Sunday, August 17, 2014

Those "evil, racist White cops" in MO

How dare those "evil, racist White cops" in Ferguson, Missouri defend themselves against a young, innocent aspiring rapper/gangster who just happened to rob a liquor store, and then proceeded to allegedly attack a police officer who confronted him shortly afterwards, purportedly attempting to take the officer's gun in the process!

How dare those "evil, racist White cops" release the surveillance footage of aspiring scholar and Black role model, Michael Brown, robbing the liquor store!

Everyone knows that the poor, harmless, innocent Blacks, who insist on looting and pillaging their community, just want justice for their fallen brethren!

If White people don't wake up to what is really going on, America will look like Africa in 10 years. This is pure insanity. The Jewish controlled mainstream mass media (and much of the alternative media) is totally on the side of the Black looters and pillagers, blaming everything on the police and portraying Michael Brown as a harmless "gentle giant" who was murdered in cold blood by a "racist" and "intolerant" police officer who did not reflect the "diversity" of the community.

At least this Black guy gets it, and knows what needs to be done:

This entire situation is just absolutely disgusting, particularly the anti-White Jew media's coverage of it.


  1. With regard to Brown, the innocent, who was shot for a box of cigars he stole (with confrontation) from a convenience store:

    Every man has his price, i.e. a temptation threshold beyond which he is willing to sacrifice his moral convictions or breach the laws of his community.

    For this young fellow that threshold is a box of cigars. He is willing to be on the other side of the moral/legal fence for a paltry $40.00 nicotine fix. As far as I am concerned, this reflects the almost complete absence of conscience/moral conviction.

    All the better that he is no longer with us.

    1. The odds are that Michael Brown had no intention of smoking the cigars for a nicotine fix. It is a common and popular activity in black gangster culture to empty the tobacco from the cigars and refill them with marijuana and calling the newly refilled cigars blunts.

      I am betting that the FEDS never release a toxicology report on Michael Brown's corpse.

  2. Thank you for being rational about this and wanting to present the truth. I am very appalled at the alternative news sites defending the criminality of the blacks as being justified, while they are demonizing law enforcers for actually doing what they are supposed to do at this time. Alleged truth seekers are showing themselves to be truth fakers in this by only presenting selective information to intentionally fuel the flames of anarchy and white hatred, too.
    Saturday, August 16, 2014
    The Black Insurrection in 67% Black Ferguson Continues (What They Want Is What Victor Hill Did in Clayton County in 2005)

    "The Police State measures enacted by the Ferguson Police Department on Wednesday were done to restore the monopoly on violence; neutered after images of "brutality" were widely disseminated and criticized by libertarians, conservatives, liberals, and civil rights leaders, the monopoly on violence was handed over to the black mob/looters/rioters/arsonists on Thursday night.
    After the white police force of Ferguson (a 67% black city) stood down, the flag of black nationalism flew in a celebratory procession of black power

    1. " I am very appalled at the alternative news sites defending the criminality of the blacks as being justified, while they are demonizing law enforcers for actually doing what they are supposed to do at this time."

      Same here Especially Mike Rivero at WRH, and also, two websites that I read, or I should say, used to read.

    2. But one good one is That's where I found the link to this place.

  3. UNarmed does not mean harmless and weak. Michael Brown was huge and must have acted like an enraged, horned bull. From videos and information gleaned from not so well known news reports, when a black aggressor goes into attack mode, he goes for a total kill with no inner restraints. Possibly the success of killing a cop was an accomplishment to risk dying for.
    "According to the Ferguson Police, Mr. Brown pushed the Police Officer into his car, landing several blows on the officer's face (now said to be swollen) before attempting to take the officer's gun away from him. The officer, it is claimed, shot Brown in self defense."
    "A word of caution to our thug friends and hand-wringing White libtards at the Jew York Slimes; punching armed cops in the face is generally not conducive to living a long life. Good riddance Mr. Brown, and say hello to Thug Martin down there."

