Sunday, August 31, 2014

What is the Jewish Caucus in the CA state legislature all about?

The San Diego Jewish Journal recently published a rather revealing article about the Jewish Caucus, formed at the beginning of this year, in the California state legislature. The article begins:

The California state legislature’s first ethnic caucus was the Black Caucus which formed in 1967. A handful of years later, in 1973, the Latino Caucus formed. It wasn’t again until 2001 that California received another ethnic caucus, this time for legislators of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Only a year later, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus was created. The Jewish Caucus, which launched in January of this year, is the newest group on the caucus block and it has already had a lot of work to do.

As a bipartisan group, the Jewish Caucus is hoping to create and maintain a strong Jewish voice in the California legislature. Senator Marty Block, of District 39, which reaches up to Solana Beach, out to San Carlos and down to Coronado, decided to start the Jewish Caucus after he became chair of 2008’s Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony. Serving as the chair mostly means being the chief fundraiser for the large event and the inefficiency of last-minute fundraising made Block think there might be a better way.

“It seemed to me there should be a standard group of people,” Senator Block says, “a standing caucus, something that is there to make sure that the Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony is institutionalized and that we’re ready to do it and are funded to do it every year.” [...]
After reading the first paragraph, I couldn't help but think: Why is there no White Caucus? All the other ethnic and sexual (deviant) groups can form political Caucuses - why can't Whites? What haven't Whites is the more pertinent question, especially considering we will be a minority in one generation (or less) in America as a whole. Whites already are a minority in California. As long as we are stuck with this ridiculous sham known as "democracy" in America, Whites may as well organize and fight for their interests and future, just like all the other groups do. Of course, the reason why Whites haven't formed political and cultural groups (at least not effectively) to champion and defend their own unique interests is largely because of political correctness and the Jewish control of media and politics.

Notice that the second two paragraphs of this article reveal exactly what the Jewish Caucus is all about - creating and maintaining "a strong Jewish voice in the California legislature" and ensuring the fraudulent Jewish "Holocaust" story is officially commemorated and institutionalized with state sanction and funding.

But what else is the Jewish Caucus about? Maintaining political and economic support for the Jewish state of Israel, of course.
In March, the Caucus was invited to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between California’s Governor Jerry Brown and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In it, the two agree to more cooperation between California and Israel on a variety of issues including biotech, water and security. After it was signed, Block authored, and all Jewish Caucus members signed, a resolution for the legislature, pledging support in the Assembly for the MOU.

“We think this Memorandum of Understanding and the resolution, they tell people you might have these fringe groups that are trying to boycott, there are these groups on campus, but California is firmly stating that we’re open for business with Israel.”
Unsurprisingly, the Jewish Caucus was outraged over the "Holocaust" assignment given to 8th graders in the Rialto Unified School District earlier this year, and went to work immediately:
The Caucus obtained a copy of the assignment, which asked: “Do you think the Holocaust was real or do you think it was staged by the Jews to gain more money and political power?”

The legislative group then wrote a letter to the school district demanding that it retract the assignment. It had already been assigned to some students, but the school district did eventually cancel the assignment and told students who had not yet completed it that they were no longer required to do so.

“For school districts,” Block explains, “if we the legislature take a position like this, they will pay more attention than just to the ADL or the Museum of Tolerance. … We control the budget of the school district. When a senator and assembly members say this is not acceptable, it carries with it a threat that funding will be cut next year.”

In addition to the letter, the Jewish Caucus helped to coordinate a series of Holocaust education efforts for the Rialto school district with the ADL and the Museum of Tolerance. As part of these efforts, a group of Holocaust survivors spoke at a Rialto School District board meeting and students were sent on a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance. The district also agreed to assign Elie Wiesel’s “Night” to its ninth graders next year.
There you have it folks - that is what the Jewish Caucus operating in the California state legislature is all about. Encouraging and supporting Jews to get involved in politics, guaranteeing full political and economic support for the Jewish state of Israel, and ensuring the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII is perpetuated and state sanctioned, funded, and institutionalized. In short, the Jewish Caucus in all about Jewish interests (duh!). 


