in lock-step for Jewish agendas, not religious mumbo-jumbo.

      And as for the faction of the Republican party that votes the way they do because they're Christian Zionists -- they have no power or influence. In a Fetzer thread where JF also commented I wrote about Greg Felton's anti-Christian Zionist comments,

      "Finally, Christian Zionists have no power. On every issue that matters to them - abortion, Church/State division, race-replacement immigration, the coarsening of the media, myriad other social issues, they get what they don’t want and get what Jews do want. On one issue - Israel - their desires coincide with Jews and then only they get what they want. Bitching about Christian Zionists is a way to show you’re not just picking on the Jews by picking on the guy that’s already been beaten to a pulp by the Jews."

      This is a fruitless side-issue if you're about reducing Jewish power; a helpful diversion if you're aiming to divert pro-Whiteness and antisemitism (with ni implication intended for the misguided anon).

    2. What the hell are you talking about? "Anti-Christian Zionist comments"??!!
      How about doing more than making up imaginary accusations! What I said was factual. If you can't accept that, I can hardly be blamed. Christian Zionists have CONSIDERABLE power, or do the names John Hagee, and Ralph Reed not seem familiar to you?

      Wake up, fer Chrissakes!

    3. Jeez, Felton??!!

      If you look up the thread ( ) you'll find I'm very keen to address specific points, quoting the speakers and giving a timestamp so that others might see that I'm being fair. And I was throughout fair to you, praising highly your helpful contributions and criticizing schoolboy errors such as the idea that Christian Zionists matter, chuckle.

      It is a simple logic I use above (and below, where I post my entire comment). If Jews and Christian Zionists disagree on everything from A-Y, but agree on Z; and if Jews get everything they want from A-Z, but Christian Zionists only get Z, while on everything else their views are ignored except when they're mocked and derided; then only a moron would seriously blame Christian Zionists for Z.

      I don't think you're a moron. I think you just want to play nice, not *just* blame the Jews, show you're not a waycist, have a go at stupid for people supporting something stupid, all that. That you are this type shows in your bleating about fwascism, also.


      Nick Dean June 28, 2012 at 6:44 AM

      14:35 - Greg Felton … ‘US slipping into Fascism since Reagan’ … ‘Christian Zionists’

      The mainstream and the alternative media share a common perception of Fascism but it’s quite different from more sober scholarly definitions or the Fascists’ own meaning.

      Fascism is a political philosophy concerned with bringing the people of the country together in awareness of their common interests, including bringing together the various factions involved in economic affairs - bankers, industrialists, farmers, unions, employees - and ensuring that no one class dominates or exploits the others. That does not describe Reagan and post-Reagan America where social divisions have been deliberately exaggerated and where the financial elite especially have been given ever more scope to exploit and attack the rest of society.

      And whereas the contemporary American politician must subordinate American sovereignty to transnational organisations and protocols such as the IMF, NATO, NAFTA, GATT, the War on Terror, the Mexican immivasion, Israel and a hundred other instruments of Jewish power, Fascist politicians were highly nationalistic, concerned with their own people and with taking back powers to the national level that Big Jews - international financiers they were usually called - had already subverted to themselves and were using against the peoples of the world except their own, naturally.

      When we say Fascist and mean police-state, can’t we just say police-state? When we say Fascist and mean imperialistic, can’t we just say imperialistic? When we say Fascist and mean big business, can’t we just say big business?

      There are good reasons the mainstream media constantly puts out hit pieces on Fascists and Nazis, and these are good reasons for the well-intentioned people within the ‘alternative media’ not to attack those schools of thought that clearly terrify tptb more than any other. See for example the chapter on the Third Reich in Ellen Brown’s WEB OF DEBT.

      Finally, Christian Zionists have no power. On every issue that matters to them - abortion, Church/State division, race-replacement immigration, the coarsening of the media, myriad other social issues, they get what they don’t want and get what Jews do want. On one issue - Israel - their desires coincide with Jews and then only they get what they want. Bitching about Christian Zionists is a way to show you’re not just picking on the Jews by picking on the guy that’s already been beaten to a pulp by the Jews.

  11. Oh yes, and then there's SEMITES! Who are Semites? Helen Thomas sure is... but she's not a so-called Jew, she's Lebanese. An Arab. HEY! That's right, Arabs are Semites! Imagine that. Just go watch that awesome, infamous video where a former Knesset Minister, Shalumit Aloni, tells all that care to listen, that they USE Anti-Semitism to CONTROL those who speak against the phony Hebrews (I really detest calling them Jews, because they just aren't). I don't call them Semites either, because again, they just aren't.

  12. Some of us do dare call it the C-word: CONSPIRACCCCY!

    Notice all the sudden attention given to the NFL the last couple of weeks? Oh! Trust me, it is not about 'implementing a more fair and comprehensive domestic violence policy' or about being 'more sensitive to issues dealing with women.' No! Twice no! Let's see what is really up here:

    First, who is the commissioner of the NFL? Answer- Roger Godell!

    Second, who has aspired to be the commissioner for the NFL for some years now, even stating it publicly on numerous occasions? Answer- Condoleezza Rice!

    In his 1912 article titled, 'A Racial Program for the 20th Century,' Israel Cohen states:

    "We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to OUR cause"

    Hmmm? Looks like Mr. Goodell doesn't quite understand the forces that are mobilizing against him. Stay tuned!

  13. RPTC seems never to have existed. The books of David Duke and Kevin MacDonald have citations that more subtly describe the Jewish racial program for America toward the same end, but that also check out!

  14. Point understood Mr. Dean! You might already be aware of the below link:

  15. Ronald Lauder is fitlthy jew who stole from citizen of Czech Republic about 10 miliard Kč - is is about 500 000 USD by jewish TV Nova - who lead Zelezny (too Jew and very proud of it) Lauder and Zelezny did fraud CZ is in goverment very much jews but they pretend their are not. :(


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