  4. I believe he said "shoo" those looters away, not "shoot" them. Kind of important.

    1. Fraid not, pal. He said, "why didn't they shoot those looters".

  5. you should have seen Memphis in April of '68....then came busing, then came
    "Affirmative Action"...notice all the Honky Midgets in the NBA.

    there is of course no excuse for deliberate and malicious stupidity...but hey what else
    would make us all "EQUAL" before the Talmudic Magistrates..& "Media" ?

    Truth & Justice = Peace.

    FLASHBACK...Jesus talking...

    For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
    And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled:
    for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
    For {ethnos} nation shall rise against {ethnos} nation,
    and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines,
    and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
    All these are the beginning of sorrow...

    how long will the scorners delight in scorning...and reject knowledge

    ...dig this Chutzpah 100% of the BRAINDEADGOY will tell you with a
    straight face that the "JEWS" are "God's Chosen People"...!



  6. The Ferguson’s police chief said that Darren Wilson, the officer named as the man who shot and killed Brown, did not know Brown was a suspect in the earlier shoplifting/robbery incidents. Wilson was not trying to apprehend a perpetrator; he was just trying to get Brown to walk on the sidewalk. The charge that Brown tried to take the officer's gun is an obvious lie. There is now a witness who live tweeted the incident, complete with pictures, that shows Wilson shooting at Brown in the twice as he was running away, and then, after Brown turned around and surrendered with his hands in the air, Wilson shot him five times in the chest. Judge, Jury, and Executioner. You need to get your facts straight before you spout off, John Friend.

    1. We shall see who's facts are straight when more information becomes available.

      Do you have any comments on the Black animals looting and pillaging their community? Are they justified? Do you have any issues with the fact Blacks commit the overwhelming majority of violent crime? Blacks kill other Blacks and non-Blacks all day everyday - why aren't there protests and rallies and national outcry over these violent events?

    2. Darren Wilson was aware that a strong armed robbery had occurred minutes earlier and that some cigars were stolen. This officer put two and two together after he told Michael Brown and his accomplice to quit blocking traffic and to walk on the sidewalk.

      He saw that Brown was carrying a box of cigars and instantly put two and two together. Brown knew that he had just committed a violent felony and attempted to take the officer's gun, and obviously Brown had plans of murdering Darren Wilson in cold blood to keep Wilson from arresting him for his crimes.

    3. Officer Wilson was taken to the hospital for injuries sustained by Michael Brown. Thems the facts..
      Negroes do and doing what they do best.
      Youre a Marxist and you are despicable.

    4. " You need to get your facts straight before you spout off, John Friend. "

      NO, it is YOU who needs to get your facts straight before spouting off, politically correct bullshit artist!


      "Five times in the chest" your fat lying ass. Those are all indicative of someone trying to defend himself against a violent attacker.

  7. several years ago in Pittsburgh,Pa. state trooper Joseph Pokorny pulled a car over for speeding,inside were four africans,a struggle ensued the trooper's gun was taken from him and he was shot to death in a hotel parking lot,the trooper has a highway named for him,but he is in the ground!,the perp.?,three square meals a day,color t.v.,gym workouts,for life,until the complete zionist takeover of America then parole!

  8. I doubt if John will have the balls to publish anything I put up. He does not seem to be aware of the facts of the case!

  9. Better get used to it. The more this happens, the more it's going to happen. To Tom Maples, what do you suppose we would be talking about right now if Michael Brown had put up his hands first and then got his ignorant black derriere back on the &^%$#^ sidewalk, you know, like normal human beings are expected to do (without being ordered to do so by a cop)? Why is it that I don't hear a tweet out of you about Michael Brown and his one man, short-lived, crime spree? What about the store employee who got accosted by Brown, do you think he believes Michael Brown to be the innocent choir-boy that you want to believe? Why aren't you shedding tears over that guy?

