Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Realist Report - Mark Elsis: American Exceptionalism

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Mark Elsis Mark and I will be discussing his recent essay and website, American Exceptionalism: Fifty Ways The American Dream Has Become the American Nightmare. You can download the entire program here.

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  1. Muy importante!

    Long version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0zRD-Ulv2s

    Short version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNAPbuwLMHg



    1. Kerry Bolton sounds like he'd make a great guest on The Realist Report - I will see if I can find his contact info and invite him on. That book you linked to looks excellent.

  2. John, I wish you had included more specifics in your description. I have only so much time and would like to know before I bother downloading and listening.

  3. Good conversation and good guest, keep up the good work you krazy antiCmilte.

    1. Thanks Northpal, but what is a "krazy antiCmilte"?

  4. Bolton is most interesting! He's done interviews before and you've been building some significant 'street cred' since you've started your blog, so you shouldn't have a problem.

    ISIS? Hmmm? ISIS = I-srael S-ecret I-ntelligence S-ervice?

    ISIS= I-nternational S-ecurity and I-ntelligence S-ervices?

    ISIS= ALSSS ICCCE bucket challenge? It's all about the ICE!


  5. John, you and Mark really have the Jews pegged to a "T". Great minds, great work!
    How is your book coming along?

    1. Hey Anon, thanks!

      Book is still a work in progress... It's a lot more work than I was anticipating. There is so much I want to cover. I was originally going to update/edit some old blog posts I've done, but then I realized that I would need to write new, original stuff in order for the book to flow and make sense. So, it's taking some time.

      But I don't want to rush it - I am very busy as it is, so I don't have all day to sit around and focus on the book. I was hoping to have it completed by the end of the summer, and now it is the end of summer and it's not done. So I don't know for sure when it will be completed, hopefully sooner rather than later!

      I will be talking about this on my next radio broadcast. Thanks again for the compliments and interest in the book!

  6. Cant agree with this.

    First I'm convinced Robin Williams was a Jew. His demeanour was Jewish and only two kinds have a careers that long in hollyjewed. Jews and those promoting the Jewish agenda.
    Maybe he was overcome with guilt and did the world a favour for promoting Jewish thinking to white children. We can only hope.

    If someone says they are moving towards liberationism (55min), which is just another Jewish mental disease, that's a red flag

    As for the constitution

  7. I can't say whether or not Robin Williams was a jew - but, he certainly did exhibit an extraordinarily large number of well known jewish personality character traits. I almost never found any of his material to be funny, and always got the sense when watching him that he was hopped up on one or more combinations of drugs.

    Which moves me to bring up a problem that I have seen arise within the general pro-White community overall. The inability to maintain an open mind and to consider all the possibilities that various individuals within our movement might bring to the surface on any given issue. John Friend has been a victim of this sort of closed mindedness and has caught a lot of undeserved flack from the DailyStormer crowd for daring to stray outside of the official narrative box. And, so have many others who - while not as famous and well known as John Friend - merely post a comment to an article that appears on one of these close minded pro-White websites that might offer up a different opinion on a particular issue or event, and bingo - the next thing they know they find themselves banned. For the crime of offering up a different opinion that strays outside of the official narrative?

    Whenever I see those kinds of shenanigans taking place - have to ask myself, what exactly is the difference between the Alex Jones gatekeepers and these supposedly pro-White websites? In both cases, the moderators seem to be trying to keep the line of discussion confined inside a narrow box.

    1. Agreed. Andrew Anglin, for instance, is quite off-the-air about "hoaxes". According to his official line, Sandy Hook was NOT a hoax but James Foley WAS a hoax. What's the difference? Oh yes, apparently because the New York Times announces the Foley hoax but denies the Sandy Hook hoax. When he is challenged on this, with attempts at discussing the evidence, he resorts to childish insults (he vilified one guy who attempted to engage him rationally over the evidence about Sandy Hook by ignoring the evidence and saying "you kind of people make me sick to my stomach" ). There's a long list of other things he routinely ridicules: vaccinations, chemtrails, fluoride in the water. Threats that even Blind Freddy can see are REAL and DANGEROUS.

      The guy is quite unhinged and as you point out, he's a gate-keeper. The only mystery is a gate-keeper for whom, and for why?


    2. I'm torn between labeling Anglin as a gate keeper or just a garden variety simpleton who is intellectually incapable of extending his critical thinking skills outside the scope of a very limited range.

      Example: I have an old White male friend who spent some time with me in the military. When I tried to explain to this guy that 9-11 was a false flag and an inside job - all the guy could say was he thought that it was impossible for GW Bush to have been guilty of engineering the whole operation, all by himself. He flat refused to believe that Bush could have done it. When I attempted to explain to this guy that more than one single individual had taken part in that 9-11 operation, I thought the guy's brain was going to melt down. He just could not fathom the idea of a complex conspiracy being responsible for 9-11.

      That was when I realized that I was talking to a simpleton who's brain could only handle one or maybe two at the most, facts at the same time.

      Aglin has that same characteristic about him. Whether it is deliberate and part of his gate keeping or a genetic defect is unclear at this point.

    3. On Robin Williams "suicide"; I'm convinced at this time that he didn't "commit suicide," nor was he "suicided," and you will be too after you watch this 17 minute video,

      When you see the extended clip of RW's sleeper 2009 film "World's Greatest Dad", you'll know exactly how his own life ended, and why it was publicly spun as a "suicide" because that film portrayed it exactly...

      In that 2nd link, notice the number of other "famous cases", including actor David Carradine in 2009. Yes the Marin coroner is seen in the press conference clip stating pointedly that RW was found clothed; but bear in mind that's a loose definition, given that someone with a shirt on and shorts around their ankles can be technically describes as "clothed". He didn't say "properly clothed."

      Ziopedia is still carrying the official "suicide" story,
      without even a footnote that there's evidence that (deliberate) suicide was not the case, but rather it was a case of "accidental autoerotic asphyxiation."

      For better or worse (for RW's surviving family, legacy, etc), virtually no one will see this reply, given I'm posting here over 1.5 months after the Elsis podcast. :)


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