  1. "...chief fundraiser for the large event and the inefficiency of last-minute fundraising made Block think there might be a better way."

    There you go, making sure the GOY keep on bended knee before the holoHOAX altar and that they keep funding this fraud.

    1. Right on. The world almanacs showed more jews after the war then before. Also Eisenhower, Churchill and DeGual who saw it all made not one mention of it in thousands of pages when they wrote their memouries. It is the biggest HOAX ever pulled with more "survivors" showing up for s share every day.

  2. -(quote)-

    "...and ensuring the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII is perpetuated and state sanctioned, funded, and institutionalized. In short, the Jewish Caucus in all about Jewish interests (duh!)..."


    To which I would add...while breathlessly working towards their ultimate goal of transforming the U.S.A., into a 21st century version of "Buchenwald West".

    ...for the benefit of the goy, of course!

  3. As a Jew growing up, I wondered "why are we persecuted and demonized?" I got older and began to understand the regular people. I NOW understand the jealousy, ignorance and blatant anti-Semitism rampant in America (and Europe).
    People want to go back to the Stone Ages with their actions...let's move FORWARD instead!

    1. A typical Jewish comment. You people seem utterly incapable of understanding that Jewish behavior, Jewish criminality, Jewish hypocrisy and double standards, Jewish treachery, and Jewish lies are what drives genuine anti-Jewish sentiment and criticism of the organized Jewish community.

    2. Hey "jew" (khazar/ashkeNAZI SCUM),
      1. You would need to be an actual "Semite" for you to refer to other's as "anti-Semitic" ("It's a trick, we always use it", yt)!
      Oh, let me guess, you didn't know that The Johns Hopkins Medical Center released a Genome/DNA Study on the vary same day as the Sandy Hook Hoax (coincidence?), which proves that better than 90% of the SCUM who call themselves "jews" are not related to the Biblical Hebrews, etc.? I would suggest you look it up!
      2. Personally I didn't just wake up one day and decide that from now on I would hate "jews"!
      No, see I learned about the Federal Reserve Scam, The Wallstreet SCAM, The holoHOAX SCAM, The DELIBERATE ATTACK on The USS Liberty, The Lavon Affair, The US "Kosher Tax" SCAM, about how who really y did 9/11 ("israel"), etc., etc.!

      Take a look in a mirror sometime SCUMBAG!

      TICK, TICK, TICK! Time grows real short for you SCUM!
      US Republic #110 SOON!

      US Army Vet
      Marc C. Daniele
      Herculaneum, Mo. (feel free to come "visit me" sometime)

      By the way, if you haven't seen the FAKE "beheading" of the journalist by ISIS ("israeli special intelligence service"), let me know. I have a link, and have it downloaded (for over a week). Sent you a text earlier.

    3. Stone age? You mean how Rabbis continue to mutilate the genitals of baby boys in this modern age? Or how Israel is founded upon a Stone Age Religion and claims God gave these parasites some land thousands of years ago? Or do you mean how Jews bob their heads in front of a rock wall? Without the Jew, the entire World would prosper greatly. Imagine no sickening Jew Usury...

  4. Just how many CHILDREN are being transported INTO the US? Perhaps these CHILDREN are being used for other nefarious purposes. Perhaps 'the Beast' is just another misdirection of your mind. Perhaps!

  5. Any member of any government in the US, elected or appointed who is a citizen of a foreign power needs to be removed as an agent of a foreign power. They have no right to hold office in the US.

  6. What abourt the Armenian holocaust ? Some historians say it was engineered by Jews, so as to take Armenian's positions and wealth in Turkey.

  7. Assignment: “Do you think the Holocaust was real or do you think it was staged by the Jews to gain more money and political power?”

    And then look what happened next; there's the answer to the assignment.

    Great work as always, John. I always look forward to your updates and shows.



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