    I wonder what the toxicology report on Brown is going to come back with? Possibly he will be clean as a whistle, then all the professional mourners can start crying all over again. But, realistically, what do you suppose the chances are that Michael Brown was not loaded with chemicals? Today? About as much hope that American's will ever wake up.

    As long as you complain and wet yourselves because a "white" did something to a "black" you will continue the race war. When you start seeing it as "a man was killed by a cop" will you start seeing black and white people as people and not a symbols..

  10. I updated this post slightly in an effort to be more objective.

    I don't think anyone at this point can say for certain what exactly happened between Michael Brown and the police officer.

    That being said, why are there no national outcries over Black on Black or Black on White violent crime? For example, a 5 year old Black girl was killed by a stray bullet while eating breakfast in her home in Omaha, Nebraska a couple years ago - she was killed by a young Black thug/gang member. Where is the outcry? Where is the demand for justice?

    The media uses events like what happened in Ferguson in their on-going and long-running war on White people. Blacks are not interested in actually addressing the very real problems in their community, they just want to protest, loot and pillage and blame White "racism", even when they are guilty of committing a crime. It's never their fault, they never want or have to deal with the consequences of their own actions, at least not in these major media hyped events (Trayvon Martin was another perfect example).

    1. This is a black, Christian pastor who is quite politically knowledgeable in black affairs who absolutely agrees with you. His whole article is worth the read. Factual writing.

      Michael Brown Shooting Excuse For Blacks To Riot
      by Mychal Massie on August 15, 2014 in Daily Rant, Race & Politics 93

      "So let me get this straight. Michael Brown reportedly wrestles with a St. Louis County police officer while the officer is still in the squad car and ends in Brown being shot once from inside the police cruiser and multiple times outside of the cruiser resulting in Brown’s death. And to teach the police a lesson, blacks burn and loot the few stores that are available to them in their neighborhood!

      Add to that, the victim is immediately heralded as nothing short of being apostolic. Well, isn’t that the way it always is?

      Permit me to be the skunk at this picnic of “looting, violence, and the white man is out to get us”, because I’ve seen this act before. A young black person gets shot by a police officer or an honest citizen defending themselves, and the next thing you know the entire “extort money, blame whites and blame the police” nation comes out of the woodwork."

      "In my article titled: “Appalling Disregard For Black Life By Other Blacks,” (5/27/14; I wrote: “Black race-mongers can decry the reality of the pandemic of black-on-black crime, but hour after hour, city after city, the one constant [is] that blacks [are] ruthlessly murdering one another. … Blacks are killing one another and they are doing so on a level commensurate with wild animals. That cannot be blamed on white people; it cannot be blamed on slavery; it can only be blamed on a total disregard for life based on a disregard for modernity.”

      The media ignores the crime rate in the neighborhoods these people live in. It goes unreported publicly, but this same media refuses to enter these neighborhoods without armed escorts, and when they do, they only enter them if there has been an incident that they can prostitute for ratings."

  11. Where were the riots in Philly when a 3 year old girl was shot and killed because of an altercation between two thugs in graysferry? The shooter who had been released from prison on July 3rd had a gun in his hands less than a month later. Where are the riots for that? Why is it OK for a black man to shoot and kill a little black girl?

    1. Exactly my point - Blacks kill each other (including Black children) and non-Whites all the time and commit virtually all the violent crime in this country. Where is the outrage and protests and demand for justice?

      When a Black thug gets shot by a White cop for commuting a crime the media and Black community are up in arms about "racism" - the entire situation is just ridiculous.

  12. Don't forget the skewed crime statistics of including light skin blacks, mestizos, and other assorted Asians, South Americans etc into 'white' crime statistics.

    1. Information that is out there that no one pays attention to:

      Nonwhite Crime Apocalypse Envelops New York City

      New York City, once America’s greatest and most famous metropolis, is now a crime-ridden hell where nonwhites commit 95% of all murders, 90% of all rapes, 90% of Felony Sex Crimes, 96% of all robberies, 91% of all Felonious Assaults, 90% of all Grand Larceny offenses, 86% of all Misdemeanor Sex Crimes, 90% of all Misdemeanor Assault and Related offenses, 87% of all Petit Larceny offenses, 84% of all Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief offenses, 96.6% of all Shooting offenses, and constitute 90.8% of all firearm arrests, 86.3% of all Drug Felony arrests, 82.3% of all Felony Stolen Property arrests, and 94.5% of all Felony and Misdemeanor Complaint Records with Identified Juvenile Victims, Suspects and Arrestees—all this according to official figures released by the New York City Police Department.

      The Philadelphia Homicide Report: Blacks & Hispanics Commit More than 96% of the Murders in Philadelphia

      The Philadelphia police published a report on homicides in Philadelphia in 2013 and 2012.There data shows that the black murder rate is astronomical. Black black commit murder in extreme disproportion to their percentage of the population. What is more, white are disproportionately likely to be victims compared to their murder rate. This shows that many black murderers are killing white people.

      Philadelphia is 37% white, 44% black, 6% Asian, and 13% Latino and other.

      Of known perpetrators, blacks committed 83% of murders in 2012 and 80% of murders in 2013. Whites committed 3.4% of murders in 2012 and 4.3% of murders in 2013. However, white people were 5.2% of murder victims in 2012 and 8.5% of murder victims in 2013. This website has noted several racially charged hate crime/thrill kill style murders of white people in Philadelphia over the past few years.

      In 2013, the list of homicide victims was twice as white as the list of perpetrators.

      The website has also been one of the only media outlets in America to sound the alarm about racially motivated black on Asian violence in Philadelphia. In 2012 and 2013 put together, there is only one known Asian perpetrator. However, there were 10 Asian murder victims in the same period.

      The evidence suggests that almost all Asian murder victims were killed by a black perpetrator.

      Blacks committed 81% of murders where the perp is known. Black males between the ages of 18-44 committed 64% of all murders in where the perp is known.

      The Philadelphia 2013 Homicide Report

  13. If I was one of the town merchants, every time these savages came into a store to loot it, I would cite the commandment thou shalt not steal, followed by...and the sentence is death. Then I would proceed to stone the perp(s) as prescribed in the original law, which still applies to the lawless. The stone(s) I would use would be made out of lead and I would use an accelerating tool called a gun. Instant accountability works. Bleeding heart libtard "justice system" doesn't. If libtards have anything to say against that, then I will cite thou shall not bare false witness, and the sentence is....

  14. How is it that these posters here can automatically assume that what this police chief has said at this time is the gospel truth? The town is being burned to the ground and we have just heard another account that it was nothing like this, an account that is maybe a hell of a lot closer to the actual officer involved. When I hear him say that he shot the kid in the back and with his arms up without reason, I will be convinced that it was a bad shoot. Until then, I'm with John on this completely, and am giving huge benefit of the doubt to the cop. I've dealt with too many black thugs. I have felt that sometimes it would better just to shoot them before they lose their minds. There are predatory blacks that look at you like a wild animal just for being white in their neighborhood, about to go off at any minute. From the video tape of the kid while he was robbing the store just before this, I would say he fits the bill.

    It is very easy to believe that a weak police chief will say whatever to appease the mob once the neighborhood starts burning and the feds come in. Isn't this exactly what we saw with Zimmerman? So why should it be different this time? Have you forgotten that Zimmerman was completely exonerated by the cops at the scene? It was only after outside pressure that there was a complete reversal of reality. But once all the facts were in, Zimmerman was found innocent even in an environment completely biased against him. That is how obvious it was. Why should this be any different? And actually, with almost all of the grievances and chimp outs blacks have on a regular basis, this is the case.

  15. All this is a little too intense for me. What say we lighten up with a little levity, OK?


    1. Your viewpoint is way off. Why should we be laughing? This very hour. the Obama/Holder government is instigating black anarchy across the US which is their pre-planned goal. Law enforcement has been told to stand down and allow it to happen. I have read that the Pentagon and Israel have their own cyberwarriors to combat critical truth being disseminated online in America. The only persons I am aware of laughing at current violent chaos are the IDF soldiers highly amused at killing Palestinian children. And there are American Jews among them. Do you know any? By way of deception, always the motto, isn't it?

    2. National Guard to be sent into Ferguson because the violence has intensified. No wonder since the cops were ordered to stand down and let 'er rip. Dutchsinse has been reporting and posting on Facebook. Comment makers are saying the bad stuff is been being done by the imported mercs, likely Holders' special ops gang, not the local protesters. But all of them have been contributing to the out of control chaos. The blacks do want the power of control (white cops out), and they are getting it by very criminal methods. This has all been planned, staged, and carried out by the Feds. Problem - Reaction -Solution. Puppet Obama's Marxist dictatorship in process. Creeping martial law in Missouri? The lying justification for complete anarchy has been being intentionally fueled by the MSM, and also by internet news sites such as the already accused whatreallyhappened and antiwar. These site owners know exactly what they are doing. They and others are intelligent and obviously conniving to post very inflammatory articles. It is sickening to see alleged former truth presenters show that they are in tune with the Holder/Obama criminal agenda. Posting propaganda and disinfo must be very profitable for truth turncoats.

    3. Good post, most recent 'anonymous.' Check this out:

      I don't know what to think, but the DOJ definitely paid for and supplied the protesters for Trayvon Martin leading up to the arrest.


  17. Here's another funny....

  18. Watch this info. Don't believe the b.s. news media puppets.

  19. I'd be far more concerned with the militarization of the pig force than a group of black citizens reacting to yet another gratuitous murder of one of their own, for chissakes!

    For the moment it seems this grotesque military pig force has been programmed to kill mostly blacks (boy, you 'murikans have been consistently and unrepentingly cruel to blacks! Try watching/reading some Dr. Tony Martin) but it's only a matter of time till this nightmare gang turns its sights on whites too.

    I honestly think you're venting against the wrong party. That's what the jews WANT! Race wars! Religious wars! Anything as long as its chaos!

    All races should unite against the JWO!

    Best Regards,

  20. "How dare those "evil, racist White cops" in Ferguson, Missouri defend themselves..."

    Too true. If the officer had been killed by the black criminal, or if Mr Zimmerman had been killed by the Rev. Dr. Trayvon Martin Jr., you would never have a heard a word about it on the ziomedia or from the stinking politicians and their stinking "Justice Department".

    The FBI now has forty of their agents going door to door in the officer's neighborhood trying to get something on him.

  21. Zio Bs, you are being played into taking sides. Berkenstein and company and his kabballist shills hope us goyem kill each other and destroy america. So they can sweep in and carpet bag everything ! Stop being played. The natural order of things will eventually come through and a 1000 yrs of light await. But into the meantime understand the arryan way is to have armour on hand , but for peace to first have its turn.

  22. This wouldn't have been nearly what it is if it wasn't for the police reaction to the protests. Cops kill people all the time and get away with their lies and it all dies down. But when they set up a fucking command center like they're an Army, and it's basically all white against all black, and they start threatening with their tanks and shit, that's what got people pissed off. That's why it's national news. The cop may or may have not felt his life was in danger against Brown, but the militaristic response to citizens of this country is fucked up.

  23. The trouble with selective reporting is that the whole truth is not presented. Michael Brown was not murdered, he chose to be suicided by trying to do a running kill tackle on a cop in the street holding a gun. The gun was out because Brown had already attacked the cop once, then ran away, but turned back to ram the cop. Holder shipped his own mercenaries (fed terrorists) from Chicago into Ferguson to intentionally create warfare--rioting, looting, burning, killing. Locals instigated into joining in by fed provocateurs. If this were happening in my town, I would not complain if militarized efforts were made to stop it. The intent was to aggravate violence, not stop it. Thus the N. Guard and martial law. Problem-Reaction-Solution. The desired goal. A situation so fearful that people WANT martial law to get order back. This black community is likely willing to completely submit to the Obama/Holder agenda just because to them it is their black power in control. And they expect to get more goodies as a result. Bet they won't give up any guns! Criminals won't, ever!

    Not politically correct news source, but full of critical facts not well known
    Sunday, August 17, 2014
    The Battle of Ferguson: Fought by a Black Mob Lynch Mob against Primarily White Cops in Shadow of 365Black McDonald's
    If these black rioters/looters/arsonists/knockout game playing/lynch mob had their way, they'd drag the body of Darren Wilson (Say a prayer for him and his family) or any white police officer through the streets of Ferguson, just as the Somalians did white members of the U.S. Army in Black Hawk Down.
    It's a lynch mob in 67% black Ferguson.
    Nothing more.
    Nothing less.

  24. Darren Wilson protecting himself from attack is verified, like it, or not.
    Officer Darren Wilson Did Know About Robbery, Started To Arrest Michael Brown, So Brown Tried To Murder Him! (Video)
    Monday, August 18, 2014 15:11
    Michael Brown fought his arrest and tried to kill Darren Wilson because he had the stolen goods on him and didn’t want to go to jail for many years for a Class A Felony. It has been misinterpreted that Wilson didn’t know that Brown might’ve just committed a robbery, because when he first stopped for Brown he in fact didn’t know. HOWEVER, in the middle of the process, a call came in on his radio telling him about the robbery, and Brown fit the description, so he backed up and tried to get out to begin the arrest process by investigating the evidence in Brown’s hand, when Brown attacked and tried to kill him. Check it all out below:
    Michael Brown Incident: New Evidence Clears Police
    Linked to from here:
    EXPOSED, REVERSAL OF ALLEGED FACTS!!!: Officer Darren Wilson DID KNOW About Robbery, Started To Arrest Michael Brown, So BROWN TRIED TO MURDER HIM

  25. There have been so many reports and videos of police brutality. Deep hatred for and complete distrust of law enforcement has become a standard way of thinking, mainly by alternative news "patriots." This is actually a form of conditioned programming in which rational thought has been replaced with an automatic emotional reaction based on what one thinks, not actual proven facts. The automatic assumption based on first ( MSM) reports was that Brown's shooting had to be murder due to known cases of police brutality. Success is due to Jewish control of media and of most law enforcement. Jews have achieved behavioral control of even the most resistant minds to believe and act on the programmed premise that "All cops are brutal criminals; therefore so is this cop, especially if he is white, because we "know"(have been told to believe) that white cops are always out to get blacks, especially law-breaking ones. And that is racist profiling! When "some" becomes "all," no matter what group of people is being categorized, that is not valid reasoning. Seeking out truth can take time, because crucial facts aren't always easily obtained; and then, sometimes they are not even believed. Just like seeking for 9/11 factual truth. It takes real humility to admit being in error in reporting information. Few can, it seems. At this point in time, in what we seem to know about Darren Wilson, he deserves very needed support. He did his job right, within the law, not out of it. Michael Brown was a criminal in thought and action, an outlaw, apparently acceptable behavior among his own family and among Eric Holder's "My People" in Ferguson, Missouri.

  26. Something to consider. Disinfo? Can it be any worse than unbelieved truth?
    Ferguson Killing - Real Death, or Staged Agitation Propaganda

    Posted Comment:
    One thing I find very interesting...go to 4:06 Its a picture of a bunch of guys on a basketball court with the other Mike Brown near the center but look at the guy on the far right. Now look At this pic

  27. With all due respect, john. I am surprised you're claiming this is a hoax or something.

    1. this was meant as a joke, just some ribbin'. not an attack.....Good collection of videos on this topic, thanks

  28. Here ya go John, maybe a write up is needed..


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